The Butt Of Choice Pt. 02

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Black Leggings

The Butt Of Choice Part 2

I woke up in the king-sized bed with one each, naked, Bambi, wrapped around me. Her small breasts were pushed into my side and my arm was around her and my hand rested on her fabulously well rounded and soft hip. Her gentle breathing caused her nipple to rub against me.


This all started off with me flying from Boise to Kansas City to celebrate my sons 21st birthday. On Saturday morning, he took me to a strip club called The Taffy Pull to meet his former soldiers for a private morning birthday party, that ended up with me teaching my son and his friends the glorious wonderfulness of the human female butt. I’d made a lineup of the strippers, turned them around and modeled their bottoms for the guys, and when I was done, my son asked me which of the butts I thought was best.

I told him and his friends why I would like each one when my son, Lew, asked me which one I would like for me. I pointed to Bambi and my son informed me he had won a bet that I would choose her. He gave me his winnings, $300, and told me to take Bambi out. During our date, Bambi showed me her drivers license and her real name was Bambi Lynn Ambruster. She also informed me that I had not won her for a date, I had won her….period. Bambi said she was like a mail-order bride.

Bambi informed me that the Taffy Pull had been bought by a group that was backed by the mob and she just knew that drug use and prostitution was in her future whether she liked it or not. She had been dancing at the club since she turned 18 and the owner was a straight arrow and the girls didn’t do those things. Now she was 32 and she decided that my son’s offer to be my partner was a great option. That is how I ended up in a king-size bed, naked, with a 32-year-old former stripper with the best butt I had ever seen, or felt, or kissed, although I hadn’t kissed it yet.

We spent the afternoon together on my son’s Harley and then I dropped it off at the club and picked up Bambi’s car. My son was still at the club and he seemed to still be in a very serious conversation from this morning with Brandy and her two very large natural tits. I handed him his keys when he stood, and we hugged.

“Dad, I hope you are not mad at me. I just got so tired of talking to the saddest man I ever knew. I met Brandy at school, and I had this crazy idea when she introduced me to Bambi. That woman is everything you need. In my humble opinion.”

“Lew, I am not mad. I am a bit put off by your intrusion into my life, but I will get over it. Bambi and I are going to the hotel. I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

“I love you Dad.”

“I love you son.”

Bambi and I got into her small SUV and drove to my hotel. We walked across the parking lot to the Applebee’s and had a nice dinner and conversation about the situation. We sat across from each other until she excused herself to go to the bathroom. I swear she was walking in slow motion so I could admire her bottom for a long time. When she returned she sat next to me and scooted close and we continued talking until the place closed at 1AM.

We got to the hotel, we talked some more and I decided that since we both normally slept in the nude that we would do that tonight. She got her first look at my body and asked me to do a little pirouette, so she could see the whole package. My package was responsive to her attention and when I laid down in bed she lay next to me and ignored the tent when she pulled the covers over us. I fell asleep waiting for her to react to my erection.

I woke and felt Bambi’s body moving next to me. I began to stroke her hair and trace circles on her bare hip and across her butt cheek. She stirred and looked up to me. I kissed her, and she stretched and pressed her curly hair covered vulva against my thigh and hummed. She kissed me again and cuddled up close to me.

“Good morning, Bambi.”

“Good morning, Mick. See I told you I could sleep with a naked man and not have sex.”

“Yes, you did. I wasn’t aware that I was that unattractive.”

“You are very attractive, Mick. But I have tremendous willpower.”

She stretched her arms over her head again and that caused her small breasts to almost disappear except for the dark red nipples in the center of each.

“If I didn’t have that kind of willpower, do you think I could have gone for months at a time without having sex with any number of guys I danced naked for?”

“I guess I still haven’t had time for all this to soak in.”

“It took me a little while, but by the time I turned 19 I had completely separated the act of sex from the emotion of love. So sleeping with you was not sexual at all.”

“I’m not sure that helps the whole attractive unattractive thing.”

“It should. I find you very attractive and if I had external sex organs I would be really fired up right now. Like you are.”

That was the first time that morning I had felt my erection.

“This is just because I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Ok. Go ahead and go to illegal bahis the bathroom and then come back and I’ll see if I am attractive or not.”

“Bambi Lynn Ambruster, make no mistake. You are very attractive.”

I got out of bed and stood and stretched. I felt a breeze on my butt as I took my first step towards the hotel’s bathroom.

“Hurry back, Mick. I’m already getting cold.”

I closed the bathroom door to block the sights and sounds of the morning bathroom ritual. The sounds of the piss hitting the water and the accompanying letting loose of pent up gas was about as unattractive a sound as I could think of. When I was done, I took a drink of water to kill some of my morning breath and returned to bed.

“My turn.”

Bambi rose and walked around the bed giving me a wonderful view of her behind as her cheeks moved up and down and left and right and forward and back all at the same time. She went into the bathroom but didn’t close the door. The sound of her making water and farting was not as unattractive as I had imagined mine would be, maybe because of the beautiful place they came from. I heard the toilet paper roll spin and then she flushed. The water in the sink ran for a bit.

“Mick, do you have any plans for this morning?”

“I am playing it my ear right now. Yesterdays plans have been kind of shot to hell.”

“What were those plans?”

She said as she came walking out of the bathroom, the dark triangle below her belly stood out in mild contrast to the tan of her skin. That was when I realized that Bambi might not be white. She stood next to my side of the bed with her pubic hair calling my name.

“Bambi, may I ask a bit of a personal question?”


“Do you tan a lot, or do you just have dark skin?”


“A little of both, huh?”

“Yeah. My mom is Italian and has dark skin, my dad was mixed race black and white.”

“Your dad WAS?”

“He was just fucking mom and when she got knocked up, he bailed. Is there a problem?”

“No. I didn’t see any tan lines and with your very dark red nipples and your very black pubic hair….”

“And the fact that my bush is so curly and my butt is a little on the bigger side.”

“I told you yesterday morning that your butt is perfect.”

“You can’t build a relationship on a butt.”

“I can. I mean you have to start someplace. You have several physical things going on that are at the top of my list when it comes to ranking attractive women.”

“My butt.”

“Your wonderful butt.”

I was sitting on the bed so I took her by the hips and turned her and pulled her butt to my face and kissed each cheek and then sucked a little to leave a hickey on each soft globe.

“What is next?” Bambi asked when she turned in my arms.

“Your face. You have the best bright brown eyes.”

I pulled her face down to me and kissed her on each closed eyelid and then on her lips.

“If you were walking towards me the first thing I would notice would be your eyes. Then when you walked away I would be glued to your wonderful bottom.”


“Then would look at your breasts and wonder if your nipples were dark and hard.”

“Well they are dark. I don’t know that they get bullet hard.”

I took the nearest nipple into my mouth and circled it with my tongue, getting it wet, before blowing on it and watching it wrinkle up into a small nub.

“Not big but very, very nice.”


“Then I would wonder about your pussy. Did you shave or not? Was the hair thick or sparse? Did you trim it to a shape?”

“And is my bush ok with you?”

“Bambi, I have always preferred a woman to look like a woman and those who shave often come off looking like a twelve-year-old little girl. Not at all my type. No, I think that your bush is wonderful, and I would really like to take some time this morning checking it out and finding out what you have buried in there. If you don’t mind.”

“I figured that you were going to spend the day worshiping my butt.”

“I can do that if that is what you want.”

Then she asked the first BIG question of our pseudo-relationship.

“Mick. Seriously….can I come home with you?”

“Bambi. Seriously….I haven’t truly decided. Last night was the first time I had slept with anyone since my divorce over ten years ago. It felt as wonderful as I remember. Warm skin against warm skin has got to be the best feeling in the world.”


“Well for me.”

“What about sex?”

“What about it? I haven’t had sex since I got divorced.”

“Not even a blow job after a date?”

“Not even a date.”

“Lew wasn’t kidding?”

“If he told you that I have had no contact with any members of the female sex, then no, he was not kidding.”

“How are you still alive?”

“Easy, I DO equate sex and love and I haven’t found anyone to love.”

“So, you and I can’t have sex?”

“Bambi, you are a fabulous woman, and I probably could definitely have sex with you, but it would not feel right illegal bahis siteleri because I have always thought of the act of sex as making love.”

“And you don’t love me.”

“Bambi, sadly, I don’t love anybody like that. I love my son, like a father should, but it seems that when my wife left me, she took my ability to love with her.”

“Hold me.”

Bambi held out her arms and I brought her down to the bed. I wrapped my arms around her and she leaned forward falling on top of me. She was holding me so very tightly and then I felt it. There was something wet on my shoulder. Then the telltale shaking and then an audible sob.

“Bambi? What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry for you. I never met anyone who lost someone they love so much that they can never love again. It must be a horrible way to go through life. I’m so sorry. I want to help, but I don’t know what to do.”

“That’s ok, little one. I think I just found out that I’m no longer alone. It also means that now both of us don’t know what to do. I’ve never lost anyone before that I loved so much.”

“But still, I am laying on top of you naked and you have a nice boner,” she said as she wiggled her bush against my cock.

“I didn’t say I was dead. I said I didn’t love any one. The plumbing works fine for both my left AND my right.”

“Do you think the plumbing would work for my left and right?”

“I see what you did there.” I chuckled and kissed her on the head. “Bambi, I would probably really enjoy it if you gave me a hand job.”

“Could I use my mouth a little?” She asked shyly.

“You can use your mouth as much as you want.”

“Could I do more?” She asked sounding more hopeful.

“Like what kind of more?”

“You like my butt a lot. Could I rub my butt along your cock?”

“Bambi, if you are trying to have sex with me, all you have to do is ask.”

“I would like to have sex with you, Mick. May I please fuck you?”

“I thought that you were going to try to do this last night.”

“I was hoping that you would have started something, Mick.”

“I wasn’t going to push myself on you last night. But this morning, I enjoyed the kissing and the touching. I really liked sucking on your nipples and the feel of your cheeks and I really loved kissing your bottom. I think that I might have to leave some more hickies on your butt.”

“You can play in the back when you are done in the front.”

I rolled her to her back and kissed my way down her body pausing at both nipples and then her navel, which I was surprised to find was not pierced. Come to think of it, I hadn’t noticed any ear rings.

When I got down to her bush I nuzzled it and slid my face all over it kissing around the edges of her curly hair, before kissing and sucking along her thighs. I made a mental note to be careful because what little sucking I did on her thighs cause hickies to form right away.

Bambi moaned quietly and tried to open her legs, but I had my own legs outside hers and she was trapped. I reached up and found her nipples with my hands and with the barest touch I glided my fingers down the sides of her ribs, then across her belly and along the edge of her bush before sliding to her thighs. I moved my legs apart slightly and she immediately opened herself to me. Now I could see the puffiness of her vulva and the dark brown labia that protruded.

“Mick,” Bambi spoke softly as she moved her hands to my head and lifted it. “Some men haven’t liked my pussy. I’m told that I have a strong smell and my pussy lips are kind of big.”

“Did I mention that I love large pussy lips? The more to play with and nibble on.”

She moaned again and pulled my head to her bush. As she opened a bit more, I smelled her strong scent and when I pushed my tongue into the curly forest between her legs she let out an intense gasp. I slid first one of my legs and then the other between her own legs and as soon as she felt that her legs were free, she splayed open wide and presented herself to me.

The hair of her bush split wide and there before me was a wet aromatic garden of delights. Her labia were indeed large and dark brown. Beginning at her taint and gathering to a bundle of fleshy curls just below her sizable clitoral hood. I licked her from bottom to top with the wet flat of my tongue several times before taking each of her labia into my mouth and nibbling on them.

I proceeded to pleasure Bambi with my mouth and was drawing moans and groans and small shudders from her when I felt movement between my own legs. My erection and hanging testicles were being played with as Bambi was moving her feet to stroke my cock and tickle my balls at the same time I was kissing and licking and nibbling her pussy.

The hands that had been directing the attention of my head to her most sensitive parts lifted it and pulled me up to her face and lips and we kissed passionately. Our tongues danced together, and we suckled on each other’s tongues like they were large pink nipples.

In the process she rolled me over and canlı bahis siteleri straddled me. She wiggled a little bit and her pussy found its way onto my erection. She pressed back, until my glans popped into her. I pulled back and then pushed forward probing deeper into her. Soon Bambi was sitting on top, with me fully inside her. We had sex and when we finished I took a little extra time to fondle and kiss her sweet bottom until she stopped me.

“Mick, if you don’t stop I won’t have time to get to the bathroom before you begin to leak out of me.”

“The hotel can worry about that, my dear. Would you please leak with me to the shower?”

“With you?”

“Yes, I’m still dripping a little myself.”

“You didn’t give me every drop?”

“I’m still not sure if I want to give you my all.”

“You better figure it out before we get home.” I shook my head at the sound of her using the “H” word.

Bambi laughed and we walked to the shower with her leaving a little trail of drops behind her. We washed, and yes, I did spend an inordinate amount of time washing her two wonderful globes, with the occasional finger slipping into her anus.

As we dried ourselves, Bambi repeated the first important question of our relationship.

“Are you going to let me come home with you?”

“Bambi, I guess that is something we really need to talk about. Obviously, I came here under false pretenses. I was told one thing and then found out a whole lot more.”

“Thanks for seeing me as a whole lot more.”

“You are welcome. What IS the agenda for the day? My flight home isn’t until Monday morning.”

“Mick, I know what I want to do, but I need you to agree with me. Lew and I kind of made a plan.”

“Ok. Clue me in. What’s the plan? I have nothing going on and I am at your disposal.”

“I need to finish getting my apartment packed and then sell my SUV.”

“Why sell your SUV?”

“Because if I’m going with you, I’ll get a car in Boise.”

“That is really your plan, huh?”


“Ok. Ok.” I think she’s serious. “I need to ask you if you really like that SUV?”

“Yes. It has been mine for a few years. I named her Betty.”

“Betty? You named your SUV Betty?”

“Yes. That was my Mom’s name.”

“If you could keep it, would you rather do that?”

“Yeah. I would.”

“Ok. That answers an important question.”

“Does this mean that I can come with you?”

I paused for an instant, looking at that naked beauty

“Yes. But understand that I am not comfortable with this.”

“You were plenty comfortable last night and way more this morning.”

“I’m feeling comfortable with you, but not the situation. I can’t own someone….a partially black someone. I can’t own you.”

“I decide who owns me, not you or anyone else. If I want to give myself over to you, that is

between me and me.”

“OK. OK.” I put both hands up in defense.

“As a matter of fact, let’s get out of here,” Bambi dropped her towel and headed for the chair where she had left her clothes from last night. “You can stay at my place until Monday morning.”

That sounded like a good idea, but what would I know, my brain was overloaded with the vision of Bambi pulling her panties over her wonderful butt cheeks.

“I can do that. How long has this plan been in effect? I mean if you are leaving with me on Monday, what about all of the stuff in your apartment that won’t fit on the plane, like furniture?”

“Oh. That is all taken care of. You remember Brandy? The girl at the club with the big natural tits?”


“The one you almost chose over me?”

“That was only if she was going to be sitting next to me. As you recall I said that. She has no butt to speak of and her big tits would look good sitting next to any man. But she is not my type. Besides, I think she and Lew would have been heartbroken if I chose her.”

“Good save. When I was getting dressed at the club, Brandy came into the dressing room to use the toilet and she said that she wanted to get to know your son. She has been dancing for a few years and doesn’t want to run the risk of getting drugged and hooked out. Yesterday she finally agreed to stop dancing and take me up on my offer to move into my place. She and I talked and agreed that the new owners were going to get the girls to start fucking customers and she wants nothing to do with that. So, she is going to move into my place when I leave and take over the lease. All I have to do is pack my clothes.”

“Do you have a lot of clothes?”

“If you take out my costumes, no. All of my normal street clothes will fit into two suitcases.”

“Well, I guess we need to see about canceling my return ticket. Unless…..”

“Unless what?”

“I just had an idea. But first things first. Let me kiss your butt some more and then we need to get over to your place.”

I turned her, pulled her panties down below her ass, and kissed both cheeks again and admired the random patterns of hickies all over her butt. The thought of sliding my cock between those cheeks and maybe into her bottom got me hard as a rock. Bambi noticed as soon as I stood.

“You want to fuck me in the ass, don’t you?” She was looking down behind her and into my eyes.

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