The Cabin Ch. 3

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You slowly wake feeling my tongue slowly licking your cock and expertly licking your balls. I move back and forth from your balls to your cock so you don’t get overly excited. You roll over on your back to give me best access and I continue to slowly lick and kiss my way around.

I look into your eyes as I slip up between your legs, slowly licking and kissing up one thigh and down the other, you feel only my warm breath as I pass your stiff cock, in order to spend equal time on the other thigh. I slowly cover it with gentle kisses and licks working my way back up.

I look up at you seeing the pleasure in your face and I lick you from your balls to the head of your cock in one very long and deliberate lick. I concentrate on just the shaft of your cock, slowly devouring you. Slowly and methodically licking from base to head until I have covered every inch, felt the skin with my tongue, tasted you.

I slide down to gently and slowly lick and suck your balls. I want to experience the different textures of your skin, inhale your scent enjoy you slowly and deliberately. I slip down to that very sensitive skin just below your balls and with just the tip of my tongue, firmly tease that skin, licking back and forth, taking my time, listening to your breathing and knowing you are enjoying the pleasure I am giving to you, you can hear me moan as it gives me pleasure too. I lick from tailbone to balls and back over and over then work backward to your balls again, then the shaft, leisurely, covering every inch all over again.

I slip my tongue over the head of your cock, taking that pre-cum into my mouth and savoring the taste of you. I take the tip of my tongue and softly tease just the rim of the head of your cock, around and around, paying special attention to that sensitive skin on the under side.

I press my lips firmly together around just the head of your cock and gently suck, teasing the eye with my tongue, gently raking my teeth over it, feeling the silkiness of the stretched skin and tasting you.

I am so wet and excited I could cum, but I plunge my mouth down over your entire cock, taking you deep into my throat, pressing silivri escort my lips around you again, firmly; then ever so slowly pulling up, no sucking just yet, just licking and firm lips wrapped around you, pulling up to the head again and sucking gently, licking and teasing. And before you know it, I plunge my mouth down over your cock again, pressing my lips firmly together and I begin to pull up, this time letting my teeth gently rake up the entire shaft of your cock, and I firmly suck the head this time.

I begin to build a rhythm, face fucking your cock, taking you deep in my mouth and sucking you, a little faster, a little deeper and a little stronger. My mouth engulfs your cock, I feel your hands reaching out for my hair, your fingers running through my hair as you apply slight pressure and I take more of you, licking, sucking, faster, harder, deeper, tasting, feeling, smelling, feeling you swell even more, knowing you are ready to cum, I slide my body up yours, My skin next to your skin, feeling you so close. Looking into your eyes.

I kiss you deeply again, my breathing deep and heavy with all the desire I have for you, you wrap me in your arms as you kiss me in return, then roll me onto my back, looking into my eyes you fill me with your hard cock, taking my breath away. Agonizingly slow you enter me, filling me, looking in my eyes and kissing me again as you take me inch by inch, reaching the depths of me. I reach around to hold your hips trying to keep you deep in me, but you have other plans you hold me close and begin tiny movements in and out, teasing me, I whisper in your ear, baby please take me, you feel so good.

I raise my hips to meet your every stroke you feel so good and we fit like a hand and glove. I whisper in your ear how good you feel buried deep inside of me and that I am ready to cum for the first time. I gasp and pull you tightly against me as I loudly moan, coming for you. My body trembles and subsides. My heart racing as you bring me to those heights of pleasure that only you can reach.

I am so wet and so hot I want more. You start thrusting merter escort faster into my pussy; I raise my legs and spread them wider to give you better access. I rise to meet each thrust and squeeze your cock with the muscles in my pussy. I feel you swell, ready to cum in me. I feel every inch of you as you plunge inside me. I whisper, ready baby, you moan out letting me know and explode in me causing me to cum hard again for you.

I wrap you in my arms as you collapse down over my body. I remind you that we must go home today. You continue to lie on top of my body and I hold you even closer as we drift into that space that contented lovers go and fade away.

I gently wake you, because I need to get up to get water. I feel you slip from my arms over on your side and I get up. As I reach the kitchenette I hear you moving in the bedroom. You slipped your clothes on and offer to drive down the mountain. I readily agree and gather my clothes and dress. We gather everything and load the car as it is warming up. The snow is beautiful as we make our way back down to the main road. Another kidnapped weekend comes to a close.

take the purple knob just inside my mouth, flicking my tongue all over and around, while my hand seeks out the shaft of your cock to rub up and down, moving my lips down, taking more of you into my throat, sucking, licking and teasing. I kiss my way up to the nipples that reach out for my lips and tongue; I gently put pressure on one with only my lips, my tongue flicking fast across it. You reach down to me and show me that you want me to come up beside you. You pull me close and whisper in my ear that you want me and that my mouth excites you so much you have to be inside me. I turn to you and kiss you hard, wantonly, sucking your tongue, exploring both lips, sucking, licking and then deeply kissing you as I swing my leg over you, feeling for your cock, finding it and placing you inside my pussy, only taking the first couple inches, squeezing you with my love muscle, milking the head of your cock.

I kiss you and plunge down taking you to the hilt deeply mecidiyeköy escort inside me; I stop, allowing us both to catch our breath. I move ever so slowly up and down your cock, squeezing on the up stroke, releasing on the down stroke, driving you wild. You moan to let me know you are enjoying me fucking you. I work on your cock for a while then I want to taste the combination of us, moving down I take you completely into my throat sucking hard as I pull up to the tip, diving down again, just to get the taste. I let go and begin to kiss your nipples again, you roll me over on to my knees and plunge deep inside my pussy, you take me with so much passion that I am breathless, I am moaning and calling out your name, telling you to take me, Take Me Hard, fast and deep, you are so excited that you cum in a few strokes. You cum so much it slides down between my ass cheeks before you even pull out.

You collapse onto me and we roll on our sides and rest awhile. You fall asleep; I get up to cook our dinner. I am nude walking around the cabin as you have made the fire perfectly. I decide to open a bottle of champagne and pour myself a small amount. Then I get an idea, so I put that plan into action. I gather the fresh strawberries and whipped cream from the fridge, and with the champagne I head for the bedroom to wake you. I softly walk up to the bed only to find you lying on your back, arms above your head looking out to the stars. I sit down on the side of the bed and I tell you its snack time. I squirt whipped cream on your cock, pour champagne over your nipples and proceed to lick it all off. The champagne was so good tasting from your skin I have to have more, so I pour more down across your cock and balls, I then move down to gently lick every drop off of your balls, kissing as I go along and after I have gotten it all I move up to lick and suck it off your cock, so very good, I can’t get enough of you, I moan loudly letting you I love these feelings, the taste of you, the sounds emulating from deep within you as I bring you to yet another orgasm.

We get up shower and have dinner. When we finish we decide to stoke up the fire and relax in front of it, watching the flames grow, feeling the heat, just laying back talking, your head laying in my lap as we talk, enjoying one another, sharing our dreams for the future. Reluctantly the weekend has come to a close and we must get ready to leave. As we drive home you tell me that you truly enjoyed this weekend and look forward to the next.

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