The Carny

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Amy smiled brightly at her friends, standing up as the bus screeched to a halt in front of her house. Her skin-tight denim skirt had risen up her thighs slightly and she smoothed it gently into place along her smooth, well-shaped ass.

“I’ll see you tonight, ok?” She grinned again and turned away.

Retreating to her bedroom upstairs, she turned on the radio and began undressing in front of the large open window. A breeze caught her long brown hair, making it spill out across her tan back. Throwing her bra on the bed, she turned toward the window to catch a glimpse of the neighbor’s son, who sometimes seemed to be watching her as she changed clothes. Amy didn’t mind, though. She liked the thought of him watching. He went to the computer by the window and sat down, where he had a good view-straight into her room. She wiggled out of her skirt and thong, tossing them on the floor. She smirked slightly, thinking of the neighbor boy, who may be expanding in his jeans as she undressed. Amy was a cock tease. She liked to dress sexily and relish in the thought of boys in her school and even good-looking men watching her.

She tucked a towel around her perky breasts and strolled into the bathroom. Amy took her time in the shower, sliding her hands along her inner thigh from knee to pussy as the soap bubbles trickled down her soft legs. After drying off, she turned to the side a few times to check out the sexy curve of her own ass, which she was quite fond of. Her ass was one feature she obviously liked to show off, although the boys at school and around town didn’t mind this at all.

She flipped her hair back and walked back to the bedroom, where she squirmed into a nearly transparent white tube top and similarly see-through white lace skirt. Grinning like a she-devil, Amy met her own gaze in the mirror over her dresser-‘That’ll show them!’ she thought wickedly.

After about 45 minutes of primping, Amy was ready for a night with the girls. Her friends, Kelly and Sheila, would be there any time. So with a mist of fragrance and a few seconds of pondering whether to wear a thong, she reached up and grabbed the side strings, pulling them loose with one tug.

At that moment, the doorbell rang, so Amy grabbed her purse and bounced downstairs. Kelly and Sheila were standing in the doorway, each looking quite cute, but somehow missing the mark for ‘sexy’ with their slightly more girlish frames. Kelly was talkative like Amy and slightly vain about her shoulder-length wavy red hair. Sheila was more introverted than the other two, yet she enjoyed conversation as much as her friends.

“Hi, Amy. Are you ready? The kağıthane escort carnival is pretty busy tonight. We drove by on the way here.” Sheila held the door as Amy waved to her father.

“Yeah, I’m ready. I hope we don’t have to wait long. The line was around the block last night.” Amy rolled her eyes, but still felt excited as she walked into the warm night air. The smell of grass and other greenery lingered heavily over the earth.

The fairgrounds glowed red, yellow and blue. Flashing lights, classic rock and a middle-aged woman with a few teeth missing welcomed their arrival. “How many tickets, hon?”

They gathered the tickets and walked away, chattering about the rides that looked the scariest.

“That one looks like a trip to Puke City!” Kelly mused, pointing to The Hammer, a ride with a cage that spins its riders in somersaults.

“Cool, Let’s do it!” Sheila countered, always ready for a challenge.

“I don’t think so. I’ll meet you guys back at the food booths.” Amy gave them a friendly push, then headed for the Ferris Wheel.

A muscular, dark-haired man with about three days of facial hair shot Amy a toothy, crooked grin.

“Are you old enough to ride this?” he joked.

Amy smiled, glancing at the bulge in his jeans and wondered how much bigger it would look when aroused.

The man stood close, holding the safety bar back as she entered the seat. He pushed it down toward her lap and jerked on it a few times, making sure it was engaged.

A breeze on her thigh made her realize the whole side of her thigh was exposed and she looked at him to see his reaction before flipping the flimsy skirt down again. A smile still lingered on his lips as he turned away to start the ride.

The Ferris Wheel was Amy’s favorite ride, although she enjoyed faster ones, also. She had gone around about 15 times before she started wondering when it would stop. Not that she was worried. It was a hot night and the air seemed cooler so high up. She ended up sitting at the top for a few minutes as the carny let riders on and off. He glanced up at her when he reached the booth. The ride started again.

Realizing that he knew she was still up there, Amy thought to herself, ‘Maybe I’ll get to stay on for a while.’

His eyes glowed acknowledgement as she swept past the operating booth again and again. Amy felt a flutter in her stomach when the ride stopped each time and she looked down from her seat. Once he paused to grin before starting the ride up. Even when there was no one in line, he started the ride anyway, each time letting sarıyer escort her sit at the top, gazing about the city and the woodland at its extremities.

After a long time (Amy guessed about 45 minutes to an hour) her seat swung low to the platform and the carny strolled over to let her off.

“How did you like your ride?” He chuckled. Another man was approaching the gate, wearing a gruff expression.

“I’ll take over for your break now,” said the second man.

“Ok.” He finished helping Amy out of the seat and slipped a hand behind her waist as they walked across the platform to the gate.

“That was fun.” Amy asked, “Do you do that for all the girls?”

“Only if they’re as pretty as you…” They both knew it to be a corny come-on, but neither one cared. Amy let her hips settle into a sexy strut as they walked toward a bench near the edge of the woods.

“If you want, I can take you on another kind of ride.”

Amy felt her pussy tighten in anticipation. “I’d like that.”

They walked into the woods, still close enough to the carnival that a dim light shone through Amy’s skirt to her ass. She unfastened his pants and pushed him, erect and ready against a tree trunk.

“You like to take charge,” he noticed and leaned forward. “That’s sexy…” His silky near-black hair brushed her cheek as he touched her lips.

“I do, sometimes.” She reached into his unzipped pants and starting at the base of his package, ran her hand up gently.

The carny mimicked her motion more slowly, sliding his hands up from her waist to her breasts, then pulled off her tube top, letting her tits jiggle slightly as she fondled his cock, stroked his chest and grabbed his ass. She pulled his shirt off, noticing his muscular build. She took her time enjoying his masculinity, from his erect cock to his rippling chest and arms.

“Do you like this?” he whispered, pinching her nipple gently.


Reaching with both hands, he took off her skirt and tossed it on a nearby branch. The carny reached down and felt her bare lips with his fingertips. His mouth turned up again in his crooked grin as he realized she hadn’t been wearing panties.

“Ah, you are such a naughty girl” he kidded her. He ran a hand through her hip-length hair, then grabbed her tight ass in a firm grip and pulled her toward him, bending his knees so that her bare pussy was almost touching his cock.

Amy turned around, bending at the waist to give him a good view of her now entirely naked silhouette. A slight glow shone on her back and shoulders as her hair sefaköy escort slipped to one side. Her ass spread apart, revealing her pussy and asshole.

The sight of her extremely feminine shape excited the carny so much that he plunged straight into her. Unable to control his raging hard-on, he pounded her for several minutes before she pulled away.

“I like to tease. You’ll have to be a good boy if you want more of that.”

“Oh, really? What do I have to do?” he said eagerly.

“Lick my pussy.”

“That’s my punishment? You’ll have to do better than that,” he laughed.

She spanked him for his comment, with such force that it left several marks in the shape of her hand. “Now you’ll have something to remember me by.”

“I would remember you anyway.” He was kneeling now, taking her thigh into his hand and stroking it. Then he started using his tongue, leaving wet trails in vertical lines leading from her knee to her pussy. She became even more wet and her juices slid slowly from pussy to thigh. Noticing this, he began lapping up the fluid, savoring its sweet, womanly flavor.

After a while Amy decided she was ready to take his cock again and she took hold of his cock and led him to her. “I want you now.”

The carny entered her, moaning quietly with pleasure and satisfaction. Amy accepted his cock with a slight twinge of pain, as her pussy was so tight it hurt. But she decided that it felt good, anyway and as his thrusting intensified her pussy became more wet and loosened slightly with relaxation.

Amy took her breast and fondled it for him and the carny grinned. He was pounding her very hard now and she knew he was about to cum. She pushed him away gently, saying, “Cum on my tits. I want to feel you cum on me.”

He withdrew his cock and let his warm juice flow over her soft, bare tits.

After a few minutes, the carny whispered in her ear, “How did you like your ride?”

“I’m not done yet.” With that he looked down and saw that she was playing with herself.

He watched her, then started kissing around her pussy, anywhere he wouldn’t be poked by her flying fingers. With two fingers, she slid along her lips, first one side then the other. She took one finger and made tiny circles around her clit. He saw a bare patch of skin at the base of her lips and licked it. Her slender fingers danced around the sensitive aroused flesh as he continued to lick the base of her pussy. Within a few minutes, she came. The carny slipped his fingers easily inside her to feel the spasming of her muscles as she orgasmed. He was impressed by the tightness he felt around his fingers.

Amy sank against the tree. “That felt so good.”

The carny helped her into her clothes and then put on his own. With a final grab of her ass, he left, saying, “I’ll call you!”

They both laughed and, walking at a distance from each other, went back to the carnival, careful not to be spotted by those who knew them as they came out of the woods.

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