The Bucket list Pt. 03: Feb 2023

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Kelly opened the envelope and took out her valentine card from Stephen and she smiled at the cover. Opening the card she noted a piece of card within. On the card was written “Massage token, to be taken this weekend at the Spa”.

“Thank you.” She said sipping her orange juice as Stephen finished his breakfast.

“You are welcome and of course this is your first list entry for this year.” He said getting up and kissing her on her head. “I have to go to work now but looking forward to the weekend”

Kelly smiled remembering her first wish for their bucket list which was to be done this month and clearly Stephen had plans afoot.


Having checked into the spa for the weekend Stephen had confirmed he had checked it out and done some digging about. They enjoyed the suite they had and Kelly had thumbed through the brochure seeing what was on offer.

“I have taken the liberty of booking you a massage for late this afternoon.” Stephen said. They then decided to walk around the complex and see what was on offer.

Once back in their room Kelly had had a nap and then decided she would have a pre massage shower. Coming out of the shower she noted Stephen was dressed in his t-shirt and shorts and he had laid out her kit.

“Once we get to the massage rooms we can get changed and stow our clothes.”

They walked through the Spa and entered the area where the massage rooms were available. Stephen went to reception and confirmed he had booked Kelly in. They were directed to the male and female changing areas.

Kelly went to her changing area and saw the large white dressing robe, removing her clothes except her white knickers she pulled the robe onto her drawing the soft warm material around her body. She walked out of the changing area after locking her clothes in her locker. Stephen met her and said he knew where her massage was booked and he led her by the hand into a room. Inside the room there were hooks for the robes, tables chairs and in the centre of the room was a massage bench with black leather material and at the head was a headrest with an opening her face could be placed in mid massage.

Stephen said he would sit quietly as she had her massage and she agreed. He said he just needed escort bursa to speak to the masseur and Kelly sat quietly agreed flicking through the Spa brochure. The door opened and Stephen walked in with a lad who looked in his early twenties.

“Kelly, this is Ian.”

“Hi Kelly.” Ian said.

“Hello.” She replied.

“Are you ready for your massage?” he asked. She nodded. “Ok, if you take your robe off and climb onto the bench.”

Kelly did as he asked and was stood in her knickers.

“Do you really want to keep those on?” Ian asked.

“No.” Said Kelly shaking her head and she stepped out of them so she was nude in front of Ian who motioned for her to lay on the bench.

“Lay face down first.” He suggested and Kelly followed his suggestion and her body wiggled as she got comfortable on the leather surface.

She closed her eyes and relaxed as she heard Ian moving about to her side and she heard him rubbing his hand together and he has started to apply moisturiser in advance.

“Hopefully that will warm my hands for you.” He said then she felt his hands and fingers start to rub her back and shoulders. He massaged her back and could feel her muscles relaxing under his firm and expert rubbing. After rubbing the top of her back and shoulders Ian spent time rubbing the flesh and muscles into her arms. Kelly could feel her muscles relaxing and she enjoyed the sensations of the kneading of her flesh.

Ian’s hands now rubbed her ribs and lower back and moving in rhythmic motion he went lower down her back until his hands brushed across the tops of her buttocks. Finishing the massage of Kelly’s back she felt Ian rubbing her bum and his hands massaged her bum cheeks gently and she could feel the airbrush her anus and pussy as her bum was manipulated by Ian.

Soon his hands were on the backs of her thighs and she sighed as he heavily rubbed the flesh and she was feeling her body relaxing and her muscles were certainly feeling the benefits of Ian’s manipulations and massage. He was rubbing her legs and now had moved to her calves which he was rubbing with his thumbs and Kelly could not believe how good this felt. He lifted each leg in turn. As her lower leg was raised Ian’s hands were rubbing her bursa merkez eskort feet. His pressure was easing her toes apart and the soles of her feet were also rubbed gently before he returned her feet down.

“Want anything repeated before you roll over Kelly?” he asked.

“My shoulders?” She replied and with her eyes closed she felt him gripping and rubbing her shoulders, collars and upper back as she rested and enjoyed the bliss of having her flesh and muscles loosened.

Ian stopped rubbing her and she heard him applying oil to his hands.

“Ready to turn over?” He asked and without a word Kelly slowly eased her body round and as she moved she felt Ian ease a pillow and backing across the opening she had eased her face into and she lay naked face up with her eyes closed.

Ian hands moved onto her shoulders and he rubbed her shoulders and collar again. He rubbed her shoulders then bought his hands down her flesh of her arms rubbing her skin and muscles of each limb before lowering them to her sides but moved them away from her body.

She felt Ian’s hands rub her sides and then onto her stomach and across her naval. She drew her breath in as he raised his hands and very gently he rubbed her 36D breasts and she knew her nipples were erect. To her surprise she felt his fingertips touch her nipples and he rolled them between his fingers and she gasped. Her eyes opened as she felt his mouth take her right nipple in his mouth and he sucked on her and she felt her nipple being pulled into his mouth. She let out a small gasp and then she felt his fingers start to massage her groin. His hands moved through her pubic hair and she closed her eyes as he rubbed her pubic mound.

His hands moved to her thighs and he very slowly massaged the front of her thighs, round her knees then down her freshly shaven shins and onto her feet. With her eyes closed she was drifting into a sleep like state as she felt his fingers massage the flesh of her thighs which he was pushing and rubbing but she felt her legs part.

As she lay motionless she felt her body relax and her muscles and flesh felt refreshed. She heard the sound of water in a container then she felt warm water and a brush bursa sınırsız escort moving across her pubic hair.

“Stephen said you would like a shave so hold still please and relax.” Ian said and she heard the sound off shaving foam being squirted then she felt it being placed on her hair.

She relaxed and felt Ian’s fingers drawing her skin tight and the slight pressure as he drew the razor across her skin. She could feel his fingers move across her skin and she felt him move her legs and the razor was brought around her groin. Ian moved her legs apart and she felt him moving the razor across the skin between her pussy and anus then she felt him slowly and gently move the blade around her bum. After a few minutes she felt him gently rubbing around her labia and bum to clear foam and any stray hairs.

He very gently dabbed her skin with a towel. His fingers gently rubbed at her labia and she gasped as he started to rub her clit in circular motion with his thumb. His other hands fingers moved to her pussy opening and his fingertips rubbed the moisture around her pussy then she gasped as she felt a finger enter her pussy and he hooked his finger up to expertly finger and rub her g spot.

Her hands gripped the leather as she savoured this experience of a new man rubbing her so gently and so well. Then she let out a shocked gasp as she felt Ian start to tongue her engorged clit. He expertly licked her as his fingers rubbed her internally and externally while she received oral. Ian was great at oral sex and in a few moments Kelly’s hands where on Ian’s head and he furiously lapped at her and she felt her orgasm overtake her. Kelly moaned louder as she came and he withdrew his finger and as he lifted her bum up he parted her thighs and his tongue was lapping around Kelly’s anus as she started to cum again Ian pushed his tongue up into her anus. Kelly could not take anymore and her hands pushed Ian’s head away.

Opening her eyes she saw Ian’s face glistening with her juices then a naked Stephen walked towards her and he climbed onto the bench and entered her wet and throwing pussy. Stephen started to fuck her hard and quickly and she was getting close again. She looked at Ian who had pulled out his erect penis and he was wanking as he watched them fucking. Stephen was getting closer as Kelly started to cum once more and she felt him tense and as he arched his back she felt his cock explode flooding her with his sperm them she heard Ian gasp she felt his hot sperm hitting her waist as he blew his load watching them.

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