The Counsellor Ch. 03

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He sat at his desk, door open as he always did in the mornings, catching up on notes. The beginning of his day would always start with her walking past his office. He would wave through the door. She would smile and wave back on her way to her office. Then would be coffee at the café. Today he waited. He wanted to see her, to think of her, to think of them together. The images she created played in his mind and melded together. He imagined her tied in his office, like she wrote in Office Quarantine, and him having his way with her like in Red Riding Hood. The stories blended into one erotic scene with her as the centre focus and his cock buried everywhere.

He breathed deep, closing his eyes, shifted in his chair and reminded himself where he was. As he opened his eyes he saw her moving between the tables across the courtyard. His cock twitched at the memory of the night. His eyes met hers and she smiled and waved. He couldn’t help but smile back, raising his hand to acknowledge her greeting. She kept walking and he hoped she hadn’t noticed the developing bulge in his pants.

She walked onto the work grounds and into the courtyard, traversing the tables to her office. As per usual she looked into his office, hoping to see him at his chair, eager for the morning wave. It was always the perfect start to her day and helped calm her as she walked into the frantic day. She saw him take a deep breath; his eyes closed. She wondered if he was ok, then he looked at her. His eyes pierced hers with an intensity she had not noticed before and she could not help but smile and wave. His returning smile warmed her and made her pussy spasm. She continued her walk to her office, hopeful he didn’t notice her arousal, but wishing he knew.

The day continued as her usual, teaching, meetings and student follow-ups. He spent his day in counselling sessions with teens and various friendship issues, but his mind wandered. She taught her classes and tried to think of reasons to stop in and chat with him. Each time she walked past his office she would look in hoping to see his door open. It was a busy day for him, and no opportunity presented until later in the day.

Thursdays were a longer day for staff, but students left early. She walked past his office and felt the familiar tingle between her legs upon seeing his door open. She had no reason to go in but did so anyway. He could see her approaching out of the corner of his eye. His heart quickened and a throb began in the pit of his stomach.

“How has your day been?” She stood leaning against the doorframe, her head leaning back against the cool metal. He noticed her neck outstretched and swallowed the urge to move over to caress the taunt flesh with his lips.

“Usual teen crap. You?” He held her gaze briefly before looking back to his computer. He was struggling to keep focus with her so close. He wanted to touch her, to play out the fantasy she had created, but he wasn’t sure of her intent.

“Meh, same old same old.” She noticed his turn from her and wondered whether she was reading too much into his attentions. “Are you staying this afternoon?”

“As always, have lots of notes to bursa eskort write. I’ll probably be here after 4pm to be honest.” He smiled and looked her way. He hoped she would understand the hint.

“Ok,” she smiled, maybe she hadn’t read it wrong as he doesn’t normally stay longer and had never announced his intentions before, “Catch up later.”

She walked out of his office harbouring a mischievous grin and a flutter in her stomach. He watched her as she left, confused at his forwardness. He had never really seen her that way until he read her stories. Now all he could think of was her, touching her, tasting her, the sight of her pussy dripping for him. His cock grew hard at the thought and he closed his door needing the privacy to calm himself.

She was the only one left in the office after the 4pm knock-off. Essays piled on her desk as she slowly made her way through the marking of a high school teacher.

Headphones on, she didn’t notice him enter the room. He had waited until he watched her boss leave before making his way to her office. He wasn’t sure what he was intending to do. He wasn’t even sure if he was going to tell her he read her work. All he knew was that he wanted to see her, alone.

He walked into the room and watched her for a moment. Her headphones were on. She seemed to be bopping away to some unknown tune. She was enthralled in the paper before her and didn’t notice his entrance. He approached and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Fuck!” She jumped and looked up. “You scared the shit outta me. Put a bell around your neck!”

His smile and laughter warmed her heart. Her headphones off she swivelled her chair to face him. He stood directly in front of her. She thought she saw a lump developing in his crotch before he took the chair next to her.

They sat in silence for a moment before he spoke.

“I read your stories.”

She took a deep breath, taken back by his blurted confession. “Which ones?” Half of her hoped he read The Counsellor, the other half wondered if that would be inappropriate.

“The fairy tales. You are right, I like your take on them.” She smiled. “I also read Office Quarantine. Are you in your stories?”

“I am the main character in them all.”

“So you want that to happen? Tied up, taken and used?” He genuinely wanted to know what she liked. Her answer made his cock throb.

“Yes.” She was exhilarated at the ease of her response. He was easy to talk to and that fact that she had a crush on him certainly helped in her candid response. “The thought of being taken hard, made to cum, having men cum inside me..” she shivered at the thought, “I love it.”

There was no hiding the ever-growing bulge now. He felt the blood rush to his groin as she detailed what she wanted to happen. He shifted in the chair thinking about exploding inside what he imagined was a warm pussy. Her question caught him by surprise.

“Did it have an effect?” She had rolled closer to him, he could feel the warmth of her leg against his.

“Yes.” He barely got the word out. She smiled.

“Did you read any other stories?” She wanted him to say yes, to tell her he bursa escort bayan had read her fantasy. She moved her hand closer to his knee, her fingers barely caressing his skin.

He cleared his throat, “Yes.” He could feel the featherlight touch on his knee and his pulse began to race.

“Which ones?” She knew. Knew he had read it. Knew he was interested. She moved her hand closer, resting it on his knee, fingers twirling circles in his hair.

His eyes were fixated on her hand. He couldn’t move, didn’t want to move. “The Animal,” he stammered.

“I like The Animal. It was one of my first stories.” Her hand followed her fingers as they drew lazy circles along his thigh. She captured his eyes with hers, watching for his reaction. “Anything else?”

He could feel the heat building within him. Despite the air-con on he was beginning to sweat. Her eyes penetrated his, holding his attention. He could feel her hand moving along his thigh and shivered. “Reality is Better than Fantasy.” He was playing with her now. He knew what she wanted but drawing it out had become a pleasurable game.

“Hmmm, also a good one. Most agree with you too.” He was playing with her, she knew it now. She smiled as her hand delved under his shorts leg and along his inner thigh. He took a sharp breath in feeling her fingers caress the inside of his leg. His legs parted involuntarily giving her access. “Which was your favourite?”

He slid down in the chair slightly, straightening out his leg and shorts for her. “The Counsellor had appeal.” He returned her smile, his eyes containing hers.

“Really?” She pressed her palm against his soft flesh, her fingertips locating his hard shaft, caressing the length.

She breathed deeply feeling the length and solidness of his throbbing cock. Her pussy responded accordingly secreting fresh juices into her panties. He closed his eyes and took another sharp breath. His body shivered as her fingers strummed his rod. He could barely answer her.

“Yes…” the whisper escaped his lips. He kept his eyes closed, aware of her body heat, her caress. He savoured the feelings growing inside him.

Her hand ventured deeper into his short, her palm pressing against his clothed cock, fingers gripping the sides. She brushed her thumb over his knob, feeling the wetness that had developed, and squeezed the tip, watching his reaction. He caught his breath as he felt the pressure on his shaft and the pinch on his knob. He rested his head back against the chair, eyes still closed. She moved in closer to him, her fingers exploring the waistband of his underwear.

She felt the curls of hair on his stomach and began the twirling circles once again. Her pink slowly moved under the elastic to top the bulbous head beneath. He jumped as her teeth came down on his earlobe and her fingertip found naked taunt flesh. Her heavy breathing filled his ear as he become acutely aware of her mutual arousal.

She whispered in his ear, “Did it make you hard?”

He nodded, it was all he could do.

“Did it make you cum?”

He moaned as her hand slid under the elastic to grasp görükle escort his shaft hard.

“Did it? Did you cum hard? Did you make a mess?” She was drawing out the last word of each question, her lips against his ear.

“Oh God,” he breathed, “Yesssss!” He struggled to control his voice feeling his aching cock in her tight grasp.

Her pussy ached to be touched but she ignored the feeling, wanting only his teasing, his pleasure. She wrapped her fingers around his rod and began the long, slow strokes that would see his inevitable release. With each downward glide her thumb would caress the taunt flesh over his balls, feeling them flinch at the touch.

Each upward stroke would bring her thumb over the join of his head and shaft, applying firm pressure to the sensitive connection. His moans and deep breathing made her pussy gush more. She could feel her saturated panties against her leg as she squeezed her own legs together.

His mouth was open now, panting. He could feel the tension rising from his groin. Feel the build-up and butterflies in his stomach. He was close. He couldn’t believe what was happening, but he wanted it so bad. His hands squeezed the arms of the chair as his orgasm developed.

Her hand quickened on his shaft. Each downward stroke became tighter, her fingers rimming the base of his cock before jerking up forcefully, squeezing him hard with the movement. His breath quickened as he drew closer to his climax. He slide further down in the chair, his legs holding his bodyweight, shaking with excitement.

She pinched the head of his cock before speeding up once more. Short, jerky movements along his shaft made him grip the chair till his knuckles were white. He could feel his balls tightening ready to explode.

She pried a hand from the chair and guided it into her own shorts, pressing it against her soaked panties. The feel of her arousal was too much for him and he released, jetting his cum over his stomach. Wave after wave spurted from his hard cock as his fingers pressed through her panties to feel the warmth of her pussy. She rocked her hips forward and grinded onto his hand as her fingers milked the cum from his jerking muscle.

His panting slowed and he opened his eyes to gaze at her. She was flushed, her eyes closed, riding his hand. He moved a thumb to rest against her clothed clit and pressed against the throbbing bundle of nerves. Her rocking increased and she squeezed his cock as her own orgasm built within her. He slid a solitary finger under the panties and plunged into her eager pussy. It was as tight as he imagined. Tight and wet. He felt his spent cock jerk at the thought of being inside her.

She bore down on his hand, her pussy welcoming the finger into its hungry space. She rode him, pushing him in as deep as he would go. The warmth began in her toes, moving over her body and growing in strength. His thumb tapped against her engorged clit. Her body began to convulse as the orgasm took hold. He pressed his thumb against her clit, drawing her orgasm out as long as possible. As her body relaxed, he strummed the sensitive nub making her jump and moan, her juices flowing onto his hand and soaking her panties event more.

She gently caressed his softening cock as her own orgasm subsided, eventually removing her hand from his pants. She licked the residual cum from her fingers before cleaning her juices from his. They met each other’s gaze and smiled.

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