The Cartel

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I fly planes. If it has wings or routers I can fly it. And I have. l have flown nearly everything. When contact was made I was not very happy about it. The CIA has a bad rep for hanging people out to swing. The contact was for me to begin working for the drug cartel in South America. At least it wasn’t the ones in Mexico. But it was not a lot better.

So about ten years ago I did what they wanted and let myself be drug into flying for them. And the more I flew for them the deeper I got and the more I knew. The CIA left me pretty much alone to dig in as deep as I could. I suspected they were cutting into the traffic of the Mexican Cartel and that our CIA was tied to them and they were ask to cut down the cartel in south America.

Now I can not prove that but I think that is part of it. When I began flying for them I’d been married about 4 years to my wife Sandy. We had not started our family yet then. Sandy was my high school sweetheart and I was her one and only lover on her 18th birthday. We had married as soon as we had both graduated from college.

I was 24 and Sandy was 23. My wife had just turned 27 when I began to fly for the cartel down there. I had been flying for several months when I went to the first party they put on. Lots of sex and lots of drugs. I tried to stay clear of both. Several young very naked young women and they were openly shared by all.

My wife is a very strikingly pretty woman. Sandy is 5′ 2″ and usually about 122pounds. Some would say she is ten pounds too much, but her legs are very shapely and her hips nicely rounded. Her breasts are a nice 34C cups of very perky up turned perfect. She has short blonde hair, blue eyes and a cute round face of a doll baby.

I guess I had been to maybe three of their parties when Manual brought up the idea of Sandy coming to one of their parties with me. I really did not like the idea, but you need to be very careful about who you piss off. The next party Batista brought up the idea again of my wife coming too. And he pushed some that I enjoy myself a bit more at the party.

So a couple flights later I was encouraged to bring my wife with me on the next flight for that nights party. I tried the think of a way out of it. But I finally decided it was a must to bring her along.

We flew in about 4 pm that afternoon and we were shown to my usual suite in the huge house the parties were held in. We ate a quiet meal in our rooms and took a nap. The parties usually didn’t start until after 9 pm. As the time grew near party time we began to get ready for our first party.

I dressed casually in slacks and an open neck shirt. Sandy came out in a new very short dress of a pretty blue with string straps holding the small cups up over her perky breasts. I remember thinking how easily her firm breasts Hd Porno could be exposed if the straps were brushed off her shoulders.

I was very proud of my beautiful wife as we entered the hall where their parties were held. We circled and had a few drinks as the evening started to heat up. There were maybe 60 people in the group so far. Several of the young women who were usually nude were there as usual. And a few I had not seen before.

Manual was making his rounds as usual and he came by and met Sandy. I could tell he was impressed. He did mention Batista wanted to meet her too. I need to tell you a bit about Batista. He is the scary one of the members of the group I fly for. I have been told he is the enforcer. A stone cold killer and a huge sexual predator. He scares me.

Shortly after Manual came around and met us I saw Batista enter. I steered Sandy as far away from where I could see he was as I could. But we ran directly into him a few minutes later. I introduced him to Sandy and he took her hand and swept her off to the dance floor. As a few minutes turned into 30, I caught sight of them out dancing together on the floor.

Then there were periods I could not see them out there. And I wondered where he had taken her, but shortly they were back out there. They disappeared again for several minutes but again reappeared soon after. I expected him to bring her back soon, but they remained out on the floor longer.

As expected I began to view some of the women beginning to show some skin out on the floor. I began trying to watch more closely where my wife was with him. When I caught site of them in the crowd again his big hands were firmly cupping my wife’s cute buttocks pulling her very close to him. And she seemed okay.

And as he did he was working her dangerously short dress higher and higher nearing complete exposer of her firm ass. I then could see her bare white ass was being shown off as they danced around the room and I saw no sign of her bright red panties she had been wearing. They were gone and I could tell by the dreamy look to her eyes that the times I could not see them were used to feed her lines of coke and to get his fingers in my wife’s wet little pussy.

I then knew where Batista was taking this night. He planned to make my Sandy into one of the little breeding cows on this night and there was not a thing I could do but stand and watch it happen. As the women who were the regular fun at these parties began to be put on display more and more I knew my own wife was soon to become one of them.

And then I saw him whispering in her ear and his hands slipped up on her shoulders. He then kissed her long and hard and as he stepped back I could see his fingers playing with the string straps that held the Türkçe Altyazılı Porno cups up over her perky breasts. I knew he was about to put her beautiful breasts on display showing the young studs she was about to be offered up for them as a group and to soon be taken off as a new little cow for them to enjoy.

And his hands were then moving the little straps lowering the cups off her up turned beauties for all to view. They have never been more beautiful I have to admit. They were proudly on display for all. She threw her head back as his mouth closed over one of her upturned nipples, sucking hard on her little end. The he turned her away from himself offering them to some of the young men around them and others now tasted her sweet little nipples.

As the others sampled her offered nipples his hands were busy brushing her dress on down over her hips to expose her completely for them all. I was surprised to see Manual’s own wife with her large breasts on full display and her dress being lowered and she would again be offered as a little cow to be bred by some of the young ones. I knew it was done but very rarely and only on special events.

I turned back to see a group of the men just leading my wife completely naked into one of the a joining rooms for her event to begin. I was soon not to be her one and only lover, as probably every young male at this party would soon have his bare erect penis up inside of my wife’s vagina. Her breeding was about to begin.

Manual came circling my way with a huge grin on his face.

“My thanks to you David for your beautiful wife being so gracefully put on display for us all. I myself will have my old penis up in her soon. And my wife Maria is in the room next to where they are pleasuring yours. The connecting door is open so you can look in and see them enjoying her. I watched Batista pleasure her with his big cock as she enjoyed him and then watched her take two others before coming back out here. Likely more than ten more have enjoyed her little pussy. I saw her take her first black one and heard her gasp when she took him.”

I suddenly realized my little Sandy was rapidly being made one of the breeding cows for all the males to enjoy her every time we came to a party now. Sandy was now being made a cartel whore and once this was done there is no going back. From this day forward we would be required to come to these parties and she would be put on display. I also realized this was the one way that would lead us into the Mexican cartel too. My wife’s pussy would now be put on display for those killers too. My wife would be openly given to some of the most brutal men on the face of the earth.

Sandy was the center of their attention for several hours that night and Brazzers I was somewhat surprised at how much she’d enjoyed being their fun and she openly admitted she looked forward to doing it again. And a few weeks later she did so again without the heavy drug use of the first time. She easily and openly submitted to them as they put her on display and then took her into another room for their fun with her.

A few weeks later my fears came to reality. We were invited to a party in Mexico. A middle class white wife put on display for the Mexican drug cartel might not turn out well for her? Even if her husband flew drugs for the south American cartel. That might make no difference to the worst of the bad. Some of these animals might choose to butcher my wife once she went back to become theirs.

The night of their party came and we had no choice but to go. I flew into Mexico City that afternoon and we were shown to our suite of rooms. Again we ate a quiet meal and relaxed until nearly 9pm. We went down at just 9PM and entered the huge party room. I was very surprised at the number of people at this event. And my fears were some what dulled when I saw how many American women who were there.

I was more than slightly shocked that two CIA guys I knew slightly and the guy who had recruited me were all three at this party. And Brad the guy who is my handler had his very pretty wife with him and she was dressed more than just slightly sexy. I had met her twice but had never seen her dressed as she was tonight. Anne, I think her name is? Is very tall and slim with long blonde hair.

A very sexy pretty woman. And she was dancing with what I would have guessed was one of the Cartel guys. The room was huge and there were maybe 500 people in the party room. Maybe 20 Hispanic girls who were already nude dancing with young men. Their young whores. But all three of the women who were with the three CIA guys were now also dancing with what I was sure cartel men.

We had just gotten drinks when a handsome young man with tats all over him came and took Sandy out to the dance floor. I moved over to a place along the wall and watched. I watched as two young men escorted Anne off the floor and they disappeared for several minutes. And when they reappeared she was much more at ease with her movements. My guess was she had been given a couple lines of very good coke?

Brad finally made his way around the room to stand near where I was.

“As you are about to see, David even we have to give up some things for the job. Like our wives. My Anne is about to become a whore for the Cartel now too. As are Pete and Larry’s wives.”

“This is their first time?”

“For Anne and Pete’s wife Lana, yes. Larry’s wife Sue has done several parties by now.”

I could see the short dark headed wife of the young man named Larry was nude dancing with several young men.

“Sandy has lovely breasts. David.”

I looked and saw my wife was also naked dancing with several young cartel men too. As I watched they moved her into one of the side rooms for her fun to begin.

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