The Break In Pt. 02

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“Okay not like I will pressure you to fuck me, I will make us coffee and breakfast, you can shower while I get everything ready, then you can be on your way.”

The look said it all, but I was not about to have some straight guy in my home who would only let me suck his cock and nothing more. He would put out or he could leave, be nice if he sucked my cock as well.

I got up naked and went in the kitchen to make us breakfast and coffee, he stayed in bed, I went in to see if he was getting ready coffee was ready. I gave him this odd look, was he not getting ready to go, was he hoping to stay the day?

“Are you getting ready to go?”

“Yeah I guess I better do that.”

“I made coffee, how do you like it?”

“Two sugars please, Billy could I stay for a bit?”

“You could but I am not looking to support a guy who doesn’t work and doesn’t put out, if we are going to sleep in the same bed, I need more than to give you a quick blowjob and you’re done.”

“Come on Billy I’m not a fag, you are, but I am not and never will be.”

“Then get your clothes on and get out, or I call the cops.”

He sat on the side of the bed, he grabbed his underwear and pulled on his pants, his socks then his shirt, he put on his jacket and made his way to the door. While he put on his shoes I asked for the key, he gave me this sad look.

“Key please.”

He reluctantly handed it over, his hand lingered in my own that I pulled back, I opened the door and ushered him out. He stood there in the hallway kind of like a lost puppy, a kitten left on the side of the road. He finally walked out I heard the front door open then close shut.

I had coffee then breakfast, I had some errands to run then I would relax for the rest of the day, being honest I did look for him while I was out. I did not see him, but he watched me from far enough distance that I would not see him.

I got what I needed then made my way home, he continued to watch me and at one point I was sure I had spotted him. I got home put away my groceries then sat and read a book I was so into, yeah I thought about him the entire time.

He really Bostancı Escort was a cute guy, but I had been with a guy like him before and it never ended well for either of us. That cock of his had me drooling, the thought of it in my mouth and maybe deep inside my ass. I knew what I had to do.

I stripped naked and cleaned out, got in bed with my favorite dildo, I would imagine it was Steve putting his big cock into me. A couple of strokes and I was shooting my chest and neck with my cum, I tasted some of it but it was not like Steve’s load.

I liked how he took control, turning us over and forcing his huge member inside my mouth and throat, I lay there naked and covered in cum. I could have sworn I heard a knock on my living room window, I took my tee shirt and pulled it on my cum soaked upper body.

I opened the curtain and there he was, Steve wanting to come back inside, I went in the bedroom and got my shorts and went to the front door.

“What do you want Steve?”

“Can I come in Billy? I can’t find a place to stay, I’m hungry and need a shower really really badly.”

“How is this my problem Steve? You and I are not even friends, and besides I told you what I want if you come in and stay with me.”

“Not sure I can do all of that Billy but could I just come in for a few minutes Please?”

Why was I always a sucker for a hard luck guy? I opened the door and let him in, damn him he was so cute. He and I went in the apartment, I offered him something to eat, maybe a cold drink, he could also use my shower, I might even wash his clothes.

I would feed him then get him in the shower, throw his clothes in the washer, he and I would sit around and talk till his clothes were ready. His cock always seemed to be rock hard and ready, for a straight guy with a gay guy his cock sure did not care who was in the room it wanted attention.

I got his clothes in the dryer, we would have something to eat, then he would be on his way, yeah I wanted him to stay but he would have to do what I asked or the deal was off. In lieu of rent he would satisfy me in the bedroom, anything I Ümraniye Escort asked of him.

He continued to say he was straight and did not have sex with men, I still was curious about letting a man suck your cock, and how rock hard his cock was right at this moment. I got up to get his clothes and handed them to him folded neatly.

He put them down beside himself and looked at me with his puppy dog eyes, I was not falling for it this time.

“Get your clothes on Steve it’s time for you to go.”

He pulled on his underwear then his socks, his pants then his tee shirt, he and I walked to the door, I was right behind him. He turned around and looked at me, not the puppy dog look but more of a determined look in his eyes.

“Billy can I?”

He grabbed my face with both of his hands and pulled me in for a kiss, it was a little too rough for my liking. I pulled away from him and took his head in my hands, I slowly leaned in and kissed him very gently. Our lips softly pressed to each others, Steve moaned as I licked his lips with my tongue, his arms slowly pulled me in to his body.

He and I pulled back from each other, his eyes on mine, Steve pulled me back in and this time he ran his tongue along my lips then inside my mouth. I gently sucked on his tongue, I made love to this man’s tongue inside my mouth.

Steve’s cock was rock hard and ready for action, he pulled back and looked me in the eyes.

“Billy is gay sex like this, the blow jobs the kissing, it’s all so much more sensual than just fucking a woman, which is what I have been doing in the past.”

“You tell me Steve is it better so far?”

Steve ran his hand down my side till his hand was on my cock, he held it he gently stroked it, I knew it felt foreign to him, but he did not cringe, he did not pull his hand away, he seemed intrigued. He pulled me in for yet another kiss, his hand held my cock the entire time.

“Can we take this to the bedroom Billy?”

I took his hand and led him to the bed, he would wear out his clothes putting them on and off, he threw them in the corner chair. Here we were naked and Anadolu Yakası Escort ready for whatever, I was not going to make the first move.

Steve once again took my cock into his hand, he went to his knees and slowly stroked my cock, it poured out precum like crazy. Steve leaned in and licked at it, his tongue grazed my cockhead making me pull back. The sensation was a little to much for me, he pulled me in and took my knob in his mouth.

“Billy man this feels wrong, not sure I can go through with this.”

“Then get dressed and get out, you will do what I ask or you can just go.”

Steve took about half of my cock inside his mouth, and yeah he gagged and and made choking noises, I would stick to my guns no sex no place to live. Steve kind of got into it, he sucked in about four inches and did things with his tongue that surprised and impressed me.

I pulled my cock out and got him to his feet, I laid on the bed and he got on top of me, he and I would sixty nine. Steve held my dildo in his hand and kind of looked at me with a puzzled look.

“Billy what to fuck is this?”

“It’s my dildo, I use it when men cock tease me and do not give me what I need.”

Steve threw it with his clothes, he and I got into a sixty nine, he could fuck my mouth like he liked too. He was actually not the worse cocksucker I had ever had, his technique needed to be tweaked here and there but overall he would make me cum.

Steve pounded my mouth with his huge cock, I have to say I liked it like this, him in control fucking my face till he shot his huge load in my mouth. I myself was close I warned him I might shoot at any moment. I expected him to pull back and just jerk me off but he sucked down harder.

My balls wanted to unload, his stroking and sucking had me on edge, I screamed as my cock shot him in the mouth lips, beard and neck. I could tell he did not really like the taste but he swallowed what I had fed him.

He rolled off of me and lay there beside me, he quickly got up and put his lips to my own, I licked the cum off of his chin and beard. Seems he really liked kissing me, he could never seem to get enough.

“Billy I could not imagine kissing a guy would be so intoxicating, I want and need your lips on mine all the time, well on my cock as well.”

“Steve man wait till you have your cock deep inside of my ass you will want to keep it there all the time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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