The Cabin Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: I had initially planned on releasing this over the holidays, but this crazy little thing called life jumped up and said “Nope!” so you get the time constraint version. I know that there are a few typos and punctuation errors in the stories, but I hope that they aren’t so bad that they take away from the overall effect. Again, I don’t have an editor so what I type is what you get; Grammar Nazis be damned.





I went for a walk to the river to clear my head and think. I spoke to my mom a little bit ago and she said that the old people should be here by six. I should be back by four or four-thirty at the latest. We need to talk about this before they get here.



I placed Kari’s note back in my pocket, and glancing down at my phone I saw that she would be back in thirty minutes to an hour. The river was about a half a mile down the road from us, so I walked out to the front porch to wait for her. I plopped down on the swing and gave up any hope of just relaxing for a bit because the events from the last few days were still playing out in my head. Yes, I had in fact spent the better part of two days and nights with my aunt in and out of bed, in and out of clothes and in and out of her. I was still in shock from it all and from the tone of her short little missive I was becoming increasingly terrified that last night was going to be the last night. I wanted more, a lot more.

I thought about the whimper that escaped her lips last night when I pushed the head of my dick past her tiny little asshole and what it felt like as it slowly expanded. The only time she spoke during the entire episode was right at the start when she told me to take it slowly and to let her control the speed after I was inside her. After that, the only sounds I heard from her were a series of grunts and groans as her orgasms took over her body.

By the time I came she was begging me to drive it harder and deeper into her. I would have never thought that my aunt, as hot as she was, would fuck like a porn star on steroids. When I finally came in her she screamed so loudly that I thought I had hurt her. When I asked if she was ok she smiled, nodded her head yes and collapsed in a sweaty heap on the mattress. We curled up beside each other and drifted off to sleep. Neither of us woke up until the alarm clock beeped at 8:00 the next morning.

I knew something was wrong as soon as she woke up. Kari is a morning person and she wasn’t her normal chipper self that day. She was more withdrawn and introverted and when I asked her about it she said that we had to clean the house and wash the bed linens because the bedroom smelled like the inside of a New Orleans whorehouse.

“How would you know what the inside of a New Orleans whorehouse smells like?” I joked, trying to pull her out of her funk.

“My senior year I worked in one, in a glory hole, to pay my way through college.” she responded.

At least I got her to laugh with the stunned look on my face.

“You win.” I responded, once the shock of what she had said had worn off a little bit.

“Oh Derrick, I always win. Write that down on the back of your hand so you can see it from time to time and remember.”

I saw her walking down the driveway and sat there marveling at how beautiful she looked here in the mountains. She had changed out of the sweats she had been wearing all day and she had made the most of the opportunity. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail, she was wearing one of my red flannel shirts tied at the waist over one of her tank tops, a pair of tan shorts and hiking boots. She looked like a model for LL Bean that was finishing a photo shoot.

“Hi.” she said as she stepped onto the porch. “Did you see my note?”

I nodded and pulled it out of my pocket and showed it to her.

She sat down beside me and took my hand in hers. We sat there looking at one another and finally she sighed and said, “I want you to know right now that I love you and always will. The past few days have been incredible for me. I would have never thought that this fantasy could come true, but it has and there are some things we need to discuss.”

“Are you breaking it off?” I asked, terrified of the answer I was about to get.

Taking her hand out of mine she said, “Derrick you need to understand the ramifications of what we have done and what might happen if we continue with this relationship, all of them. You are my nephew, I am your aunt, I am your mother’s sister.”, she began.

“Kari, I don’t have the IQ of a turnip. I really am smart, I swear to God I am.” I said in a snarky tone.

“I’m not saying you aren’t, I’m simply laying out the reasons that this madness should not and cannot continue. Think about the other lives that will be affected if word of this gets out. Our entire family would be devastated. My career would be over in an instant, yours as well; academic or professional. It would destroy us, our family and everything we have.”

“Go on.” I said flatly.

“Honey, gaziantep escort bayan what we have is so very special and so very, very wrong. It is wrong on so many levels that I can’t begin to count them and in some ways, I am kicking my own ass for allowing it to have happened. I can’t see a way that this ends well for either of us.”

“So you are breaking it off.” I said quietly.

“I’m putting an end to it for the rest of the weekend or until I can re-evaluate what we should do. I have to have more time to clear my head.” her fists were clinched, and she had started to cry.


“That’s it? Okay? That’s all you have to say?” she said hotly with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Pretty much. I’ve been dumped before so, yeah, that’s all I’ve got to say about us not being lovers. I do have some things to add about us being family and us being friends if you can come down off your moral high horse long enough to take a Xanax and listen.” I was getting angry again and Kari was looking at me strangely.

“Well please, do tell.’ she snipped at me.

“First things first. When I saw you walking down the driveway I thought that you were the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. I was jealous of every guy on the planet who had taken you to bed before I did. Not sexy, not hot, not gorgeous, just beautiful. You looked like you belonged here and that you were at peace with yourself. I think you needed to hear that before I go any further.

“Thank you.” she said softly looking down at the ground.

“With that said, yes Kari, I have considered every possible ramification of what we are doing and what we have done. Are you on birth control? Because if the answer is no then there is the possibility that you could be pregnant.”

“No I’m not and yes, I thought about that as well. If I am, I’m keeping the baby and if I’m not, then I’m not.” she stated flatly.


“Yes, really. If I am, I’m keeping the baby.”

“I love you.”

“Don’t Derrick, please. I’m begging you. don’t” She almost sounded like she would start crying again.

“I’m sorry.” I said as sincerely as I possibly could, “But listen to me very carefully because what I’m about to say may shock you a little bit. You can take sex out of this equation and I will still love you. I will always love you and I will always be here for you to come running back to. You are my aunt and always will be; nothing will ever change that. No matter how many times we’ve slept together or how many time in the future we might sleep together. You will always be my aunt and I will always love you for being Kari, not Aunt Kari, just Kari and not because of the sex. But in all honesty, I need to say that the sex is damned hot.”

She laughed, sniffed then added shyly, “Yeah it really is, isn’t it? And thank you for understanding. When did my little nephew become so mature?” she asked running her fingernails down the side of my face and looking directly into my eyes.

“About five minutes ago when you said you were dumping me for your pool boy in Mobile.”

“That’s not going to happen.” she said laughing. “Juan is handsome, but he would hit on you before me so, no. There is no other man in my life, so that isn’t why. I honestly do need the time to think about this and where we are at.”

“Take it. I’ll be here when you get back, either way.”

“Thank you.” Then she stood up, kissed me on the cheek and slipped into the house.

And with that, my relationship with Kari came to an end, or so I thought. Little did I know that within two hours I would be defending her by going toe to toe another force of nature; my mother. That was going to be the game changer.

With the hustle and bustle of us putting the finishing touches on the cabin before the old people showed up time flew by. Before we realized how late it was my phone rang and my mother was telling me that they were five minutes away and that I needed to get the car out of the garage, so they could unload the car they were in.

Kari tossed me the fob and I walked into the garage. I no sooner walked in than I said, “Oh shit!” and smiled. Kari’s thong was still hanging off the rearview mirror. I took it off and shoved it in my pocket, then backed her car out and walked back into the house. Kari met me at the door with a concerned look on her face that caused me to laugh at her.

“It is in my pocket and it is going into the bottom of my suitcase as soon as I get to my room.”

“Oh, thank God! It completely slipped my mind until just now.”

I couldn’t help myself, I bent down and gave her a quick peck on the lips. “Relax. That is why God made nephews; to keep their naughty little aunts out of trouble with the rest of the family.”

“Uh huh.” she said laughing. “Well, this naughty little aunt is done being naughty for a while, so you just keep those as a reminder.”

“Like you were ever going to get them back.” I said laughing at her.

Then the old people showed up. After the hugs and greetings gaziantep escort and kisses, I got to play “fetch” for a half an hour or so getting everyone’s luggage placed in their respective rooms. Mom and dad went for a short walk to stretch their legs before dinner. Grandpa went for a short walk to the bar to stretch his liver before dinner and grandma went to lay down for a bit; so that left Kari starting dinner for everyone. As I passed through the kitchen on my last luggage trip I told her that I would be in to help her as soon as I dropped off the last of the suitcases.

I hate potatoes. Potato peeling was my kitchen job since I was a little boy during the holidays. I was, by my estimation on spud 14,288 for my lifetime when mom stormed into the kitchen with dad hot on her heels.

“WHAT IS THIS?” she hissed loudly enough to make us both jump as she threw the box of condoms that Kari had tossed off the balcony on Monday night on the kitchen island.

Kari stood wide-eyed off to one side as I looked down at the box.

“What is what?” I asked regaining my composure.

“That!” mom hissed again pointing to the box, “Don’t play games young man.”

“Mom, if you don’t know what they are then it certainly explains why I’m here.” I stated flatly. Dad coughed and hid his smile behind his hand and I could see Kari visibly relax.

“Derrick don’t you DARE get snarky with me young man.”

“Exactly what are you saying mom? Huh? I hope to God that you aren’t implying that those are mine. Why would I need condoms here? There are three women here; you, Grandma and Aunt Kari. You and Dad might need them, Grandpa and Grandma might need them, but I can assure you that Kari and I will never need them. The thought of that is just too weird to contemplate. They were probably dropped by some local kid. Where did you find them?” I said rather forcefully.

I was literally starring down my mother who seemed to be implying that I had been fucking my aunt for the past two days and that we needed protection. Apparently, it worked because mom’s demeanor and look softened a bit as she realized what she was saying. (And all the while I had a pair of my aunt’s underwear in my left pocket. For the record, the irony of that wasn’t lost on me.)

“At the tree line in the back yard.” Mom said, kind of taken aback by the forcefulness in my voice.

Dad said, “Yeah, that makes sense, we get calls from the alarm company about three times a year where kids are sneaking onto the property to use the hot tub. They could have easily been dropped by some of them.”

“Well, I didn’t buy them,” I said honestly, “and like I said, the only women here are you, Grandma and Kari and all three of you are way too damned old for me.”

That statement was followed by about three seconds of silence while the two of them looked at me and then at each other. Then I had two screeching banshees chasing me through the house. Dad was too busy laughing to help me and I was too busy thinking that the poor bastard was going to be eating takeout again to worry about his lack of assistance.

Once we got that sorted out things went a lot smoother for the rest of the evening. While we were eating dinner, I looked around the table at everyone and realized that my whole life, every person I could call family was sitting here with me; Grandma and Grandpa at the heads of the table, Mom and Dad sitting across from me and Kari. My paternal grandparents had passed away in a car accident when I was three and since dad was an only child, I had no family there. This little gathering was it, this was my entire family so maybe Kari was on to something. Did we really want to risk losing this for something that would probably never work out in the long run?

I briefly slipped my hand onto Kari’s thigh and gently squeezed it. Then I pulled it back and smiled at her. It wasn’t sexual, I just wanted her to know that I was there. A few moments later I felt her hand on my thigh and got the same type of gentle squeeze. It was rather nice and really reassuring.

We finally got a few minutes alone while we were doing the dishes. We told the old people that we would take care of it tonight because they had been on the road all day. After they all said thank you we found ourselves standing beside one another at the sink.

“Thank you.” Kari said quietly

“For?” I responded.

“For taking the lead when your mom brought the condoms into the house. My heart stopped when I saw that box. I had no idea what to do or say but you were perfect.”

“You’re welcome.” I responded.

She glanced at the door for a moment and then stretched up and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “That was for defending my honor.” she stated looking up at me.

“I’ll be honest Kari, I was looking around the table tonight and I realized what you meant about getting caught and destroying the family. You’re right, there is a lot at stake here. A lot. I don’t want to hurt anyone, especially you, so take the time you need gaziantep escort bayan ilanları to figure things out and let me know.”

“It sucks, doesn’t it?”

“A lot.”

Thanksgiving came and went. There was turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, (I added 12 more to the peel count) cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, wine, booze, football, more wine, more booze, more football. There was so much wine and booze that nobody, but mom, seemed to mind that I had found the bourbon. My dad put an end to mom’s complaining by saying that twelve more weeks wasn’t going to matter, that I wasn’t driving anywhere today and that is was nice for him to be able to have a drink with his son. Then much to my grandparent’s surprise, he said something about Spring Break 1991 and mom blushed and sat down. I really do love my dad.

Kari and I had zero physical contact all day. None. I wanted to touch her so badly by then that it physically hurt to think about it and each time I glanced at her, I saw the same far-away look in her eyes that I saw Wednesday afternoon on the front porch. The lights were on, but Kari wasn’t home. I had no choice but to respect the boundaries and barriers she was putting up.

Like I said, the booze and wine were flowing and by 10:30 or so the old people were off to bed, and I knew that I wasn’t that far behind them. I was more than a little buzzed, so I stepped out onto the back porch to star gaze, get some fresh air and gather my thoughts for a moment when I heard the door open. Kari stepped on to the porch and walked over to me.

“Hi there, sailor. New in town?” I said quietly as she stood there looking out over the lawn.

“Shhh.” she whispered nodding her head toward the trees.

I looked up and a young buck was standing there looking at us and at his side was a small doe. They stood there looking at us and then slowly stepped onto the lawn and began to nibble on the grass. I didn’t notice it happening at first but as we stood there watching Kari had somehow managed to move in front of me. I wrapped my arms around her and we just stood there watching the deer. We must have silently watched them for five minutes before a car drove down the road and spooked them back into the trees.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked quietly.

“Us. This.” she responded snuggling back toward me a little.


“You know we can never live together, that would be far too dangerous. There are too many people in Mobile and Tuscaloosa know us and our family.”

“Yeah.” I responded.

“Remember when you said you had a shit ton of questions for me?” she asked.


“Ask one.”

“Why did you decide to follow through with this?”

“Because I finally convinced myself that you loved me enough that you would never hurt me if my plan to seduce you worked, and that you would never tell anyone about it if it failed.”

“True story.”

“Ask another one.”

“Do you think you are pregnant?”

“I won’t know for another week to ten days. But Derrick you need to know that I am serious about keeping the baby if I am.”


“Does anything fluster you?” she said turning around and looking up at me. “I just told you that I could be carrying your child. I’m your aunt, your mother’s sister, and I could be carrying your baby and you respond with “Okay.”

“I was there at the conception remember? Don’t you think I would have gotten flustered about this situation before now?”

“Well, there is that.” she said still looking up at me smiling.

I couldn’t help myself; between her smile and those green eyes I had to do something. I wasn’t about to risk her leaving me and I wanted to let her know that, so I used my body to push her against the railing and gave her a long slow kiss. When I broke it off I said “As much as this hurts me to say this Kari, I have to go to bed now. If I don’t I can’t promise you that I’ll be able to control myself much longer around you and I don’t want to risk getting caught. I love you. Good night.”

“Good night Baby.” She said softly. “Oh, and Derrick, one other thing.”

“Yes Kari?”

“I love you too.” she whispered.

Friday and Saturday were Hell on Earth for me. My mother and grandmother both are blessed with an over-abundance of “Mom Sense”; that subconscious sense a mother has when there is something wrong with her cub and or her immediate family. They could both see the distance that Kari and I were imposing on each other. By trying to distance ourselves from the situation we had distanced ourselves from each other and they had both picked up on it. Kari and I had always been as close as a brother and sister and now there was something going on and our moms knew it.

To try and fix it they kept throwing us together; sending us to the store together, having us do chores together, dragging us into family chats by asking us if we remembered doing such and such as kids. It was Hell. But slowly it started to work and eventually, by Saturday night, Kari was swatting my arm and telling me to shut my mouth when I told on her about catching her and her high school boyfriend skinny dipping at a swimming hole near home. I thought Grandma was going to have a shit fit! Kari got even by telling mom about catching me at the bar on Halloween. If Dad hadn’t started laughing, I would have died from the look that Mom was giving me.

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