The Collector 05

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One of the things that has been a big help to my cause is the internet and, more specifically, internet dating sites. Not those so-called adult sites either. I’m not looking for women who want to hook up blindly. No, I go for the regular dating sites. I like to meet a woman and get to know her a little. Some pan out, others don’t, but I always enjoy meeting new women. There’s always something special in the air the first time or two you go out with someone. That extra charge makes the chase worthwhile, even if it means I’ve got to deal with the inevitable rejections.

Now I’m always very clear that I’m not really looking for anything serious or long term. That’s enough to keep the relationship-seekers away from me for the most part. By the time I’ve traded a half dozen emails with a woman, I’ve got a pretty good idea as to whether or not I should go out with her. And that means not just assessing whether or not I have a chance of getting her on her knees, but also deciding how much of a bastard it would make me for trying. After all, I’m really not out to hurt anyone, even though my motives are admittedly selfish.

Anyway, the beauty of internet dating is that I can juggle several women at once and get to know them a somewhat before I ever meet them. I couldn’t pursue my obsession the way I do with conventional ways meeting and dating. Yeah, that sounds crass, but again, I’m up front about myself, so I don’t feel I’m being unfair. I’m not trying to dupe women into doing anything for me. They get to see what I’m about and make their own choices. It’s much better to get sucked off while being yourself anyway.

Renee was one of the women I met early in my internet dating, and it took quite a bit of time before anything developed between us. Maybe it’s because I had gotten to the point where I didn’t expect anything to happen, that I was still emailing her just for fun and not actively pursuing her, that makes this one of my favorite internet dating blow job stories. It was also very instructive for me, as I learned that sometimes it’s better to be a spider, to sit back and let the fly come to me.

As I said, Renee was one of the first women I met via the internet. Although she lived, according to the dating site, in my quote-unquote area, she was in reality over an hour’s drive away. I guess that’s one of the beefs some people have with internet dating. For my purposes though, it was actually better. This particular case was seemingly custom made for me. Renee lived almost an hour and a half from me, but where she worked was maybe a half hour from where I worked. So when we finally got around to meeting, having drinks and dinner after work was the obvious choice.

Our initial emails were all polite and of the tame getting-to-know-you sort, but they were fun exchanges. Renee worked for a big city advertising firm in a lower executive capacity. She was smart and humorous in her emails, usually including references to current news items. It was a challenge sometimes to write her a worthy reply. After we had gone through a week or so of corresponding, we set up an after work date at a bar halfway between our offices.

I was genuinely excited to meet Renee, and not because I expected anything to happen between us. She came across as confident and classy with intelligence and a great sense of humor. That’s the kind of woman I really like to be around. It doensn’t necessarily have to lead to anything for me to enjoy time with a woman like that.

We met at a restaurant for dinner and I must say, Renee was a great date. We laughed the entire time it seemed. She was as witty in person as she had been in her emails (and not everyone is). She also knew how to relax and enjoy herself, which I suppose a lot of people might not be able to do on a first date. I guess that comes from her being confident and comfortable with herself. Whatever it was, it radiated from her like an aura.

She was a good looking woman too, which never hurts. She was petite, maybe five-foot-two or so. She had short brown hair with a very polished, professional cut. Her brown eyes danced behind tasteful silver framed glasses and she had an easy, dazzling smile. Renee wore a dark suit, which I found very appealing, even if it did make it difficult to see her figure. Everything about her was elegant, yet relaxed.

We talked about our experiences with internet dating for a while. I told Renee that it appealed to me because I wasn’t looking for anything serious and it was a great way to meet new people on a regular basis. She wasn’t put off by my admission, but she did make it clear that she was not the casual sex type and I was probably wasting my time with her. I might have been a little disappointed, of course. But I respect a woman who respects and values herself enough to draw that line in the sand. We ended our date with a polite peck goodnight.

Over the next couple of months I would trade emails fairly regularly with Renee, usually while at work. Her witty banter was always a welcome interruption to the daily routine. We only met for drinks two more times in that span, the second time ending with her saying that Manisa Escort we really shouldn’t see each other anymore. Being email pen pals was fine, but she saw no point in dating someone who was never going to get seriously involved with her.

Gradually the frequency of our emails started to slip as did the level of personal contact in them. Often I’d receive a joke or cartoon that she had forwarded to a bunch of people, or a link to a news story that reminded her of me. This is how much of my internet dating has gone, so I’m pretty used to it now. I kept replying to Renee’s emails and occasionally sending some of my own to her just to keep the contact alive, although at the time there didn’t seem to be much point.

I’ve made it a rule to always respond to anything I receive in similar fashion. If I get a personal note, I reply to it with one of my own. If a joke is forwarded to me, I usually reply with a joke of a similar nature: I get a cutsie joke, I return a cutsie joke; a dirty joke gets a dirty joke, etc. At the very least, there’s some communication between you, so there’s still a glimmer of hope. Frankly, they’re doing the same thing I am. Just keeping someone on the back burner, just in case. I always play along and sometimes it works out for me.

Anyway, the drop in correspondence from Renee I wrote off to her finding someone else with whom to trade emails. Presumably, she had had better luck with internet dating since meeting me. At least she left the door open a crack by sending an occasional email. Things went on this way for months, and I continued to play along, but more out of habit than hope.

Then the nature of Renee’s emails changed a bit. She was still mainly forwarding jokes, but their content was subtly changed. There had always been a variety in their nature and neither of us was easily offended, so off-color stuff was included. But the content became more and more sexual in nature. Possibly someone was just sending her more of those types of jokes and she was only passing on what she received. But I began to reply with sexually oriented material just to see where it would lead.

One particular day she sent me an email with a bunch of cartoons in it, all of which had jokes revolving around blow jobs. I didn’t want to read too much into it. After all, it was just something she forwarded. But I obviously wondered if there wasn’t a point to it. I took my time deciding what to send as a reply. What I sent was a link to a fake news story that claimed a scientific study had found lower cancer rates in women who swallow semen than women who don’t. Whoever put the thing together was pretty slick. It was supposed to be from a major cable news network’s website, and it could easily have been mistaken for legitimate.

Knowing that Renee was a sharp woman, I wasn’t surprised when she emailed back a link to a story that said the “study” was a complete hoax. I was mildly surprised at what she wrote below the link though. I can’t remember how she worded it exactly, but it was something about conducting her own research study on the subject. It was deliberately vague, a Renee trademark, and left me wondering if she meant me or someone else.

Now a lesser man might have simply asked for a clarification. But Renee would have been disappointed in me if that was the best reply I could muster. So I took a more playful tack, asking her about her research qualifications. Her answer was that she had an advanced degree in hard data analysis. We went on like that for quite a while, with sexual innuendos packed into every question and answer.

“How did you develop your taste for research?”

“I had in crammed down my throat in college.”

We exchanged more emails that afternoon than we had in the past couple months combined. I admit, I was getting worked up by our little word games. I was wondering if I should invite her out for a drink or something, but I really didn’t think she’d be interested. Renee had made it clear a long time ago that she wasn’t into sex outside of a relationship. I had to keep reminding myself of that as I read each new email from her that day.

In the end it was actually Renee that suggested we meet for a drink. On the one hand, I could barely contain my excitement. This good looking, elegantly dressed, well-spoken, intelligent and funny woman, who had just spent the day describing her “research techniques” to me, wanted to meet me for a drink. I started to get turned on just thinking about it. At the same time, I was afraid to get my hopes up. Certainly she had only been joking, right? We’d get together, kick back a few drinks and laugh about all the many ways we’d come up with to covertly discuss blow jobs. It wasn’t like we could easily go back to my place or hers. So I took her up on the drinks and told myself to keep my expectations realistic.

I assumed we’d meet at the same restaurant we’d gone to before, but she suggested one that was a little further out of the way for both of us. I didn’t know the place, but Renee said it was worth a few extra minutes drive. I like to try new places, so I readily agreed.

It Mavişehir Escort turned out to be a cozy little restaurant on the edge of a state park. I pulled up and was surprised to see Renee waiting outside for me. I was wondering why she hadn’t chosen to wait in the bar when she came over to me.

“Wanna take a walk before we eat?” Renee suggested, indicating a path that led into the park. I looked at her and looked at myself. Neither of us was wearing comfortable walking shoes and the path she was pointing to looked dusty and rough. It was also starting to get dark. If it hadn’t been for the highly charged nature of our emails earlier, I probably would have been reluctant at best. Now, however, I was beginning to wonder if she wasn’t going to put her money where her mouth was. Or at least put her mouth, well… I’m sure you know exactly what I was thinking when it came to her mouth.

She was dressed as she had been on our previous dates in a very professional looking suit. This one was a burgundy color and the jacket had more of a form fitting cut than anything I had seen her in before. Her hips were a bit wide and her ass nicely rounded. Some might have considered her thick in the bottom, but I like a woman with generous hips and ass. I still couldn’t tell much about her breasts and legs though. Overall, her appearance was incredibly appealing to me. Renee wasn’t a conventional beauty, but then her looks were only part of what made her hot.

I walked beside her as we made our way into the park. There was a little chit-chat about getting out of work, finding the restaurant, etc. Nothing at all about our email conversation though. I was beginning to wonder what kind of idiot I was for expecting anything to happen when it did happen.

We had walked along the path until we reached a cluster of bushes. Renee grabbed my hand and pulled me from the path toward them. I looked at her, surprised.

“Time for some research,” she explained with a grin. I could feel myself getting stiff in my pants as I hurried along behind her. Was Renee really going to drag me behind a clump of bushes and go down on me? As it became obvious that that was exactly what she was going to do, I started wondering about the emails she had sent. None of them actually came out and said it, of course, but the impression she had given was that she swallowed. I could hardly wait to find out.

When we were safely shrouded behind the bushes, Renee gave a long look around.

“All clear,” she announced. “Take it out.”

“Why?” I asked. I wanted her to suck me, of course. But I couldn’t help being curious as to why she wanted to now, when she had told me all along she was only looking for a relationship.

“I’m conducting research, remember?” Renee replied with a wink.

“Yes, I think you had me down as a member of the control group, right?” It felt a little silly saying it in person, even though it was the same thing we had said via email scant hours ago.

“Speaking of your membership,” she said, reaching out to rub the front of my pants. “Out with it.” I sensed that I wasn’t going to get any meaningful answers out of Renee about her change of heart. Maybe she had rationalized her way into doing something she ordinarily wouldn’t do. Or maybe she was a little more wild than she had led me to believe. Either way, I could tell that she wasn’t about to reveal her motives and I wasn’t one to miss an opportunity. I unzipped my fly.

That wasn’t good enough for Renee. She deftly undid my belt and pants and let them drop around my ankles. I looked around, a bit worried someone might see, even as my stiffening shaft was rising from under my shirt. She bent down and suddenly I was deep in her mouth and didn’t care who might be watching. She held me there as she twisted her head back and forth, causing her tongue to run across my vein like it was a speed bump.

Now it might look impressive when you see a woman’s head twisting around on a stiff cock like that, but it doesn’t always feel good. Up and down the shaft is definitely better than left to right. Now Renee was bent over, so the awkwardness of the angle was part of it. But there was also a reckless energy in her approach that wasn’t entirely pleasant. Plus, in her haste she caught me with her teeth a few times. I was about to push her back and start over when she paused and squatted down in front of me.

When she was eye level with my cock, Renee grabbed it firmly at the base and popped me back into her mouth. She continued flipping her head from side to side, but now she also started bobbing on me as well. I felt like I was getting head from a bobble head doll.

Renee’s strokes were rapid and short. The first couple inches of my cock were getting plenty of enthusiastic attention. I think she was working her tongue a lot as well, but there was so much going on, it was tough to tell. Her head and mouth were a frenzy of activity on the end of my shaft.

I kept waiting for her to back off and do some slow, deep sucking. It wasn’t hard to hold out, because in all honesty, what she was doing didn’t Menderes Escort feel that great. As exciting as it was that she was going down on me in a park, her rough speed sucking wasn’t about to get me off. It was nice watching her as she squatted in her elegant burgundy suit with her eyes closed and her mouth all over my cock. I could see a frothy foam of saliva encircling my member just below where her lips stopped too.

After several minutes, Renee finally stopped and looked up at me.

“Something wrong?” she asked. I didn’t really understand her question. Did she expect I would have cum by now? I don’t know who she was used to blowing, but she was nowhere near getting me off yet.

“Why would anything be wrong?” I asked.

“Tell me what you like,” she said.

“Oh, I like what you’re doing right now,” I replied with a short laugh. “Just maybe a little slower. Easier.” I’m never one to be critical of woman giving me a blow job and I never want to make her feel like her effort isn’t appreciated. In cases like this I don’t mind offering a gentle suggestion, but I’d never tell a woman she was doing something wrong. What would be the point in getting head from so many different women if I insisted they all did it the same way, right?

Anyway, Renee settled down a little bit. She still wasn’t taking very much of me into her mouth, less than half, and she was still doing the head-twist thing, but she was going slower now. I could actually feel and enjoy her lips and tongue on my cock. She also started stroking me slightly with her hand, so the base of my shaft was getting some stimulation, even if it wasn’t from her lips.

While it was definitely an improvement and I could feel myself starting to build toward climax, I was afraid she’d give up before she got me there. I had to help myself with a little mental stimulation to speed things along. I looked at Renee. Her eyes were still closed and her lips stretched around my member. There is something sexy about getting your cock sucked by a woman wearing glasses. That helped me a little. Then I thought about her at work. She was, after all, an executive at her company. She was used to taking charge and giving people orders. She drove a sleek German sports car and had probably spent the entire ride here on a cell phone talking to her office. Now she was squatting behind some bushes sucking my cock.

Yeah, that image of a powerful corporate woman was getting me excited. She was a woman used to being in charge, and now was gratifying me with her mouth. The steady pumping of her hand around the base of my shaft helped too. I let out a moan or two to encourage her. Renee kept up her steady sucking as I wondered about whether or not she would swallow. I couldn’t imagine she’d want to let cum splatter all over her nice suit, so at least I’d be able to cum in her mouth.

Thinking about all of this and watching her lips on my cock, I finally reached the point of explosion. I watched her face as my cock pumped a load of cum into her mouth. Her brow furrowed as I filled her mouth. I have to confess, I love that little frown. It’s the way almost every woman reacts to the taste of sperm. I don’t know why I get a thrill out of seeing it, but I do. Anyway, Renee stopped sucking me when I came, but held me in her mouth while she pumped me with her hand.

Renee looked up at me as she gave me a last squeeze and slowly pulled away. Watching my cock slide from her red lips, seeing my head emerge from her mouth was very satisfying. Then she pulled my pants up and fastened them, letting my softening member hang out of the fly. When she finished buttoning my pants, she gave my cock one last suck, cleaning off the last drip of cum that was hanging there before tucking me back in. Then she stood up and asked me if I was ready for dinner.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Renee laughed, “but I already had my dessert.”

Renee was an interesting case for me. True, she was not particularly good at the act of sucking cock itself. But the fact that she had given me head was a bit of a surprise to me anyway, so I’m obviously not complaining. She was also an elegantly dressed executive type, the kind that you wouldn’t expect to find giving blow jobs in a clump of bushes. And she swallowed every drop of my cum. So it’s tough to figure out how to rate her. She was also squatting, not kneeling as I prefer. But she was wearing slacks and would have ruined them by kneeling in the dirt, which is why I didn’t try to coax her to her knees. But would she have been on her knees in different circumstances? Perhaps.

Anyway, overall I’d have to say that the pleasant surprise of having Renee give me head did not outweigh the ineffectiveness of her technique. There was one other thing that I didn’t care for. That was the way she seemed to be giving a performance. It was like she was more interested in how she looked giving a blow job than how the blow job actually felt. It was like I was a bit player in a movie about her life. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t an ego thing. Hell, I got her to blow me, right? It’s more about how she wasn’t doing it because she wanted to please me. She was doing it for her own reasons that had nothing to do with me. Fair enough and I’m not complaining. But if it’s obvious enough that I can tell while she’s in the act of sucking me, it’s not a good thing. So give Renee a seven, and it’s only that high because she dressed so nice and swallowed my load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32