The Confession

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In this edited version, I’ve changed a few words here and there, and added to the ending. I’ve also changed categories, from Humor well most of them. Some had absolutely no morals when it came to satisfying their carnal cravings, be it man or priest.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like women. In fact, just the opposite was true, he adored them. The trouble was, despite how attracted to him they were, once they got a look in his toolbox, they either laughed him red in the face, or got pissed off and stormed out, while hurling humiliating obscenities his way. Poor Father Tobias, you see, had a pecker that was only three and a half inches long, erect. He had the good looks to get almost any woman he desired, but not the equipment to finish the job. He thought it one of mother nature’s crueler pranks.


It was nearly nine. Jenny Laughton would be arriving soon, for her weekly confession. Father Tobias didn’t want to listen to another one of her filthy admissions, which they always were, but it was his job. Had she been less attractive, he wouldn’t have minded so much. But she wasn’t. She was a stunning blond, who thought nothing of wearing to church, a dress that belonged on a street corner.

He wanted to say something to her about it, but he felt too uncomfortable; almost as uncomfortable as he felt in explaining to her that it wasn’t becoming a lady to say words like cock, or fuck, or pussy, among many others; especially in a holy temple. But he always felt too flustered around her, and her magnetic cleavage.


Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

I had another affair, while my husband was at home with the kids. I didn’t want to; I swear. Its just that when a good looking guy looks at me in a certain way, I get all warm and buttery inside.

I just know one of these days he’s going to find out. He’ll probably take his belt to me, like he does the kids when they irritate him; right before he tosses me out the door like I was yesterday’s trash.

Anyway, I went to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things. We were going to have a cookout when I returned. On the way home I stopped at that little gas station, across the street from the Wayfarer Diner. While I was filling the tank I noticed my right rear tire was almost flat.

“Kind of busy today, ma’am.” The pimple faced kid told me. “Be a couple of hours till I can get to it.”

I called Bill. He wanted to come and get me, but I said no. “Start the barbecue now. Cook up some burgers. I’ll be home with the t-bones as soon as I can.”

I got tired of waiting on the uncomfortable chair in the garage office, and headed over to the diner to have a bite, and kill some time. That’s when he showed up. illegal bahis He was the essence of the proverbial tall, dark and handsome stud, the love stories are always writing about. He looked like a football player. He spotted almost immediately.

He was arrogant, too sure of himself. He didn’t even ask me if he could sit down, he just did. I should have got up and moved. I should have gotten angry, and told him to fuck off. But I didn’t. I think it was his eyes. God they were penetrating! He wore this tight tee shirt, which accentuated his rippling muscles, and turned mine into Jell-O. He was every girl’s fantasy come true, and he had Me in his crosshairs!

It must have been the vertigo because, before I knew it, I was in his car beside him, heading down the highway, with his right hand working its way up my left, inner thigh.

Why do I always get myself into such predicaments? I truly love my husband. The last thing I want to do is hurt him. The last thing I want to do is play hide the salami with some hung stud, behind his back.

Anyway, when his fingers brushed against the bottom of my panties, my desires opened up like a hydrant in a heat wave. Bill always said what turned him on most, was my strong sexual scent. But in a car, with a complete stranger, with the windows rolled up? It was embarrassing.

He kept at me until there was a silver dollar sized stain in my panties, and I was a couple of gasps away from a big one, before stopping.

Sure, I should have kept my ass on the seat, and locked my knees together but, well… You just had to be there. The guy’s fingers were quite gifted, and extremely stimulating. He had me wiggling like a worm on a hook before we’d gone even a mile.

I looked over at him, hoping he’d see the desperate need on my face, but he was concentrating on the road, like I wasn’t even there, like he hadn’t, just moments ago, tortured me into a near orgasm.

“I think Willie wants a kiss.” He said, moving the seat back as far as it would go, so I could fit my head between the steering wheel and his stomach. Can you believe it? He hadn’t said two words since we left the diner, hadn’t even told me his name, and now he expected me to give him some head. What an arrogant bastard!

He was nearly hard, and I had a hell of a time fishing that thing out of his pants. Christ, it must have been nine inches long; and thicker around than my wrist! A regular lady killer.

I’m ashamed to confess this Father, but it was an irresistible force before my eyes. I mean, a girl doesn’t get her hands on something that big, very often. Hell, even if he was a lousy fuck, something that big couldn’t help but get me off, at least once. That wasn’t really illegal bahis siteleri a fear though. He was in great shape. If I had any fears, it was that he was in too good of shape, and had too much endurance, and would keep me captive all afternoon. There’s only so much time to be had in a believable excuse.

“Come on doll. I haven’t got all day. My plane leaves in a couple of hours.”

I snapped out of my trance, grabbed the base of his cock, and bent down and swirled my tongue around his cockhead, licking off the pre come. Then I licked my way up and down the veined deformity a few times, to get him all worked up, before I took him into my mouth. It was, without exaggeration, the biggest cock I’d ever sucked on. I couldn’t get even half the damn thing into my mouth. Talk about filling a cavity!

“Yeah, that’s it. Oh yeah. You’re one hell of a cock sucker, ho. I don’t think I’m going to last long, this time.”

I was kind of hoping for the first load somewhere else, as my pussy was still in a bad way. But what the hell, it was only ‘this’ time. He’d wear away my tight ‘next’ time. Even after all our years of marriage Bill still refers to me as his eternal virgin.

I started fucking him real slow with my mouth, lingering on his sensitive spot occasionally, but not too much. I didn’t want him to come too soon, as I was enjoying it almost as much as him.

I wanted him to last even longer, but he was big, and my jaw was starting to ache, so I upped the tempo, and got him off a minute later.

“Fuckin’ yeah, bitch! Oh yeah…”

Christ, what a load! I couldn’t swallow it fast enough. Every time my head went down, semen would squirt from between my lips and his cock. By the time he flopped from my mouth like a wet noodle, the shit was everywhere. My lips and chin were covered with come, and his black pubic hairs had creamy white globs splattered in them everywhere. I had a feeling it had been some time for him.

“What about me?” I asked. By that time I was too horny to feign innocence any longer. I just wanted him to fuck me as soon as possible.

“Up ahead there’s a gravel road where we can have some privacy.”

He told me he had twelve hours between planes and was killing the time by exploring the countryside, when he spotted the unused road; a few hours before he lucked into my misfortune.

Once we were out of sight of the highway, he killed the motor, turned and frenched me, while undoing my blouse and bra.

I could tell right away he liked my tits. His eyes grew to saucers. I’ve got firm breasts and pretty long nipples. Men get turned on by that.

I took my blouse and bra the rest of the way off and threw them on the seat, then canlı bahis siteleri followed him to a grassy area by a brook. He wasted little time tearing off my shorts and panties for his viewing pleasure.

As much as he enjoyed having his cock sucked, he told me, he was partial to a well lubricated vagina. I have a good idea why. He probably hadn’t run into too many women he couldn’t stretch beyond the norm. I don’t know if it was because it felt so good having something that tight squeezing his big dick, or the pride of getting a girl off like no one before him. I figure it was probably both.

“I don’t feel comfortable lying on the ground.” I told him. “There might be ticks, or bugs.”

“That’s okay, I prefer doing my bitches doggie style, anyway.”

Now I was ‘His’ bitch. But I didn’t mind. How could I? I was about to be screwed into a coma by King Kong.

“Go easy, I’m not used to something that big.” I don’t think he heard me.

“Oh God! That’s huge!”

“Oh… Oh my… Oh my God! Jesus Fucking Christ that feels good!” I gasped. He wasn’t even halfway home, and already my knees were turning to rubber. It felt like he was shoving a telephone pole up inside me.

He started fucking me real slow, waiting until I adjusted to his size, before increasing the tempo. That didn’t take long, nor did my first orgasm. Once it started, he was like a piston in a well oiled machine. He took me to the brink of unconscious, then stopped until I caught my breath, only to start in on me again until I was sucking air like I’d just ran a record marathon. The sweat was pouring from me like an open faucet.

I was in such intense pleasure, I would have let him fuck me until I dropped dead of exhaustion, if he wanted, but was glad when he finally came. There’s only so much ecstasy one body can handle.

“Here I come, bitch! Oh yeah! Fucking Yeah!!!”

It was no less of a load than the first. Luckily there was a stream nearby to clean up in. My pubic hairs and thighs were slick with his semen.

I was still in a daze when we pulled back into the diner. I was also minus my panties. He said he wanted to hang them above his bed, along with the others, if he could find a spot.

Anyway, I’m glad he doesn’t live around here. There isn’t enough hours in the day, as I’ve got a husband and two kids to take care of.

~ ~

Bill was at the kitchen table reading his morning paper, and sipping his coffee, when he heard the front door open. He looked up at the clock, and frowned.

“Anymore coffee?” Jenny asked, entering the kitchen.

Where have you been?” He demanded, suspiciously.

She wrinkled her nose, and grinned; a sure sign she’d been into mischief, again.

“Damn it, Hon! When are you going to quit torturing that poor man with your erotic fabrications?” He wondered if his wife would ever grow up.

“But Bill,” she protested, “he makes these cute little grunting sounds when he comes…”

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