The Cabin

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Big Tits

All characters are 18 or older. This is a story of control and sexual awakening.

Finally…after such a long time we are finally alone without any outside interruptions or interference. No cell phones, no computers and no interlopers to stand in the way of the week that I have painstakingly planned for us. The remote mountain cabin I procured is rustic but has electricity. I made you put on a blindfold when we left the interstate in order to surprise you. The blindfold was a nice touch, I thought, and you giggled when I put it on.

After driving up the winding road for a hour, I pull up to the front of the cabin hidden away in the Appalachians. The clear mountain lake is supposed to be brimming with fish. Knowing how much you enjoy fishing I am looking forward to getting out on the lake and watching you squeal while hauling them in…but first things are first.

I tell you to stay put and open my vehicle door. I want everything to be perfect for you, so I quickly open the cabin door and take a quick look around. Pleased, I walk back and open your door. I tenderly take you by the hand and lead you up the porch steps and through the open door. I lead you to the center of the room and turn your body so I can remove your blindfold.

The cabin has a fire already going in the fireplace. I paid the caretaker of the cabin extra to start the fire and stock the cabinets with food for the week. You gasp and turn around throwing your arms around my neck, pulling me into a deep and much needed kiss. Our lips part and your tongue snakes its way into my mouth, teasing and caressing mine. We hold our kiss for several moments and slowly break apart.

“You like?” I ask.

“Very much” you reply.

I take you by the hand, our fingers intertwine, as I lead you to the plate glass window that fills the wall overlooking the lake. You breathe deep taking in the view. With the exception of another cabin across the lake there are no other cabins giving us the feel that we are the only two people left on earth. We stand there a few minutes looking at the lake, looking at each other and kiss once more.

I turn you to face me and ask “How do you like it?”

“Its perfect” you respond. “No, you are perfect” and I pull you into another deep soulful kiss. My left hand cradles your head, holding firmly, but not too tightly. My right hand holds you against my body at your waist. I pull you closer so there is no room left between us. You are starting to get aroused and breathe deep, softly moaning into my mouth as our tongues dance with one another. You feel my growing need and slowly grind your hips against me. My hand glides to your ass and I pull you into me even harder.

We break our kiss, our breathing labored. I look into your eyes and see the fire of passion Bolu Escort burning in them. I want you, but I want to wait just a little while longer…everything must be perfect. I release your body and tell you to go to the kitchen area and fix us a drink. While you turn to leave I swat you on the ass playfully but firmly. You giggle as I turn to go unload our things.

By the time I have the vehicle unloaded you are sitting on the couch facing the fire. Your shoes off and sitting with your legs on the couch tucked under body. You look stunning, as usual, sitting in front of the fire with its reflection casting a soft warm glow across your face. I sit down next to you and pick up the drink you made me, taking a long pull of it.

You rest your head on my chest as I put my arm around you, pulling you close. No words are needed as we sit there in silence, sipping our drinks and enjoying the fact that we are finally together.

I put my drink down and pull you close to me. I kiss you once more, sucking your bottom lip between mine. Our tongues dance and push mine in as far as I get it. Your moans fill the room as I tease you with my kisses. I could kiss you forever.

You swing your leg over me and sit in my lap facing me. We continue kissing and feeling each others body. My hands move from your face to your throat, giving a gentle but firm squeeze, underlining my dominant role for the moment. My other hand slips under your shirt, moves around to unclasp your bra. It releases its grip on your orbs and I slip my hand around to feel your firm breasts.

My hand teases first the right and then the left one, my fingers gently twisting and pulling on your rock hard nipples. I have to taste them so I release my hold on your throat and deftly pull your shirt and the bra over your head. Tossing the shirt away, I can see your breasts clearly now. They are perfect to me. I hold each one in my hands and heft their weight. My thumbs and forefingers squeezing and twisting your nipples making them even harder. You moan at my touch and the way I play with them.

I shift my gaze from their beauty and look into your eyes. The fire is burning hot in them. You see the fire in mine as well and feel yourself getting lost in my stare. Never breaking eye contact I lean forward taking your right nipple into my mouth. I gently suck, then more firmly I pull it into my mouth…as if I was trying to get them to give your sweet precious milk. My tongue flicks around and over your nipple. My teeth gently nip and pull on its hardness. Your groans grow louder as I gently bite and suck on it. I test you tolerance and bite down even harder and a cry erupts in what is both pleasure and pain.

Knowing you have another one needing my attention I repeat the same on the left nipple. Bolu Escort Bayan Sucking it into my mouth, flicking my tongue around the areola and the stiff stem of your nipple. My teeth continue its painfully pleasurable attack on the appendage. I bite down just hard enough to stop the flow of blood to your nipple, count to 60, then suck as hard as I can to get the blood to fill it. You scream and throw your head back. The sensation and stimulation is overwhelming. It hurts but feels good at the same time. It seems a contradiction in sensations but it causes bolts of lightening to travel from your nipple to your cunt.

You can feel your wetness spreading throughout your under garments. I can feel the heat from your sex through your pants. I end my torment of your nipples and pull you down into another kiss. I break the kiss and turn your head to the side, my tongue caresses your ear lobes gently. I bite down on your lobes and softly pull on them. My lips travel down your neck, across your throat and then further until I am once again softly and gently teasing your red and swollen nipples once more.

I ease for a moment and lift you up, turning you around so you are across my lap. I kiss your lips once again. My hand travels to your jeans and slowly I unbutton them. My fingers pull the zipper down as far as it will go. I break the kiss and slip my hands beneath the waist of your pants and begin tugging them over your ass, past your hips and them finally off your legs.

I lean back and admire my work of art. You lean back, your breasts pointing up, capped by your nipples that are so hard they could cut diamonds. My eyes travel your torso, past you navel, to your soaked panty clad mons. The silk from the fabric is drenched with your juices and clings to your lips. I see your cleft plainly and drink in the view of what I am about to devour next.

I inhale deeply. I can smell your womanly scent and it arouses me to no end. I will have you, but not before I break the woman in you first with my mouth. I have waited so long for this moment and I want it to last…for the both of us.

My thumb gently strokes the outer perimeter of your panties where the skin is exposed. You are mewling like a kitten as I stroke your skin. My thumb moves to your mons and presses down gently, your hips involuntarily press back against it. Your mewling turning into moans when I press my palm over your lips and give a gentle yet firm squeeze.

I slip my fingers beneath your panties and slowly pull them down exposing your sex to my hardened gaze. I pull your panties off and hold them to my nose inhaling deeply your scent that intoxicates me so.

Enough is enough, I lift your legs and slide out from underneath them. I reposition myself so your thighs Escort Bolu are on either side of my head. I gaze down at your dripping cunt, glistening wet in the firelight. I have waited so long for this moment and finally…it has arrived.

I lean down to the spot of skin between your slit and your rosebud. I slowly lick and tease around it. I lightly flick my tongue over and around your bud. My tongue then slowly travels up the right side of your outer lips. Your scent fills my nostrils as it fills the room. I travel my tongue all the up to the crest of your mons, then back down the left side. I can taste your sweetness, as it flows freely now out of your spring. I sit back and look at you, taking in the whole picture of your beauty. Your eyes, your hair, your breasts that rise and fall with each breath, your stomach, your cunt and your legs which are draped on either side of me. I study this view, forever etching it in my mind.

My thumbs travel from the bottom of your slit, on either side of your lips which seem to swell more with your every heartbeat. I let them graze across your lips, barely touching them, causing you to moan and look down at me impatiently. Then I pinch your lips between my thumb and finger, rubbing them together, the slick viscosity of your fluid leaking out of you. You cry out in pleasure.

I torture you this way for several minutes, licking and rubbing, gently pulling against them, then rubbing them together. It is enough to drive you to the point of insanity…which is exactly where I want you.

Swiftly and unexpectedly I dive down forcing my tongue inside your crevice. You juices coating my tongue, my lips and my beard. I lick and suck your lips into my mouth…kissing your cunt like I kiss your mouth. Your hips buck and your finger fly into my hair, pulling me into you driving my tongue deeper into your womb.

Then it hits. The first wave of your orgasm crashes through your body. Your screams fill the air as I fill you with my face. Your juices flood my mouth, your hips grind and press against me as your hands pull my face deeper.

I pull off you just enough to reach your clit with my tongue, and then I lash it over and over and over until you cant take any more. The waves of your orgasm have washed you out. Panting, and highly sensitized you push my face away from your cunt. You breathing ragged and labored I sit back and observe the beauty of you as you come down from your high.

I lean forward and kiss you deeply. You taste yourself on my lips and tongue. It arouses you again, but you need time to recover. Your clit is hard and sensitive, I gently flick it with my thumb, your hips buck and you cry out once more.

“Who do you belong to?” I ask.

“I belong to you” you reply softly.

“Who owns this cunt?”

“You own my cunt” again softly.

I smile and kiss you deeply once again. I raise off of you and stand up. You are looking at me with eyes that say ‘more’…and more is what I am about to give you as I start to undress.

To be continued…

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