The Cowboy

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Big Tits

They pulled up the dirt path to their new home and Janine was speechless. She couldn’t believe they would buy a house, online in a different state let alone a farm. She was a city girl from Los Angeles, and this town they moved to in Illinois had less than 500 people. The previous owner of the farm still had a small home on about 15 acres near their house. They didn’t mind. From what the realtor had told them, the owner was keeping most of his animals and was trying to downsize. The home was beautiful. It looked like a log cabin, something she envisioned Daniel Boone in, but that is not what caught her eye.

Off in the distance, in the fenced in horse stables, was one of the sexiest men she had ever seen. She felt herself get wet immediately and tried to not feel guilty. Janine had looked at other men besides her husband before, but none that had ever given her such an instantaneous reaction. She knew her husband wasn’t bothered and didn’t get jealous. Sometimes he enjoyed when she would flirt with other men in front of him. They had even made it a game when they went out a few times. They would go to bars or restaurants and see how many men would buy her drinks while her husband was sitting next to her. He seemed to enjoy that men ignored that he was with her, because those nights the sex was the best. They would get home and once in bed, they would rehash how the men weren’t even intimidated to buy a married woman a drink. Granted these evenings, Janine purposely would dress in the sexiest clothes she could find. Usually, a short loose tank top where she purposely couldn’t wear a bra. Her nipples always perked up in these shirts and her flat stomach would show where the shirt barely touched her navel. She would wear a pair of tight, ass hugging jeans, revealing the body that so many 20-year-olds craved, even though she was in her mid-30’s. But Janine looked amazing for her age. Her tits were perky, just big enough to be a handful, nipples the perfect shape and size. James, her husband, loved to suck on them. Sometimes in a very submissive way, he would treat them like he was nursing her. He could even fall asleep suckling them, while she rubbed his head. Her face was still quite youthful, eyes always bright and full of life. She had an energy about her that many couldn’t resist.

“That must be the owner,” James said looking in the same direction that Janine had been staring at. “We should go introduce ourselves,” he said parking the car. She agreed but could feel herself starting to get really wet now. This God-like creature was going to live almost on the same property as them. He was going to be around daily tending the animals. They started walking up to him. He was dressed in stereotypical cowboy apparel, which almost made her laugh out loud. He had on jeans, not too tight, over boots, with a blue flannel top and cowboy hat. His ass was tight and his arms looked nicely defined. She saw a flash in her mind of those arms lifting her off the ground, hands on the back of her ass, throwing her against a wall. “Holy shit”, she murmured to herself, breathing a little heavy.

“What did you say?” James asked looking over at her, closing in on the cowboy. She looked at him and shook her head, indicating she hadn’t said anything.

They saw the stranger wave them over once he saw them. They were close enough to him that Janine could see she wasn’t wrong with how handsome she initially thought he was. In fact, he was even better up close. He had caramel skin tone, and light hazel eyes. He wasn’t white, he looked mixed. With his hat on, she didn’t know how his hair looked. She flashed him a smile. But not any smile, one that she used on the men in the bars that liked to buy her drinks. She caught James looking at her, and noticed his lips turn up in delight at her obvious attraction to this man.

“You must be Mr. and Mrs. London?”, the cowboy said. “I’m Marcus. I’d shake your hands, but I’m afraid, I’m pretty dirty right now.” Janine and James, both introduced themselves, and then surprisingly, Marcus asked them if they would be up for joining him for dinner so they could all get to know each other better. He had said they may as well all get better acquainted with each other since they’d be living so close. James agreed eagerly, letting Marcus know that would be great since their furniture and items wouldn’t arrive until the morning. She saw the small building that must have been Marcus’ home. It was small, but cute. Just the perfect size for kütahya seks hikayeleri a single man. She had been told by the realtor that he had built the larger home they had just purchased as an investment opportunity. He was happy being in his small home by himself.

They got in their house and unpacked the few things they had with them in their SUV. Fortunately, Janine had packed some clothes in their car, that wouldn’t disappoint that evening. She threw on a dress that wrapped around and hugged her small waist. The neckline plunged, just revealing the outline of her shapely breasts. She threw on some heels and asked James to see how he thought she looked. “Hmm” …he said staring at her, almost as if he was evaluating her. I think you are missing something. He grabbed a tube of her lipstick out of her purse. But not just any lipstick. This one they called her “dick sucking” lipstick as a joke. It was deep red and once it was on, it didn’t come off. That’s why she could give her husband head, and lips still look as fresh as they did before she started taking his cock in her mouth.

“Put it on me,” she joked with James. “I want you to make me look sexy for Marcus.” The moment that sentence fell from her lips, she saw an almost animal reaction from James. She could always tell when he was turned on and it didn’t hurt that his pants started to bulge. She reached down and felt his jeans. “I see you like that idea.” She smiled at him, pursing her lips. He took the lipstick and started softly moaning as he gently rolled the stick over her parted lips.

“Do you like Marcus?” he said slightly moaning the question. She bent her head up towards James eager face and breathed, “Yes. He makes me wet”.

“Show me,” James asked. He took his finger and placed it under the bottom of her dress. He moaned even louder when he realized his wife was not wearing panties. He started softly reaching for the folds of her pussy when he felt her almost dripping. His dick got so hard, he could barely contain not cumming all over himself right then, thinking about his wife being that wet for another man. “Well let’s go see how well Marcus likes you,” he said in her ear, slowly trailing his finger around her pussy and then slightly fucking her with a couple of his fingers. Her hips started rocking into his fingers, but he took them out and chuckled and shook his head. “Nope, I want you saving all of your juices for Marcus.”

James and Janine headed out the door to their new home hand in hand, both excited for the night ahead. Janine caught herself looking up at the night sky. It was simply beautiful. Being out in the country, without city lights, the sky was lit up like she had never seen before. It was an absolutely an incredible sight. She smiled to herself, knowing that the sight of the sky would hopefully not be the best thing she saw that evening.

They got to Marcus’ cute little cabin and knocked. Janine could feel herself slightly pacing without moving. She did that anytime she felt a little nervous. She was hoping Marcus had something to drink that could take the edge off how she was feeling. Normally, they would have brought a bottle of wine when invited to someone’s home, but they had nothing with them, and the closest store was a good 30 minutes away.

Marcus answered the door and Janine felt herself try and catch her breath. He was stunning. He had his cowboy hat off, and she could see the small tight curls that covered his head. He was no longer in cowboy garb, but now he wore a pair of snug jeans and a light loose-fitting, gray V-neck sweater. His arm sleeves were pushed up, again revealing his toned arms. He looked relaxed at home without shoes on, wearing a pair of fresh white socks on his feet. Janine caught herself wondering if he was wearing boxers or briefs under his jeans; hiding what she had already fantasized was a larger than normal size cock.

“Glad you guys could make it,” Marcus smiled a crooked grin. “Want a drink? I’m having a jack and coke. What’s your poison?” Marcus headed into the kitchen. The room they were standing in wasn’t large, and it allowed Janine to take in all areas. There was a quaint living area with one couch, coffee table, and a television. In the dining room there was a square table with 4 chairs, and towards the back of the house, a couple of bookcases near where a door led to what looked like a back porch. There was a door that led to a bathroom, and a separate door that led to a small bedroom. Marcus seemed to notice Janine looking around when he commented, “I’d show you around, but it’s so small there’s not much to see.”

“A jack and coke sounds great.” James told Marcus. “Do you have beer or wine for Janine? She’s not much for hard alcohol, it makes her get a little wild.” James smiled over at his wife.

“HEEEYYY!!” Janine said with mock offense. “I’ll take a jack and coke too, thank you very much,” she smiled at Marcus and then turned to her husband and stuck her tongue out at him. “We are in good company, and tonight I’m not really concerned about getting wild.” After she said that, she heard Marcus laugh. He seemed to enjoy the couple’s banter. Janine thought to herself, “Just wait…your night has only just begun.”

After a couple rounds of jack and coke and a light meal, Marcus had grilled up some burgers on his back porch and served them with some potato chips, the three headed to the couch to relax and talk more. The conversation was flowing, along with the alcohol, and the three felt like old friends by the time dinner was over. Once at the couch, James realized there was not enough room for all three of them, so he decided to sit on the floor and rest his drink on the coffee table. Janine and Marcus both sat on the couch, and she wasn’t sure if it were the effects of the alcohol or if the room was starting to feel warm, but she blurted out, “Have you ever had sex while another man watches?” She blushed immediately after hearing what had just come from her lips. She was known for being forward, but not like that. James looked shocked at first and then she saw how turned on he had become. Marcus looked a little taken aback when that question was thrown at him, but his face easily revealed that he, like James, was also turned on.

Janine used Marcus’ facial cues to know that he was game, and slowly reached over and started to kiss him. She felt his tongue, warm and smooth, start to explore her mouth. His kisses were seductive and sexy, and she wanted to keep pushing forward with whatever was about to transpire. She pulled herself away to see what James’ reaction was. When she saw his face, she knew they both wanted her to continue. She moved closer to Marcus and felt him reach his arms around her. He pulled her close, so close she was nearly sitting on his lap. She immediately felt how turned on he was. His dick was rock hard through his jeans, and it felt HUGE! She moaned, just being so close to his giant cock. He grabbed her face softly and started kissing her again. She took in his tongue and enjoyed every moment of them tasting each other. It was different than kissing James. This was softer and not as rushed. Marcus seemed to want to take his time in having her. He didn’t want to move quickly.

Janine climbed fully onto Marcus’ lap and started to grind against his engorged jeans. Her hands ran through his head while she moved back and forth against him. She had to keep stopping in the middle of kissing, because she was worried she’d cum, just by rocking against his pants. Marcus had his large rough hands, firmly gripped around her hips. He was guiding her motion now, while he slid his hands under her dress and onto her ass. She heard him quietly moan when he felt she had no underwear on, a similar reaction to what James had given her earlier. A little breathless, he whispered in her ear, “Want to go to my bedroom?” She nodded and looked over at James.

“We’ll be back darling.” She smiled and laughed throwing her head back and grabbing Marcus’ hand.

“Don’t worry, we’ll keep the door open, so you can still see.” Marcus nodded to James. Knowing that all James wanted to do was be able to get a peek, Marcus teased him perfectly. James was so hard watching his wife all over Marcus, that he was having a hard time not touching himself.

Janine followed Marcus into the bedroom. There was a wooden queen size bed, nicely made. Marcus threw back the covers and lifted Janine onto the bed that was raised a few inches higher than normal. Janine grabbed Marcus’ jeans and started unbuttoning them. She felt herself become more rushed and eager to see what was hiding inside. When the jeans were completely unbuttoned, she was amazed at how large he really was. His cock made James’ look so tiny by comparison. She was so turned on that she could barely contain herself. She had never wanted to taste a cock so badly. She reached and felt his girth, so thick and already a tiny bit of precum framing the tip. She put him in her mouth and moaned. “MMMmmmm”. She could feel him swaying back and forth in her mouth. Small drops of hot cum were leaking from his erect cock. It tasted so sweet, she wanted more. But she didn’t want it in her mouth. No, she wanted him to flood her pussy.

She kept sucking and tasting and licking, while he started to explore her body. She wasn’t ready to cum just yet and decided the safest way to hold off would be to continue to have him in her mouth. His fingers found her pussy but teased her. He would rub her clit with a finger, softly, then proceed to get a little firmer. She kept groaning, needing him. He would feel her excitement and start to finger fuck her. Putting two fingers in her slowly. Sliding in and out. She couldn’t contain herself. She started cumming, moaning so loud, and saying Marcus’ name.

James also couldn’t contain himself from outside the bedroom. As soon as he heard his wife cumming to another man, he took his dick out and started to stroke. It felt so good. Like nothing he had felt, despite touching himself often. This was different. His hand took on a different persona in this setting.

Marcus whispered in Janine’s ear. “We’ve just started.” You came for a bull ride; you won’t leave until you’ve had one.” Marcus pulled her dress up over her head, revealing her gorgeous naked body. He matched her and took off all his clothes. His arms were not the only thing that was firm. His stomach was tight and his chest strong. Janine tried looking at the rest of his body in more detail, but from lack of light in the room she couldn’t see as well as she would like.

Marcus joined her on the bed once his clothes had been stripped off. He was not the type to get to the point and started sucking and caressing her tits, while his fingers continued to explore her. His mouth worked its way down, first stopping and kissing her stomach, then under her navel, when finally, she felt her whole body shudder when his tongue tasted her clit. It was like he was licking a scoop of ice cream, making sure none melted before it dripped from the cone. He tasted his way all around her pussy. She was now grateful she had already cum once, because now she could just relax and enjoy him eating her out like no one had done before. “God, you taste so good.” Marcus said continuing to stroke her clit with his tongue.

When Marcus could tell that Janine was ready to cum again, he took his tongue out and started stroking his own cock in front of her. “What are you doing?” she asked him.

“I’m giving you a minute to calm down,” he laughed, and kissed her. She grabbed his cock and she started stroking him. He felt giant. She wasn’t sure how she would handle taking all of him, but she was so turned on she knew she shouldn’t have too much difficulty. Marcus reached down, slid two fingers back into her dripping pussy, and seemed to spread her lips a little wider. Then he slowly started to shove his cock inside her, feeling her tight around him. He initially teased her pussy with just the head. That was how it felt best to him. His head being cared for. Back and forth, with each stroke he entered her a little deeper. And with each stroke he could feel her patience wither away. She needed him; he could tell. She started grabbing his ass and pulling him into her. Trying to take more of him in each time.

“Please,” she moaned over and over again. “Please.” Please, oh God, please.” At her urgency, his pace started to pick up. His strokes became longer, and his urgency now seemed to match hers.

Marcus whispered, “You know I don’t have a condom, right? Do you want me to pull out?” In response, Janine grabbed his back tighter and held him inside her, grinding back and forth on him. She was now kissing him with such desire, Marcus could tell she was close again. By her movements, he was so turned on that he couldn’t contain himself. He felt himself climaxing, cumming inside of her. He hadn’t had sex in awhile and the load he spilled in her was a large amount. He knew if she stood up immediately after, she would be leaking. Shortly after he exploded, he felt her cum again. Her pussy tensed and relaxed and they were both done.

Meanwhile in the other room, James had been able to see just enough of everything. He had held off cumming until both Marcus and Janine had been satisfied, and then he felt himself burst. His orgasm was like none he had experienced before. It was so fucking good; he knew this would not be the last time that he got to see his wife get fucked by a bull. Fortunately, he had a new neighbor that was eager to please.

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