The Cougar Chronicles 01 – Lorna

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The idea to seduce the 19 year old son of her next door neighbor came to Lorna one afternoon early in the summer when Sean, the neighbor’s son, came over to return a power tool that his father had borrowed from Lorna’s husband the week prior. Lorna was sunbathing in the back yard when Sean walked through the gate on his way to the back door, and when he saw Lorna lying on her back in a chaise lounge and wearing her blue bikini it took him by surprise.

Lorna was 42 years old, stood 5’5″ tall, and had shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes. She had a classic face with high cheekbones and deep dimples when she smiled, her perfectly-full lips parting to reveal white and near-perfect teeth. Her nose was pert and cute, a perfect match to the rest of her face. She was also the mother of two children, and motherhood had been good to her – at least to her bust line, anyway. Before her first pregnancy her breasts were a full 34C, but after two children they had ballooned to a whopping 34HH and showed no signs of returning to their pre-pregnancy size. Her huge, torpedo-shaped breasts were heavy and full, swaying heavily on her chest whenever she walked around without a bra – something she did often and that had gone mostly unnoticed by her husband, which irritated her to no end. Her nipples and areolas had been affected as well, her already-large, saucer-sized areolas getting darker and more pronounced and her nipples growing to the size of pencil erasers when erect. And for some reason it seemed that they were always erect, poking out against the shirts and bras that she wore – when she wore a bra at all, that is. She guessed that it was a lingering side effect of the hormones that had raged through her body during her nearly back-to-back pregnancies, but even though it had been more than 15 years since her last pregnancy she honestly didn’t care. She liked the sensations of her nipples rubbing against her bras and shirts, finding that it excited her. The only physical drawback of her pregnancies was that they had left her just a little thicker through the middle and in her butt than she would have preferred, but she still had a good figure – good enough where she wasn’t afraid or ashamed to wear a bikini, as she was doing today.

And after Sean walked through the gate and stopped dead in his tracks when he got a look at her in that bikini, she felt even better about her body than she had before. Her huge breasts were so dense that they didn’t flatten out anywhere near as much as most women’s breasts did when they lay on their backs, so Sean got a good look at her ample assets which included her perpetually-erect nipples poking out against the blue fabric of the bikini top.

He was obviously impressed with what he saw, as was Lorna – she’d seen him in t-shirts and jeans before, but today he was shirtless and wearing just a pair of running shorts and sneakers. Sean was tall and lean, wonderfully muscled, blond hair bleached by the sun, with a flat stomach and a tight, rounded ass that made Lorna smile with impish delight when she saw it. She sat up on her elbows and smiled at him, her huge and heavy breasts swaying inside the top as she moved. She noticed an immediate bulge beginning to form inside his running shorts, and that only made her smile bigger and her dimples more pronounced.

“Hi, Sean, what can I do for you?” she asked, smiling sweetly at him as she watched him trying to keep from staring at her huge tits – and failing.

“Gee, I’m sorry, Mrs. Murray, I didn’t mean to bust in on you like this,” Sean said, standing next to the foot of the chaise lounge. “I was just returning this drill that my dad borrowed from your husband last week,” he said, holding the drill up for a moment before lowering it down a little below waist level, trying to hide the growing bulge in his shorts. ‘Oh my God, her tits are fuckin’ huge!’ he thought to himself.

“That’s okay, Sean, no harm done,” Lorna replied, sitting up all the way now and letting her big, heavy tits hang naturally from her chest, giving Sean a better view at the same time. “Would you like me to unlock the garage so you can put it on my husband’s work bench?” she asked, still smiling at him and feeling her nipples getting harder by the second as she drank in the sight of his nearly-naked body in front of her. It was at that moment that the idea to seduce this strapping young man struck her, and the idea thrilled her down to the very core of her being.

She’d toyed with the fantasy of seducing Sean since the first time she’d seen him, and now that he was standing there in front of her wearing only a pair of gym shorts, an athletic supporter (she guessed) and a pair of sneakers, she decided that it was time for her to make her fantasy come true. Of course, the fact that her husband had been ignoring her sexual desires and needs for the past year or so had made her horny as hell, so that certainly helped her come to the decision to fuck Sean right then and there.

“Sure, that’d be great!” Sean replied, looking Konak Escort down into Lorna’s still-smiling face.

“Right this way, then,” Lorna said as she got up out of the chaise lounge, giving Sean a spectacular view of her heavy, swaying tits as she did so. She turned and walked towards the back door, feeling Sean’s eyes on her ass as he followed behind her. She was sorry that the bathing suit bottoms she was wearing were not the thong type, making a mental not to make sure the next suit she bought was. She led Sean through the back door into the kitchen and then over to the door to the garage, unlocking it and holding the door open for him. She turned and smiled at him, standing sideways in the doorway as she held the door open, her massive tits standing out from her chest and partially blocking his way. She did this intentionally, knowing that he’d had to brush up against them as he went into the garage and again as he came out.

“Here you go, Sean, just put it on the work bench over there,” she said, nodding at the work bench on the far wall. Her plan worked to perfection as Sean’s lower chest brushed firmly up against her jutting tits as he went past her, and when he turned around after having placed the drill on the bench she got a clear view of the prominent bulge in his shorts. He made a special effort not to brush up against her with it when he went past her again, but this only made him brush harder against her jutting tits as he went past.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Murray, I didn’t mean to bump into you like that,” he said, his face turning red with embarrassment. She just smiled bigger at him, her eyes flashing.

“That’s okay, Sean, really it is,” she said as she closed the door and turned to face him. “It’s not like no one’s ever brushed up against my tits before. Besides, with a pair as big as these, sometimes it’s hard not to! Would you like something to drink? It’s awfully hot outside, and you look like you could use something nice and cold!” she said, not giving Sean a chance to react to what she had said about her tits. He was surprised anyway, and it took him a moment to reply to her question.

“Sure, that’s be great,” he said, looking down at Lorna as she smiled up at him.

“Good! Just have a seat at the kitchen table and I’ll bring you a nice, cold beer!” she said, then turned and walked over to the refrigerator. Sean walked over to the kitchen table, again watching Lorna’s ass as she moved, pulling out the chair and then sitting down. The kitchen table and chairs were of the “retro” style, the shiny metal and green faux leather pads looking like something out of the 1950s – but somehow it all “fit,” since Lorna had that ’50s kind of look about her as well. Sean pulled one of the chairs out from the table and sat down, the faux leather cool against the skin of his back as he sat down, watching Lorna’s huge tits sway in her bikini top as she walked over to the table with a beer in each hand. She was still smiling at him as she walked, her dimples deep and pronounced, and Sean thought for the first time what a pretty and attractive woman Lorna was, even if she was twice his age and the mother of two kids. Sure, she was a bit thick in the middle, but after two kids that was to be expected. But those tits – holy shit, those things were huge! They swayed heavily inside her top as she walked over to him and leaned over slightly to set the beer down on the table, giving him another spectacular view of her cleavage.

“There you go!” she said, putting the beer on the table in front of him. She looked at him, still smiling and still bent over so he could get a nice, long look at her huge, hanging tits as she said, “You won’t tell on me for giving a 19-year old a beer, will you?” she asked, her eyes bright and sparkling.

“Of course not,” Sean said, reaching for the beer. “It’s not like I’ve never had a beer before, you know!” he continued.

“Good! And I bet that’s not all you’ve never had before, either!” she said matter-of-factly, then pulled out her own chair and turned it to face him before sitting down. She lifted the bottle to her lips to take a sip as Sean raised his own beer to his mouth and took a long pull. The beer was cold and crisp, and it felt good going down. When he lowered his head after taking a drink he saw Lorna looking at him and smiling, her own beer in her hand.

“Thank you, Mrs. Murray, that’s really good,” he said, holding the beer up for a moment.

“You’re welcome, Sean, and please, call me ‘Lorna,’ ” she said, still smiling sweetly at him. “After all, it’s only right considering what’s going to happen next.”

“Huh?” Sean said in surprise, puzzled at what he wasn’t sure he’d just heard. But Lorna continued on as if nothing out of the ordinary had been said.

“Sean, can I ask you a question?” she said, her smile never faltering. “A personal question, that is?”

“Sure, I guess so, Mrs. – I mean, Lorna,” he replied, making her smile broaden at the use of her name. Buca Escort

“Will you be honest with me?” she asked, and Sean nodded as he replied.

“Sure,” he said, “ask away.”

“Do you think I’m pretty?” she said, her eyes never leaving his as she watched him intently, her smile never faltering.

“Yes, I do,” he replied, meaning it. “Very much so!”

“Really? You mean that?” she said, pleased at his reply. “Even after two kids and putting on a few pounds, you still think I’m pretty?” she said, suddenly putting her beer on the table and standing up in front of him. She put her hands on her hips and cocked a knee forward, turning slightly from side to side to let him look her over. He did so with pleasure, marveling again at the size of her breasts.

“Absolutely,” he replied, mesmerized at the movements of her huge, heavy breasts. She just about had him right where she wanted him, so she gave him another nudge to put him over the edge.

“You don’t think my tits are too big, do you, Sean?” she asked, cupping them in her hands and holding them up for him to see. He gasped slightly, his mouth falling open as she held the two huge globes in her hands, the hard nipples erect and poking out against the bikini top. “I mean, they were big before I got pregnant, but now they’re absolutely huge! You don’t think they’re too big, do you, Sean?” she asked, slightly breathless. Her nipples were tingling like mad and she felt the first twinges deep inside her pussy as the moisture started to build.

“No, I don’t,” he replied, his eyes locked unashamedly on her mammoth tits that she was actually holding up for him to see. He had a pretty good idea where this was all headed, but he was unsure for a number of reasons of what to do – and the now-throbbing erection he was sporting didn’t make his mind function any clearer, either.

“My nipples also got bigger, which is why they’re always poking out like they are now,” she said, tweaking the nubs through the material of her bikini top. Sean sat amazed and mesmerized as Lorna tweaked her nipples right in front of him as she continued speaking. “And my areolas got really big and really, really dark, too! See?” she said, suddenly pulling the cups of her bikini top to the sides and revealing her heavy, mammoth breasts to him.

Sean gasped as he got a look at Lorna’s magnificent breasts for the first time, his mouth falling open as she pushed her huge, heavy globes together and up towards him with her fists pressing into the sides, giving him a perfect look at her huge, dark areolas with the hard, prominent nipples in the center of each one. Her areolas were absolutely huge, saucer-sized at least, and were very dark just like she said. And her nipples were the biggest that Sean had ever seen, standing hard and erect in the center of the dark circles of her areolas, each as big as a pencil eraser. He stared, enraptured, at her mammoth tits for several long moments as Lorna smiled at him, and he finally corralled enough of his thoughts to speak.

“Mrs. Murray – I mean, Lorna – should we be doing this? I mean, you, that is – should you be showing me your tits like this?” he stammered, pulling his eyes away from her huge mounds to look her in the eyes. She was smiling cheerily at him, and appeared just as casual as if she were showing him her new flower arrangement rather than showing her naked tits to him.

“Why not?” she asked, her cheery smile never fading. “Don’t you like looking at my big tits, Sean?” she said, rocking her shoulders a bit and waving them at him as she continued to press them together, holding them out for him to see.

“Sure I do – I mean, you’d have to be crazy not to – but, I mean, well, what about your husband?” he said, his eyes dropping back down to her mammoth globes for a moment before looking back up at her face.

“I won’t tell him if you won’t,” she replied, her cheery smile broadening.

“No way! But still – I mean, well – should we be doing this?” Sean replied, still unsure of what to do. His inexperience in the ways of the world was showing brightly to Lorna, and she was enjoying it. She was also looking forward to increasing his education as well. She put her hands on her hips, releasing her huge tits from her fists and letting them fall back down where they swayed heavily for a moment, Sean’s eyes following them every second.

“Oh, I see, you feel guilty about all of this, me being married and all,” she said, standing in front of him with her huge tits hanging out and her hands on her hips, still smiling at him. “How sweet! Well, I tell you what, Sean, I have an idea that will take care of that for you!” she said. She turned and walked over to one of the kitchen drawers, pulling out a dishtowel and then walking back over to Sean. Her huge, heavy tits swayed with her movements, and Sean’s eyes were glued to them as she moved. She stopped no more than two feet in front of him, and he could smell her body lotion as she stood so close Alsancak Escort to him.

“Do you trust me, Sean?” she asked softly, looking down at him. He looked up at her as he replied.

“Yes,” he said simply, and her cheery smile returned.

“Good! Then put your hands behind your back, behind the chair,” she said, walking around behind him. He did as she asked, and she squatted down behind him. She crossed his arms at the wrists and quickly looped the dishtowel around them, tying it snugly in a half-not before standing back up and walking around to stand in front of him again. She was still smiling that strange, cheery smile at him, only now it seemed bigger and with a hint of something else, something mischievous, behind it. She put her hands on her hips again as she smiled down at him, his hands now tied behind him.

“Now you don’t have a choice!” she said, her eyes sparkling as she spoke. “You can honestly say that I tied you up and took advantage of you, which means that you don’t have anything to feel guilty about! And trust me, Sean,” she said, her voice going low and her eyes narrowing just a bit as she took a step closer to him, bringing those mammoth tits closer to his face than ever, “I most certainly am going to take advantage of you!”

“You are?” he asked quietly, his eyes locked on her hard nipples less than two feet away from his face. She stepped closer than ever, right in between his legs and forcing them apart as she did so, bringing her huge tits less than a foot away from his face. She looked down at him and nodded, smiling that now-seductive and cheery smile at him.

“Oh, yes,” she said, reaching behind her back and untying the bikini top as she spoke, never taking her eyes from his as she did. She pulled the bikini top over her head and dropped it on the table, then ran her hands over and under her huge, heavy breasts, squeezing them in her hands and tugging on the nipples as Sean watched. She looked down at his crotch and saw that his cock was now rock-hard and straining against the shorts, literally begging for release. She stared wantonly at his thick, hard shaft for several minutes, tugging and pulling on her big nipples as Sean watched, finally looking back up at his face as she spoke.

“Would you like me to suck your cock, Sean?” she asked, still pulling on her nipples. Sean looked up at her in surprise, pulling his eyes away from her tits with some effort. It was obvious from his reaction that he’d never been asked that question before, and it surprised him so much that all he could do was nod. Lorna giggled at his reaction, releasing her huge tits as she dropped down to her knees in between his outspread thighs. She reached up and stroked the outline of his shaft with the palm of her hand, loving the feel of the hard, thick shaft beneath her palm. She looked up at him and gave him that cheery smile again as she slid her hand up and down his shaft, giving it a squeeze as she spoke again.

“I just love the feeling of a nice, hard cock in my hand,” she said in a low, sultry voice, looking up at Sean as she spoke. She reached up and rubbed his balls with the other hand, making Sean moan and push his hips upward a bit. Lorna rubbed his shaft and balls through his shorts for a few moments more, then reached for the waistband of the shorts and slid her fingers beneath it.

“Now let’s see this wonderful cock of yours, shall we?” she said, lifting the waistband up so it wouldn’t snag on his erect cock and then pulling it down and over his cock, all the way past his balls. She smiled bigger as she saw his hard, throbbing cock and smooth, shaven balls for the first time, and she cooed as she slid her fingers around the warm, hard shaft and squeezed.

“Oooo, what a nice, hard cock you have, Sean!” she said, looking up at him for a moment before dropping her eyes back down to his shaft. “Just the perfect size, too – not too big and not too small. I should be able to get this in my mouth and in my pussy with no problem!” she said, pumping his cock slowly with her fingers wrapped firmly around it. She held it straight up as she pumped, her eyes roaming over the length of his hard shaft, and Sean moaned softly. She could feel his cock throbbing in her hand as the blood pumped through it, and she was pleasantly surprised when the first big, clear drop of precum appeared at the tip. Without hesitation and without a word she pulled his cock back towards her mouth as she leaned over, sticking out her pink, wet tongue and licking the precum from the head of his cock and swallowing it. She pumped his cock again and another drop appeared, and she licked that one off as well.

Sean watched in fascination as she continued to pump precum from his cock and lick it off, still amazed that this was happening to him. He knew that it wouldn’t take much effort to work his hands free of the dishtowel wrapped around them – after all, she’d only tied it in a half-knot – but he had a feeling that she wanted him this way or else she wouldn’t have done it. Besides, he kind of liked being tied up and “helpless” like this, and was content to just sit there and let this stunningly sexy older woman have her way with him. It was a dream come true for him, and he wasn’t about to do anything to make it stop!

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