The Conference

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(The first installment in the Lance Sheldon Chronicles)

It was Wednesday evening, and Mr. Lance Sheldon was awaiting his last parent/teacher conference to arrive. This was his third year at Livermore Elementary. Thanks in large part to his youth, (a man of twenty six), high energy level, and overly outgoing personality, he had developed quite a following with students and parents alike. Sure there were the occasional parents that nobody is able to please, but for the most part, he often heard, “Will you be here when Suzie comes up to your class?” or “You are going to be here for at least two more years, right?” Not knowing what the future would bring and trying to avoid giving anyone false reassurance, Lance usually gave the standard, “It’s possible, but you never know what could happen between now and then.”

The clock was approaching twenty after six, and Lance was looking forward to wrapping up the day. The students had been in school for a half-day before being dismissed at twelve thirty so the teachers could hold parent/teacher conferences from one o’clock to seven o’clock. His six o’clock, Jack’s parents had just left. Jack was a good student, and both he and his parents were fond of Mr. Sheldon.

Lance looked up at the clock and noticed it was only twenty five after six. His thoughts turned to his next and final conference, Mrs. Abigail Delaney. He had first noticed Mrs. Delaney last year when her daughter was in second grade. Lance would occasionally bump into her on his way into school. They would always exchange pleasantries and were friendly with one another, but Lance noticed more than just how pleasant and friendly Abigail Delaney was. He noticed that she stood about 5’9″, had gorgeous fiery red hair, a sexy smile, and long, hot legs that were quite the attention grabbers in her just-above-the-knee skirts. He couldn’t help but get excited at the thought of having Lacy in his class this year and the potential of having more interaction with her sexy mother. As Lance sat at his desk thinking about the eye candy he was waiting on, he felt a lump start to form in his pants. Just as his cock came to full attention, there was a knock at the door.

“Hey! Are you ready for me? I realize I’m early, but thought I’d come up,” Abigail Delaney said leaning into the room, cleavage peaking out of her hunter green blouse and her long, beautiful legs generously exposed by the lack of material in her jean mini skirt. If Mrs. Delaney wasn’t looking hot enough, the matching green high heels just about put Lance over the edge.

“Um….a….sure. Come on in and have a seat at the table,” Lance said as he stood up, putting Lacy’s report card in front of him to hide the tent that was being pitched at such an awkward moment. “How are you?” he asked, as he came closer to the table extending his free hand.

“Great. At least I am right now,” Mrs. Delaney said, as she extended her hand with her eyes at waist level, glancing to the report card still hiding Lance’s hardness.

Lance started to sit before placing the report card on the table Pendik Escort between them. “Oh, this? You really have only good things to look for and praise to give Lacy in terms of her academics. Have a look for yourself.”

“Wow! She is doing well, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she is. She is a strong student and for the most part a joy to have in class. However, there have been a few occasions where Lacy interrupts one of her classmates, or me, and begins sharing something with the class. I have taken her aside and talked about being considerate and respectful to people around her. She’s done better lately, but I just thought I’d give you a heads-up because I believe if we work as a team, we will help our kids become more successful. I do my best to urge a sense of teamwork between myself and my students’ parents.”

“I have noticed Lacy doing that more lately. I think it has to do with her being an only child and now that she has three stepsiblings, she has to work harder to be heard. I will certainly reinforce at home what you expect at school.”

The two continued to talk for the next twenty minutes or so about everything from childhood to college experiences, to cars and sports, before Mrs. Delaney looked up at the clock.

“Oh, look at the time. I shouldn’t be keeping you.”

“Not a problem. I have enjoyed our visit.” Lance could feel his cock stirring again. As the two stood up, Mrs. Delaney went to grab her keys off the table and dropped them on the floor. She bent over to get them with Lance standing behind her. Staring at her ass, in a bent over position, made Lance’s semi hard-on instantly hard as a rock. He felt his body leaning into Mrs. Delaney’s tight, round, luscious ass. As he got closer, he could feel his rock hard cock make contact. He moaned in ecstasy. This feeling was shattered by a rather angry voice.

“Mr. Sheldon! What in the hell do you think you’re doing!”

“I….aw….I’m…. sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking,” was all Lance could manage with his head down, eyes starring at the floor.

“I don’t think you were thinking,” Mrs. Delaney continued staring down at the obvious lump in Lance’s pants. “And what is this?” she asked, reaching out and grabbing the rock hard seven and a half inches through his pants.

“It’s a…..I don’t know,” Lance stammered.

“Like hell you don’t know. It’s a hard-on. That’s what it is.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“This is highly unprofessional wouldn’t you say, Mr. Sheldon? I suppose you want me to suck that cock of yours, don’t you?”

“Yes, I mean, ah no…. I mean…. I’m sorry.”

“If you’re not now, you will be sorry when I’m done with you.” With that, Mrs. Delaney knelt down in front of Lance, undid his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock. She stroked his shaft a few times before kissing and taking the head into her mouth. Standing up and taking Lance’s hand, Mrs. Delaney led him over to the couch that took up a good portion of his classroom. “Ever have sex on this before?”

“No, Mrs. Delaney.”

“Please Mr. Sheldon, Anadolu Yakası Escort have a seat, and call me Abby.”

“Ok.” Lance barely got the word out before falling backward on the couch. Abby, now kneeling in front of her daughter’s teacher, untied and removed his shoes before completely pulling off his pants. She moved back in on his rock hard cock, first stroking it, and then licking the full length of the shaft, before taking all of him into her mouth. She withdrew the mouthful of cock, looked up, winked and seductively teased, “I’ve seen the way you look at me. I know you want me. You have fantasized about fucking me, haven’t you?”

“Oh Abby, I’ve wanted you since last year. I have dreamed about making you moan.”

“Then make me feel how bad you want me.”

After hearing that, Lance stood her up, unbuttoned her blouse, and took it off. He then unclasped her bra and exposed her ample, perky, creamy breasts and beautiful little nipples. They glanced at each other, each seeing the strong almost primal look of lust in the other’s eyes. They kissed passionately, one tongue playing with the other. The kissing only made the attraction hotter and stronger. Lance pulled his mouth away, spinning Abby and positioning her face first over the back of the couch. Bending down, he began to kiss the bottom back of her legs, slowing making his way up to thigh level. With his hands just ahead of his mouth, he pulled her skirt down over her hips and off completely, exposing Abby’s luscious, thong-wearing ass. Pulling the strip of material away, Lance massaged her moist labia with a finger before sliding it all the way in.

“Oh, Baby. That feels so good. I want you so bad.”

“You like that?” he teased, as he started licking her hot, wet lips.

“Fuck me. I love that.”

“You taste so good,” Lance whispered as he stood up, and knelt down on the couch, grasping his throbbing cock in his hand and aiming it toward Abby’s soaking wet pussy. With one quick thrust from the hips, all of Lance was buried inside Abby.

“Oh man! Yes! Fuck me. I’ve wanted this for so long. Faster please!” Abby begged, as Lance took hold of her hips and thrust in and out of her causing both of them to moan in complete pleasure. “I want to ride you like a cowboy, Baby. Let me ride you like a cowboy,” Abby pleaded.

“That’ll work,” Lance said, standing up, allowing Abby to move away from the couch so her rock hard lover could lie down. Moving into position, Abby squatted over Lance’s hot, sweating body, grabbing his shaft and guiding it to her labia before squatting down further, feeling it slam into her like a spear.

“Oh fuck yeah. I have always wanted you, Mr. Sheldon. Fuck me please. Don’t stop. I want you to make me cum.” The two moaned and called out each other’s name as Abby continued to squat up and down. Lance matched every squat with an upward thrust of his own, sending feelings of immense pleasure through both lover’s bodies.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum. Mr. Sheldon, fuck me. Make me cum. Oh yeah. Oh Fuck’n İstanbul Escort yeah! I’m cummming. Oh yeah. Ohhhhhhhhhhh BABY. Don’t stop. I love it. You feel so good!” Abby screamed, slowing down as the orgasm came to an end.

“Was that ok?” Lance asked, his cock still rock hard inside Abby.

“That was great, but I’m not done with you yet. I want you on top and I want you to fuck me harder.”

“You think you can handle it?” Lance asked with a tone of hormonal aggressiveness in his voice.

“Yeah, I think I can handle it,” Abby shot back, standing up and lying down on the carpeted floor next to the couch.

“You sure you want to do that? You could end up with some pretty nasty rug burn.”

“I have a feeling it will be worth it,” Abby said, as she grabbed Lance and pulled him off the couch causing him to land on top of her.

“Ok,” he said, as he stroked his slightly softened shaft a few times, causing it to come back to full attention. Leaning in close to Abby, he kissed her passionately and stroked her face with one hand as he used the other to guide himself into her for the third time. More feelings of ultimate pleasure ran though both of the reconnected lovers as Abby rotated her hips to the rhythm of Lance’s hip thrusts. The passionate and lustful kisses that poured from their mouths onto their faces and necks added another amazingly intense element that neither had expected. As the teacher and his student’s mother made the most intensely passionate lovemaking of the night, Abby ripped her mouth away from Lance’s kiss.

“Oh shit! I’m gonna cum again. Fuck me hard. Don’t stop. Your cock’s so hard. I’m cuumming! I want it so bad. I love it. It feels so good!”

Lance continued to thrust hard and fast on the edge of cumming himself. “I’m gonna cum.”

“I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Baby, I’m sure. Cum inside me.”

After another couple thrusts, Lance went over the edge. “Oh Abby. Oh fuck. I’m cuuumming! Oh shit. That feels so good. I love it!” Lance exclaimed before collapsing on top of Abby. Physically and emotionally spent, the two laid there a few moments trying to catch their breathe before Abby looked up at the clock.

“Oh man. The family is going to wonder what happened to me,” she explained as the two stood up, began looking for their clothes, and got dressed.

“Yeah, we’ll both have some explaining to do, but that was by far the best conference I’ve ever had. Thank you Mrs. Delaney.”

“It was a rather productive yet fun conference I must say. You’re welcome, and thank you Mr. Sheldon.”

“You are more than welcome.”

“As you said earlier, people are more successful when they work as a team and I think we just started some great teamwork tonight,” Abby pointed out as she finished buttoning up her blouse and walked to the front of the room. She grabbed her keys and her daughter’s report card before turning around and giving Lance a kiss.

“Good night, Mr. Sheldon,” she said, as she turned and walked out of the room.

“It’s Lan—-“

“I prefer Mr. Sheldon,” she fired back before Lance could finish his sentence.

“Good night, Mrs. Delaney,” Lance said to himself, as he watched her round the corner, head down the stairs and out of the building. “Good night.”

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