The Cougar Tamer Ch. 02

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The Cougar Tamer Ch.2

Herbie Smithson moaned with pleasure as Wilma Parker stroked his huge penis and tickled his bloated, cum-filled testicles.

“I would love to have seen the look on Deb’s face when this monster flopped out of your pants,” Wilma said with a smirk.

She was referring to her next door neighbor and best friend Debra Fenway whom Herbie had fucked to a fare-thee-well the previous afternoon. Under Wilma’s tutelage he had been able not just to fuck the neighbor, but to take almost complete control of her. It had been a wild experience for the young man. He had spent most of this afternoon telling Wilma about it between bouts of sweaty sex.

“You were right,” said Herbie, smiling, “everything changed when she saw it.”

“I don’t doubt that,” said the woman, “This is the cock she’s been looking for all her life and it’s attached to a young man who knows how to use it.”

“I used everything you taught me, Wilma,” Herbie said with a choke in his voice as the older woman bent down to lick his scrotum.

“I didn’t have to teach you all that much,” she said between licks, “You are a very considerate and imaginative lover, not to mention a quick study.”

“I wasn’t really all that considerate with Debra,” Herbie croaked out as Wilma took one of his massive gonads into her mouth and began to suck on it, “I was pretty demanding.”

Wilma let the young man’s left nut slip from her greedy mouth to say, “And I’ll bet she loved every minute of it.”

“She went completely ape-shit over it,” Herbie answered with a moan, “she couldn’t get enough.”

As the big-titted MILF began to lick his shaft Herbie groaned out, “Jesus fucking Christ, I’m going to cum if you keep doing that.”

“Well, I’m certainly not doing this to make you sneeze,” Wilma said with a mischievous grin, “You’ve been fucking me for over an hour. I can’t begin to count how many orgasms you’ve given me. But, you haven’t cum even once yet.”

With that Wilma plunged her mouth down over his stiff pole, lodging the massive organ deep in her throat. Herbie gasped and gripped her head tightly. The woman had taken it all. Her nose was buried in his public hair as her tongue snaked out to lick his balls. For the next several minutes the horny woman bobbed her head up and down on the eighteen-year-old’s rigid pole. She loved the way it filled her mouth and throat almost as much as she loved the way it filled her hot, mature cunt.

The loud slurping sounds of Wilma’s enthusiastic cock-sucking filled the room. As he clutched her head tightly his hips involuntarily began humping his long, thick manhood through the tight seal of her plush, moist lips.

Wilma stopped bobbing her head up and down the mighty pole and let her young stud take control. She didn’t know why, but she loved it when he took over. She would never allow her husband to do such a thing despite the fact that he was nowhere near as well equipped as her lover. Even at that, on the rare times when she would consent to suck his tiny dick, she would never let him cum in her mouth. Yet she desperately craved the taste of this strong, young male. She needed to swirl his masculine sauce around on her tongue before she swallowed it, to savor its potent flavor. She hoped fervently that he wouldn’t shoot his precious liquid directly down her throat.

Herbie was lost in the exquisite, slippery heat of the older woman’s mouth and throat. Grasping her head in a near death grip he humped her mouth like a madman. He could feel the pressure building in his gonads. He was going to explode any second, filling her hot oral cavity with his viscous, manly gravy. It boiled in his balls creating a maddening urgency for release.

While her young lover vigorously fucked her face, Wilma reached out to fondle his rapidly heating nuts, gently kneading them to coax out the pungent liquid they held. Her massive tits bounced and jiggled every time that unyielding man-meat slammed her throat. Each movement made her hotter than she had ever been. She could almost feel the cum splashing around in Herbie’s weighty testicles. It made her nearly insane with the need to feel the texture of his thick fluid in her mouth, to taste and swallow every priceless drop.

Suddenly, Herbie’s body stiffened as he bellowed, “I’m cumming!”

He had just enough presence of mind left to pull out of his greedy lover’s throat so that his thick discharge would fill her mouth. Wilma’s body shook violently with one last shattering orgasm as the coveted sap hit her tongue. It was so good, so thick, and there was so much of it. Spurt after spurt of the young man’s powerful liquid filled her mouth. Try as she might she just couldn’t swallow fast enough. It leaked out of the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her chin and onto her ponderous, heaving breasts.

Herbie howled with hedonistic joy as he shot his thick torrent into the horny MILF’s mouth. He rammed his prodigious pole into her throat as he shot the rest of his gonad gravy directly into the heavy breasted cockhound’s stomach.

When Sarıyer escort his balls had finally emptied themselves Herbie slumped back onto the bed with a heavy sigh. His slowly softening cock slid out of the woman’s mouth and the remnants of his copious discharge dribbled down her chin and into her tits.

As Wilma scooped a dollop of creamy jizz off of one her huge boobs with her fingers she said, “That was a nice big load,” as she licked the cum off her fingers she added, “Tasty, too.”

Then she looked at the clock on the night stand and jumped off the bed in a panic.

“Herbie!” she shouted, “Get dressed quickly! Willie and Bob,” referring to her son and husband, respectively, “could be home any time, now!”

Herbie leaped from the bed and started jumping into his clothing as Wilma ran to the bathroom to clean herself up.

He and Wilma had stripped in a big hurry and his clothes were scattered all over the bedroom. It took a bit of doing to gather them together. When he was finally almost dressed and putting his shoes on, his cell phone rang. Looking at the caller ID he saw that it was from home.

“Hi, Mom,” he said into the phone, “What’s up?”

“Were you planning on coming home soon?” his mother asked.

“I was just going to head home now,” Herbie said.

“Well I want you to take a little detour before you do that. Okay”


“Yes. Mrs. Winslow called. She’s in a bit of a pickle and she needs your help.”

“Doing what?” Herbie asked.

“She has a bookcase that needs to be moved,” his mother said, “When her husband left on a business trip she promised to get it moved. She still hasn’t gotten around to it and he’s due home tomorrow.”

“So, she needs it done tonight,” said Herbie with frustrated sigh.

“That’s right,” his mother said, “I know it’s kind of last minute, but she’ll pay you and she’ll give you dinner. So, don’t worry about hurrying home. Can you do it?”

“Yes,” said the teenager reluctantly, “I can do it.”

“Oh, don’t be like that,” Mrs. Smithson said, “you do a little work and she’ll pay and feed you. What’s not to like?”

“I said I’d go,” Herbie objected.

“Good boy,” Herbie’s mother said.

Suddenly his mother let out a low moan.

“Are you alright, Mom?” the teenager asked with great concern.

“I’m fine, dear,” his mother said, “I just wasn’t watching where I was going and banged my foot on the coffee table.”

“Okay,” Herbie said tentatively, “If you’re okay.”

“I’m fine,” Mrs. Smithson said firmly, “Now go help Mrs. Winslow. I love you. ‘Bye, ‘bye.” Then she ended the call.

Herbie was about to tell his mom that he loved her too when his screen flashed “call terminated”. He shrugged, put the phone back in his pocket, and finished putting on his shoes.

He was still concerned. That moan wasn’t the kind of sound someone would make if they banged their foot. He knew he’d heard that particular sound before, but he couldn’t place it.

Just then Wilma emerged from the bathroom fully dressed.

“Was that your cell phone or mine that just rang?” she asked.

“Mine,” Herbie answered, “It was Mom. I have to go over to Mrs. Winslow’s house to help her move a bookcase.”

“At this time of day?” Wilma asked dubiously, “Bullshit!”

Herbie looked puzzled.

“It’s darn near five o’clock,” said the, now, sated woman, “and she’s calling your mother to get you to move bookcases just before the dinner hour? I don’t think so.”

“Then why?” Herbie asked.

As soon as the question was out of his mouth he knew the answer. His eyes went wide with the realization.

Wilma chuckled to herself as she watched the changes her lover’s face was going through.

When she was certain the he had figured it out she said, “She’s probably been talking to Debbie. They talk on the phone almost every day.”

“Debbie told her?” he asked.

“Of course she did,” the hot older woman answered, “Think about it for a moment. You’re a lover with the cock she’s been looking for all her life. If you found something that you had been looking for that long wouldn’t you want to tell someone?”

Herbie nodded and smiled ruefully.

“I’m not saying that she just wants to get into your pants for sure,” Wilma continued, “She may actually have a bookcase that needs moving, and her husband may actually be coming home tomorrow. She’s notorious for procrastination.

All I’m saying is be ready for anything.”

Herbie nodded again.

“I should get going,” he said as he walked across the room to where his older lover stood.

He hugged her close to him and gave her a deep, tongue laden kiss as he fondled her round ass.

After they broke the kiss Wilma said breathlessly, “Keep that up and you won’t be going anywhere, young man. I’ll make you stay here and fuck me again, and we don’t have time for that right now.”

“Right,” Herbie chuckled.

I took Herbie only about ten minutes to walk over to the Winslow home. He liked walking in the summer. It Escort Silivri gave him time to think, time to observe, time to make sense of things. He passed slowly by the rows of suburban houses watching the people walking their dogs, watering their lawns, setting up to barbeque, and dozens of other things that people do that time of year.

The Winslow home was on a lot three times bigger than any of the other lots in that part of town. Most of the neighborhood was built on what used to be the Winslow farm. The family had been selling off parcels of it, piece by piece, since the end of the Second World War. All that was left of the old farm was the huge lot upon which their house stood.

The house itself was something of a peculiar sight. The original dwelling had been designed in a pseudo-colonial style. But, over the years the family had added on to it, in one direction or another, with no apparent need to match the original. The result was a jarring patchwork of different architectural visions ranging from colonial to post-modern.

Upon arriving at the front door Herbie rang the bell. Martha Winslow opened it wearing a well tailored business suit.

“Herbie,” she said with a bright smile, “You’re earlier than I expected. I just got home from work and haven’t even had a chance to change.”

“I was close by,” said Herbie, “I was at the Parker’s.”

“That figures,” the woman said, “You and Willie have always been inseparable. Come on in.”

Martha Winslow was a heavy woman, not fat mind you, just hefty in all the right place. Her waist was just thick enough to carry her wide hips and enormous DD-Cup breasts. Every ounce was otherwise perfectly proportioned on her five foot one inch frame.

Herbie tried to enter the house, but the buxom woman didn’t move out of the doorway. The teenager had to squeeze past her causing her immense jugs to mash against the lower part of his ribcage as he went by. He could feel the blood rushing to his cock. He had a feeling that if Wilma was right and Martha Winslow wanted to fuck, he was going to be in for one wild ride.

Martha closed the door and turned abruptly toward the interior of the house. Her wide soft ass brushed against the young stud’s growing erection as she moved.

“The bookcase,” she said as she began to sashay down the hallway, “is in my husband’s study.” She turned and, with a coquettish smile added, “It’s this way.”

Herbie watched closely the sensuous sway of her hips as she walked down the hall. He thought that, even through the severe business suit, she might have the sexiest ass he’d ever seen. He was rock hard by the time they reached the study.

The study was a huge room. As Herbie walked through the door he saw, to his immediate right, a free-standing faux oak bookcase which was empty except for several books on the top shelf. He assumed that it was the bookcase that needed to be moved.

The rest of the room was lined with bookcases that were built in. Across from the door was a large antique oak desk next to which was a very modern computer table. What surprised him was that there was no carpeting. Instead there was a very well cared for hardwood floor.

“This is what we need to move,” Martha said, pointing to the bookcase on the right.

Herbie nodded.

“We still need to get those books of of the top shelf,” she continued, “Could you be a dear and get them down? I can’t reach them,” she reached out to touch his upper arm, caressing it lightly, “I’m just too little.”

Herbie thought that “little” was absolutely the wrong word for this woman. The conservative cut of her suit did nothing to hide the impressive protrusion of her huge tits or the flair of her wide hips. The skirt was short enough to show a good deal of her thick, firm looking thighs.

“Over there are couple of empty boxes to put them in,” she said pointing to two empty printer paper boxes.

The teenager couldn’t be sure, but her thought that he saw her glance down at his crotch.

“I can do that,” Herbie said.

“Good,” she cooed, “You get started and I’ll be right back. I have to change out of my white collar work clothes and into some blue collar work clothes.”

“Okay,” said Herbie.

With that Mrs. Winslow turned and left. Herbie watched the sensuous sway of her ass as she walked away.

The top shelf was just high enough that Herbie, at five feet ten inches tall, was going to have some trouble reaching them. He didn’t wonder that someone as short as Martha Winslow couldn’t get at them.

He looked around for something to stand on. About a foot away he saw a small step-stool. It was the kind that you see in libraries and book stores. It had wheels attached to an inner spring so that you could easily move it to where you wanted, but when you stood on it your weight would depress the spring, bringing the stool flush to the floor. That way there was no danger of it moving around while you were on it. When you stepped off of it the stool snapped back enabling the stool to roll to where Topkapı escort bayan you needed it next.

On the stool he could reach the books easily, and proceeded to load books into the boxes. All the while he was thinking about Martha Winslow’s spectacular body. He still wasn’t sure what her agenda was. She had already been flirting, but that didn’t necessarily mean anything. Wilma had once told him that some women were just naturally flirtatious. They didn’t actually want anything. It was just the way their personalities were. He certainly hoped that there was more to it than that with Mrs. Winslow. He’d love to lay some pipe between those mountains. He’d just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Edna Smithson, Herbie’s mother, was enjoying herself. That low moan that Herbie had asked her about on the phone had happened because Willie Parker, Herbie’s best friend had begun eating her pussy with ardent enthusiasm.

In the scant two weeks since the woman had taught her young lover about cunnilingus he had proven to be not only a quick study, but a creative and aggressive cunt lapper. Willie had learned how to drive her right up to the edge of the erotic cliff without letting her jump. He had been making her nearly insane with need for the last half hour, pushing her to the brink then pulling her back.

“Please,” she shouted as she clutched his head to her dripping hole, “let me cum!”

Willie ignored her. He simply kept licking her clitoris as he slid two fingers in and out of her steaming slot. He loved doing that to her. He loved hearing her beg for an orgasm. He loved looking up to watch her ponderous breasts heave with her labored breathing. There was nothing about Edna’s fantastic body that he didn’t like. Although her torso was a bit broad, her massive tits, wide hips and thick thighs did much to offset that. He found the overall effect to be incredibly sexy.

With his free hand he reached up to roughly fondle one of the woman’s fleshy globes. Edna writhed and bucked against his face as he continued to lick her clit and finger her leaky pussy.

Edna could feel the pressure building, pushing her toward shattering orgasmic joy. Willie had learned to be a very skilled lover in a very short time. He knew exactly how to push all of her erotic buttons to make her blind to anything but the physical sensations. With his hands and tongue he was rapidly driving her to the precipice of passion. She could fell herself ready to fall off of it very soon.

Suddenly, she felt nothing. Willie had abruptly withdrawn his mouth and hands from her body. He abruptly scooted up and rammed his man-meat into her achingly ready hole.

She gasped as he roughly entered her and threw her arms around him as she shouted, “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fill me up with your hot jizz!”

The young man was more than happy to comply as he humped vigorously at the hot MILF’s cunt. With jackhammer force he filled his best friend’s mother, making her writhe and moan beneath him. He loved the feel of her slick vaginal walls pressed tightly around his invading love pole. Knowing how close she was to orgasm Willie fucked her at a furious pace to push her over the edge. He was pretty darned close to the edge himself. He had been hard as steel since he had first arrived at the Smithson house. But, he could feel the urgency for release building in his balls. He needed to cum soon. Willie fought it off. He wanted to make sure that his stacked, older lover got off first.

Suddenly, Edna screeched and her body convulsed as an earth shattering orgasm overcame her. As the climactic bliss possessed her Edna’s pussy clamped down with a vice like grip on Willie’s invading manhood. That was all the poor boy could take.

“Ohhh, fuck! I’m cumming!” he bellowed as his balls emptied themselves into the woman’s steaming hole.

His body stiffened against her as he pumped spurt after spurt of sperm into her.

Edna wanted to scream, “Yes! Yes! Fill me with your cum! Fill me up!” But, the because of the strength of her orgasm she could only emit a satisfied whimper.

As the two slowly came down from their mutual zenith of passion Edna whispered into her young lover’s ear, “That was fantastic. I’ve never cum so hard.”

Willie mumbled something that sounded like it might have been, “Thank you. You were great, too.”

“But,” Edna continued, “it’s getting late in the day. You should go home before your mother starts to wonder where you are.”

When Herbie had gotten the bookshelf about half cleared Mrs. Winslow returned. She hadn’t been kidding with that line about “blue collar” clothes. She was wearing a blue work shirt that she hadn’t buttoned. She simply tied the tails in a loose knot beneath her monumental jugs. She obviously had no bra on under it which made her bulky boobs swing and sway as she moved. She also wore blue flip-flops, and a very short, blue, denim skirt, which displayed the perfectly proportioned shape of her sturdy thighs.

“Oh, good,” she said with a dazzling smile, “you found the foot stool. I meant to point that out to you, but I forgot all bout it until I was already upstairs and half undressed. So, I didn’t think it was a good idea to come down to tell you. I mean, you wouldn’t want to see me in just my bra and panties,” she paused, then added with a knowing smirk “Would you?”

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