The Clockmaster and The Inventor Part 2

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I shuffled the papers on the Clockmaster’s desk. I neatened the pile gently and then proceeded to start sweeping the floors. THe clockmaster had gone to the factory to meet a client that could help him set up another trade route, this one into the next country.

Since the clocktower was running well, I was taking the time to clean up the rooms in the clocktower. The last one was the Clockmaster’s; I rarely went up to his room even now. If we wanted to spend time with each other, we spent it either in my room or the sitting room.

As I cleaned, I heard the door slam a few floors below over the the gears. I stopped mid-sweep, and called out “Sky are you home?” The sound of metal being hit made me realize the deal had gone sour. Angry footsteps pounded up the stairs, and I bit my lip.

HE paused for a moment when he saw me standing there, but then he just threw his bag to the side along with his hat. “Idiots! It’s like I’m talking to a wall and the ceiling!” He snapped in response to my silent question. I fell onto his couch, running his hand through his short black hair. “Idiots” he muttered.

I sat down next to him, resting a hand on his leg. “Are you alright?” “No I’m not alright.” he muttered. I gently rubbed his leg. Suddenly he lunged at me hugging me tightly, his head in the crook of my neck. “I positively hate people.”

“That’s why I stay to the Clocktower. It’s safe; no people” He snickered slightly at my response. “The two of us hating the people together…” “Romantic, right?” I said, giggling. He smiled and brushed a piece of hair behind my ear and nodding. “Very.” He agreed. As he looked into my eyes, I saw the same thing in his eyes…. The same thing I saw that night in the storage room.

“I-I had better continue cleaning.” I stuttered slightly jumping upward. Sky stayed sitting watching me. I moved over the bed and began to pull off the blankets, intending to straighten the sheets. As I crawled onto the bed to tuck the sheet in the corner when I felt him come up behind me, pressing me to him.

I didn’t question it this time and instead let him caress me. “Perfect” I heard him mutter, pulling me so my butt was in the air. I bit my lip again as he pulled away from me. “Strip. Now.” He said quietly but clearly as I stood up. I shook my head.
“No…. It’s to cold.” I feigned a slight shiver. That was a mistake. Putting a hand to my throat, he squeezed slightly. “Strip now, I said.” He purred. I managed a nod and as he pulled his away I gagged slightly. I hesitated before reaching for the clasps on my corset as he sat on the couch, lounging slightly.

His eyes followed my hands as I undid each of the four silver clasps, then mobil porno let it drop to the floor. My hands now went to the buttons on my blouse. But I stopped.”I… I can’t.” I blushed, to embarrassed to show my chest to him.

He had only see my completely naked once before, when he walked in on me after a bath. But then it had only been a second. “Do it, Kara.” “Please sir…” I whimpered, my face burning. He shook his head.

My hands trembled as the buttons opened almost by themselves, and as my blouse fell I covered my chest. I kept my face bowed down, blushing madly. “The rest of it.” The Clockmaster said “And when you bend over, turn around…” “Yes, sir…” I barely whispered, turning around to unlace my boots. Soon as they were unlaced, I hopped slightly as I yanked them and my socks off.

I whimpered slightly as I pushed down my pantaloons, stepping out of them, now only in my knickers. “Those to” came the Clockmaster’s command. I listened to him slowly tugging down my pants. “Now turn around, my slut.” I spun on my heel quickly.

“Now bring me your knickers…” snatching them off the floor, I moved over to the lounging form. He held out his hand and I dropped them in his hand. “Now my bag.” I grabbed the leather bag, keenly aware of his eyes on my behind as I bent to grab it. Soon as I brought it over he pulled me onto his lap. “Good girl…” he whispered. Running his hands up my side. “Now pull out what I have in my bag.

I reached into the back and began to dig among the paper wrapped watches and clocks. My fingers brushed a leather strap, and I pulled out a collar, much like one my mother used to put on her pet dogs.

Sky took it from my hands and opened it, putting it around my neck. “Your mine now…” He whispered buckling it and putting it tight. I gagged slightly as the strap tightened over my throat. I heard a click and more leather along my back. “Did you just…” “Put a leash on you? Yes I did…. You will find that it helps me later on….”

He began to bounce the knee i was on, pushing it up into me with each bounce. I bit my lip, feeling myself get more and more aroused. I began to bounce myself, and I felt the leash grow taught as I did. “No cumming, girl. These are my good pants…” “Yes master” i whimpered still bouncing. His hand snaked around front and found my clit, rubbing it as I bounced.

“Sir… stop…. I can’t hold it” I whimpered still bouncing. His response was only to rub harder. At that I gasped, shaking slightly as I came, slowing in my bouncing until I had stopped, sitting atop the now wet leg of the Clockmaster.

“You just came, didn’t you” “Nooooo….” I whispered trying to play it off. I felt his hand alman porno grip the collar and choke me with it. “The truth” “Yes!” I gagged. He released me. “Naughty naughty naughty…” He whispered standing up, pushing me off his lap. He pulled my over to the bed, pushing me face down onto it. “Stay” “I’m not a dog…” In response, his hand came around with my knickers and began to force it into my mouth. I gagged and squirmed fighting him.

“Stop it or your punishment will be much, much worse than it already is….” He hissed into my ear. I stopped fighting struggling to breath around the knickers. I heard him move down the stairs, and I waited for what felt like a few hours.

When he returned, he dropped whatever he was carrying on the floor. “Kneel on the bed, wrists by your ankles.” “But–” i muttered through my knickers. His hands grabbed my head, one holding me still the other forcing them farther into my mouth. ‘If you can talk then they obviously aren’t in far enough”

I moan softly, carefully crawling onto the bed. In order to follow his orders I had to bury my face in the mattress and stick my butt in the air. When I tried to turn my head to the side so I could breath, he yanked the leash choking me again. Soon as I was in position, I heard the Clockmaster grab what he brought up. ‘

Rope. He wrapped my ankles and wrists with it, tying it with a tight knot. I tried twisting my wrists but could barely do that. I heard him undoing his belt and as he spoke, he quietly asked “Do you know why you are being punished?” My yes muffled, he still seemed to understand. With a slight warning tap, he cracked his folded over belt on my ass lightly, making me yelp.

Again and again he smacked me each time a little harder until it felt like my butt was burning and my juices were dripping down my thighs. “Oh you like that you little slut, don’t you?” He purred snapping it hard making me scream. “Well?” he did it again, and somehow i managed to spit out the knickers and choke out a yes.

“What are you?” CRACK “A slut” “Who do you belong to?” CRACK “You, Master” “Will you cum without permission again?” CRACK “No sir…” I moaned. CRACK! He landed a smack as hard as he could, then dropped the belt on the floor. I flinched as his hand caressed my red butt cheek gently. “You won’t disobey me again?” He murmured, tugging the leash. “Yes Sir…”

“Good girl…” He patted my cheek making me hiss through my teeth. He chuckled slightly, pressing himself against me making me whimper. “What do you want my slut?” He hissed. “I want you…” “Want me to what? Make you tea? Help you find your goggles?” he teased. “I want you inside of me…” I whispered.

In alexis texas porno response, I head his pants drop and he climbed on the bed so as to better take advantage of my position. Getting behind me, I felt him rubbing the head on my soaked pussy. “You sure you want this inside of you?” “Yes… “ “Yes what?” “Master.” At the word he thrust into me, pulling the leash back so he was deep inside me.

“Oh god…” I whispered in pleasure as he stayed perfectly still. After a few moments of him not moving. I whimpered and wiggled my butt as best as I could. “Now now, your punishment isn’t over yet…” He whispered, leaning over so it was right in my ear. My heartbeat picked up as he pulled his now soaked member out of me, and moving it up slightly to my tightest hole.

“No.” I gasped trying to sit up but failing utterly. “No?” “No. Not there. Not yet.” “Normally I might have listened to you but seeing as you have been rather naughty and you enjoyed the first part…. I feel as if this is the best way…” I whimpered loudly trying now desperately to break free of my bonds.

To late. Using the leash as leverage, he thrust into my tightest hole, leaving me screaming into the blanket. TUgging on it, my head was lifted slightly off the mattress, tears streaming down my face. “Stop Sky please…” He didn’t answer pressing harder into me, and my mouth opened in a silent scream.

He began to move slowly, but each thrust was still powerful especially due to using the leash. Tear tracks traced down my face, dripping onto the sheets leaving little dark spots. “You don’t like being used in this hole, do you?” “No sir….” “Then you will obey me no matter what, correct?” “Yes sir.”

Despite me swearing my obedience he kept going moving faster and faster. Somehow the pain began to turn to pleasure, but the pain was still there. “Oh god…” I moaned, biting back another scream. Sky leaned over me and began to paw roughly at my breasts. “You look like such a whore, bend over with your butt in the air, waiting to be taken.” He grunted as he pounded into me.

I felt his body tensing, and i bit back a loud moan as I felt him cum deep inside me. He went slightly limp, resting his weight on em. I whimpered when he didn’t’ pull out right away, but soon enough he was out of me. As his hands began to undo my bonds shakily. I stretched out on the bed, with Clockmaster next to me. He laid behind me wrapping his arms around me gently.

“I dunno what came over me…” he breathed, pulling me close to him. I bit back a small bit of pain, but I whispered back “Stress can do that….” he chuckled again, and kissed my ear slightly, making me shiver. “You took your punishment well…” “Thank you…” I whispered, suddenly feeling very sleepy.

“I think we need to sleep… that was fun though…” I heard him whisper. I smiled, nodding, then falling asleep in my master’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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