The College Students

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This is one of my favorite fantasies and never ceases to make me horny.

The College Students

My daughter is a junior in college and this past summer she had three of her friends spend some of the summer with her. They were named Barbara, Nancy, and Natalie. They were all young and had that great taut young body that just comes from being young. My daughter, when in high school, was a swimmer and a lifeguard. During her first two summers after college, she even managed one of the local pools. This meant that she still knew most of the folks at these pools and that she would take her friends swimming all the time. Then they would come back from swimming, have lunch, and lay out in our back yard for a little more tanning. I was usually working, but on weekends I’d be home and a few days during the week I would work from home. This is what happened on one of those days.

I was working from home that day and sitting in the family room, which faces the back yard, when the girls came home from the pool. They were all still in bathing suits and going out back to lay out some more after they ate lunch. I joined them for lunch and we all made sandwiches and ate around the table. Barbara was the short, cute blonde of the bunch. She was very tiny, with a very cute muscular butt and small breasts. Nancy was a tall brunette. She was about 5’8”, had dark brown hair, and had a tall, lithe body. She had a great shape. Natalie was the bombshell. She was about 5’6”, had light brown hair with blonde highlights, and a curvy body that made every man’s dick stand up and take notice. She had great legs, a nice rounded ass, and tits that were at least c-cup that were barely restrained in most of the clothes she wore. She always had on tight and low cut tops.

After lunch they all decided to lie out back and I watched as they lay out there oiling themselves up. After about 30 minutes, my daughter came in and said she had agreed to meet an old high school friend, so she went upstairs to take a shower. The other three remained out there. Then Barbara and Nancy got up and came inside. I loved their revealing bathing suits. They showed off everything and Nancy even had a great camel toe in her very tight bottoms. They had decided to go with my daughter to see her high school friend and left Natalie outside by herself. I waited until all the girls had gone upstairs to take turns in the shower and I went over to the window to see what she was doing. She was just laying there, so I went back to work on my computer. Then, about 20 minutes after they went upstairs, all the girls who were leaving came downstairs and said goodbye to me and Natalie and left.

I was sitting there concentrating on work, when Natalie came in from out back. She was so damn gorgeous. She even had those nice full dick-sucking lips that I adored. She came over to where I was sitting, bent over to look at my screen and asked “Whatcha doin’?”

Well, when she bent over, I had a very close up view of her tits. She was leaning over and putting her tits about 12 inches from me while she looked at my screen. I felt like she was coming on a little, but figured I was just being an old letch.

“Just working” I said. “My group has another software delivery next week and I’m waiting for them to give me the latest update.”

“Oh” she said, sounding bored with the nerd-like description. “I’m going upstairs to take a shower now.”

I watched as she turned to leave and stared at her ass in that bathing suit. It left half of each cheek hanging out and showed that she had a fantastic ass. As soon as she was gone, I made an adjustment of my dick in my pants and went back to work.

About 15 minutes later I heard Natalie calling me. I walked over to the stairs to the second floor and asked her what she wanted.

“The other girls used all the towels in the bathroom and I don’t know where the linen closet is.”

“Okay” I replied. “Just a second.”

“Yeah, great” I mumbled to myself. I kept thinking “First she flaunts her tits by sticking them in my face, and then she pulls this stunt. Little tease.”

“Where are you?” I asked.

“In here” she said from the bathroom. Her hand came out around the edge of the door and I handed her the towel. The door closed and I thought that was it, so I went back downstairs to work.

I was working on my project plan when I heard her enter the room. I didn’t even look up. She stood behind the chair and leaned over the top until I could just see her face and wet hair appearing next to my head and asked “When do you think they’ll be back?” I knew she was referring to the other girls.

“Well,” I started, “it’s about 20 minutes to Jim’s house, then they’ll be there about an hour, and then its 20 minutes back. Almost 2 hours, I’d say.”

“Hmmmm.” She said, appearing to think about something as she got up off the arm of the chair. “Maybe I should go paint my nails.”

“Maybe you’d better do that.” I said.

“First I need a drink” she said. She walked from behind my chair into the kitchen toward the refrigerator. I turned my head and gasped. She was completely naked!

“Excuse me.” I said to her gorgeous ass as she walked away. “Normally, we wear clothes in this house.”

“I hate wearing clothes right after a shower and applying lotion,” she said as she reached the kitchen. “I didn’t think you’d mind after I saw you checking out my tits earlier.” And she turned around and showed me the most gorgeous pair of mammaries that I had seen in a long, long time. I also noticed that there was not much hair on her pussy. She shaved very closely and her outer lips stood slightly apart, displaying some inner pussy flesh.

I stared for a second and then got up from my chair. “Well, they are pretty good tits, but you shoved them in my face” I said matter-of-factly. I approached her and then put my hands underneath each one. My hands were cold and she jumped slightly. “And these are nice and heavy, but firm” I said as I weighed both of them in my hands. Then I ran my thumbs over both nipples and she gasped.

“Oh, shit, Mr. Johnson,” she suddenly blurted, “I’m so horny and I’ve had a crush on you since we first met in Amanda’s dorm room two years ago. I wanted you to grab my tits earlier, but you weren’t making any moves so I figured I’d show you what I have. We’ve got time before they come home, right?”

“Time for what?” I asked as I teased her and played with her tits.

“You know, sex.” She replied, sheepishly.

I leaned in close to her ear and her eyes got big as she contemplated what I might say. “You mean you want me to fuck you?” I said quietly.

“Oh, yes, please.” She said with some urgency.

I could tell she wanted it badly, so I was going to take my time and tease her back to return the favor. I leaned over and kissed her, but didn’t take her in my arms. bursa escort I just kept rubbing her nipples. We traded tongues for a minute or so until she broke loose and said “Please fuck me, I need it bad.”

I took her hand. “Come over here. Sit down on the couch and let’s see what we have.”

She obeyed immediately and as soon as she sat down she spread her legs without prompting. She was more than ready. I kneeled in front of her and slowly ran my hands up her thighs and across her belly back to her tits where I tweaked the nipples. She tossed her head back and moaned. She was quite the little minx!

I kept my left hand on her tit and took my right and ran it through her gash. Wow! She was already completely soaking. This girl was either a fast starter, or had been taking care of business in the shower.

“Hold your legs up” I commanded.

She took hold of her legs and held them up and out so that I had access to her entire crotch. She watched closely and I looked her in the eyes as I kissed my way down her right thigh. When I got to her pussy, I gave her clit a little flick and she moaned and licked her lips. Then I did the same thing with the other thigh.

“Oh, god,” she said, “just fuck me!”

“We’ll get to that” I said. “But first I want to taste this sweet cunt.” I decided to tease her and talk dirty to her so that she would get more turned on. I scooted her ass forward on the couch so that she was leaning way back and I could have full access to her pussy and asshole. I ran my finger into her pussy and she moaned, and then I ran it down over her asshole.

“I wonder how tight this ass is” I said to her.

“Oh, yeah, it’s tight” she groaned.

I decided to start the dirty talking and said to her, “First I’m going to slowly tongue-fuck your pussy, then I’m going to tongue-fuck your ass, and then I’m going to suck on your clit until you beg me to fuck you.”

“Oh, yeah!” was all I got in response as she put her head back, so I started on her lips. I kissed and licked her outer, then her inner lips. I stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as it would go and tasted her fantastic juices. Then I slowly licked up across her clit once, eliciting a low moan. Then I backed away for a second to get ready for the next attack and she looked up with alarm, like I was taking her most prized possession away from her. I smiled and slowly slid two fingers into her cunt. She put her head back and moaned again. I then went to work on slowly working my tongue around her asshole, teasing her for a while until I tried to thrust it into her ass. She squirmed, started to grab my head, and muttered another “Oh, yes!”

I pushed her hands away and said, “Don’t you grab my head, young lady. I’m the boss and I’m going to do whatever I want for the next few minutes and you are going to take it, understand?”

She smiled and said quietly, “Yes, Mr. Johnson.”

I then took my fingers out of her pussy and slowly moved my index finger to her ass. She didn’t flinch at that so I pushed on her ass until it opened enough to get a finger in there. Then I leaned back down and started working on her clit with my tongue. Now she really started squirming and moaning. I kept it up until I could feel her juices really flowing and her really starting to get into it. Then I stopped. Again, she looked up in alarm that I was taking my tongue away from her pussy and ass. I stood up and dropped my pants and underwear and said with mock firmness, “Suck my dick, you college slut!”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson.” She said with a little giggle at my words. She sat up and starting sucking my cock. She was definitely not a novice and she knew her way around a dick. She did a pretty good job for a few minutes, so I then said “Okay, now lay back and open your legs, I’m going to fuck your little pussy.”

She smiled and immediately obeyed, thrusting her hips out, waiting for my dick. I kneeled down and lined it up. I rubbed the head of my dick on her clit for a couple of seconds and I could read the sexual frustration in her face. She was definitely a horny little bitch!

I started to enter her slowly and she began reaching out to pull me in, but I grabbed her hands and said, “No, no, this is on my time. I will fuck you as I want and you will like it.”

She was enjoying my little game and just lay there looking at my dick slowly entering her. She moaned and started moving her hips. I let go of her hands, grabbed her hips and suddenly buried my dick roughly into her pussy.

“Oh, yeah,” she cooed, “that’s it. Fuck my little pussy.” I could see that she liked this game, too.

I started banging her hard then and she started moaning. I could feel her start to give signs of building toward an orgasm, so I slowed down.

“Damn, you are a bigger tease that I ever was!” she exclaimed, panting and pushing, hoping to get to an orgasm.

“That’s right. I am teasing you and going to make you beg for it.”

“I’m begging!” she said. “I’m begging. Please fuck me hard so I can cum!”

I started to stroke back and forth faster and I could feel her getting close, so I suddenly buried my dick in her pussy and smashed her clit with my thumb and she went off like a rocket. She started bucking and jerking and her cunt was spasming. I watched closely and after she stopped, I pulled out my dick, stood up, and said “Okay, now suck my dick and swallow my seed, you cum-lover.”

She just smirked and said, “Yes, of course, Mr. Johnson, my big stud.”

That sounded like music to my ears, so as she bent over to suck my dick I grabbed her by the hair and started face-fucking her. She didn’t say a thing, but kept swirling her tongue and tried to keep me from hitting her gag reflex. In no time at all, I was ready to cum. I didn’t even tell her, I just held her head as my cock started jerking and shooting sperm into the back of her throat. She swallowed like a champion cock-sucker.

When I was finished cumming in her mouth, I looked up at the clock and an hour and a half had elapsed. “We had better get put back together and you had better put some clothes on. They’ll be home before you know it.”

“Okay, I’ll run up and get dressed. Thanks, Mr Johnson for that. I’ve wanted that for a long time, and the dirty talking and ordering you did really turned me on.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, “and to pay me back for being so good to you, you will come to my room tonight after everyone has gone to sleep, crawl under the covers, and blow me.”

“Ooohhh” she said. “I like this game.” And she went upstairs to get dressed, her lovely tits and gorgeous ass bouncing as she went. It was almost enough to give me another hard on right then.

Everything returned to normal for a while after all the other girls came back home. Once, when Natalie came into the kitchen alone and the other girls were in the family room, she flashed me a bursa escort bayan tit, but that was it for the rest of the day. When I went to bed that night, I knew that the college students would be up until 3, so I just went to sleep, dreaming of the moment when she would wrap those great dick-sucking lips around me again.

It was sometime around 4am that I was awakened by the movement caused by someone crawling into my bed. I noticed that Natalie was crawling in like she was just getting into bed with me, and I said, “No, baby, I said blowjob, so get down there and go to work.”

“It’s not my turn” said the figure in bed with me.

“What?” I asked, and then I felt someone else crawling up between my legs. Oh, shit! There were two girls in my bed!!

I felt a warm mouth close over my quickly hardening dick. I reached over to the person next to me and felt her body. She had on a very silky negligee or pajama top and she seemed to be long and skinny. I thought, “Nancy!” and so I asked her, “Is this Nancy?”

“Yes, it is, but you can call me cum slut

, stud.”

Apparently, the two had talked and made a plan. And I had nothing against this plan!

I grabbed the covers and pulled them back so that Natalie was uncovered. I pulled her off my dick and said, “Just a second.” I got up and made sure the door was locked and then went over and turned on the master bathroom light so that we’d have a little light in the bedroom. It was a gorgeous scene. Natalie was lying there half on, half off the bed awaiting my dick’s return and Nancy lay there on her side, facing me, having just stripped off her pajamas. I checked out Nancy and her tits were not large, but actually quite stunning. They were small enough that there was no droop in them, they seemed to stand straight out, and her nipples were large and stuck out a lot when excited. And these were excited already. I decided to continue the little game that I started with Natalie.

“And what do you two wanton little college sluts want?” I asked in a fake stern manner.

Natalie knew the game well and played along. “Why, Mr. Johnson, I was just following orders, and this little bitch wanted some cum, too.”

Nancy smiled and said to me “When Natalie told me about this I decided to join you two. Natalie and I have done this many times at school.”

Wow, I thought. I sure missed out on things like this at my college. I said to Nancy, “You’ll have to earn the right to stay with us and have to follow orders as good as Natalie.”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson” Nancy said, like an innocent just following orders.

I lay back on the bed up against the headboard and propped myself up with a couple of pillows. “First” I directed, “Natalie, you give me some head and Nancy, you get behind Natalie and give her some head.”

The girls smiled and obeyed. I was in heaven. When Nancy got up I could see that her pussy was shaved to just a small landing strip. Her body was stunning and the two of them were going to leave me exhausted, I could tell. They got into position and started immediately. Natalie took my dick in her hand, looked up at me and smiled, and then lowered her face until she could lick up the entire underside of my shaft. It was lovely! She was kneeling with her ass in the air and I could see Nancy starting to work on her pussy and ass. I was wishing I could see that, so I stopped them.

“Wait, we need to change positions. I want to see Nancy eating you,” I said to Natalie. I slid down until I was flat on my back and angled across the bed. “Get in a 69 with me and suck my dick while I watch Nancy eat you… and maybe I can help.” They took their positions and we went back to work. Natalie was doing great things on my dick. She was working up and down the shaft with her tongue, licking my balls some times, and then she would engulf the entire thing and suck. It was feeling great, but I was a little distracted by the site over my face. Her pussy was directly over me and Nancy was working on her. Nancy started off by tongue-fucking her pussy a little and then gently teased Natalie’s asshole. I could feel Natalie moan on my dick. Then Nancy made her tongue hard and pushed on Natalie’s asshole until it gave just a little. She pulled back, licked the entire area again, and then leaned over a little more to kiss me. I was in heaven. She was a fantastic kisser and sucked my tongue in an amazing manner. I returned the favor when she made her tongue hard. This was going to be a good early morning awakening. Then Nancy took her index and middle finger and stuck them into Natalie’s pussy. They were soaking instantly. Natalie was very wet. She took her fingers out, winked at me and then lined up her index finger with Natalie’s asshole and her middle finger with the pussy. She rubbed against them briefly, and then suddenly forced them in to the second knuckle. Natalie came up off my dick and moaned, “Oh, yeah, fuck both my holes.”

To add to her pleasure, I decided to suck on her clit. I rose up and took it in and sucked while I could feel Nancy’s fingers sliding past my mouth into her pussy and ass. It was quite a turn on knowing we were doing this to her. And then she came. She was writhing and moaning on my dick, when she went off. She started shaking and spasming and her pussy let loose some juices while Nancy stopped with her fingers buried in both her holes. I slapped her on the ass when it was over and said “Get up.” I wanted to fuck Nancy.

I put Nancy on her back on the bed and kneeled up so that I could rub my dick on her pussy. I positioned Natalie over Nancy’s head. Nancy immediately went back to work on Natalie’s two holes. I slowly rubbed my dick over her clit and toyed with her tits. Natalie reached down and held my dick against Nancy’s pussy while I rubbed against it. Finally, I pulled back and slowly inserted it. Nancy was tight, but well used. My dick went in with ease and she was very wet. Nancy started squirming and I started thrusting slowly. Natalie kept her hand down there and went to work on Nancy’s clit. It was quite a show. I was kneeling up slowly fucking Nancy, looking down at her gorgeous lithe body and fantastic tits, with Natalie’s curvaceous body and large luscious tits sitting on Nancy’s face, while she rubbed Nancy’s clit. I was trying to memorize this scene for the many replays I was going to give it later.

I leaned forward and started kissing Natalie and grabbed her tits while she continued to rub Nancy’s clit. I was fucking her slowly and really enjoying making it a long fuck. I leaned back away and watched as my dick went in and out of her pussy. It felt so wonderful, I didn’t want it to end. Then Nancy pushed Natalie up off her face enough to say, “Please fuck my ass. I need it in my ass.”

Now how could I deny that request? I pulled out of her pussy and Natalie pulled and held Nancy’s legs back and I could see her asshole escort bursa already gleaming at me with the pussy juices that had run down there. I took my index finger and tested it. It was tight, but not virgin, it seemed. My dick was wet, but I looked up and Natalie and motioned her down to lick and wet Nancy’s asshole some more, adding a little teasing time to this fucking. Natalie licked down Nancy’s pussy and slathered her ass with a lot of spit and pussy juices and then looked up at me and said “She’s ready. She’s always ready. She loves it in the ass.”

I lined up my dick and pushed on her asshole. It resisted for only a second and then opened up and swallowed almost my entire dick on the first push. It felt so tight and wonderful, I began to wonder if I was going to keep up with these two. I started a slow fucking rhythm into her ass.

Then Natalie leaned forward and put both of her hands on my shoulders to support herself and said to me “She’s going to make me cum. She eats pussy and ass so good. I’m going to cum soon.” And she moaned and started rocking. I reached up and grabbed her gorgeous tits and thumbed her nipples. That added to her movement and she started moaning, “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum”. I pinched her nipples hard and she moaned and yelled, “That’s it!” as she came. Nancy was working overtime on her clit. I could see the tip of her tongue appearing sometimes as she was flicking and sucking on Natalie’s clit. Nancy shook and shook and finally settled down. It was great to watch her orgasm. She got up off Nancy’s face and said, “I can’t take any more, too sensitive and my legs are cramping.”

While watching that, I had stopped my thrusting motion into Nancy’s butt. She looked up at me and said “Will you please finish butt-fucking me, Mr. Johnson?”

“It looks like you’ve earned it,” I said smiling at her very wet face. Natalie’s juices were all over her face. I leaned over and kissed her and licked some of the juices from her chin and cheeks. She smiled at me and said, “Do you know that’s the first time a man has licked Natalie’s juices from my face?”

“Really?” I said, unsure of why that would be. “I have never passed up licking pussy juices from a woman’s face.”

“How many threesomes like this have you had?” Natalie asked.

“Well…” I drew it out. “This is my first” and I laughed.

The two girls laughed and then Nancy said, “Uh, Mr. Johnson? My ass?”

I smiled at her and gave her a quick jab with my dick. She moaned and said “There you go.”

I started fucking her ass pretty good then, but not real fast. Natalie was recovered a little from squatting over Nancy’s face and leaned over and planted her lips on Nancy’s clit. Nancy gave a little jerk and put her hands on Natalie’s head, holding her there. So Nancy went to work quickly on Nancy’s pussy. She kept pushing Nancy’s legs back as far as she could to give herself good access to the entire pussy while I butt-fucked her. She licked the slit and then would kiss and suck on the clit. I started fondling Natalie’s big tits while she did this, pulling on the nipples and rolling them in my fingers. Nancy was showing signs of her first orgasm and was moaning and pushing on Natalie’s head and thrusting at my dick. I could feel the cum building up in my balls, too.

“Oh, yeah! Keep sucking baby,” she was saying to Natalie and then to me “Keep fucking my ass, Mr. Johnson. Oh, yeah. Don’t stop fucking me. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That’s it… that’s it… oh, yeah… I’m cumming!!” and she started jerking and thrusting up. I kept up my fucking through her orgasm, but Natalie got bumped off her clit so just took her hand and kept rubbing it until she was done. It was a wonderful scene looking down at these two minxes.

“I want to cum now” I said to the two of them. “Natalie, suck on Nancy’s tits and when I cum, turn towards my dick. I’m going to pull out and cum all over your face and her pussy.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Johnson” she replied with a smirk.

I picked up speed a little and Nancy was meeting my thrusts and saying “Pound my ass. Give me that dick.” It was making me build towards a very large load. We had been fucking for about 45 minutes by now and I was going to blow the big one. I could feel her ass as it clenched every inch of my dick when it went in and out. I was pulling out until just the edge of my mushroom head was held in her ass, and when I buried it in, my balls were slapping against her cheeks. She was quite the fuck!

“Oh, yeah.” I said. “Here I cum”. I started pumping into her ass real fast to get to my climax. I thrust and thrust and then… I pulled out suddenly and grabbed my dick to jerk through orgasm and Natalie turned from Nancy’s tits toward my dick and lay her head down between Nancy’s tits. Nancy was trying to see over Natalie and raised up on her elbows. I jerked and the first shot hit Natalie on her upper cheek and the rope drew down to Nancy’s belly. I kept jerking and cumming and my dick felt like it was not going to stop until it emptied every last piece of jism from my body. I finally finished and looked down. Natalie now had three long ropes of cum across her face. One of the ropes had gone over her head onto Nancy’s neck. The rest was pooling in Nancy’s belly button.

Natalie looked up and smiled and said, “Wow, that was a great view of you cumming.” She then proceeded to lick up a bunch of the cum from Nancy. She moved up to Nancy’s face and said, “Clean me up a little.” Nancy starting licking my cum from Natalie’s face and then they kissed and swapped anything that Natalie still had in her mouth. I was in awe of these two gorgeous babes. They really were into fucking.

“Ladies, I think that will have to conclude tonight’s festivities. I’m exhausted now.”

“Don’t you mean this morning’s festivities?” Nancy said, as she pointed to the clock that said 0503.

“Yeah.” I responded. “I have to get up in about 45 minutes and go to work.”

“I think you’ve been up for a while and won’t be “up” for a while longer after that.” Said Natalie.

“Hey!” I said jokingly and slapped her ass. “No old man jokes.”

“That wasn’t an old man joke.” She said back to me. “In most of our threesomes, the guy is done for at least an hour after that length of session.”

“Well, then youth ain’t what it used to be.” I said.

“No, we are just too good.” Said Nancy.

“Well, I have to concede that you ladies made my first threesome unforgettable. Now get back to bed and not a word to the others.”

“No way” Natalie said. “They are both conservative. You should know that your daughter is quite responsible and protective of any sex life she has.”

“Enough!” I said quickly. “Those are things I don’t want to know about.”

“Okay.” Said Nancy. “But just so you know, we will probably ask to come back here with your daughter because we enjoy this area so much.” She winked.

“Just be careful.” I said. “Now get out.”

They got up and left and I lay down and thought that I would never have such a fantastic night of sex again.

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