The Challenge

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This started as a response to all the “loving wives” stories of betrayal. I have written those myself as you do get far more views and responses, the emotions involved resonate with so many. The conclusions seldom suit many.

I started my writing journey looking for more proper loving wives’ stories not cheating wives’ stories. There appeared to be very few stories of strong, sensual marriages which didn’t involve hurt, disrespect. An idea came to mind to author a story of such a marriage, loving, caring, adventurous with no adultery, no non-consensual couplings, with love, respect and imagination. I boxed myself in but I hope I have found a way out. This will be my last submission at least for some time as I do need to get a life.

As usual, it expanded. Initially I had all the chapters written separately but saw how so many next chapters lost readers so decided to submit it in full. I don’t wish to reach Cagivagurl’s 53 page offering “The Date” but I might exceed Longhorn_07’s “Requital.”

The chapters are still here with explanations of their content. If your visit is solely for sex scenes, chapter five is non-stop sex! Whilst it is a long chapter it does have natural breaks. Be warned there are some scenes including crossdressing which I’ve found many get angry about but I’ve highlighted those sections so you can avoid should you wish.

Chapter One sets the scene. Due to one of their husband’s suggestive suggestion, it caused discussion among the women. His wife was torn between being for it but also fearful of doing it. As the women discussed whether or not it was arousing or even acceptable, they recognise that their sex lives aren’t as good as they wish. They discuss what the ramifications of his suggestion could lead to. They rule out anything like swapping but what could they do to improve their sex lives?

Chapter One: The Catalyst

The first pool party of the year was coming to its end. Linda smiled as she thought of her American cousins who wouldn’t see the joke. Their pool was a twenty-two-foot plastic and metal frame one from Costco. Not at all like their lovely, sculptured ones with massive decks. Mind you the weather in Scotland was far different from Florida.

It had been a beautiful day and their husbands had almost behaved themselves. There had been the inevitable innuendo about how hot their wives were. George had even suggested the girls use the first of the warm summer sun to go topless, produce more vitamin D to aid the body. (Lack of vitamin D is known to be a factor in many chronic illnesses in Scotland.) He had been shot down quickly. His wife Debbie almost seemed a little disappointed.

After the women had cleaned away the debris and put on the dishwasher, they enjoyed a last glass of wine.

Debbie who had had a fair bit to drink spoke softly, “I enjoyed the party but what I really enjoyed was our husbands checking us out and their tongues hanging out. I’m kind of aroused. George will be well fucked tonight.

“The way they looked at us, I’m sure they would be up for swapping if we hinted at it.”

Babs laughed, “They might but I’m not. I don’t mind flirting, teasing them but I only want Bob to stoke my fire.”

Jessie laughed as well, “I’m with Babs. To be honest, if Ted suggested it, I’d probably run away!”

All looked at Linda who was quiet, most unlike her. She was lost in thought.

“Well,” Debbie asked, “What’s your thoughts?”

Linda took a deep breath, “Sex with Eric is good, it could be better but it is our connection which makes it.

“Eric and I learned early on that if we wanted a good sex life, we needed to communicate what each other wished. It’s probably something we have let slip a fair bit. We talked about a lot of potential sexual experiences, both good and bad including swapping.

“We both read stories on Literotica. When Debbie spoke one sprung to mind. The four couples had been much like us, teasing, flirting but nothing more. One evening one of the women suggested they played strip poker. There was silence as everyone waited for someone else to say no. No one did. They played and before long everyone was naked. As you can imagine there was a lot of sexual tension. All their fantasies about exposing their other halves came true, with bells on! Stiff nipples, wet pussies, erect cocks. So much so that one woman shouted she couldn’t wait until she got home, mounted her husband and fucked him in front of the others. They all joined in – only fucking their partners.

“Eric and I talked it through. As a fantasy it works. I can fantasise that Bob, Ted and George see me in my orgasmic bliss and desire me. Eric can fantasise you look at his body, his prowess as he drives me to two or three orgasms. No others are intimately involved but we have a massive high. The men can fantasise that all the other men see how beautiful their wives are and desire them. The women how their friends are envious of their man’s cock and body. Those thoughts, bursa eskort bayan the exposure drives us all to massive orgasms.

“But! What happens when we all come down afterwards?

“With swapping, I can fantasise that Bob, Ted, George, all eat me to perfection and give me multiple orgasms. Each has a good hard cock which touches all the right parts so I cum again, maybe even twice. I can give them a blowjob which I’m sorry to say you will all struggle to match. My bum hole would be strictly Eric only territory. I know that’s a contradiction as the other holes were his only as well or until then they were.

“Eric’s fantasy was he would drive you wild with his tongue, would astound each of you as he fucked you; both with his cock and staying power. He’s big enough every nerve ending in your pussy or mouth would be aroused. When he came you would feel like you were drowning but pleased you made him produce so much.

“So yes – it sounds good. As a fantasy! But, when we looked hard at the realities of swapping, it didn’t work for us.”

Jessie and Babs nodded in agreement.

Debbie was confused, “You make it sound great. Multiple orgasms. What’s wrong with that?”

Linda, laughed, “Let’s take things step by step.

“Practicalities: none of us have enough bedrooms with suitable beds to pair up and go off. Do we pair up and go to the woman’s house? I don’t think Eric would be happy if I fucked another man in our bed, so we’d go to the guest room. Would we wonder what our partner was experiencing, would that be enough to put us off our own coupling or not? I know we know who our partner is with but? Are any of us happy with that?

“If we aren’t happy with this does this mean all of us need to be in the one room. Do we want to be present seeing and hearing our partner make love to someone else?

“Then comes the emotional side. As Debbie said our husbands’ tongues have been out drooling at us, even in our quite modest bikini’s and Jessie’s neck to knees swimsuit displaying her forest.

“Firstly, are you in shape to be naked in front of everyone. I couldn’t wear a thong bikini with a skimpy top. I know I need to lose at least seven pounds, probably more. I hate the first pool party it always shows what winter clothes have hidden! What will they think about that little bit extra? I know I’d need time to look my best. What about you?

“What about our boobs? Are you happy your boobs will compare favourably with Debbie’s? They look amazing in her bra and if they stand proud, they will be breath taking. I know Eric and the others would love to play with them. But what if the bra just stops them from hanging down to her waist, will Debbie feel good exposing them like that? What would the boys’ reaction be to having their fantasy crushed? Would we feel for her or be happy ours are better?”

Debbie piped up, “Mine are awesome, no droop, expanding nipples. They would be in seventh heaven.”

Linda smiled as she continued, “Babs: can you imagine your feelings seeing my pussy, Debbie’s, Jessie’s. Will you compare your own? What if you’re running wet and we appear near normal? Does that put a thought in you that you may be a slut?

“Secondly, how do we pair up? If we paired up in a way which meant we were with the one we flirted most with, would our husbands think we wanted them over them! Or, do we keep swapping all night? Even fucking our husbands.

“What if our bodies touch? If I’m being fucked in the spoon position and Jessie is being fucked beside me so we find our breasts are in contact; what’s our reaction going to be? Does anyone want to play with the same sex? The men would no doubt be up for a bit of female on female to revive them. Would we want them to reciprocate?

“Thirdly, What’s our fantasies about swapping? Each of us will have a view, maybe similar but there will be differences. Maybe we play games when all take a turn for one or two minutes to fuck you or we suck them for one or two minutes or better still they eat us for one or two minutes before they change over. What are off limits? If Jessie doesn’t kiss a penis, should we kiss one? What if Ted wants a blowjob as he never gets one at home? Maybe he wants to try anal?

“Fourthly, what if something is said in the heat of the moment. How would we all cope? What if we, in ecstasy shout out something which may very well hurt our husband in some way? “Fuck me, you’re big! I’ve never cum so hard before!” Or the other way, what if someone shouts, “Hey Ted do you ever feel Jessie’s cunt, it’s so loose!”

Jessie looked crestfallen.

“Fifthly, how do you control it? We may have set our limits but as we all, hopefully cum, we’ll need a break, drinks, toilet. What if Bob saw you Babs’s fucking Eric cowgirl style and looked to join in. He took your bum as he’d always had a fantasy of you being double teamed. You were surprised but said nothing because you had also fantasied about it. George might think, bursa merkez escort I’ll use her mouth, make her airtight. How do you say no? What happens if you go with it and have the biggest orgasm of your life? How does Bob react? How do you react?

“Jessie, what’s Ted going to think if he sees you giving head to Bob especially after he’s been in Babs’s ass when you never touch him with your mouth?

“Lastly, how do we all react when the high is over? How will we all feel? Good, bad, fucked up! Happy to walk around naked or covered up as though we’re ashamed of what we did?

“What will it do to our relationships? Would some want to do it again? Some not. Would those that want to think about doing it behind their partners back? Could any marriage fail because of it?

“I said earlier Eric and I have a connection. It wasn’t there with other lovers I had before I met him. The sex was good but not as emotionally good. However, much we love you all, we don’t have that connection. It would be exciting, arousing as its new but at what cost. We could hurt all our marriages. The risks we felt far outweigh the rewards.”

Debbie said slowly, “Just listening and thinking about what you said, the fantasy of it has me very wet. While I agree with you the reality may very well suck, it begs a question. How can we improve our sex lives? You admit, Eric and yours could be better. George and I certainly could be better. Jessie’s hasn’t reached the starting point yet. Babs, could yours be better?”

Babs smiled sadly, “Yes. I can’t remember the last time we were so aroused we just fucked. It must be at least a year since we made love outside the bedroom. I’m wet as well with the fantasy but I agree with Linda. We just have to find a way to improve our sex lives as couples.”

Jessie was beetroot red, “You make it sound potentially great but then the reality is Ted would find me unappealing afterwards, too reserved.

“I’m wet too. I want to give Ted the sex he wishes but I just don’t know how. How do I do that?”

They all knew Jessie was extremely prudish. She was the only one in a one-piece costume and it looked like the only one who didn’t at least trim her pubes. Whenever anything sexual came up, she blushed beetroot. Once when quite drunk she had admitted she never gave Ted a blowjob, seldom touched his penis or allowed him near her bum. He had only occasionally seen her nude. They had been married for five years.

Linda spoke up, “A colleague and good friend at work had her marriage revitalised with the help of a sex therapist and a good sex guide which she has recommended in the past. It may be hard to believe but Carole made Jessie look like a slut.”

Jessie was mortified to be thought of as a slut!

Linda laughed gently as she continued, “Carole revealed she only had sex in the missionary position, holding her nightie up, with the lights out. Jessie said she allowed the lights on so Ted could find her honeypot.”

Jessie blushed even more. She had a vague recollection of saying this.

As the husbands were coming in after cleaning the barbeque, dealing with the recycling and the pool area, Linda just said, “I have an idea. We can discuss this at our coffee morning on Saturday. I’ll speak with Carole to get some advice during the week.”

The husbands were happy. They cuddled their wives and kissed them. After a few words, they left to go home. Next Saturday, they would go out for a meal together.

When all had left Linda surprised Eric by kissing him passionately. Her lips were trying to reach the back of his head. He was pleasantly shocked when she began stripping his shirt off in the lounge. Her lips moved from his mouth to his chest where she toyed with his nipples, teasing and nibbling them. Her hands weren’t idle as he felt his trunks being pushed down and his penis being pulled out. Her hands were soon replaced by her mouth as she licked and licked around his crown. She made her lips tight and used them like her pussy lips to inflame him. She took him as deep as she could while still lapping his crown. One handheld him as the other explored his balls and bum. She pushed him back, down onto the settee.

He tried to help her. He managed to get her wrap and bikini bra off to be able to work her breasts. He knew she loved having them caressed when she had him in her mouth. He thought she had him as hard as he ever would be so would mount him but she just kept on teasing and teasing, backing off whenever he groaned his arousal, not letting him cum.

“Linda, if you don’t let me cum I’ll have to fuck you,” he warned. She ignored his words. She smiled at him as she put him back into her mouth.

When he couldn’t take anymore, he shouted, “I warned you!” He lifted her up, turned her round and pulled her bikini bottoms down and pushed his penis as deep as he could into her hot, wet love canal. He fucked her hard over the arm of the settee. Neither bursa sınırsız escort bayan lasted long before screaming, almost as one, “AAARRGGGHHH!”.

Slowly they untangled and made their way to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom they made love slowly until both came again.

This is the start of the planning for what becomes their challenge. There is no sex in this chapter but the seeds of what is to come are explained. Hopefully, the tease will arouse you as the discussion ensues.

Chapter Two: The Planning

Monday, at work, Linda sought out Carole and asked her if they could have lunch together. Carole could tell Linda had something on her mind so agreed.

At lunch, Linda told Carole about the discussion after their pool party. She explained that they all had realised that they needed help to improve their sex lives as Carole had done. Could she help them?

Carole was happy to wind Linda up, “Only if we can come to the next pool party so I can tease all your husbands. Ron will reward me by fucking me hard when we get home!”

Linda laughed. She knew both would be welcome. “I’ll set that up. You’ll make them drool more than usual!”

Carole told Linda a few things which caused her to blush. Amongst those were to buy a particular sex guide recommended by her sex therapist. She would need several sex toys which it recommended to help practice techniques. Carole surprised her by adding, “If you wish I’m happy to meet your friends and give any advice I can. My best advice would be to book with Sharon.”

As Linda had alluded to having an idea about how to blow Eric’s mind, Carole asked what it was and when she told her, Carole was ecstatic, “Count me in. I’d love to try that.”

The following Saturday as the four met at Babs for their coffee morning, Linda was prepared. She wondered if the others were, for what she was about to say would shock them. She had the book, she had a plan, would she take them with her or potentially – hurt their friendship.

After all the normal chat as they filled their cups, took a cake and caught up on what was happening, Babs called the meeting to order. They all looked at her in amazement.

“Well, if I didn’t get your attention we’d finish and not speak about the elephant in the room. I take it all our husbands were more than satisfied after the pool party!”

Jessie was beetroot red. Debbie teased her, “Well, did Ted get his blowjob?”

Jessie stammered, “No. I did allow him to strip me naked. I stroked his penis for a bit. When he found my pussy was so wet, he asked why. I couldn’t tell him.”

Linda said quietly, “Hopefully what I’m about to suggest will help not just Jessie but all of us. Unless you don’t want to hear my plan.”

They all said, “Go on.”

Linda took the sex guide book out of her bag. She showed it to them. Jessie blushed again.

She began, “I spoke with Carole. We had lunch most days and she told me more about their sessions with the sex therapist. She recommends this book and booking the therapist. Carole has offered to come to our coffee mornings and give advice if we wish. I told Carole my plan and she is for joining in.

“I’m open to any other suggestions if you have any.

“Now, I have only had time to skim the first few chapters. Carole didn’t lie when she said the first chapter would be very difficult. It asks you to detail what you want in your life, your hopes, dreams, your abilities, your family and relationship. In addition, it asks; what do you want in your sex life, what don’t you want. It includes a guide on how you can speak about this to each other.

“The sex guide starts with advice on toys you may need to help prepare, learn techniques to boost your confidence. There are exercises to build your expertise so you can do those things you wish. So, Jessie if you want to but don’t give Ted a blowjob as you feel you can’t manage, there are exercises to do to give you that confidence to do it. The same if we feel our kegel muscles could be tighter, even how to have good anal. Apparently, there is an “A” spot like the “G” spot in our vaginas.

“Jessie, you don’t need to worry about your lack of knowledge. With what I have read so far, I have an awful lot to learn. You’ll learn like us all. I need to study it more closely. I think it will be worth it for when I see Carole and her husband Ron and how they interact, look at each other, I want that for Eric and me.

“One comment in the book was from a woman who said she found it helped that she and her friends had worked on the exercises together, supporting each other. Once you have the book, we can decide if that would help us.

“As I read about fantasies, I wasn’t surprised to learn that what I was thinking about was a common one. The more I looked at it, the more I realised; I and probably we wouldn’t be ready until October at the earliest. We would have to practice our techniques, find outfits, toys, really prepare properly.”

Debbie spoke abruptly, “Are you saying you don’t think we’re hot enough?”

Linda laughed, “No. Definitely not but let me explain.

“When Eric and I had talked about what we wanted in our sex life, one scenario floated my boat but seemed very difficult. I loved the idea. It was how I could accomplish it.

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