The Chance to Change Ch. 04

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Big thanks to my editor WokeUpOneDay, for the continued help on my story. Please check out his own work.

All feedback is appreciated, good and bad. I hope you all enjoy this chapter.

Next chapter is ready also, so I’ll be publishing it soon.

Chapter 4

We made our way up the stairs towards our destination. The first door on the right was the spare room, with a bathroom just opposite. My room was next to the spare room with an en-suite, so luckily we wouldn’t run into each other in the middle of the night. I opened the door for her and turned the light on. It was a reasonably sized room with a queen bed and built in wardrobes that mostly just housed my unused clothing.

“Here we are. For the night, this room is all yours. It isn’t fancy and might be a little dusty, but it should do the trick.”

Karla walked in and turned to look at me. “It’s perfect. Thank you Wyatt, for everything.” Karla smiled a heart stopping smile as she continued into the room.

“No problem. There’s a toilet just across from you and if you need anything, I’m in the room next door.” With that I grabbed the door handle to leave, taking one last look at the angel in my flat. “Night Karla.”

“Good night Wyatt.”

I wasn’t expecting an invitation into the room, but part of me wondered what I would have done if things had gone down that route. Would I have taken it? Or would I have had the strength to say no to the one woman that had my mind racing? I closed the door and walked to my own room.

It felt strange knowing I was only a wall away from a colleague in my own house. I had this overwhelming urge to keep everyone at a distance, but with Karla I wanted to be around her. I wanted to talk, get to know and enjoy the things I enjoy, with her. As I lay down on my bed, I thought about what was happening. My walls were falling down with every passing day and it terrified me that I might want to let it happen.

I remained awake for a couple of hours wondering if Karla was thinking about me, and if she was, what about? At 2AM, I heard faint sounds coming from the room next door that turned into small screams. I panicked at first and ran out of the room. Just as I was about to open her door, I stopped and thought that it might be a nightmare.

I decided just to poke my head in and check. I was right. Karla was sound asleep. The noises had all but stopped so I saw no need to involve myself further. I returned to my room, hoping to get some sleep.

I awoke at the usual time in the morning and went for a quick shower. There was no sign of Karla and I wasn’t about to go strolling into the room for her. After drying and changing into some clean clothes I continued downstairs to make breakfast. I took note that Karla’s coat was still on the hook so I began to cook for two.

Nearly finished with the preparation I heard footsteps from the stairs. Karla emerged from around the corner as she made her way to the kitchen. Her hair was slightly messy, although I could tell she had tried to compose it. But to my surprise she was wearing one of my white shirts. My heart pounded at the sight. The shirt was much too big for her, but it made her stand out as the pretty woman she was.

“Morning Karla. Sleep well?” I asked as I poured her a glass of juice.

She smiled and took a seat across the breakfast bar. “I did, thank you. The bed was so comfortable.”

I had never used the bed before. I then wondered why I even bought it while I started to dish up some of the food I had prepared. I passed the plate over to her as my eyes dropped down to her chest. I noticed, “She’s not wearing a bra!” My mind went into overdrive. I could just make out her nipples poking through the shirt, and had trouble looking away. Worried that I might get caught I quickly grabbed my plate and shifted further away.

Karla dug into her food as we both sat in relative silence. I couldn’t help but glance down at her bust every few seconds. A primal urge was forcing me to look as if I had no control over my actions. As I took another glance, Karla caught me staring. “Shit!” I thought.

The goddess looked down to see that her nipples were slightly poking through the shirt, and then looked at me. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t have anything else to wear.” Karla displayed an innocent look on her face as she spoke. “I can take it off if you want?” Her hands raised and started to undo the top button.

“No!” I stated in panic. “No, its fine. It’s an old shirt anyway.”

Karla smirked at my obvious excitement mixed with panic. “Thanks. I’ll wash it for you.”

I tried to compose myself but Karla had already undone two of the buttons, revealing her cleavage which was now staring me in the face. Karla could see my discomfort and seemed to be enjoying the effect it had on me.

We finished our breakfast and loaded the dishwasher. Karla had helped even though I told her it wasn’t necessary. She used the time to bounce around the kitchen, causing all kinds küçükçekmece escort of thoughts to fly through my head.

“Is it ok if I have a quick shower? I promise I won’t be long.” She looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes that could stop the inevitable dead in its tracks.

“Yeah, of course you can. There’s a shower room just down the hall to the left. I’ll grab you a towel.”

I returned a few moments later to give her the towel. As she turned to walk toward the room I couldn’t help but watch the woman walk away. “Yep. Walls are falling down. Walls are non existent at this point Wyatt.” I knew things were bad as I started talking to myself in the third person.

After Karla had showered and changed I offered to drive her home. I was partially sad that it had to come to an end. I didn’t want her to leave so soon since she made things interesting. I never knew what to expect with her, and that was something I had never experienced with anyone.

But in reality, I knew that it couldn’t continue. My job was conflicting with something that I wanted, someone that I wanted, and for the first time I didn’t know what to do.

On the drive to her place I asked if she was all right and if she needed anything. She assured me that everything was ok, and that I would be the first person she comes to if she did need something. Even though I was the boss of my own floor, it didn’t make me feel as special as hearing her say that she would come to me for help. I wondered if she was saying that just because I was her boss, or because I had actually made her feel comfortable around me.

I pulled up to the front of her place. “This might be obvious, but it’s probably best if you don’t tell anyone that you stayed at mine last night.”

Karla looked at me and smiled.

“God she’s pretty,” I thought.

“Why?” Karla asked with a playful grin. “Because people might think we got up to no good?” She moved in close to me.

“People might get the wrong idea that’s all.” I shifted in my seat trying to move further back as she got closer.

“We wouldn’t want that now, would we?” She was close now, pressing her assets together and gazing directly at me with an alluring stare.

Blood was rushing through my body as I wondered what was about to happen.

Our lips were once again mere inches away. Suddenly she stopped and spoke in a soft tone. “Thank you for last night Mr. Bennett. See you tomorrow.” With that she exited the car and all but ran into the building.

I was completely lost for words. My heart pounded and my palms grew sweaty as I tried to reboot my brain. “What the fuck just happened? How does she do that? Come on! Come to your senses man!”

Finally regaining some sort of motor function over myself, I journeyed home and prepared myself for work the next day. I began washing clothes, tidying the house up and making dinner, all before getting ready for bed and going to work like normal. While tidying I had noticed that Karla had taken my old shirt with her. I wasn’t sure why, but at a best guess she genuinely was going to clean it.

As I woke up the next day I found myself wondering whether or not Karla would show up to work. She seemed fine when we were together, but what is it like to go through an actual mugging? Would she be scared to walk alone from now on? Would work be too difficult now that she had a life threatening moment? These questions went through my mind as I went for my morning run.

I was earlier to work than usual so I delved deep into my paperwork from the get go, hoping that it would distract me from my previous questions. Staff members started turning up one after the other, nodding their heads and saying good morning to me. I cared less than usual about their greetings. I only wanted one person to appear out of the elevator doors.

The elevator door opened just as I looked toward it and sure enough, there she was, glowing like a beacon as she entered the room. An angel in disguise with a body built for sin. Karla walked directly up to my desk without any hesitation.

“Morning boss,” she said with her usual playful smile.

“Good morning Karla,” was all I could reply. Part of me was relieved and excited to see Karla again. Then it dawned on me that I had changed somehow. In little over a week I was changing into someone that cared for someone other than myself.

Karla smiled and walked away. I had to fight back the urge to watch as she left for her desk, but I forced myself to hold some sort of resistance at work.

About two hours later she made me cup of coffee, but didn’t linger to chat. The day was going well, paperwork was on course, I hadn’t seen my bosses and it was nearly lunch time. Monday was when I bought chips and ate at the park, as long as it wasn’t too cold. The good thing about autumn was that it’s warm in the day, so I bought my chips and sat in my favourite seat in the park opposite the firm.

I şişli escort had only been there a few moments before someone decided to sit next to me. At a quick glance I noticed it was a woman. I took a second look and it turned out to be none other than Karla.

“Karla what are you doing here?” For a split second I hated myself for asking so rudely.

“I just thought I’d keep you company. You did save my life the other night. It’s the least I could do.”

“What? No I didn’t. He had a knife to your neck. What was I supposed to do? It wasn’t heroic and you certainly don’t owe me anything.” I had spoken louder and angrier than I had meant to, but if I wanted to keep myself in line then I had to hold myself back.

A silence fell over us like a wet blanket. Karla still sat there, not moving a muscle. I began to feel guilty and did the only thing I could think of to break the tension, and offered her a chip. I reached my arm out with my paper of chips hoping it would do the trick. I couldn’t find any words to speak so I just nodded at her and then at the food.

Karla looked at me in all her splendour and smiled a heart-warming smile. Happily now eating chips together, Karla moved closer as we sat there in silence enjoying our food.

As we finished our chips we sat there enjoying the view we had. A gorgeous blue lake sat across from us, surrounded by dark green trees turning different shades of yellow and orange.

A breeze blew past us, colder than I expected for the time of year. Karla moved closer to me, I assumed on instinct from the cool breeze. I wondered what it would be like to have my arm wrapped around her, to keep her warm and maybe offer her my jacket, but resisted the urge. I shook the thought from my head, not wanting to get any more involved than I already was. I could feel my resolve failing the more I spent time with her. I knew I was faltering but started not to care.

It was Karla that spoke first. “Can you walk me home tonight after work?”

I wondered if I had heard her right. If I had, was I supposed to? Was it appropriate? Again I was stuck in my head, over thinking everything. I decided to switch off for a change, and just go with whatever I wanted to do.

“Umm, sure. Everything ok?”

“I’m fine. If it’s too much hassle then I can walk alone. In the dark. By myself. Alone.” Karla coyly smirked.

“Ok, ok I get it. No its fine. I can walk you home.”

“Thanks Wyatt.”

“It’s Mr. Bennett.” I sighed.

Karla laughed her usual enchanting laugh.

“Come on. Let’s go,” I said as I stood looking down at her.

“Ohh, but it’s only been like half an hour.”

“I know. We’re not going to the office just yet.” It was my time to smirk.

Karla raised her eyebrow suspiciously. I started walking away, which caused Karla to jump up quickly and follow me. We walked side by side through the park, going deeper and deeper into the trees. The path was old and covered in moss as we neared our destination.

We came to a great big tree that towered overhead, and just to the side of it was a gently worn track. Animals were the likely suspect for the path as not many people passed this part of the park. Karla looked reluctant to follow once we reached the slightly muddy track, but I convinced her it would be worth it.

“Please tell me this isn’t where you plan to mug and kill me. I’ve been taught by the best to aim for the feet in such situations. Or the nose,” Karla laughed as we continued, brushing off the ivy and branches in our way.

“No. But you’re more than welcome to give me your money if you want.”

“Hah! I think you have enough money,” she snickered back. “Where are we going boss? If you wanted to get me alone then all you had to do was ask.”

Even though I was in front and couldn’t see Karla’s face, I could tell she wore that flirty smile across her face. “Will you just trust me? It’ll be worth it I promise.”

Then, with one last branch to move out of the way, we were there. Straight ahead of us was an old stone bridge that overlooked a small pond with an overgrown and ancient looking water mill. Karla fell speechless as we walked to the bridge to gaze over the area. The water ran crystal clear, allowing us to see fish swimming peacefully under the bridge. The mill’s wheel still stood, covered in moss and small yellow flowers.

“This is gorgeous.” Karla’s words were quiet and drawn out as she absorbed the beauty set in front of her.

I couldn’t help but look at the woman beside me and completely agree.

“I found this place when I was a kid. We would often travel to this city on holiday for short weekends or my father’s business trips.” I looked out over the pond as I spoke. “One day during our holiday I told my father that I didn’t want to follow in his footsteps as a business man. The look of disappointment in his eyes hit me hard. I was only a kid at the time, maybe twelve or thirteen. We şirinevler escort stayed for two weeks, and as every day went by, my father would bring up how angry and how disgusted he was at me letting the family down about wanting a different path to his.”

Karla was watching me like a hawk as I spoke.

“I started to wonder if I was broken. With each passing day it got worse, as I started to think that I wasn’t a good person for letting my father down. On the last day, it got far worse. His words became harsher and harsher until finally I snapped. I ran out of the house and kept on running until I couldn’t walk straight. Eventually I came across this park, and found this place. Its beauty had me breathless, and it taught me a very valuable lesson.”

Karla gazed up at me and asked softly, “What was it?”

“I learnt that removing yourself from people can do a world of good and that you can still bloom and flourish without the people you thought you needed. Look at this place, it hasn’t seen anyone in decades and is more beautiful now than it has ever been.”

“Wyatt. Keeping everyone at arms length isn’t a bad strategy, but you have to let some people in. You have to trust that not all people will judge you on your decisions like your father.” She raised her hand and placed it on my arm.

I looked down to see Karla’s wide eyes staring into my own. “I know,” I moved in closer to her. “That’s why I brought you here. Up until a week ago I would have thought that there wasn’t a soul alive that would get me to open up about my family, but here we are. There’s something special about you. I just don’t know how to describe it.”

Karla didn’t respond. Instead she lunged forward and wrapped her arms around me in a hug. Her head was against my chest and her hair was lifting from the breeze into my face. I followed suit and put my arms around her as we both looked out over the pond. We remained like that for a few minutes.

I looked down at my watch, still holding Karla tight. “Shit! We’re going to be late.” I started to shimmy my way out of the hug but Karla held on.

“Two more minutes,” Karla murmured.

God, I didn’t want to let go. “Come on. I’d hate to have to sack you for late lunches a week into your job.”

Karla unwrapped herself from me and smacked my arm. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Well if you move your ass you might make it in time,” I teased.

“Yeah you’d like that wouldn’t you?” she grinned. “You leave first. You have to move the branches out of the way for me.” She looked cute as she spoke.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Fine. Come on, let’s get back to hell.” I turned to leave.

“Oh Wyatt,” Karla said as I began to walk away.

I turned around just to see Karla’s face get close to mine. She kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you for bringing me here.” With that she turned and headed for the path.

I had to snap myself out of it so I could catch up to her. We made it back to the office in pretty good time, but I told Karla to go in first and I would follow a few minutes after so it didn’t look suspicious. She rolled her eyes to this and swayed her hips more than usual as she walked away. I could tell my walls had fallen at this point, and it was only a matter of time before I jumped on her.

All seemed ok. No one noticed I was late and I didn’t think anyone was suspicious. The day was once again running smoothly without any hitches or differences, aside from the odd grin from Karla that is. I watched the clock as time seemed to slow to a near stop in anticipation of walking my new favourite colleague home.

Halfway through the afternoon Karla brought me a coffee. I took the opportunity to tell her that we should meet just down the road in the direction of her house, just in case we were seen walking away together. She rolled her eyes but agreed.

With Monday’s work finally coming to and end, I grabbed my things and made my way to the elevator. Karla had left a few minutes before me and I didn’t want her to be waiting alone for too long. I rounded the corner and my eyes fell upon the curvaceous Brunette, waiting for me just up ahead.

“Thank you for walking me home Mr. Bennett,” she smiled.

“We’re not in work now. You can call me Wyatt again, Ms. Wilding.”

Karla laughed as we made our way to her place. “Wyatt can I ask you a personal question?”

“If I said no, would you still ask?”


“Then no.”

“Ok so I was thinking about earlier. If you didn’t want to follow in your old man’s footsteps, then why did you, you know, become a business man?” She giggled slightly for still asking the question.

“When I returned back to our holiday home, I told myself that I wouldn’t become my father, nor would I ever again entertain any of his ideas. I never went away with him again. Anything he wanted me to do, I wouldn’t do it. I basically became a rebel, my way of putting my foot down I guess. When I finally turned eighteen I moved here, the only place I could think of to move at the time.”

I noticed as I was speaking that no matter what I was talking about, Karla would truly listen. It was amazing to know that there was someone that was genuinely interested in what I had to say. It didn’t matter if it was boring, repetitive or irrelevant, she listened. I found that to be more alluring than I had originally thought.

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