The Conference Call

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As soon as she entered my cabin, Christine flicked the door-knob close, and switched on the ‘Conf Call ON’ button. To the office, the Sales Director was holding an important conference call and was not to be disturbed. Between the two of us…well…

She covered the distance between the door and my table in three hops, and throwing the spreadsheets containing the office quarterly budget into the trash-can, embraced me in a seductive hug. Unlike the typical office-hotties in their early twenties, this one was one mature female – in her late-30s, full, curvaceous, hungry, and assured of her every step, I thought. A typical soccer-mom turned professional, who was just beginning to get to know the outside world, and savoring every moment of attention that it was bestowing on her.

I came back to my senses feeling a pair of lips kissing my neck. God – she knows how to seduce, I told myself. I took her red pullover by its hem, rolling it up, and gasped as I found her bare underneath. She was prepared! Languidly she raised her hands and turned back as I pulled it off her frame. I threw it on the table, and holding her from back, started to softly knead her breasts. She was an ample 36C, just big enough to fit my large palms, with that ripe yet imperceptible sag that comes only with maturity. My fingers played with her hardening nipples, tweaking them under my index and thumb, as I moved my lips to nibble on her earlobes. I loved the way her nipples were responding to my kisses on her earlobes…she gripped my hand and shivered – partly in excitement, and partly also because I had kept the a/c running on high-cool – a soft moan escaped her throat as her nipples become two small quivering pebbles under my fingers….

I Narlıdere Escort took one hand on to Christine’s waist, slowly unzipping her skirt, and letting it fall in a silent heap around her ankles. Since she was without a pair of bra under her pullover, I half-expected her to be naked under her skirt as well, but now I found a thin, lacy sea-blue panty clinging to her soft pussy. I ran my finger over her covered crotch, and her trimmed pussy felt wonderful under the lace. She was already sopping wet there, and I lifted my finger to my nose to inhale her. It was such an aphrodisiac, and under my trouser and boxer, my cock strained to get a release and be with her pussy. I pulled her over my paper-scattered office-desk, making her lay on her back with her legs resting on the armrests of my chair, as I knelt down in front of her pussy to worship it. I hooked the gusset of her panty in my finger, pushing it on one side, massaging her pubis over the soft lace, nuzzling my nose against it, and then softly probing her with the tip of my tongue. Christine kept whimpering, as her tight pussy started to get flooded, rocking her hips, and pushing them on to my face.

Pushing my tongue deeper, I held the waistband, and slowly rolled it down over her ass. Holding the wisp of blue cotton in my hand, I smelled her crotch. It gave away a damp, moist smell of a matured woman on heat. I quickly stripped off my clothes, freeing my turgid tool, wrapping her moist panties around my bulge, and slowly jerking myself. She reached out, hands gripping my head, guiding it deeper into the folds of her oozing labia.

As my tongue flicked her clit, Christine kicked away her shoes, and rubbed her toes Ödemiş Escort over my massive cock-head, feeling the wetness as the head jerked against the ridge of her toe. I hooked two fingers and slowly pushed them inside her tight juicy love-hole, massaging the flooding pussy. It forced her legs wider, as her generous hips shook and trembled. My thumb joined my mouth, tweaking the nub of her clit between my thumb and tongue. Her tiny dark asshole throbbed, and hips jerked as she groaned. I quickly smeared some of her pussy-juice on her crinkled anus, making it slippery. My right index wanted to probe it, pushing inside slowly, past her anal ring, filling up both her holes and lapping her up vigorously.

Christine raised her ass slightly from the table as she felt feel my finger entering her, squeezing tightly around it. As her thighs shook, my cock dropped a large glob of pre-cum on her toe. I could feel the sheath between her asshole and pussy stretched, and her stomach quivering. I was silently begging for her to cum on my face, flooding my mouth with her juice….her hips jerked, as if she was answering my silent prayers with an involuntary twitching of her asscheeks, releasing her cream on my thirsty tongue.

I looked up to her breasts, and they looked neglected for a while. I got up, sitting back on my plush chair, and pulling her up to come and sit on my lap, facing me. The intent was clear – I wanted to suckle on to her tits while I made her sit on my lap and fuck her. Her legs straddled my thighs, my huge cock straining at the entrance of her pussy. I held her asscheeks, lifting her frame, as Christine cupped her left boob and pushed it into my hungry, waiting mouth. Seferihisar Escort Just then, my flared cock-head moved past her wet outer lips, making her gasp. I cupped her boob, rolling the hard brown nipple on my tongue, scraping my teeth over her growing and hardening areola, and then moving to the other. She squirmed, and then started to lower herself slowly on my tool. It spread her pussy wider, reaching impossible depths of her womb. I rested for a while, and then pushed her up, until the cock was almost out, before again impaling her. All the while, my tongue was making love to her nipples, savoring their rubbery softness. Her tight pussy milked my cock, as it spewed pre-cum inside her dark tunnel, making it so slick and full of the primal smell of sex. Christine’s face contorted, and she started to knead my nipples. This sent an electric pulse down my cock. I could feel all the pent-up cum erupting, as I held on to her breasts to keep her from falling off…..

And then it came, like a huge volcano coming out of the pits of the ocean. As your body tightened around the massive shaft, I came in repeated jerks, almost throwing her off-balance with the first gush. I could feel the white hot lava flooding the inside of her slick pussy, which soon started to overflow. She gasped and moaned, twitching uncontrollably, Cumming at almost the same instant, as I pulled her close to my chest, holding her as waves of orgasm raked through her body.

As she lay spent, I reached under and took a forgetful of gooey cum seeping out of her pussy, smearing them on her breasts. I lovingly massaged her boobs with my cum, making them messy and sticky, with globs of semen sticking to her nipples. And then I started to lick them clean, as she looked up and gave me a dazzling smile. I held her face up in my palms, kissing her on her full lips, and passing on some of my cum inside her mouth. She seemed to savor the taste, and then, bringing her lips to my ear, whispered softly…

…Shall we take the conf call to discuss the budget now?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32