The Couple Next Door Ch. 05

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Mary was our buddy.

She was about our age, a divorcee from one street over and a frequent visitor at both our houses. She was, in fact, one of the women Trish had set me up with, the woman I was with when Trish watched through our windows.

She was hot, horny and sexy as hell and had been with both of us intimately. If she was jealous of the scene she stumbled into, it was hard to say whom she would be jealous of.

“You two are something else,” she said, reaching down to pick up our clothes for us. “Here, get dressed. Or should I just take mine off too.”

I looked at Trish, and she looked at me. We were smiling.

“Take ’em off Mary,” I said. “We’re just getting a tan.”

She threw our clothes at us.

“Get dressed,” she said. “What’s going Trish? Why the urgent call?”

Trish started over with Mary, telling her about the divorce and the party, without the kinky details. It was obvious they’d talked before.

“I know you’re not happy Trish, but this is going to be harder than you think. I know the lawyer you need, or Bob will get him first.”

“He already has,” Trish said.

“You mean..”

“Yes,” Trish said.

We were dressed again, and Mary took a deep breath.

“Bob can’t ever know about you aydınlı escort two,” she said.

“Or you two,” I said, thinking I was being funny.

“He already does,” they both said at the same time.

I shook my head.

“I miss all the good parties,” I said.

“Does he know about the curtains?” Mary asked, looking at Trish smiling.

“He does now,” Trish said.

“You two,” I said, reaching for my tea.

Trish was staring at the back yard.

“You going back down there?” she asked me. “I can still see it.”

I looked down to the fence and saw the skin hanging.

“What are you guys looking at?” Mary asked. “We were all three standing up leaning on the deck rail.

“Oh, Mr. Animal Kingdom refused to kill a dangerous creature this morning,” Trish said, elbowing me.

“Black snakes are our friends,” I said.

Both Trish and Mary laughed.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Mary said, elbowing me from the other side. “I know some very friendly black snakes. Don’t you Trish?”

“MmmmmHmmm,” she said. “Very big. Very, very friendly.”

I smacked both of them on the ass and headed down the steps. I was barefoot and stepping lightly. I had no idea where that snake bağdat caddesi escort lived. He could just as easily live in Bob’s tool shed for all I knew. I approached the fence slowly.

The skin was indeed hanging from one of the wooden planks, no black snake in sight. I was relieved as I reached down and pulled the skin off the fence. The girls behind me shrieked as I tossed it into the woods.

“There,” I said. “Adventure over.”

I made my back up the hill toward the house, watching my steps instead of the two hot women hanging out over the deck. When I looked up, they’d both come out of their tops. They waved at me, arm in arm.

“Come on up baby,” Mary said. “And bring that little white snake with you.”

“I love this neighborhood,” I said.

When I got up to the deck, they were in the chaise lounge, Mary massaging Trish, who had her back to Mary and her eyes closed.

“We’ll get you through this, baby,” she cooed to Trish, who was leaning back against Mary’s naked breasts. Trish’s legs were hanging off each side of the chair. She was massaging her crotch. I noticed she hadn’t put her panties back on and her shorts were undone.

I sat down on bostancı escort the end of the long cushion and leaned in touching Trish’s thighs, rubbing the inside of her legs as she moaned and Mary ran her hands down her sides and grabbed her tits. Trish breathed in hard and scooted down between Mary’s legs, still on her back, her eyes still closed.

I slid her shorts off with Trish’s help. She opened her legs for me, and I noticed how wet she was, She was leaking my own cum when I leaned down and lapped at her engorged clit.

“God, that’s hot,” Mary whispered. “Lick her clean Nate. Lick your cum out of her.”

Trish came immediately, bucking her hips and thrusting her hot pussy into my mouth. I held her ass underneath and began to lick her inside out, tasting my own cum and her sweet juice, my cock getting hard again as Mary whispered and coaxed.

“Let it go Trish,” she said. “Let it all out.”

Trish came again, harder this time, thrusting her hips wildly as I tried to keep my tongue deep inside her. She bucked one last time and moaned.

“God I love you guys,” she said.

She leaned up and finally opened her eyes. We all kissed, the three of us, tasting our juices, Trish rubbing Mary’s crotch as I stood and slid my hard cock between their lips. They sucked me together, making love to my cock as I slid it in and out of their lips. We were in ecstacy. Trish’s hands were inside Mary’s shorts and Mary was pinching Trish’s hard nipples, and my cock spurted wet and hot, running down their chins, no one opening their eyes, no one noticing the five-foot long black snake sunning on the driveway.

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