The Curse of the Carnival Ch. 02

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If people are still interested I will post another chapter. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask. I would to thank THE PURVV and Scott for their help with this story.

Chapter 2

Sean’s hard dick was still in his mother’s wet twat and his eyes gleamed at seeing his 18-year-old sister in a masturbating frenzy. Looking back at Lynda’s glowing eyes, he saw that she too was staring at his sister Sharon. He could feel his dick pulsing as it was still pushing the last of his load into her. He could feel that his mother’s cunt wasn’t yet finished either, as it still squeezed around his penis while it finished filling her up.

Finally, he turned again. Looking back at the doorway, he could see that his younger sister was advancing towards them, taking off her clothes on the way. She had removed all of her clothes by the time she was next to him. Sean had never seen her naked before, though he had tried to do so in the past.

Sharon always had a firm fit body, and loved when people stared at her tight little ass. Her round C-cup breasts accentuated her small 5’3″ frame. Her long brown hair hung just above her perky tits. As Sean looked down at her pussy, he could see she was completely shaved, and very wet.

She looked up at her mom and smiled. “Does he still have some for me, or did you take it all?”

Sean was completely unprepared for what was happening around him with, first his mom, and now, his sister. Although his mother was probably more at fault than him for what had just happened, there was a sudden, deep feeling of guilt within him, almost as if he felt the whole thing was his fault. Now seeing his innocent sister naked and masturbating had his head reeling.

When Sharon asked their mother this question, Sean’s guilt had him thinking that his mom was about to turn around and start hitting him. Instead, his mom just looked back and responded, “I don’t know if he has any left after what he just put in me.” With that, Lynda lifted her body off her son and sat on the bed next to him.

Sharon looked right at her older brother’s semi-soft prick; Sean looked at her gaze and saw a strange look in her eyes; a look of hypnotic enthrallment and awe? Almost as if she knew that her brother would not be able to perform, she then moved towards her mother.

Sean watched in fascination, almost not believing his eyes. He watched as his mom looked up at Sharon with a look of understanding. Without words being spoken, his sister gently pushed their back down on the bed. Sean just watched from the bed as his naked sister positioned her body between their mothers’ legs. Mother and daughter’s eyes met and seemed to pass a question and response, and then Sharon slowly moved down to her knees and stretched forward. She pushed back her hair, and dropped her mouth down on her mother’s cunt.

Sean’s loins stirred as he heard his mom’s intake of breath and then the hiss that emanated from her mouth before the moan.

“Ahh come on Shar, taste your brother…”

Sharon could not lick fast enough as cum came gushing out all over her wanting mouth. Her tongue tried to keep pace with the dripping sperm but some had trickled down the sides of her face. The excited teen just bahis firmaları had this urge for her brother’s seed and she would stop at nothing to get it. She felt her vagina swell up, as the taste of her brother filled her mouth.

She was out of her head with lust. Lust for her brother, and if this was all she was going to get, she would be happy with it. She had never done anything like this before and just the thought to be doing it to her own mom would have been repugnant only hours earlier. Now, she had this ‘need’ to taste Sean. She could feel the distaste for what was going on, but the compulsion was overbearing.

All of a sudden, the mysterious pain in Sean’s dick came back with force upon seeing his once sweet sister hungrily licking and slurping at his mother’s pussy, actually lapping out as much of the load that he had deposited there. As it had earlier, the pain came with another erection and a huge swelling of his balls. The pain seemed to take complete control of him, as he looked at his sister’s bare ass. Sharon’s attention was in total concentration between her mother’s thighs and she wasn’t even thinking of how her upraised tight buttocks might be enticing her older brother. She was bent over licking Lynda’s twat, and had her legs spread open enough for Sean to see how wet her young cunt really was.

Once more overtaken by lust, the boy got up from the bed and knelt on the floor right behind Sharon. He could see the back of her head as she ate her mom’s pussy. Positioning his huge cock right at the entrance to his sister’s willing pussy, the teen then eased his cock slowly into the wet, pink slit.

“Nnnnnnnggggghhhhhfmfmfmfm…” Sounds of pleasure hummed into Lynda’s cunt as her daughter was impaled. However, Lynda was not aware that Sean was entering his own sister with that monster shaft as she Lynda never saw her son get up from the bed. She had her legs open but her eyes were closed. She could think of nothing but the pleasure of her pussy being eaten out as cum dripped out of her snatch.

However, when her daughter began those strange moans and groans into her pussy, Lynda knew that her son had entered her daughter. She lifted her head up and opened her eyes to see Sean behind his sister fucking her. She knew that Sharon was too small for the cock he had.

Sharon moaned as she felt her brother’s giant dick push into the entrance of her tight vagina. Sean realized that his sister was no virgin as he continued into her wet pussy until his hips were firmly against her tight, round ass, but her reaction told him that whomever she had had fuck her was small compared to this.

Sharon cried out, “It’s SOO BIGG, YOU’RE TOO BIG FOR ME!!!”

Seeing her son fucking his sister should have infuriated Lynda, but instead it only seemed to make her hotter. Her own excitement caused Lynda to try calming her daughter by saying, “You can take it baby; just keep relaxed as he puts it into you.”


Incest prevailed! Lynda just watched as Sean slammed his body against his younger sister. Sharon kept licking her mom’s pussy as her own cunt was forced to accept her brother’s dick. There was nothing she could do to stop her brother from splitting her kaçak iddaa open. In fact, she didn’t care what might be happening to her body; all that mattered was the wondrous, yet hurting pleasure.

For Lynda, her previous thoughts of incest being sinful no longer applied. Feeling her pussy being licked seemed to overcome the guilt of knowing it was her daughter licking it. This was a wonderful temporary bridge of pleasure. She knew that it was wrong, but this urge that was inside of her would not stop.

More than anything, she just wanted to become filled back up again by her son, but for now, he was too busy with her only daughter. As her clit was throbbing from her daughter’s tongue, Lynda just thought about what it was like being fucked by Sean. She remembered the feeling her cunt made when he exploded inside of her. These thoughts only made her orgasm more in her daughter’s mouth.

Sean grabbed hold of his horny sister’s hips and continued to slam his cock into her. Sharon’s mind was racing, as pain and pleasure overtook her whole being. She thought about how it was going to feel when her brother shot into her just like he did to her mom. The overpowering lustful feelings and thoughts only urged her to total completion. Sharon could do nothing but eat her mom’s dripping snatch. She could feel her pussy contract every time her brother’s cock pulled out of her twat. The only thought she could keep in her mind was that she wanted him to shoot his sperm in as far as possible.

Sean knew that he was about to erupt when he felt his balls swell and the pain was numbing throughout his whole body. The pain in his dick was getting to be almost unbearable, but every time he thrust back into his sister, the pain would subside a little.

As his thrusts became more violent, he could see that his sister was taking every thrust with lust. As the swelling in his balls became too much, he knew he was about to burst. Sean felt all of his incestuous baby making juice flow through his cock as he jammed his prick further into his sister than any she had ever had before.

Sean’s mouth dropped as he felt his balls release all of his sperm deep inside his sister. It was like a fire hose the way his sperm shot out of his shaft. Sharon pulled her mouth away from her mom’s pussy as Sean let loose his cum inside of her.

He had no way of knowing whether it was true or not that girls couldn’t feel a guy cum inside them, but he did hear Sharon’s moan burst out of her, “Oh my… GOD, YOU’RE FILLING ME UP WITH YOUR CUM!”

She was right. His monster cock throbbed and pulsed with each spurt of cum within the depths of his sister’s womb, until finally there was nothing left to shoot out.

Sharon then pulled away from Sean, letting his prick slide out of her. The girl then dropped to the floor gasping for breath. Sean just looked at his naked sister on the floor; her chest was rising and falling, and her breath seemed labored. He got up from the floor and fell back on the bed next to his mother. Lynda still had her legs spread-eagled as Sean crashed on the bed right next to her. His thoughts of sex made him drift off to sleep.


Waking up, Sean knew his actions were undeniably wrong. A feeling of tremendous kaçak bahis guilt washed over him. He got up from the bed and staggered into the bathroom. As he did so, he noticed there was no pain. Not knowing what time it was or even what day it was, he drained his bladder into the toilet. He peered out his window to see that it was dark outside. The whole night he spent dreaming of what he had done, and the guilt he felt. Sean knew he was wrong but he seemed to have no control over his mind or his body when he was doing it.

Looking at his alarm clock, he saw that he slept the day away and most of the night. It was 4 a.m. and his body was wide-awake, and no longer in pain. The pain that filled his genitals was gone, but the aftereffects lingered. He had violated his mother and sister, and there was nothing he could do or say to take that away.

Sean headed to the kitchen for some food to deal with the hunger in his stomach. Walking past his mother’s bedroom, Sean was relived to see that the light was off. He strolled into the kitchen only to see his mother sitting down eating a small bowl of ice cream. She was wearing only a red robe, and had her hair in a ponytail.

Knowing her son slept most of the day, Lynda said, “About time you woke up; I was starting to get worried about you.”

Sean was shocked at first. When he awoke and began remembering, he immediately placed the entire blame on what had happened on himself. He had been relieved passing her bedroom because he thought she had been sleeping and that he wouldn’t have to face the music yet. Now, with her sitting there, his initial thought was that she was going to kick him out of the house for what he did.

Surprised that she didn’t seem furious, his response was a short one. “I guess I needed some sleep.” Not knowing what else to say, he just opened the refrigerator and looked for something to eat.

“Why don’t you sit down, and I will make you something.”

After hearing that, he sat down and watched his mom get up and walk to the cabinet to open it. He glanced down to see her ass and thought about what it looked like naked. ‘Stop it!’ he chastised himself.

Sean was happy that he came to his senses and forced himself to think about something else, Karen. Soon, he was thankful his thoughts of incest were gone as he remembered the blowjob Karen gave him. His daydream was to be cut short as his mother started to speak.

“About what happened earlier… I think it was a just moment of weakness…and we should let that be the end of it.”

Sean’s eyes lightened up. It felt like a large weight just had been lifted off his chest. He looked up to see his mother looking at him with concerned look.

He responded. “I think that is a good idea, but what about Sharon?”

“I already spoke with Sharon when you were sleeping. She wants to forget the whole thing too. We all got a little crazy.”

The terrible thing that was done was now almost forgotten, and Sean was happy it was all over. He had all the self-reproaching memories he could handle. He knew what he had done was so wrong, but there was no way to undo it. By leaving things alone, he hoped the memory would fade and time would heal the wounds

The only thing that stuck in his mind was the questions of how this all happened; how he lost control, and why did his dick enlarge so?

It still took a back seat to the fact Karen was going to put out tonight though.

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