The Chicago Gold Coast

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This is a rewrite of a story I was accused of Plagiarism and I deleted. I am going to clean up any thing near Mr. DeMille’s The Gold Coast. The plagiarism charge was actually a very nice compliment of my story as Nelson’s book is a great book my copy of it went no where nearly the same place nor was it a great story. If I had copied it It would have been much better! And if you people had read Mr. DeMille’s book you would have seen there was NO plagiarism involved . And you would not now be looking at my work to discover more of it?

My wife and I bought one of the Gold Coast Compounds of fame and I was shocked to now own one of them. We moved into the quarters of what was the staff. It being over six thousand square feet and twice the size we needed. The main house was nearly 16,000 square feet in size. And much more than we needed in size. Loren is from old money and I will be the first to admit our new home is way out of my league price wise.

Nor is my ego big enough to desire the property but Loren desired it and her Daddies money bought it for us. Not that my name is on the title. Being a Lawyer I know for sure it isn’t on it. Nor do I care. I own all the property I care to. The property to the North of hers had sold not too long before hers. Major renovations were being done to it and we had no idea who had bought it. We had been living in our house for nearly six months when a very large black Caddy drove up our road and turned up our drive. It stopped beside my car where my wife’s usually sets. A large man got out and opened the rear door for an even larger man. This man came toward the house side door that we use all the time. I met him at the door and as his hand came out to shake mine he introduced himself as our neighbor to the north Nico Chicobossetti.

I had no idea what the Mafia boss was stopping at our house for even if he was the neighbor to the north. But over ulus escort the next hour he informed me. He desired to hire my services to handle some funds for him. We left it that I would consider his offer to handle some of his services for a very handsome some.

I was very sure my wife was going to be very surprised at who our nearest neighbor is. And when she came home from what ever her new shopping mission was, and I told her. The things she said was not any where near the things a proper young woman should be saying. And the fact that I had not told him out right where he could put the job he had offered me was a very hot topic.

As usual I seemed to listen very closely to her good advice and knew I would handle my business as I wanted to. My wife is very prim and proper. Her ass is beautiful if a bit tight at times. But she has never lived in the real world. Her breasts are a very nice full hand full. Her waist still slim and shapely with the best trainers keeping her shape in.

Our two children are grown and both on their own with the trusts that keep them well above water. They both live well on what they make with the educations they were provided. Mandy is a beautiful young woman and is still single and her older brother Jack at 26 is married with two children of his own. Loren at grandmother twice over is only 45. My wife is a very beautiful woman.

Our neighbor stopped and discussed my working for him twice more in the next week and met my wife and we had drinks to settle her fears that he was a total monster. My fears were not quite as settled in this area. I knew he was the total monster she feared and my .45 Kimber was ever present in my behind the back holster when he was near.

As my wife was around him more I could tell his presents became interesting and she began to doubt all the things we had read yenimahalle escort about him. We went out with he and his wife Janis and enjoyed a wonderful meal and their company as well. Janis is a few years older than my wife and every bit as beautiful as Loren.

Just in a more showy way. Her breasts are natural double Ds and her hips maybe slightly wider than Loren’s. But she has birthed four children and recovered very nicely. Her boys are both in their twenties, the daughter is 19 and her youngest boy is fourteen. I find Janis to be a very nice sexy, female that I plan to spend very little time around. Her dark snappy eyes could get a man killed.

I finally made the choice to work for the Mafia Don and did what I needed to protect myself from getting my ass in very deep trouble. I began to move money around for him and I was paid dearly for it. I did nothing illegal knowingly and I was very sure I could defend my moves and not be in trouble with the IRS. Other Mob issues maybe not quite as surely protected from. My wife seemed fine with my ties to our new neighbor.

Did I trust Nico? Just about as far as I could see him. Nico is a very large man, at 6′ 4″ and maybe 260 pounds. Our swimming pool has not been opened up in a number of years before we bought the property. In fact my wife has two pools on her property, but a very large amount of money needs to be spent on each to bring them up to the point we can open them and we decided to wait until next year.

Nico invited us to enjoy their pool any time we wanted. Loren had started enjoying their pool in the evening several nights a week. She was usually over there a couple hours and came home. Most evenings she was home by the time I came home from work. As the months slipped by she became later and later. I became fairly sure the Don was fucking my wife. But I was making a pile of money from working for him.

I finally decided I had to know for sure if what I thought was going on really was? I came home early one afternoon and found my wife’s car home but she was nowhere around. So I changed into jogging clothes and started north up our side of the hedge. Near the top of the hill there is a hole in the hedge and a Cross hedge that trails down to the back of Nico’s property near the far end of his pool. If Loren was swimming I could see her doing laps as she said she does.

As I neared the far side of his pool I could hear people talking out by the pool. I got to the far end of the pool and looked through the hedge into the pool and I could see a nude woman swimming. On the near side of the pool Nico sat at a table with five guys around a table. On the other side sat eight guys around a big table.

The woman finished her laps and was going up the stairs out of the pool at the house end. Her proud naked body emerged from it and Nico yelled at her to go say hi to the boys from New York. The woman turned down that side and as she came back toward me I could clearly see the naked woman was my wife.

As Loren neared the table the first guy had slid his chair back away from it and had his erect cock out ready for her. She simply straddled him and slid her pussy down firmly on it. She worked her way around the table giving herself to each man. As she came on around the side and my end of the pool, Nico ask her to say hi to the boys sitting with him from Miami.

Their cocks were presented to her and she slid down over each one. As she finished with the last one near Nico he pointed to Franklin his driver beside him and she slid her wet pussy down on Franklin’s bare cock too. She raised her body off Franklin’s cock and headed right into the house where I was sure her clothes were. She was big time pissed. My wife and Nico’s lover had just been made a Mob whore and was not happy about it.

Nico followed her into his house to try and put the fire out. I in turn headed back to her house to be dumb a while longer. I was making way too much money right now to divorce her dumb ass right now.

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