The Cruel Step-Mother

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Timmy Brown was a naive eighteen year old and lived with his father Bob above their small family run supermarket which was situated between a row of other shops in St Johns Wood, North London.

His mother had died when he was young and his father, still a good looking thirty nine year old, had never found someone he would want to have a relationship with.

That was until the day that Joanna Jewson came into his shop.

Joanna was in her early forties and was a well preserved woman for her age. Long dark hair to her shoulders, an hour glass figure with large breasts, a slim waist and a well rounded bottom.

She was obviously wealthy as Timmy and his dad could tell by the clothes she wore. Joanna always wore well made suits or skirts with classy blouses and stockings with seams up the back that Mr Brown would take note of as well as her stylish and sexy high heels.

Timmy worked in the mini mart after school and would be on hand to help customers, especially Mrs Jewson. As it was they became quite friendly and she always made an effort to ask Timmy about his day at school.

It was Timmy that found out Mrs Jewson was a widow and lived with her mother not too far away from the shop.

One day Timmy began to explore and found out where she lived. He was surprised it was such a huge detached house.

Timmy’s dad and Joanna were soon good friends and it wasn’t long before Bob plucked up the courage to ask her out to dinner. Joanna readily agreed and it was the start of many more dates.

One night back at Joanna’s house she was having a night time drink with her sixty year old mother, Jean, in the kitchen.

‘How is our plan working? Do you think the father and that gorgeous young man will move in with us?’ asked Jean.

Jean was like an older version of her daughter. Five feet ten inches in stocking feet, large breasts and a sexy round bottom.

They both had long black hair which they often wore in a bun.

‘Oh I think by the end of the month I’ll have the father wrapped round my little finger enough that he’ll readily agree. You were right Mother, he does seem to have submissive tendencies!’ replied Joanna. ‘And a lovely big thick cock. You’ll love fucking him,’

Sure enough a month later Bob had proposed and they were married at Chelsea Old Town Hall with Jean giving Joanna away and Timmy as his Dads best man. The only other guests were Joanna’s sister Judith and her twenty two year old daughter Zoe.

After the wedding Bob and Timmy moved in with Joanna and Jean.

Bob rented out the flat above his shop and with the extra money hired a full time assistant so he could spend more time at home which also meant Timmy didn’t have to work but was able to concentrate on his studies.

Timmy noticed that things had started to change. His dad was doing lots of jobs around the house and seemed to be at the beck and call of the two women.

Often when Timmy was reading late at night he heard what sounded like slaps and a faint murmur of protest. One night on illegal bahis his way back from the toilet he saw that Jean’s bedroom door was ajar and she wasn’t in bed.

If he’d have looked through the key hole of Joanna’s bedroom he would have seen his naked father tied spreadeagled on the bed with his now wife sitting on his face, riding it to orgasm and his new mother in law slowly fucking his arse with a vibrator and wanking his hard and throbbing cock before she mounted it and they double fucked him.

Bob was alternating spending his nights between Joanna and her mother while having to cater for their every and increasingly kinky needs.

Timmy thought the women were also paying him a lot more attention.

At night when they came into his room instead of a chaste kiss on the cheek they kissed him full on the mouth, even leaning over and placing their hands further up his thighs over the bed sheet. This greatly excited Timmy.

One night Joanna came in to say goodnight wearing a cream silk robe that gaped at the top showing Timmy an expanse of breast. As she leaned down to kiss him the robe opened more showing him her superb tits encased in a cream satin half cupped bra. This time when she kissed him on the mouth she forced her tongue in and her hand went directly on Timmy’s crotch. He moaned as her hands grasped his hard cock.

‘Oh Timmy, you are a very naughty boy,’ she said as she broke the kiss and her forefinger stroked the length of his tool.

She left the room leaving Timmy with a painful hard on.

A few nights later Bob and Joanna had gone out for dinner and Jean was chatting to Timmy. ‘Why don’t we get our pajamas on and settle down to watch a film?’ asked Jean.

Half an hour later Timmy was in his t-shirt and shorts when Jean walked into the sitting room wearing a pair of red silk shorts and a tight red silk camisole top. She wasn’t wearing a bra so Timmy could see her huge hard nipples poking out through the shiny material.

‘Here, let me lie on the couch and you can lie between my legs and lean back into me.’ said Jean.

Timmy gently laid back and he could feel her heavy breasts pushing into his back. Jean put her arms around him and pulled him in tight.. ‘Mmmm, this is nice isn’t it Timmy?’

Timmy could just nod as he was scared his cock would get hard.

As the film played Jeans hands began rubbing Timmy’s arms then across his flat stomach before they disappeared under his shirt and began playing with his nipples. Timmy gasped.

He was starting to get an erection as she leaned in and kissed his neck gently. Timmy could only moan as her lips caressed his neck and shoulders

She took one of her hands and slipped it under the front of his tenting shorts and found his hard cock. ‘Oh Timmy. Did I do this to you?’ she said as she slowly stroked his cock while still playing with his nipple.

When she gently bit his neck and squeezed his nipple hard he moaned and erupted all over her hand.

‘Oh Timmy, what a mess. Here let me help,’ she said as illegal bahis siteleri she rolled out from behind him. She peeled off his shorts as he lay back on the couch, his eyes closed in shame.

Jean began to lick his cum from her fingers then from his cock and balls. She could feel him getting hard again so she put his cock into her mouth and started to suck. Timmy was amazed at what this old woman was doing to him. Soon he could feel he was about to cum again and tried to warn her but Jean just sucked harder and when he exploded she took his load deep down her throat, swallowing the lot.

After she had cleaned him up she told him not to say anything to his father as they would both get into trouble. Timmy said he wouldn’t and they sat and watched the rest of the film in silence until his dad and step-mother came home.

One night when Bob was servicing his mother in law Joanna walked into Timmy’s room just as he was stroking his cock while looking at a sex magazine his friend from school had given him. Joanna had found it under his bed when she was tidying his room that morning and had a good idea what he would be doing.

‘Timmy! Oh my goodness whatever are you doing?’ she exclaimed with false indignation.

‘, stuttered Timmy.

Joanna closed the door and locked it. She was wearing a full length satin robe which she undid and let it drop to the floor. Timmy could only look on in amazement as his cock grew even harder at the sight of his step-mother dressed in a cream satin corset with cream stockings and high heels. Her corset stopped just before her large breasts that stood out, her nipples long and hard.

‘Do you like what you see Timmy?’ she asked.

Timmy could only nod yes.

‘Am I better than those pictures you have?’ Again Timmy could only nod.

‘I think it’s time Mummy showed you what it’s like to have sex. Say yes Mummy,’ she told him.

‘Yes Mu..Mummy.’

‘Good boy Timmy. Now come here.’

Timmy climbed out of bed, his shorts still down to his knees. Joanna pulled off his shirt and dragged down his shorts.

He was very hard. She took his cock in her hand and stroked him while she used her other hand to pull his chin up. She towered over him in her four inch heels as she bent down to kiss him passionately on the lips.

‘You will be a good boy for Mummy, won’t you?’ she asked.

She slowly pushed Timmy by his shoulders until he was kneeling before her and as she opened her legs Timmy could see her newly shaved sex, wet and glistening.

Grabbing hold of his head she pulled his face between her thighs. ‘I want you to kiss me Timmy.’ Joanna took her finger and drew it between her pussy lips. ‘Just here. Can you do that for me?’

Timmy looked at where she had indicated and tried to pull his face away.

‘Do it Timmy, or I will put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom. Then I’ll force you to do it.’

Timmy tentatively pursed his lips and gently kissed her pussy. ‘There, that wasn’t too bad now was it?’ she canlı bahis siteleri asked.

Timmy wanted to please his step-mother so kissed it again this time longer as if it were her real lips.

‘Now, stick your tongue out and lick me!’

He did as he was told and was amazed at the sweet taste.

‘There, that’s it. Oh god. Yes.’ she cried. ‘Here, suck this. It’s my clit. Try to suck and lick it at the same time.’

Soon she had Timmy’s head in both her hands as she fucked his face. She could feel her orgasm building and with a cry came gushing all over the young boy’s face.

She let go of Timmy and he sat back as he watched her regain her composure her full breasts heaving as she sought to catch her breath.

‘Wow, I’m going to teach you more of this in the future. Well done.’

She helped Timmy up to his feet and made him lie on his back on his bed.

She forced his legs open and knelt between them. ‘Your turn now darling.’ she said. She took his cock in her hand again and slowly stroked it before putting it in her mouth and using her spit to make it all wet. Poor Timmy thought he was going to cum then but she stopped sucking and placed it between her large breasts. ‘Fuck my tits Timmy!’ she ordered. She clamped her breasts tight around his cock and moved them up and down his hard prick. Timmy responded by automatically thrusting it between them.

Joanna could hear the change in his breathing as his orgasm approached.

‘Cum for Mummy darling. Let Mummy have your huge load all over her tits.’

Timmy groaned and shot ropes of cum all over her breasts and up to her neck. Joanna squealed in delight at the sight of her step-son cumming so hard. She knew that when she fucked him he would last much longer.

She laid down beside him stroking his panting body and playing with first his nipples and then his cute but empty balls before sliding her hand up his sticky cum covered cock. Soon it was hard and ready for her to impale herself on.

She straddled his hips and rubbed the head of his cock over her wet and sensitive pussy lips. ‘Are you ready for Mummy to fuck you Timmy?’

Timmy’s eyes were fixed on her swaying breasts that still dripped with his cum and the tip of his cock as it disappeared between the folds of her pussy.

Joanna edged further and further down his cock until she was sat with it fully embedded in her. She began to slowly rise and fall, savouring his young hard prick in her tight pussy.

She leaned forward so her breasts were dangling in Timmy’s face. ‘Suck my nipples,’ she ordered as she offered them to his mouth. It wasn’t long before she’d orgasmed on top of him. She also had an orgasm when she was on her back with her long stocking clad legs wrapped around his waist and one more when he was taught to fuck her doggy style. Timmy blew his load in this position too.

‘Very good young man,’ she said. ‘I’m sure mother will enjoy having you tomorrow night!’

‘Oh, by the way, Mother and I are going away for a few days in a couple of weeks and my sister Judith and her daughter Zoe will be staying to look after you. Judith does love young men. She especially likes to fuck their tight little bottoms with her strap on cock. I’m sure you and your father are in for a treat.’

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