The Chair Ch. 10

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They had invited Lisa and Nicki over to try out the latest modifications to The Chair, although it was the redhead who had actually made the call. He had gone shopping as the redhead had neglected to tell him that Lisa and Nicki would be over in only twenty minutes. When they arrived, they let themselves in using the key that the redhead had hidden for them. Unbeknown to him, she had told the two girls that it might be awhile before they got there, so they should just make themselves at home. They first examined The Chair to look for the modifications, but they didn’t see anything that looked blatantly different. They went into the adjoining bedroom to make sure the redhead and The Chair’s designer were not there.

Although they didn’t find anyone, they did spot a conspicuous arrangement of sex toys on both bedside tables and the dresser. Each girl began examining the toys in great detail. Working in an adult novelty store, they recognized many of the toys, but there were several that they had never seen before. One particular device that caught their attention featured two chrome-plated rings that where split in half and then screwed together. These rings were connected to two threaded rods that connected to two other threaded rods. The threaded rods were connected by turnbuckles.

As the girls examined the “ball stretcher” trying to imagine what it might be, the redhead was secretly watching them on a television in a back room. Recently he had set up a video camera in the bedroom to capture their “after Chair” exploits. The camera was cleverly concealed as well as having full remote control capabilities (record, pan, tilt, and zoom). This was the first occasion that they had put it to use.

Just being in the same room with so many devices of pleasure was getting Lisa and Nicki excited. They discussed it briefly and decided that the redhead had said, “make themselves at home,” so they began to remove their clothes. They each grabbed a different toy that they recognized and layed down on the bed. Lisa, the dark haired Goth girl, had chosen an anal vibrator and a set of nipple clips, while Nicki, the blonde, had chosen a long flexible double ended dildo.

This was working out just as the redhead had planned it. She had for a long time recognized her voyeuristic tendencies and once he had installed the camera, she thought that this was as good a time as any to indulge them. When she had called the girls, they told her they would be over in 20 minutes, however, she told him that they wouldn’t be over for at least an hour. As soon as he left to go shopping, she had hurried to set out a varied assortment of sex toys that they had collected.

Waiting for them to arrive was almost unbearable for the redhead. When they entered and began examining The Chair, she was afraid they might not even enter the bedroom. As they entered the bedroom, she breathed a sigh of relief and started the video camera. She wanted to record this for him since she had tricked him into leaving. As she watched Nicki and Lisa remove their clothes, she did the same and then retook her seat in front of the television.

Lisa had begun by fastening the cloverleaf nipple clamps on each of her pierced nipples. She then coated the tip of the anal vibrator with some lube that was conveniently located on the bedside table. Using her legs, she raised her pelvis so she could insert the vibrator into her asshole.

Nicki in the meantime had been slowly working one end of the dildo into her tight pussy. When she had inserted it as far as it would casino siteleri go, she then began slowly thrusting the phallus in and out.

Lisa had now completely inserted the vibrator into her ass and turned it on. She then let her ass fall back down onto the bed, so that her own weight was now forcing the probe deep into her ass. With one hand she tugged at the lips of her pussy, while with her other hand she played with her clit. She was now very sexually excited and yelled, “Nicki, I need something in my pussy!!”

Nicki rolled onto her side so that she was facing Lisa, took the other end of the double dong that was wedged in her pussy, and began to insert it into her friend’s pussy. Lisa had expected Nicki to give her one of the other toys to use in her cunt but this was even better. Nicki then rotated her body so her head was near the foot of the bed while Lisa’s was near the head. Lisa was now also on her side as Nicki’s legs were in front and behind her. Lisa’s legs were also in front and behind Nicki’s body. Their pussy’s were joined by the dildo but separated by only four inches. Lisa reached down and clasped each of Nicki’s hands. They then pulled each other closer until the entire 18 inch dildo was engulfed by their two pussies. Nicki loved the sensations she was experiencing. Her pussy was full of a pseudo-cock and her friend’s piercings were rubbing against the sensitive lips of her pussy.

A shadow passed over Nicki’s face causing her to look up and see the redhead standing there completely naked. Naked that is, except for the strap-on she wore around her hips. The blonde smiled as the redhead climbed onto the bed and began applying lube to the head of the strap-on. She then moved behind the blonde and inserted two fingers into the blonde’s mouth. Nicki sucked them feverishly, making sure to get them very wet. The redhead then removed them and began by inserting just one of her wet fingers into the blonde’s asshole. After she could easily work both her fingers in and out of the blonde’s ass, she withdrew them and began to insert the larger strap-on dildo. She went slowly for the blonde until the bulbous head was inside. She then began thrusting in stages until the dildo was buried to the hilt in the blonde’s ass. As she layed there with the dildo up Nicki’s ass, she reached around and played with her breasts.

Suddenly the redhead felt something cold and wet pressing against her own asshole. She looked back to see him standing beside the bed, naked, with his saliva coated erection poking at her puckered asshole. He reached down, firmly grasping each of her fleshy ass cheeks and pulling them apart, opening the way for his hard dick. She reached back with one had and guided his dick into her waiting asshole. As he began thrusting into the redhead’s ass, the redhead thrust the strap-on into the blonde’s ass, which forced her pussy tighter against Lisa’s. Lisa had now taken the initiative and reached behind him, working her lubricated fingers deep into his asshole. They all moved in unison like one large sexual animal with every orifice filled. They continued like this for only a few minutes before each one of them came.

After cumming, they all collapsed on the bed in a large pile of sweaty flesh. As they layed there, the redhead told them how she had set the girls up to be watched and video taped. Nicki and Lisa wanted to see the video they had just starred in so he got up to switch the video to the bedroom television. He returned in a couple minutes with drinks for everyone and a remote control for the VCR. slot oyna As he joined them on the bed, he hit the play button on the remote. The television screen lit up with recently recorded images, but they weren’t images of Lisa and Nicki in the bedroom. These were images of the redhead in the back room watching Lisa and Nicki.

He had figured out what the redhead was up to when she sent him out shopping just after inviting the girls over. So he had set up another camera in the back room where he was certain she would be watching from.

He started the video playing at the point just before the redhead removed her clothes. She had then sat back in the chair leaning far back with her legs stretched out. She licked her index finger and then stuck it in her pussy as she watched the action taking place on the bed. As the action she was watching on the television got hotter, she stuck another finger in her pussy alongside the first. She licked the fingers of her other hand and she began playing with her nipples. On the video, they could all tell the moment she climaxed as her body went stiff and her eyes closed while a serene look came over her face. A few moments later she stood up and exited the room.

He took the remote and switched the video over to the tape that the redhead had recorded. He started this tape at the point when she had joined the other two girls in the bedroom. The all watched again as they relived the encounter that had taken place only a few minutes ago on the very bed they were now all laying on naked.

Watching themselves on video had revitalized everyone and Lisa said she was ready to test out The Chair. He led Lisa to The Chair while Nicki and the redhead remained in the bedroom watching themselves on video again. The Chair was in the flat table orientation as he helped Lisa climb up. After fastening all the cuffs on her extremities, he opened a new compartment from the left side of the base and extended a tall boom with several pulleys on the end. Running over the pulleys were two cords to which there were attached two nipple clamps. He fastened one clamp to each nipple and then adjusted the boom height to remove the slack from the cords. He then attached the medical sensors to Lisa’s body. Nicki had described this to her before, but this was her first experience with them. As he sat down at the computer, The Chair began to come to life. Her arms were pulled out and away from her body while her legs were spread obscenely wide apart. The cords on the boom began to move and her nipples were now being pulled mercilessly. Lisa has always enjoyed having her breasts played with roughly and her readings on the computer indicated that she was truly enjoying this treatment as well. Evidently she was enjoying it too much, as the cord went slack, letting her nipples return to her body. The readings had indicated that she was about to climax, so The Chair reacted as instructed.

After what seemed like an eternity to Lisa, but actually only one minute, the nipple clamps again began to pull at her helpless breasts. From between her legs arose the primary thrusting unit, equipped with the spiral nub vibrator. As it neared her shaved pussy, the vibrator began spraying its lubricant. But this was different, the lubricating fluid was hot. It wasn’t so hot to actually harm her but just hot enough to cause her endorphins to flow. This sensation too brought her to the brink of orgasm so again The Chair stopped.

When The Chair started again, her nipples were again pulled and the vibrator approached her pussy again. This canlı casino siteleri time when it started to spray lubricant, she was ready for the hot fluid. But she wasn’t prepared for the almost ice cold fluid that it actually sprayed her with. The sudden coldness of it caused her entire body to contract (as much as it could with her secured as she was). The cold spray was then followed by a room temperature spray as the vibrator began to penetrate her outer lips. The vibrator continued to force its way inside her until it was all the way in to its base.

The secondary thrusting unit, fitted with a medium size dildo, rose between her legs and made its way toward her waiting asshole. As it approached her it was spraying room temperature lubricant. After the bulbous head of the anal dildo had penetrated her asshole, The Chair ceased all stimulation again. Lisa yelled at him that she needed to cum, but he told her that was up to The Chair.

The Chair resumed by thrusting the anal dildo the rest of the way into her ass. For a moment there was silence followed by a gentle whirring sound. Her nipples were pulled even harder now. And the nubs around the surface of the vibrator in her pussy had begun spiraling around very slowly. Lisa thought that she could endure this for hours without cumming, but she had underestimated the effect the slow spiraling nubs would have on her. Within minutes she was nearing orgasm again. This time instead of stopping, the vibrator in her pussy began slowly thrusting while the nubs continued to spiral slowly. This proved too much for Lisa and she had her first orgasm in The Chair this afternoon. Having cum several times earlier, this orgasm was not any more or less intense than any other.

But this was only the beginning as the vibrator continued its unrelenting thrusting. The redhead and the blonde had now joined him, watching Lisa’s session live on the monitor. Only two minutes after her first orgasm, she had her second. This was followed by a third after another two minutes, and then a fourth and a fifth. Each one was separated by about two minutes. As the sixth orgasm hit her, this one was much more intense than any of the previous ones had been. And it was a long sustained string of spasms that rocked her body. As she passed out, he deactivated The Chair so they could approach her and make sure she was all right. As the three of them stood around her looking down at her motionless, naked, sweat covered body, she slowly opened her eyes and exclaimed, “WOW!!”

She said that it had been an incredible experience unlike any other. As she layed there on The Chair someone noticed that Lisa was still impaled on the vibrator and dildo. He returned to the computer and issued the commands to withdraw the thrusting units. He then released the cords holding the nipple clamps. Nicki and the redhead each removed one of the nipple clamps. To sooth the intense pain the return of blood to Lisa’s nipples caused, Nicki and the redhead each took a nipple in their mouths and began gently licking and sucking.

Lisa’s arms and legs were still bound, so she could do nothing but lie back and enjoy. While watching the girls pleasuring Lisa’s breasts, he stood between Lisa’s outstretched legs and released the cuffs on her thighs and ankles. When her legs were free, Lisa quickly wrapped them around his back and pulled his head down to her wet bald pussy. With his teeth, he pulled on the rings in her pussy until he couldn’t wait any longer and plunged his tongue into her hot moist womanhood. Just after he started to lick her clit, she experienced her last orgasm of the afternoon.

After a brief rest, each of them took a shower before getting dressed. Lisa and Nicki then thanked them for a wonderful afternoon as they left.

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