The Butterfly

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As I drive to meet you, I can hardly contain my excitement, I have brought you a new toy expressly made for your pleasure.

It is a butterfly vibrator, named that because it is shaped like a butterfly with its wing’s spread and the body is a very small but powerful vibrator. It is worn pressed lightly against the clitoris and has a remote battery pack with a remote variable speed switch.

The model I have selected is totally silent while in operation and is held in place by elastic straps or your underwear and can be worn under clothing.

As you enter the car, we kiss passionately and I tell you that I have brought you a present, you squeal in delight wondering what I have brought you. I present you with your new toy, as you look at it and wonder what it is, having never seen such a strange device, I explain what it is and how it is used and you excitedly ask if you can try it now?

I tell you that you are expected to try it now and you quickly peel down your panties and I help you fit the butterfly to the front of your pussy, before I leave I give your clit a few well placed flicks before you replace your panties to hold the butterfly in place. I take the control box and attach it to your skirt in the back where it is hidden by your top.

You lean to kiss me and thank me for your present, and as we are kissing, I reach behind you and turn on the butterfly on its lowest setting.

You gasp and pull away from my Dikili Escort kiss and look at me with a wide eyed look of astonishment as the butterfly very gently and silently makes soft little touches right on your clitoris. The feeling is amazing and after a few seconds you mash your lips against mine and tell me you knew that you could trust me to bring you the most exquisite pleasure.

I proceed to leave the parking lot and drive to our destination, I watch you from the corner of my eye, as you have become strangely quiet, you are staring straight ahead, and are biting on your lower lip as you rock your hips back and fourth. You begin to moan and gasp out my name ands I see that you are getting close to cumming.

Being the tease that I am and knowing that delaying your orgasm will only make it stronger when it happens, I reach behind you and switch the unit off.

A large moan escapes your lips and you exhale slowly, then I hear a delightful mewing laughter coming from you and you lean over and kiss me and tongue my ear as I drive, telling me that I will pay dearly for letting you get so damn close to cumming and then stopping.

As I pull into the mall and park, you begin to remove your panties to remove your new toy and I tell you that it is not necessary to remove it while we walk in the mall shopping.

You give me a strange look and comply with my wishes, having found out from experience Dikili Escort Bayan that I can be trusted, would never compromise our love, and always have your pleasure in mind as one of my top priorities. As we exit the car and embrace for another passionate kiss, I take your hand and we walk into the mall and begin browsing the shops, hand in hand.

As we walk, I place my arm around your waist and turn the butterfly back on its lowest setting. You gasp and look at me in astonishment, and lean in to tell me to stop, I reply by turning the unit to a higher speed, this causes you to bite your lower lip in an effort to stifle the moan escaping your lips. I return the unit to a nice pleasant slow speed and ask you if that is ok. You nod and tell me yes, you can walk with the slower speed but it is driving you up the wall.

As we walk and window shop, you are in your own little world, your toy silently humming against your clit as we walk. Every once in a while you stumble, showing me that you are totally distracted by the small butterfly.

We stop and you turn to me and tell me you cannot take the stimulation anymore because you are about to cum. I take you into my arms and turn the butterfly off as I kiss you and then pull your head to my chest in a hug.

As your heart slows and you release a sigh into my chest I turn the butterfly back on, this time it is on its highest setting! You look up and around Escort Dikili the mall to see if anyone is looking, and then up into my eyes, and as your eyes are saying NO, your mouth opens to complain to me just as your first orgasm washes over you and you bury your face into my chest to stifle your moans.

I let you cum for several minutes as I hold you tightly before I turn the butterfly down to its low setting and you groan softly into my chest, as I hold you I can smell your sweet pussy and know you must be completely drenched and in danger of leaking.

As much as I would love to help you clean up that nectar, I decide we should go, as this is not the place for that.

I turn you around, and place my hand around your waist and we walk slowly out of the mall, as we reach the car I switch off the butterfly and gently place you in the passenger seat.

As I enter the car you immediately start kissing me again, you tell me that you have again experienced the most erotic experience in your life, that cumming in the mall, in front of all those strangers, where no one could tell, all while you were trying desperately to not scream out loud was as mind blowing as your orgasm was.

You reach into you panties and remove the butterfly, I take it from you and lick off all your pussy juice, and then remove the control box from you back and hand the entire unit to you. I then dip several fingers in your drenched pussy to give us both a taste of your pleasure. After you clean off my fingers with your tongue, you kiss me, thank me, and promise to think of me every time you use your new toy.

We drive back and I drop you off, kiss you goodbye, and you walk inside on shaky legs with a large smile on your face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32