The Chauffeur(#7)…..The Revolution, The Evolution

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The Chauffeur……The Revolution, The Evolution


Copyright 2018

Chapter 1

As Jill and I arrived at the airport, we saw the Jaxson’s plane landing. Jill was very excited, as a Marine she always flew those large uncomfortable C-130 planes. Only when she was flying between Marine bases for training did she even get to fly regular commercial airlines.

We didn’t pack much. Two dress outfits each and the rest of the week we planned to wear jeans, comfortable shirts, and even shorts. We viewed this trip as more of a vacation/honeymoon for us.

I sat in the back of the limo that Jill ordered thru a competitor, Black Car Limo. The driver began to engage us asking, “Um, Ma’am…aren’t you a driver for another limo company?”

“Yes I am. Why do you ask?” Jill answered curious how he recognized her.

“Ma’am, you have a cult following in our industry. Everyone knows that you reduced your title from Assistant Manager to driver to make more money.”

“It’s Jill, not Ma’am. What is your name?”

“Fred. I am the senior driver and main trainer for Black Car Limo. I’ve worked with this company my entire adult life, 15 years” He said with a note of pride in his voice.

“Fred, this is my husband, David. We just got married less than three weeks ago!” She said with delight in her voice.

“Hello Fred. I’m glad to meet you.” I said.

“It looks as if the plane you’re waiting for is finding a parking spot right now. If you don’t mind, I’ll get you much closer to the plane.” Fred asked.

“That would be fine, Fred.” Jill answered.

He started the limo and pulled us forward thru a gate allowing us to get really close to the now parked plane of the Jaxson’s.

Fred parked the car, got out, and opened the limo door for us to exit. He also began taking our two pieces of luggage out of the trunk.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out two $100 bills as a tip for Fred. I folded the money in half and handed it to him. He was genuinely surprised.

“Sir are you sure? I’ve only driven you two for about 10 minutes.” Fred asked.

“Absolutely. Your tip shouldn’t be dependent on how long you drove us, but instead, the service you provided us.” I said trying to mentor an obviously qualified driver.

“WOW, could you tell my boss that? He thinks that none of us should get cash tips. All tips are supposed to be added on to the credit card receipt.” Fred said trying not to launch into a rail against his boss.

“Figures. Small minded managers trying to control their staff’s lives.” I said shaking my head.

“Fred, it was nice to meet you. Do you have a couple of cards for my husband and I to have?” Jill interjected with that excitement still in her voice.

Fred reached into his suit coat and pulled out two business cards that had his name printed on them.

“Fred, please put your personal cell phone number on the back for us.” I requested.

He did as asked. Smiled and wished us a safe trip.

The door of the plane opened, and the stairs extended from the door to the cement. Then we saw them. Both Mr. and Mrs. Jaxson had made the trip to come pick us up.

All I could do was smile as I walked with my beautiful wife on my arm towards the plane.

The Jaxson’s came down the stairs to meet us.

“David, it’s nice to see you. Is this Jill? Wow, you look so different from the last time we saw you. You look as if you’re glowing.” Mr. Jaxson said, surprising me since I had not told him that Jill was pregnant.

I thought to myself, ‘did I miss seeing something about my gorgeous wife?

Suddenly, I felt a pair of arms around me. It was Mrs. Jaxson.

“David, oh my goodness, it’s so great to see you.” She said as she gave me a peck on the cheek.

They asked us if we wanted to have dinner in town or if we wanted to get headed to New York and have dinner there. We opted for dinner in New York, since neither of us has ever been there. Well, that’s not entirely true. Jill did land and spend 8 hours at the Army base in Brooklyn, Fort Hamilton. She was there for training, after which she immediately flew back to her base, the Marine Air Station at Cherry Point, North Carolina. I guess you could say, she was in New York, technically speaking.

Jill hugged Mrs. Jaxson. They walked arm in arm up the stairs to board the plane. They chatted as if they knew each other for years, much like old friends.

Mr. Jaxson and I stood at the bottom of the stairs watching our wives enter the plane.

“David, I’ve done some checking on you.” Mr. Jaxson said in a deadpan voice.

“Ok, sir, I’m not sure how to take that comment.”

“Well, I do a thorough investigation on everyone I’m interested in. No worries, mostly routine stuff. However, when something comes across that seems out of line I will have my investigators dig deeper.” Mr. Jaxson said.

“What did you find about me then?” I asked.

“Hmm, let’s get up into the plane before I answer that.”

We went up the stairs and into the plane

As I entered the hatchway on the jet, I walked into the epitome of what I would call luxury. Long leather couches, luxuriously soft lounge chairs, a 65” television, a top of the line Bose stereo system, even a very soft carpet on the floor of the jet.

I stood stunned looking at luxury.

“Um, David, I can only get in the plane if you move ahead a bit.” Mr. Jaxson said with a chuckle in his voice.

“Oh, sure, I’m sorry” I replied and moved ahead.

The ladies were sitting on one of the couches face to face chatting like they had been friends since childhood.

Jill excused herself from the conversation and got up to come over to me. She whispered in my ear, “Gawd, I love you!” and kissed me deeply.

Mr. Jaxson squeezed by me and went over to his wife and gave her a kiss on the lips, not with quite the same passion as Jill and I but clearly a kiss of love.

As we broke from our kiss, the flight captain came on the intercom and announced that we were to get settled as they would be underway in just a couple of minutes.

I heard the door get locked down. Jill and I sat on the other couch facing Mr. and Mrs. Jaxson. A petite blonde with a cute figure came into our part of the cabin. She asked if we wanted a drink or something to eat. She introduced herself as Dakota. She might be as tall as 5’ with a tiny waist, a pert but small chest, tiny petite arse and a very pretty smile.

Jill smiled at me. It was one of those ‘knowing’ smiles meaning that she knew what I was thinking as I sat there admiring Dakota. I glanced across the jet at Mr. Jaxson and saw him smiling also.

“Mr. Jaxson, I feel silly calling you and your lovely wife Mr. and Mrs. May I know your first names?” Jill asked breaking the ice.

“Sure, my dear. My husband is Robert, but please call him Bob. I’m Melanie, but please call me Mel.” Melanie said to us.

I decided to speak up, “Bob, you were going to tell me what you found out about me.”

“Oh, not ‘just’ about you but also your beautiful wife too.” Bob said in a deadpan tone.

I was having trouble reading him. My head was going through the questions…. Did he know what REALLY went on at the limo company? What did this background check produce about me? What did it produce about Jill? Would this knowledge affect this budding relationship with the Jaxson’s?


“Ok Bob, now you really do have me curious.”

“Well, let’s start with you David. While you have only been with the limo company for a very short time, you have made quite the impression. Many of the women my investigators spoke with claim that you are quite the prize. They used terms such as: caring, obedient, strong, patient, wonderful, and even ‘cult hero’.”

I know I sat there in a state of shock.

He continued on, “Your boss is using her power to force you to have sex with her on her command. Apparently, you have started some type of club…. let me check my notes…. oh yeah, ‘The Fucked Unconscious Club’. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. But, there is more. You’ve spent most of your life in the restaurant business, starting at the bottom and working your way up the ladder. You ended up in a divorce because you worked too many hours and your boss at work took advantage of that by having an affair with your wife. The court awarded your ex-wife custody of your teenage son, who rarely calls you. You pay for his schooling. You pay your child support. Your attorney, while not a divorce attorney did a competent job, but you would have done better with a divorce/family court attorney. You really don’t drink, do drugs, or gamble. You donate money and on occasion your time to the SPCA, Children’s Hospital, and the Wounded Warrior project. You love dogs, but you lost your dog in the divorce. You have no tickets, no accidents, and no criminal record. You went back to college after your divorce and obtained your bachelor’s degree in American History, specifically the Civil War era. You have a small apartment by the airport and you married Jill just a couple of weeks ago.” Bob said with a slight grin.

“Did I forget anything?” He added.

I was thinking that I would have my normal smart-ass reply but decided against it.

“Actually, Mel is the one who delved deeper into your time at the limo company. She must have spoken to nearly two dozen women but was unable to reach someone named Tina. What do you think she would have said about you David?”

Jill spoke up, “Bob, Tina is the one David called you about. She was brutally molested and raped and beaten by our boss, Sasha. Somehow, after her assault, she made it over to my house. David answered the door, brought her inside and put her on the couch. He wanted to call 911 but Tina begged him not to. I called a dear friend who is a doctor currently that I served with in the Marines when we were deployed to Croatia. She helped as much as she could, but she made us call another friend, Sgt. Johnson. He brought his team of investigators over to my house. It took several hours. When they were finished, the police put her in protective custody and admitted her to the hospital. That’s why we delayed a couple of days.”

Mel spoke up at this point, “Jill, my husband knows that. He sent a couple of his most trusted security to the hospital to keep Tina safe from anything further.”

I sat there stunned. I turned my head to look at my beautiful wife. She was stunned as well.

Bob spoke up again, “That brings me to Jill. Married to David, but this is not your first marriage. Your first husband died in an auto accident. You bounced around from job to job until you landed at the limo company. Sasha, your boss, took to you right away. She had you sign a contract making you her personal assistant. You were arrested on a prostitution charge which was dropped. You are the one who discovered Tina and convinced Sasha to hire her. Which in turn, caused Sasha to demote you and take virtually all your salary away forcing you to be just a driver. However, you knew how to work the system to put yourself in line to get the best tipping, the best….um, what’s the word they used? Oh yeah, ‘clients’. You added your own personal touches doing whatever the client requested making yourself the top driver, the most requested driver, and the top money earner in both tips as well as regular pay. You own your home free and clear. You have no traffic tickets, you were recently in a horrific traffic accident that totaled your car. You have no outstanding debts. Your brokerage account is out performing even the best Wall Street has to offer. Although, you’ve only known David for a very short while, when he proposed you said yes. You two were married at Isaac’s Jewelry by Jacob.”

“Which brings me to a very blunt question. What did Mel and I do that excluded us from getting such personalized service. David, you told us that night we met you that we were ‘important clients’. How is it that neither Mel, or me, were ever offered any of the personal services?” Bob asked.

At that point, the jet jumped.

“Turbulence” Mel quipped.

I sat there completely stunned. Bob and Mel were not angry. Instead, they seemed put-out that they had never been offered anything other than a limo ride to their hotel, which they owned.

Jill began, “Bob, Melanie, please let me be the first to apologize. I was under the impression that all your regular driver did for you was to take you from your jet to your hotel. No one ever mentioned that you would be interested in anything else.”

“In fact, we would like to make it up to you. Tell us what we can do, to you, for you, or with you to make amends” I said to the Jaxsons.

Mel was the first to speak, “David, if it’s alright with you and Jill. I would like to have some time with Jill, if she’s willing?”

Bob added, “And you and I can both do Dakota. I saw how you looked at her. Yes, she is a cutie and she is more incredible when you get her naked.”

He continued, “After you and I play with Dakota, I would love to see if my wife can join this ‘Fucked Unconscious Club’.”

I watched as my beautiful wife moved over to the couch where Melanie was seated. Jill leaned in and began kissing her. Mel put her arms around Jill, caressing her back.


I spoke up before this got out of hand reminding them that Jill was in an auto accident and still has bruised ribs on her right side. Mel and Jill both smiled and went back to kissing. I saw Mel’s mouth part slightly and Jill’s tongue poked into Mel’s mouth.

Jill began to unbutton Mel’s blouse. Mel was a beautiful woman, not just some ‘trophy wife’. She had a natural beauty. Reddish auburn hair, average size maybe 5’8 or so, about a C cup chest, and the greenest eyes that I have ever seen. I also noted in my brain that both times I have met her she smelled wonderful.

As Jill was removing her blouse, I noted that Mel had a front clasp bra which my wife unclasped with a flick of her wrist. Mel let the bra fall to the jet floor. My wife broke from their kiss and leaned into Melanie’s chest licking and nibbling on her nipples making them hard little nubs.

I looked over at Bob, who had his cock out of his pants stroking it. Dakota entered, almost as if on cue. She knelt between Bob’s legs and began sucking his hard cock. I made note in my head, although he wasn’t as long or as thick as me. He, none the less, sported about a 7” cock. Dakota was gobbling it up with gusto. While she was giving Bob a blowjob, she began undressing that petite body.

I looked back over to Jill, who by now had Mel completely naked and had her head between Mel’s legs licking and lapping up her womanhood. I saw Jill use her fingers inside of Melanie, turning her hand palm side up to reach her G-spot. Melanie was moaning and muttering to herself as Jill continued her assault on her love hole.

Here I sat, my wife pleasuring Mrs. Jaxson. Bob getting a delightful BJ from a now naked Dakota. Yet, here I am, fully clothed doing absolutely nothing except sporting a raging hard-on.

Suddenly, Bob spoke up, startling me, “David, what you need is a revolution.”

I just smiled, thinking to myself that getting a blowjob from Dakota has made him a bit whacky.

Apparently, it did just the opposite. It provided clarity to his thinking.

“David, you don’t understand, do you?”

“No sir, I don’t.”

“You see, what I didn’t tell you before was that I contacted the two brothers who owned Happee, Happy Limo company Igor and Vladimir. I inquired if they had any thoughts about selling the limo company. They just laughed at me and hung up.” Bob explained.

I sat there pondering what he had said. I turned to look over at my darling wife who by now was also naked and grinding her sweet pussy on Mel’s face. I heard lots of moaning and slurping coming from the two of them as they had moved into a 69 position.

Dakota must have a real talent as Bob was now leaning his head back. His eyes were closed, and both of his hands were on the back of Dakota’s head as she bobbed up and down on Bob’s hard, wet cock.

It was Mel who came first. Her moaning increased louder and louder until she tensed up and wrapped her knees tightly around Jill’s head holding her in place until the wave of orgasmic rush slowed down.

I just sat there on the couch feeling like a 5th wheel. Hard as a rock, but no one to play with…. oh, poor me….

Mel finally got Jill to her happy place with Jill breathing erratically, moaning and thrusting her hips up at Mel’s wanton tongue.

“Jill, honey, are you going to cum for Melanie?” I asked with a devilish grin on my face.


“Aaaaagggghhhhh” Was the sound Bob made as he shot his spunk all over Dakota’s pretty face.

Dakota wiped the cum off her face and put the cum soaked fingers into her mouth licking them clean. I thought to myself, why didn’t Kızılay Escort she just take his spunk in her mouth if she was going to eat the cum anyways…. Ok, I’m just overthinking this one.

I’m not sure where the dildo came from, but Jill was using it on Mel. She was furiously pushing it into her vagina all the while rubbing circles on her clit. The dildo was bright pink. It looked as if it was about a normal 6” in length and rather slim, but it was having the desired effect.

Jill, saw me just sitting on the couch. With one finger she summoned me over to them. I stood up and began shedding my clothes laying them on the couch. I thought to myself “Hey, I didn’t get to fuck Dakota” but, I really didn’t care as I was going to join my beautiful wife and Melanie.

When I shed my pants and boxer shorts, Bob quipped, “Damn, now THAT’S a cock!” Which made Mel look up through her orgasmic daze. Even Dakota turned her head and smiled. Jill had this Cheshire cat grin as if to say, “that’s right bitches, he’s mine”.

I walked over to Jill. I leaned down and whispered into her ear, “Did you get her all warmed up for me?” I leaned into her and kissed her passionately before she even had time to answer.

In my head, I decided that since Jill had already primed her with the dildo, I should just begin slowly fucking her.

I knelt between her legs positioning my cock at the entrance to her womanhood. I could smell the scent of her sex. I leaned forward a bit allowing the head of my cock to enter her. I put the bulbous tip inside of her very wet pussy. I stopped at just the head allowing her body to adjust to my size. Jill leaned into me and kissed me again.

Mel said to me in almost a whisper, “Please fuck me. I want to feel all of you inside of me. Make me your bitch. Fuck me unconscious…please.”

I pushed myself a couple of more inches into Mel. Jill reached down and grabbed my waist and pulled me towards her, thus impaling Mel on my manhood all the way to my balls.

Melanie gasped loudly, not expecting Jill to pull me into her in one movement.

“OH, MY GAWD, THAT FEELS SO GOOD.” Melanie moaned loudly.

I started with a slow rhythmical push in and out of her. I wasn’t sure how hard or how much she would take.

“Damnit Dave, just fuck her. She likes it hard.” Bob voiced from behind me.

Well, it’s not like I don’t have experience doing that. I started pushing harder and harder. In and out. Harder and harder. Until I reached ‘Sasha-mode’ in my fucking.

Jill was smiling as she got up off Mel’s face. Jill walked around me over to Bob and Dakota. I glanced over my shoulder seeing my beautiful wife climb onto Bob’s lap and put him inside of her.

Suddenly, I felt something warm and wet on my ass crack. It made me skip a beat and break my rhythm. Dakota had taken up behind me rimming my asshole. I asked her to stop until I was done with Melanie. She stopped and pouted a little, but I would get to her soon enough.

I plunged my rock-hard cock in and out of Mel with reckless abandon. My balls were slapping up against Melanie’s ass making loud smacking sounds. I heard Melanie begin to really breath shallow. Her eyes glazed over. Harder and harder I kept pounding that wet, wanton pussy. Although her slit was not that tight, it still felt good wrapped around my manhood.

In and out, repeatedly. I just kept up my hard sex until I heard her orgasming over an over. Her eyes now were completely shut. Her breathing was shallow and stuttered.

Then it happened.

Her entire body went limp. Bob exclaimed, “MELANIE, MELANIE ARE YOU OK?” Jill put just one finger to Bob’s lips indicating that he needs to be quiet.

Smack. Bob’s eyes grew large watching me slap his wife across the cheek. However, before he could say anything, Melanie gasped a huge gasp of air.

“Mel, Mel darling. Come back to us. Are you ok?” I said to Melanie.

“Oh WOW! What happened?” she asked.

“Um, you went unconscious.” I said kind of feeling self-aware.

“Are you kidding…. you mean I got there? Oh, my gawd David, I owe you and Jill. This was quite possibly our best sex session. Don’t you agree Bob?” Mel asked.

For a couple of minutes, there was no response to Melanie’s question to her husband. This made me very nervous. Jill leaned into his ear and whispered something. She got off his lap. Bob got up and walked over to me and Mel. He knelt and kissed his wife, very passionately. Very sexy.

Jill got up and gently grasped Dakota by the arm and put her on the couch. Jill signaled for me to come join them. Jill grasped Dakota’s ankles and pulled them up by her ears exposing her small little hairless twat and asshole for me to plunder.

I leaned down and began licking her slit from top to bottom. I made sure that I stopped and slipped my tongue into her anus. I licked and darted my tongue inside of her anal rosebud.

Jill kept her ankles up at her ears. She leaned down and kissed Dakota. I thought to myself how sexy and passionate my gorgeous wife looked. After licking for several minutes, I moved my torso up to lay my still hard cock at the opening of her pussy.

“Be gentle” Jill whispered to me.

“I will.”

I looked over at Bob, worried that I may have changed his opinion of us with that slap on Melanie’s cheek. Bob was cradling his wife’s head and they were in a passionate make-out session, both fully naked.

I gently pushed my cock into Dakota. She let out a gasp. I stopped allowing her body to adjust for my intruder into her womanhood. I pushed in a couple of more inches, again her gasping at the gentle invasion.

After several minutes, I finally had my entire manhood deep inside of her. I was sure that my cockhead had passed her cervix and the tip was now inside of her womb. I began moving my cock in and out of her slowly, gently. Jill, still holding Dakota’s ankles leaned down and kissed Dakota. She responded by parting her lips to allow Jill’s tongue access into her mouth.

Dakota moaned into Jill’s mouth as I was fucking her deeply and slowly.

“Oh Jill, you are so lucky. I’m…I’m…. envious.” Dakota said to Jill as they parted their kiss.

“Dakota, I’m the lucky one. Look at her. She is the total package.” I replied.

Dakota was very tight. Clearly, she didn’t get very much fucking. Her pussy was grasping my cock as I slid in and out of her. Orgasms rolled through her over and over. Her breathing became more of a pant. She was moaning and moaning over and over.

I began to pick up speed in my thrusting. Dakota was now moaning loudly.


I felt her woman juice wet my thighs. She came over and over, all over my cock. Jill gently released the ankles. Dakota stayed folded in half while my cock was still buried into her.

Jill whispered into Dakota’s ear, “Darling, I want my turn with my husband. You have to give him up for a bit.”

“NOOOOOOOOO. This feels so fucking good.” Dakota responded.

With that, I withdrew my cock from Dakota’s still tight womanhood.

Jill just pushed me back onto my back on the floor of the jet. She stepped off the couch and climbed onto my still hard cock. Up and down, Jill controlled the fucking. Jill leaned over and kissed me. She licked my neck and nibbled on my ear. I just kept up my gentle fucking. I would push up as she was lowering herself. Jill still was making my heart flutter each time I looked into her beautiful eyes. I tried to sit up only to have Jill push me back down onto the carpeted floor of the jet.

I finally felt that distinctive tingle in my balls. I knew that I was about to cum. I kept raising my ass off the carpet to meet Jill’s thrusting. Then it happened.



As we uncoupled, I looked over to where the Jaxson’s were. However, they weren’t there any longer. I asked Dakota where they went. She said that they either went to their bed or to the shower to clean up.

“Shower? On a jet?” I asked.

“Oh yes, their jet has custom things that very few planes have. A bedroom, a bathroom, a galley, and of course you have seen the living area.” Dakota explained.

Dakota got up and walked through the galley to check on the Jaxson’s. When she learned of their whereabouts, she came back to the living area and offered us to use the shower. However, she let us know that the shower was only a shower for one.

I offered Jill and Dakota to use it first. I said I would just wait out here until each of them finished cleaning up.

As Jill and Dakota left the living area, I overheard Dakota tell her to be quick as there isn’t much water in a jet to shower.

When each of the ladies finished cleaning up, they both came back out to the living area still naked. I stood up, my manhood beginning to stir seeing two gorgeous women walk towards me.

Dakota asked Jill if she would be upset if she had sex with me again.

“Darling, you are more than welcome to share my husband.” Jill said with a big beautiful smile.

Dakota took my hand and walked me over to one of the luxurious reclining chairs. She offered the chair to me. I sat down in the chair. Instead of kneeling in front of me as I expected, she climbed up on top of me and impaled herself on my hard cock.

I just reclined the chair and let her do all the work. She rode me, raising herself up and down on my pelvis. My steel-hard cock disappearing into the cute lithe blonde. It didn’t take very long before I heard her breathing change and become very intermittent. I felt her pussy clamp tighter and tighter around my manhood. I felt her whole-body spasm on top of me. After several minutes of her orgasming, she began to tire and leaned forward putting her arms around my neck.

She kissed me very passionately. Her tongue darted into my mouth. She bit my lower lip gently, teasing me. She whispered into my ear sweet whispers offering herself to me, no questions asked.

I felt my balls again twitch, knowing that I was about to explode inside of my new lover.

When I finally came, I exploded into her. It felt like the orgasm was twice the amount of man juice that I shot earlier. As my orgasm subsided, Jill leaned over and kissed me.

“You are so sexy when you are fucking someone else. I just love watching you with other beautiful women. You are so very sexy my darling.” Jill whispered into my ear.

Dakota had leaned onto my chest only to fall asleep from the amount of sexual energy all of us expended. I sat the chair back to its original position. I stood up gently picking Dakota up and laying her on one of the couches. Jill had found a nice soft blanket and covered her up as she slept.

Jill walked me down to the shower area explaining that I should only take about a 3 to 5-minute shower. Just long enough to wash the cum off me. I kissed her and climbed into the shower.

After my quick shower, I got out and dried off. I walked back to the living area to dress. Dakota was still sleeping on the couch. Jill was fully dressed. I began to dress when Melanie appeared.

“David, Jill while my husband sleeps, I want to invite the both of you to stay at our home in the Hamptons. We would really appreciate if you would agree as we don’t want you guys to have to stay in some stuffy hotel. What do you say?” Mel asked.

I looked over at Jill and shrugged my shoulders, letting her know that she would be making this decision.

“Ok, we would be honored. Thank You, Melanie.” Jill said.

“Great, now can someone wake Dakota? She needs to make me a drink and one for my husband.” Mel asked.

Jill walked over to Dakota and gently shook her until she woke.

Melanie walked over to me. She whispered into my ear, “Thank you. This is one of my best flights ever. I’m so glad my husband insisted on coming out to surprise the both of you.”

Mel leaned into me and kissed me very passionately. She cupped my face while she kissed me.

I looked at Jill who was just smiling from ear to ear with that big beautiful smile of hers. Jill walked over and joined in the kiss. All three of our tongues were darting back and forth between the other two.

I noticed that Dakota was no longer on the couch. In fact, she wasn’t even in the living area.

I felt a hand grab my ass and give it a squeeze. It was Melanie.

The pilot came on the intercom announcing that we had begun our decent into JFK. He also said that the limo is currently waiting to take us to the house in Southampton.

I felt a sharp adjustment to the jet and heard the landing gear go down and lock into place.

Jill and I took our spot on one couch and Mel sat in the other reclining chair.

We touched down on the runway. Jill’s eyes got wider as she enjoyed the thrill of landing. As we were taxiing to the planes final resting spot Mel got up and went to get her husband.


The jet came to a final resting stop and the hatch was opened, I let Jill leave the plane first, followed by Melanie, myself, and finally Bob. Their limo was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. The driver opened the rear door. He was tall and of Hispanic descent.

“Hector, please call and find out if Per Se is available to us.” Bob said to his driver.

“Yes, sir”

We all climbed into the limo. Jill and I sat with our backs to the driver and Bob and Mel sat facing us.

“Bob, on the flight you made a statement that keeps roaming around in my head. You said that we needed a ‘revolution’. What did you mean by that?” I asked.

“Well, David with all that happened on the flight…. THAT is what you came away with? That is funny. I’m glad to see that you’re not distracted by great sex and you are thinking all the time. That’s a sign of a big picture thinker, while never forgetting the day to day challenges. Which is why I believe you would make a great senior manager for me.” Bob said.

I sat there knowing that I’m missing something.

“David, I see how the limo company can make 10 times the money it currently makes. However, it needs something drastic to move the owners over to wanting to sell. What needs to happened is a revolution. Think about it. What is a revolution, but a sudden change in direction, be it a company’s direction or a country’s leadership. It’s all the same.” Bob explained to me.

He was absolutely right! We needed a plan to put into place to get the current owners willing to move to a position to sell. The million-dollar question is “how”?

I saw Jill smiling. I just knew that her brain was working overtime.

Jill piped up, “I may just have an idea on how to make the revolution work.”

“Well, don’t keep us waiting. Do tell.” Melanie chimed in.

“Ok, I see it as a three-step plan. First step: The Police need to put pressure on the company. Second step: Get the Feds involved on the slavery contracts, like the one with Tina. Third and final step: When the Russian brothers call wanting to sell, act very disinterested. Low ball their offer by at least 50%” Jill explained to us.

We all sat there amazed with the simplicity of her plan. It sounded like a very successful idea. The only issue I could see was how to get the Feds involved. Bob looked over at me as I was deep in thought.

“David, the answer to the question you are thinking is: The ACLU and the Washington Post.” Bob retorted as if he was a mind reader.

“Perfect” was all I could say.

Melanie chimed in, “You probably don’t know this, I know that Bob knows, but I have a sorority sister who is a manager for the Washington Post. I could take her out to lunch and just drop Tina’s contract issue into the conversation. They would eat that up.”

Bob added, “I can call a friend who works for the ACLU.”

Jill added, “David and I know a City Police Sargent that we trust,”

There you have it. A simple three step plan.

However, we needed to discuss what to do once we acquire the company. My mind went from Revolution to Evolution. How do we institute change in the company to make it more profitable; better place for the staff to work; and rules to guard against anyone flexing their own agenda?

Hector called on the intercom, “I’m taking you to Per Se. They said that they will have a table ready for you whenever we get there.”

“Thank you, Hector.”

We spent the rest of the ride just chatting about how to make the limo company better. Jill and I talked about adding some veteran drivers from other companies. We discussed security for our female drivers. We discussed setting up retirement and bonus plans for all employees. We even discussed how to stay in the gray area of the law to not raise suspicions of local, state, and federal authorities. Bob came up with the idea of Kolej Escort employee stock ownership. He explained that if the business is going to be successful and stay under the radar of law enforcement then the employees should want to protect the company and stock ownership would achieve just that.

When we arrived at the restaurant, Hector opened the door to allow us to exit the limo.

The inside of Per Se was like no restaurant that I had ever seen. Jill almost squeaked with excitement as we entered one of the top restaurants in New York.

Our meal took almost 4 hours. We had some wine. We had a delicious 9 course chef’s special meal. We had delightful conversation about many things, not just about the limo company. By the end of the meal, I had pretty much decided to go work for Bob no matter how the revolution played out.

Jill leaned into my ear and whispered, “Darling, I know you’re good, but are you really THAT good? Listening to the amount of money he’s talking about starting is incredible. Really honey?” When she stopped whispering in my ear, she lightly nibbled on my earlobe and gave me a smooch on the cheek.

I made an offer to Bob as we were finishing dessert, “Bob, I believe that I would really enjoy working with you. I’m prepared to make you an offer of what I believe would be a fair offer for me to come work in your company.”

Bob seemed interested.

“Bob, you already talked about paying me $900,000 a year with the standard bonus and benefit package. However, I want to make this the very last employer I ever must work for. Here’s what I was thinking: Reduce my pay to $750,000 per year but match that amount dollar for dollar and hire Jill. While it does increase your overall cost by $600,000 it provides you with not one but two dedicated people that would join your organization. I tell you this knowing that you already know Jill is pregnant. I believe that she has already demonstrated just how good she is at thinking through and anticipating problems and thus creating solutions. We would report only to you and no one else. We certainly would be willing to sign a multiyear contract with certain specific days off since we will be starting a family soon. Plus, we would appreciate the opportunity to remain living in the town we currently live and not have to move to New York.”

“David, that sounds like a reasonable offer. I need to spend some time talking to my wife. Would you mind if we tabled this discussion until the end of your visit?”

Jill spoke up, “That would be wonderful. We’ll address this again on Tuesday before we leave on Wednesday.”

Everyone smiled. Somehow, I felt in my heart that the offer would be accepted, and Jill and I would go to work for someone that actually cares.

As we left the restaurant, we all discussed lots of things: politics, sports, general interests, traveling, family, and oddly enough great sex. It turns out that Bob and Melanie are just a couple of wealthy horndogs.

Every night we spent at the Jaxson’s house in Southampton made us feel as if we were in a dream. For a week, we lived a lifestyle that we had never been bold enough to imagine.

The house in Southampton was built like a castle. The square footage of this monstrous home was more than 100,000 square feet. 15 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms (obviously designed by a woman), the home had a personal chef, several housekeeping staff, a wine cellar, a movie room, and a business office that was larger than my entire apartment. As someone who’s background was in food service, their kitchen rivaled any restaurant kitchen that I had ever seen. In addition to the sizable kitchen, there was a food pantry and a prep area that was separate from the actual working kitchen. The home also had an Olympic sized swimming pool and a workout room with exercise equipment that would rival even the best workout facilities. The Jaxson’s also had a personal masseuse, a limo driver (Hector), and a 12-car warehouse on the grounds. This was certainly living the life of luxury; Jill and I were quite simply……AMAZED.

The whole house just reeked of money. Expensive artwork on the walls, wonderful stone sculptures positioned throughout the home, even the furniture was amazing in each room.

Mel piped up with a source of pride in her voice that she had done most of the interior designing with Bob adding some finishing touches for a more personal touch. She also went on to tell us that this home was not the largest one in Southampton, there were several much larger.

“Much larger?” I asked.

She didn’t mention any names of the owners, but she did say that there was one home that was more than a half a million square feet. I stood there completely flabbergasted. Mel did say that the owner of that home is quite the asshole, which caused a loud belly-laugh from all of us.


As the house tour was ending, Jill spoke up asking Mel, “What’s the story on Hector? He looks Yummy!”

I just smiled. I knew where this was headed.

Mel replied, “Well my dear, Hector is totally available to you, me, or anyone. He is quite the horny bastard. Do you want me to summon him for you?”

“Yes, she would love for you to do that.” I answered for Jill.

“By the way, he is BI if you’re interested.” Mel said to me with a wicked grin.

Mel picked up the house phone, punched in a couple of numbers and summoned Hector to the downstairs living room.

Hector showed up just a few minutes after being summoned.

“Yes, Ma’am. Is there something I can do for you?”

“Why yes Hector, this nice couple were asking me if you were available for some playtime?” Mel replied

“Would you be joining Ma’am?”

“Only if I’m invited.”

“Mel, we are guests in your beautiful home. You and Bob are most certainly invited to join us in any play we do here. You do not need an invitation. We are always interested in people joining us for wonderful healthy play!” I said to Mel.

I added on, “Hey, is there any chance we can get that cute blonde from the jet, Dakota to join us? Your husband and I were going to DP her, but it never happened, just though if she’s available maybe him and I can get a second shot.”

Mel replied, “That’s a wonderful idea. Jill and I can tag team Hector and you and Bob can tag team Dakota. Sounds wonderful to me?”

Melanie picked up the phone again, punched in more buttons and summoned Dakota to come to the downstairs living room.

Several minutes passed before she arrived. When she did arrive, she was wearing a tight-fitting wife beater tee shirt and some jean daisy duke shorts and white sneakers. It didn’t appear as if she was wearing a bra since she had no strap marks on her shoulders.

Melanie then called Bob. She spoke softly and hung up the phone.

“Bob sends his regrets as he is involved in a long-distance phone call to Japan and thinks he will be tied up for a while. He said to get started and if his business ends in a reasonable time he will join us.

Hector and I smiled at each other. We knew what we had just gotten ourselves into, two guys, three beautiful women……GAME ON!

Mel led all of us to the entertainment room, which she initially called it the movie room, but somehow ‘entertainment room’ seemed more appropriate.

I said in a soft voice to Hector, “Hey, just wanted to let you know that Jill has bruised rib on her right side, please be careful.”

“Yes sir, I will be gentle.”

Melanie led us to their entertainment room. It was a room without windows. The walls were painted dark. A rather large screen on one wall, another Bose sound system and controls for whatever movie to be played.

Mel and Jill walked together ahead of Hector and I, with Dakota following all of us.

Jill and Mel began kissing Hector. I spun around and gently grabbed Dakota and kissed her.

The ladies were undressing Hector with fervor. Jill working on his pants with Mel working on his shirt. Hector kicked off his own shoes as Jill had his pants unbuckled and unzipped ready to pull them down. She put a finger of each hand inside his boxers and pulled them down simultaneously with his pants to reveal his manhood.

“mmmm, that looks delicious.: Jill said

“It is” Mel replied with a great big smile.

Jill knelt and began licking Hectors already hard cock. He was a bit longer than mine, but not as thick. While Jill was working on his manhood, Mel was kissing him, licking his neck, and sucking on his nipples. Hector began lightly moaning as Jill’s tongue was beginning to work furiously on his stiff cock. He reached behind her head and forced his throbbing manhood deeper into her throat causing her to gag just a bit. When his balls were touching her chin, he stopped just keeping his cock in the back of her throat.

Mel kept licking and nibbling his nipples. She raised one hand and began twisting his other nipple that she was not sucking on. Jill also reached up and began lightly squeezing his balls all the while keeping his cock in the back of her throat

Suddenly, Hector stiffened up and began cumming into Jill’s throat. He surely didn’t last very long. As he fired his last rope of cum into Jill’s waiting mouth, he moaned loudly and stumbled backward towards one of the leather couches. He just kind of collapsed onto the couch.

Jill stood up with a kind of ‘pouty’ face. She certainly was expecting more…. allot more.

I saw the lust in Jill’s eyes as she sauntered over to Dakota and I. Jill again, knelt behind Dakota, spread her ass cheeks and began rimming her tight anal rosebud. Dakota began moaning into my mouth.

I felt Dakota begin to stroke my rock-hard cock. I suggested that we move to one of the couches, so we did.

I laid back on the blue couch with my head resting comfortably on the armrest. Dakota knelt between my legs and began giving me a blowjob. Jill knelt on the floor, still rimming Dakota’s cute little ass.

I glanced over towards Hector to see Mel furiously sucking his cock trying to re-inflate his manhood. Hector just sat there doing nothing but enjoying Melanie’s hard work. I thought to myself ‘what a lazy fuck he is’ and returned my thoughts to Dakota’s wonderful tongue.

I stroked Dakota’s hair. I reached under her chest and began playing with her beautiful chest. I gently squeezed and twisted each nipple causing her to moan on my cock. The vibration of her moan felt decidedly wicked on my cock. My hips were now beginning to thrust my pecker into her wanton mouth. I felt the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat. She gagged a little, swallowing and putting my bulbous head into her throat.

Jill stopped what she was doing to look over to Mel. She had Hector only partially hard, but it appeared if Hector was napping, not enjoying Melanie’s hard work. Jill used her index finger to summon Mel to join us on the blue couch. She stopped what she was doing to Hector, got up and walked over to us.

I spoke up to her, “Mel, sit right down here.” Pointing to my face.

Melanie climbed up onto the arm of the couch and squatted her love nest over my face. I reached up and grabbed her hips pulling her down on to my face. I began my assault on her womanhood. I licked her labia, nibbling on each lip.

Melanie said, “Oh, my gawd. I needed this.”

The BJ that Dakota was giving me was splendid. She was licking, sucking, and swallowing my steel-hard cock. Occasionally, she would stop sucking my cock to put her wet mouth around one of my balls. It took lots of focus to keep pleasuring Melanie while Dakota was sucking my manhood.

I decided to up the ante on Mel. I used one of my thumbs to start doing little circle on her clit, firm but not overly hard. Melanie began moaning, loudly.

I felt Dakota’s body begin to tense up. Obviously what Jill was doing to this lithe blonde girl was effective. I was the recipient of Dakota’s moaning as the vibrations of her moans were on my cock. It felt wonderful!

Dakota was the first to explode into a loud orgasm.

“oooooohhhhhhh ffffffuuuuuuccccckkkkkk” was all she could say.

As Dakota was cumming, I felt Melanie’s sweet woman juice splash my face. I drank it up as fast as I could. She tasted so sweet.


That woke Hector up. He rubbed his now flaccid cock trying to get it to resurrect. He sat there with a dejected look on his face as he realized that he fell asleep after cumming. Hector kept stroking and stroking his cock, it began to rise a bit, but not very much. Dejectedly, Hector got up and started putting his clothes back on. He left the room, but sadly, no one seemed to care.

Dakota was still sucking me, and Mel was still grinding her sweet sex on my face. Jill stopped rimming Dakota and walked over to Mel and began kissing her. This got Melanie to start really grinding her pussy onto my face. I changed tactics again. I used my other hand to insert a finger into her anus. Mel let out a yelp.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and it opened. Bob had arrived! He quickly stripped and put his cock next to mine in front of Dakota’s face. Jill stopped kissing Mel to kneel in front of Bob and begin her oral talents on his manhood. She licked his purple helmet and began gently squeezing his balls.

Melanie orgasmed again loudly and collapsed onto my chest. She was still lucid but exhausted. Dakota stopped licking my cock. She got up and climbed on top of my pelvis impaling herself onto my still hard cock. She dropped herself down forcing my manhood into her in one swoop. She began riding me, hard. I heard her pant and begin to howl. Her breathing was stuttered at best. Harder and harder she ground her wet womanhood into my pelvis. She began grinding in circles, rocking back and forth on my cock.

Jill had Bob moaning quite loudly. He put his hands on the back of her head and began thrusting his cock in and out of Jill’s beautiful mouth. She stopped bobbing her head and just let him fuck her mouth.

Mel began to stir. She had regained her strength and stepped off my face. She kissed me and licked my face removing the sweet juice that her pussy had splashed all over me.

Then Bob said something that made me freeze.

“David, as I’m fucking your wife’s mouth, will you fuck me in the ass?”

I looked over at him. I didn’t know what to say. My wife put a thumbs up with her hand that was closest to me. Dakota also gave me a thumbs up. Mel, well she whispered into my ear that Bob would only ask that if he felt completely comfortable with me.

“ok, I haven’t been with a guy since college, I’m probably not that good.”

Mel squealed with delight as this was something that really turned her on. Her husband being dominated by someone fucking him…. hard.

I asked Dakota to get off me. She obliged. I sat up. My cock still a raging hard-on and very wet from Dakota’s furry love hole. I got up and walked around to the back of Bob. He was still fucking my wife’s face. I spread his ass cheeks, grabbed the base of my cock and put the tip at the anal opening. I pushed in, gently at first.

“Harder, I like to be taken!” Bob directed.

I pushed in my cock till I was pelvis to ass crack. I put my hands on his hips getting into the rhythm he had fucking Jill’s pretty mouth. Dakota spread my ass cheeks and began rimming me in the same fashion that Jill had done to her a few minutes ago.

I felt Bob’s ass begin to tighten around my cock as he approached a monstrous orgasm.

“OOOOOHHHHH MMMMMYYYYY GGGGGAAAAWWWWDDDD.” Bob howled. It felt as if he was pumping my wife’s pretty mouth with a gallon of his seed. Jill took all, not missing a drop. I just kept fucking his ass as Jill got up from Bob’s cock and walked over to Mel to deposit Bob’s man juice into her open mouth. Damn, that was one sexy scene between my wife and Bob’s wife.

As Dakota was still rimming me, I felt that familiar twinge. My balls began to tighten up. I knew I was close. I told Bob that I was close, and he pushed his ass harder into my crotch. Dakota could feel my balls tightening up and stopped her ass licking. Dakota got up and joined Mel and my wife in a lustful three-way kiss, tasting Bob’s spunk on Jill’s tongue.

Finally, I came…. loudly.


All three girls stopped their kiss to watch me empty my balls into Bob’s tight ass.

This made Bob cum again, shooting three or four ropes of cum onto the floor. Dakota dove down to the floor and began lapping it up like a dog at a water dish. When the floor was all cleaned, she moved to Bob’s cock to clean it off.

I pulled out of Bob’s ass, seeing my cum began to dribble out of his anal cavity. Mel stepped in to begin sucking my cum out of Bob’s ass. She lapped it up moaning and stopped to say, “David, what the hell do you do to make your cum taste so sweet. Maltepe Escort I have never tasted a man’s cum that was so damn sweet.”

Jill piped up, “I had forgotten about that. What the hell do you do David?”

“Pineapple juice. I drink at least 12 ounces a day. An old girlfriend when I was just a teenager told me to do that daily and no woman would ever complain about the taste of my cum, And she was right!”

Bob went over to the couch where Hector took his nap. Melanie curled up next to him with her head on his chest.

I sat down on the blue couch with Jill on one side of me and Dakota on the other side. They leaned over my chest and kissed each other again.

We were all spent.


Apparently, we all dozed off. Dakota was the first to wake. She got up off my chest and quietly slipped off the couch and began dressing.

“Where are you going?” I whispered to her.

“I thought we were all done, so I was leaving.” She replied.

“Are you enjoying this? I certainly would like you to stay. I wasn’t finished with you just yet, and I know my wife isn’t finished with you yet either…. If you’re willing to stay.” I told her in a soft voice trying not to wake anyone else.

“I would love to stay. I haven’t felt this wonderful in quite a long time.”

“Then get back over here and let me begin to play with you again.” I quipped.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to make your wife mad at me.”

“Dakota, you are a beautiful woman who is so sexy and talented. If you could drive a limo, I would hire you immediately.” I said with a big cheesy smile.

“Really? You’re just teasing me, aren’t you?” she replied.

“No, he’s not” Jill spoke up.

I could see Jill’s mind working again.

“David, how about you fuck me while I eat Dakota? Sound like fun?” Jill proposed.

Dakota took her clothes back off.

Dakota laid down on the other end of the blue couch, with her head resting on the opposite couch arm. Jill moved off my chest and spread Dakota’s lithe sexy legs putting her face into Dakota’s womanhood. I stood up and walked over to Dakota asking her to wet my cock, so I could fuck Jill. She obliged, slobbering all over my erect manhood.

I quickly walked back behind Jill, gently placing my cock tip at her anal opening. Jill stopped for a moment, turned her head towards me and teased me saying that I was going to be a naughty boy.

I gently pushed into her. I pushed slowly until my balls were touching Jill’s slit. With each thrust of my cock, it pushed Jill’s face into Dakota’s pussy. Jill began to rub Dakota’s clit with one hand as her tongue was darting inside of her.

My fucking was rhythmic, firm but not hard as I still didn’t want to hurt Jill’s bruised ribs.

“Harder please” Jill requested putting her face back into Dakota’s pussy.

I began to thrust with more vigor. In and out, over and over again. Jill’s breathing became short and stuttered. She began moaning into Dakota’s wet, wanton womanhood.

Dakota was the first of us three to cum, and cum loudly she did.


I looked over to the Jaxson’s worrying about what Dakota had just said. They were napping just as Hector was napping. Must be that couch! Some sort of sleepy juju on it to cause people to fall asleep during wonderful sex, I told myself.

I kept pumping my cock into Jill’s tight ass. Jill began to moan. I knew that she was really close, yet she kept licking and sucking on Dakota.

All at once, they both came simultaneously.


I felt Jill’s ass clamp around my cock, causing me to erupt inside of her.

“JILL, I FUCKING LOVE YOU!” I said loudly as I shot my man juice deep into her bowels.

She moaned as her body was still orgasming, clamping repeatedly around my now deflating cock.

As the three of us came back down from the sexual crescendo, Dakota got up and with wobbly legs sat herself down between Jill and me. She looked at Jill with her heart in her eyes. Jill leaned into her kissing her passionately, wrapping her arms around her and holding her tightly throughout the kiss. As their lips parted, Dakota turned her head and whispered to me, “No one has ever made me feel so loved, so wanted. Please kiss me, I beg of you.”

I also put my arms around Dakota, with Jill still holding her. I leaned into her and our lips met in what could only be described as a loving tender kiss between lovers. Jill watched and smiled with love in her eyes, knowing that we together had made someone else feel wanted. I parted my lips and Dakota did as well. Our tongues intertwined. Her body felt so small at that moment. The kiss lingered on for several minutes before Bob and Melanie startled us by getting up off the sleep couch.

I broke from the kiss. I leaned over Dakota to kiss Jill. She also parted her lips intertwining her tongue with mine. Dakota leaned her head into Jill’s ample chest and put her arms around Jill. When Jill and I broke from out kiss, I asked Bob for permission to take Dakota back home with us. He readily agreed. He said that he saw the way Dakota took to us and they had sensed that she was beginning to get frustrated with them.

Dakota tried to deny that, but I believed that Bob was spot-on. When Bob agreed, Dakota smiled and hugged Jill much harder causing Jill to yelp in pain.

“Oh fuck, what did I do?” Dakota exclaimed.

“Don’t worry about it. I just have bruised ribs from an auto accident a couple of weeks ago. No worries my darling. You didn’t actually hurt me, it’s just a bit tender right were your hand was on my ribs.” Jill said in a calming voice.

Dakota’s smile returned knowing, she didn’t actually hurt Jill.

“Dakota, my darling, start packing your bags. You will be going home with us in a couple of days.” Jill said.

Dakota was so excited, she literally squeaked.

Melanie got up first and walked over to a door, opened it and went inside and shut the door behind her. When we heard the toilet flush, Jill stood up and claimed to us all that she was next. Melanie exited the bathroom carrying several neatly folded towels. She handed one to each of us to clean up with and leaving one on the couch for Jill.

As we cleaned ourselves up, Jill exited the bathroom with Dakota declaring herself to be next in line.

I began to dress as did Jill. Melanie was already dressed when Dakota exited the bathroom with Bob scurrying into the bathroom next with my cum still running down his legs.

We all waited until Bob exited the bathroom and began dressing.

Once we were all dressed, we left the entertainment room, turning out the lights as we left.


The rest of the week, the Jaxson’s treated us better than Jill or I have ever been treated. I asked Bob if he would mind if we had Dakota tag along. He, of course, agreed. He said that hanging out with Jill and I would probably give her more self-confidence. He said that he worried that she was a broken soul and was in need of someone in her life that would help her become a stronger woman, not just a doormat.

Jill told Dakota the news, that she was to stay with us for the rest of the trip and then fly home to our house on the west coast.

Every night, the five of us had wonderful, mind-blowing, lustful, wanton sex. We did not include Hector although Melanie spoke to him privately asking what happened. He replied that he was ‘intimidated’ by me and so many women. He felt that he just didn’t measure up and he was embarrassed that he fell asleep. Melanie assured him that she didn’t feel any different about him and that he would be asked to join her and Bob in future play times. He liked that idea.

As the evening before our departure, the five of us ate dinner together. Their personal chef, Jean-Paul, cooked us a fabulous meal. He made for us, Duck Confit, braised vegetable mixture in a garlic and apple seasoning, a spinach salad that included tomatoes/almonds/Vidalia onions/eggs/cheese/yellow and red peppers. He also made a dressing for the salad that was delicious. When the dessert arrived, he had us eating his own version of Crème Brulee, which probably added 10 pounds to each of us as it was so decadent. I thought to myself that it was probably wonderful that we were expending so many calories thru the wonderful sexercises.

Since this was our last night with the Jaxson’s, Bob brought up our discussion of my offer.

Bob began, “David, I have discussed with Mel your offer. We do not think it is a fair offer.”

I sat there stunned.

Jill was stunned.

Even Dakota had a bewildered look on her face. Although, I’m not entirely sure she knew what Bob and I had discussed.

There was a couple of minutes of stunned silence. I felt my heart in my throat.

Then Mel smiled. I knew something was up.

Bob spoke again, now smiling, “David, we think you are low-balling yourself to get Jill hired on. Mel gave me an idea that I think is wonderful. Let me counter your offer with one of our own……We will hire you as our Senior Vice President in charge of ALL operations of most of the companies that we own. You will oversee the hotel chain, the restaurants, the trucking company, and hopefully the limo company. Our company will purchase a new home of your choosing up to 5 million dollars and pay for a gym membership and a country club membership of your choosing. You will have use of our second jet the Gulfstream G500. You will only report to me directly. We ask that you sign a multi-year contract, 5 years to start with, then upon the completion of the first contract a 10-year renewal commitment. Your bonus structure will be 4.5% of the net profits of all the operations that you oversee with an annual cap of 100 million dollars. Your annual salary will be $5 million dollars. We would expect you to become the face of our organization allowing Mel and I to travel and enjoy life, rather than me working 70-80 hours every week. You would handle operations, while I get to do what I enjoy…. making deals and acquiring smaller companies or competitor companies.”

Mel now began, “Jill, that brings us to you. Now, we can’t offer you the exact same amenities that we offered David. There won’t be any house for you to get and you’ll just have to ‘force yourself’ to ride with David in the second jet. Yet, Bob and I see the immense value that you have so we propose this: You will take over as Vice President of Financial Affairs. You will oversee our finance company, turning it around to become more customer friendly and much more profitable. You will also oversee all the Human Resource operations in all our brands. You will also take charge of the training programs in all our brands. Your salary will also be 5 million dollars annually. We expect you to sign a multi-year contract the same as David’s. Since you will be handling things such as the Human Resource departments and the training departments that don’t create any profits, you will make as a bonus 1.15% of the financial company’s net sales, with a cap of 50 million annually. In addition, we expect you to install an employee stock ownership program to help reduce our turn-over as it seems to be on the rise at an alarming rate.”

Bob said, “Which brings us to you Dakota.”

Dakota’s eyes grew wide with amazement. She never even considered that she would ever be part of a conversation at this level. She was basically happy just being invited to the dinner.

“Dakota. Both my wife and I will miss you. You have been a source of pride for us. You always conducted yourself in a manner that that never made us think for even one minute that you were a bad choice. Which is why we are proposing the following for you to consider. We would like for you to be David’s personal assistant. You would be close to him and available to him for any of his business needs. The organization will pay your salary for the next two years. We are going to raise your salary to $100,000 per year. After the two years are finished, you would need to negotiate a new contract with David and Jill. Any bonus will be at David’s discretion and should be negotiated with him. We trust that you will continue to conduct yourself in the same manner that you have with us. We both realize that you have been privy to many inside conversations and yet you have said nothing to anyone about what you have seen, heard, or done while you worked for us. We would also like to give you a car, a new car. The one you drive is old and quite frankly, it is crappy. You pick the car out, let David know which car you would like, and he’ll make arrangements to have it bought for you.” Bob explained to a disbelieving Dakota.

Which lead Bob to ask all three of us, “What do you three say to our offer?”

I leaned into Jill, kissed her on the cheek. She whispered just four words into my ear, “TAKE THE FUCKING OFFER!” I smiled giving her another kiss and moved over to Dakota. She kissed me on the cheek and said, “I’ll do whatever you think is right. I promise to make you proud of me.”

I smiled. I looked at Bob and Melanie.

“After conversation with my two beautiful women. We ALL accept your offer.”

Bob and Mel smiled and laughed welcoming us to the organization.

I added, “Bob, Melanie…. if you don’t mind. I would like to celebrate privately with Jill and Dakota tonight and then head home about lunchtime tomorrow, if that is OK with the both of you?”

We all stood up. There was lots of hugging and kissing and hand-shaking. Bob said that he would get our contracts over to us by the time we reach home tomorrow.

Jill whispered in my ear, “If you get Dakota, whom do I get?”

I thought for a moment and decided against the smart-ass answer of ‘Hector’ and went with my gut instinct, “I was thinking Tina.”

“That’s a wonderful idea. She needs the work and being my personal assistant would do wonders for her and me!” Jill said with delight.

Jill, Dakota, and I had an amazing night. There was lots of sucking. There was lots of fucking. Jill and I tag-teamed poor Dakota making her orgasm repeatedly. Jill said that she counted at least 10 major orgasms and countless minor ones. At about 4 am Dakota finally passed out, which allowed Jill and me, to have some time to enjoy each other. To make passionate love. To be tender and just hold each other. To cuddle and spoon, as we finally drifted off to sleep somewhere around sun-up.

When the phone rang in our bedroom, it was nearly 11 am. Dakota answered the phone. It was Hector. He asked if we were all ready to leave for the airport. She told him that we were running behind and would be ready in about 45 minutes. When she hung up, she began shaking Jill to wake her. As Jill sat up, yawning and stretching, Dakota ran around to my side of the bed and shook me to wake me. She explained that we all have less than 45 minutes to get in the car and head to the airport.

Jill got moving. She headed into the shower first to take a quick rinse-off. Dakota left our bedroom to head to her room to also take a quick shower and get her things. I left the bedroom wearing only a pair of shorts and a tee shirt heading to the kitchen for two glasses of OJ and one glass of pineapple juice. I also asked for coffee to be ready for Jill and Dakota to take to the airport. In addition, I asked the lady in the kitchen if she could make a couple of toasted fried egg sandwiches for each of us with a slice of tomato and mayo. This way we would not be flying on an empty stomach. The lady agreed. I picked up the two glasses of OJ and my glass of pineapple juice and headed back to our room.

Jill was now out of the bathroom. I kissed her, put the OJ down in front of her along with one for Dakota. I drank my pineapple juice down in one big gulp before heading into the shower. The water was refreshing, but I needed to be quick since time was of the essence.

When I finished in the bathroom, I saw that Jill was completely dressed waiting on me.

“Just like our first time in the hotel. Here I am waiting for you……hee hee.” Jill giggled.

I dressed. I grabbed both luggage bags and we headed out the door. Dakota was waiting for us. Hector was standing by the back door waiting to take our bags to the car. He already had Dakota’s three bags in the trunk of the car.

Jill had Dakota’s OJ and handed it to her. Dakota had a small cooler which held our sandwiches. Jill picked up the coffee for Dakota and her. We headed off to the car. Hector stood silently with the back door open waiting for us. We all climbed into the car and headed to the airport.

Dakota spoke up, “Jill, you are so lucky to have a wonderful husband like David. You two are perfect together. I hope one day I will be as lucky as you.”

Jill reached over and hugged Dakota and whispered into her hear, “Darling, I’m the lucky one. I found the right chauffeur to drive my life for the better!”

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