The Bradford Family Saga Part 7

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As she told the family secret to him, she had watched his face change for surprise and
awe, to passion and lust. His cock had stiffened, growing to steel-like hardness, and
the moment she had finished he had thrown her down and savagely stuck his engorged prick
all the way up her hot cunt making her cum instantly. Now, he roughly pushed her on her
back and plunged his thick cock back in her sizzling cunt. Her nails and teeth dug into
his flesh leaving their marks as they vented their perverted pleasures. His hands bit
harshly into her upturned asscheeks, his hips frantically slapping against her butt.
She reached behind him and cradled his balls, still heavy with cum, in her hands.

“Cum for me, Peter! Oh, my son, cum for me!” she cried, as her sweat-slick body humped
back at him. His thrusts were longs and hard, and each one sucked her spongy cuntlips
in and forced the breath from her body. He started to pump faster and Carol moaned as
pain and pleasure mixed together.

“Oh, shit! … Gotta cum, Mom … can’t hold back!”

“Cum in my mouth this time. . . let me taste it. Please cum in my mouth!”

His body stiffened and she scrambled to get up, but she wasn’t fast enough. His voice
choked as his control broke and reason left him.

“Aaaaaaaagggggg!” he growled. Cum splashed her face and body before she could get her
hand around his erupting cock and direct it into her mouth. He was shooting by the
cupful. Her mouth filled and she swallowed automatically, hardly tasting its thick,
salty texture. She swallowed again and again, her tongue too busy to capture the slimy
wads that streaked down her cheeks and dripped off the tips of her heaving tits.

Carol held Peter’s ass tightly and continued to suck his cock while his body shook with
uncontrollable spasms. Thick, white cum dribbled down her chin. Finally, his shaking
began to subside. With weak legs, he collapsed on the bed, taking Carol with him.

“Oh, shit, that was good,” he said with a heavy sigh.

“Uhmmmmmmmm, was it ever!” she said, rubbing the thick cum into her body, making her
skin shine. Carol rolled over on her stomach, her tits resting on Peter’s arm. Her
fingers played with the hair on his chest.

“Oooh, my pussy’s sore,” she sighed. “A good sore, though.” She paused. “Peter? What
do you think about us? I mean, about the family?”

He shrugged. “I don’t really know yet, but it blows my mind that I’m fucking my own

“You’re my adopted son,” she corrected.

“Same difference,” he said, smiling widely. “And she’s just about the best piece of ass
I’ve ever had, too.” A few hours ago, he remembered, he had said the same thing about his

Playfully, Carol punched his arm. “You looked like you were going to say something,” she

“Er, this family business? Eh, last night … aunt Mary … I mean, Mary … well, we
fucked! In the pool.”

“That bitch!”

The words were harsh, but Peter could hear the smile in her voice. “You don’t mind?” he

“Oh, I should have known. She had the hots for you the second you stepped out of the cab.”
She giggled. “Who was better? Me or her?”

“Hell, I’ll never tell. But I did think that was the wildest thing that ever happened,
until tonight and you.”

Peter hesitated. “Mom? … Carol! I’m worried about Dad. I know you guys have your own
thing going, but I just can’t see myself walking up to him and saying, ‘Hi Dad. Guess
what? I’ve just fucked your wife.’ I don’t think he’d accept his son’s cock in your pussy.”

Carol thought about her husband and all the changes they had gone through. Would this
really hurt him? Or would he accept it as a natural extension of their own secret life?
She thought of all the times Mike had filmed her with a hot, young cock in her cunt, in
her ass or mouth; his eyes glazed and his face flushed with built up lust and passion.
He couldn’t object to what had happened between her and his son, but she wondered. She
fingered Peter’s flaccid prick and it stirred. “Let me worry about your father,” she
said with forced conviction.

“Oh, Christ! I’m squishing like a wet dish rag. I didn’t think anyone had that much juice
in them. In that way you’re just like your father!”

Peter laughed, feeling a flush of pride and excitement in his loins and, surprisingly,
a glow of love that he hadn’t detected before.

“I have to take a shower,” Carol said.

“Com’on, I’ll wash your back.”

“Bullshit! That cock of yours is getting hard again. You’ll drown me. Stay here and rest,
and when I come out, I’ll tell you why I think you won’t have any trouble seducing Marsha.
It’s another secret.”

Peter reddened, a bit embarrassed. In the heat of their passion he had almost forgotten
about his lovely sister, his fantasy, and here was her mother reminding him, telling him
to go out there and fuck her. It was an unbelievable world!

Carol smiled at him and walked to the bathroom, her smooth, rounded ass swaying. He
stretched and yawned and his sore body protested. He ached in a hundred different places.
His back had been raked Bayrampaşa Escort by her nails and angry welts stood out on his shoulders, vivid
reminders of her sharp teeth.

He couldn’t remember when he felt better.

“Well! Look what we have here.”

Peter gaped. Marsha stood in the doorway, her arm resting on the jam. She was naked!


Marsha smiled as her brother hastily threw a sheet over his nakedness. “It’s a little
late for that, Peter. I peeked. Where’s Mom?”

He stiffened. She knows, he thought. Sheepishly, he nodded towards the bathroom. His
tangled mind tried to find words to explain, but all he could do was gesture helplessly
with his hands.

She smiled at his discomfort. “Poor baby! Don’t worry. I think it’s the greatest thing
in the world, you and Mom. I hope it’s that way for us.”

Incredulous, he stared at his lovely sister. Was she really standing in the doorway,
naked? Was she really saying the things he thought she was? That she knew about him and
her mother; that it was okay, and that she wanted to fuck him?

“Marsha,” he said, finally, “What the fuck is going on here?

Slowly, she walked to the bed, watching his eyes trail over her body, appraising it,
comparing it to her mother’s. The comparison would be favorable. She knew because her
father had told her so. Her slender frame and large tits gave her a more sensuous
appearance. A ‘sex machine’ her father had called her. She liked that description.

Peter eyed her up-right, large cherry-tipped tits. Her tiny waist flared into a perfect
hipline and tapered to long, strong, shapely legs. A flat stomach ended at a surprisingly
thick blonde mound. He noted the sway of her hips and the puffy lips of her cunt slit
peeking through the tangled muff. She was even more beautiful than in his fantasies, and
her long, blonde hair, in wild disarray, gave her a wanton look.

A real sex machine!

Despite his long night of passion, Peter felt his chest tighten and a warm heat flow to
his loins. His prick stiffened and stood erect, the sheet tenting out above his body,
like a miniature pyramid. Fluidly, she sat on the bed; her skin aglow and her eyes bright
with excitement. The tips of her fingers grazed the top of his cock and it twitched

“Oooooh, I didn’t think it would come up so fast,” she said seductively. “I’d have
thought Mom would have fucked you out.”

Peter gulped. He looked hastily at the bathroom door. He could hear the shower running.
His hands ached to caress the big, beautiful tits and suck her hard nipples. Instead, he
dug his hands into the bedsheet and bunched it, tightly, in his balled fists.

“Marsha,” he repeated, “What the fuck’s going on her?”

She ran her nails down his naked thigh and a shiver ran up his body. “Just the most
natural thing in the world, Peter. I’ve come here to fuck you!” she said in a calm,
sweet voice. “I’ve just finished fucking Daddy!” she giggled. “I think I fucked him out,
too. And now, I’m going to fuck you. Just the way you fucked Mom.”

“You what? he asked, when the words finally penetrated. “You fucked Dad? Really fucked
him?” Peter gestured with his hands and Marsha smiled.

“Yup! I really fucked him! And he fucked me back. he even stuck his prick up my ass;
told me I was just like Mom. Wasn’t that sweet?” She ran her fingers up and down his
thigh again and his cock stiffened to steel-like hardness.

Peter stared wide-eyed, unblinking, awed at the surprising change of events. He had
screwed her mother! Marsha had screwed his father! And now she wanted to fuck him. His
fantasy come true! His blood stirred and a strange excitement flowed through his body.
His cock threatened to burst, but the latent voyeur held his mind captive.

“Then it’s true! The family secret! I don’t think I really believed it until just this
minute. What happened? How did you do it?”

“Easy,” she grinned excitedly, her fingers tracing the outline of his cock beneath the
sheet. Her eyes glowed. Sharing this with Peter was more erotic than she could believe.
She didn’t think it was possible to become more aroused than she was, but her cunt was
twitching maddeningly, gushing hot cream, and she knew that she was.

“I just walked in and started to suck his cock. After that, everything just naturally
happened. Actually,” she said, “I really came up here to fuck you, but you were already
hard at work with Mom.”

“That was an accident. I thought it was you and she thought she was dreaming.” He
shrugged. “By the time we realized what was going on it didn’t seem to matter who we

Eyes flashing, Marsha smiled. “Daddy was very good. How about Mom?” she asked, nodding
towards the bathroom.

“Wild!” he said with a wide grin. “Absolutely wild!”

Slowly, she pulled the sheet off, exposing her brother’s thick hard-on.

“I want you, Peter! I’ve wanted you for so very long,” she said, her voice choking with
passion. Her hand moved softly over his erection, like a caress, teasing him unbearably.
“Ooh, you do have a big, beautiful Escort Bayan cock. I’ll bet Mom really enjoyed this lovely monster.”

His skin tingled as her hot hand enfolded his shaft.

“Marsha! I want you too. I’ve been dreaming about you for years, but Mom will be out
in a second.”

She giggled, sounding much like her mother. “Oh, Peter, I’ve waited so long to hear you
say that, and don’t you worry, my darling, Mom isn’t going to be embarrassed by us
fucking. Didn’t she tell you about what we did last night? … Oooooh, it’s so big and
hard! I love him!”

Marsha’s fingers were kneading his cockflesh, sending red hot shivers pulsing to his
feverish brain. He had trouble grasping her words.

“Wha … what did … do?” he mumbled.

Very slowly, Marsha began to stroke him up and down.

“Later,” she said breathlessly. “I’ll tell you everything you want to know, later. Now,
I just want to play with your cock, Peter. It’s even bigger now than I thought it would
be. I’m so glad of that.”

His mind was fuzzy. What had she and Carol done? She wasn’t making sense to him. Suddenly,
without warning, she sucked his cock deep into the warm, moist cavern of her oval mouth.
He cried out loudly. Her tongue worked furiously, twisting and twirling around his hot
shaft, her sharp teeth raking the tender underside. He gasped and grabbed fistfuls of
her wild hair, forcing her head downward into his humping crotch.

“Oh, baby! Ahhhh! … so fucking good! Your mouth’s like a furnace!”

Marsha twisted her head from side to side and made little sucking sounds as she worked
his thrusting prick in and out of her saliva-filled mouth. The musky, man-smell of his
cock was sharp and tangy in her nostrils and she could feel the huge knob pulsate as
Peter’s thrusting hips made it hit the opening of her throat. Her tongue washed the
heavy crown and was rewarded with a drop of salty pre-cum for her effort.

Peter tugged at her shoulders, pulling her slightly forward so he could reach her
beautiful, heaving tits. The flesh felt hot and tingling against the palms of his hands.
He squeezed them and rolled her stiff nipples between his thumb and finger. Her eyes
slitted with passion. She opened her mouth to moan and a large droplet of saliva ran
down his prick into the dark tangle of his pubic hair.

Her mind raced with elation. At long last, she was sucking her brother’s cock! Feeling
it deep in the warm recesses of her throat. She was tasting the sharp, salty flavor of
his pleasure-giving tool. The tender skin of her face was being scoured by the abrasive
tangle of thick hair at the base of his rampant cock. And she adored the feeling.

Marsha worked her hands feverishly over his strong body; her aroused sense of touch
sending little electric jolts to her body as she cupped his heavy balls and kneaded the
soft inner flesh of his hairy thighs. Gasping for breath, she rubbed his cock along the
sides of her cheeks, leaving streaks of saliva in its wake.

A heavy tremor shook her body when Peter squeezed her hot, sensitive tits. They had
become her trigger, and her sopping cunt oozed a hot stream of pussycream that leaked
through the blonde jungle and down her trembling thigh.

“Oh, yesssss, Peter, yesssss! Play with my tits! Suck my nipples! Oh, I love it so
much when you do that. Ugh!” she cried. “Ooooooh, fuck me, Peter, my love, my brother!
Please fuck me!”


Carol wrapped a towel around her damp hair. She felt refreshed and invigorated; a new
and complete woman. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror. I am a new woman, she
thought; marvellously contented and sublimely happy. I have my family and my world is
complete. She rubbed her hands over her face. There were no telltale signs that she had
committed sins not mentioned in polite company: incest and adultery. Of course not, she
mused, why should there be? Convention calls them sins, not those who are fulfilled by
them. No one can tell, but if they could see behind her smile, they would see that she
enjoyed herself beyond her wildest dreams and fantasies. Peter was a marvelous lover,
with enormous staying power, and a beautiful, thick and agile cock. She had been
thoroughly fucked and the darkside of her hidden passions completely satisfied.

What would the world think about her, she wondered? Envy? Condemnation? It didn’t matter.
This was her life and she had made her choice. For her, it was the right choice. She
wondered how her husband and brother would react. Would they be jealous? Annoyed? After
all, it had been just the four of them, at first. The decision to open up their
relationship to others – to “swing” – had taken much discussion, even though they were
all secretly aroused by the idea. Would the introduction of Peter and Marsha to their
circle create a problem? Not for Mary, of course, she thought smiling at the image of
her voluptuous sister-in-law perched on Peter’s active prong. Mike and John? Well, she
thought wickedly, there was one way to insure their acceptance. Marsha!

Wrapping a large istanbul Escort bathtowel around her body, she giggled and opened the bathroom door.
The muted voices came to her immediately and she froze in place.

“Ohhhhhh, Peter! Peter, my darling! … Yesssss! Fuck me hard! Harder, Pete! … Oh,
God, I’ve waited so long! … Feels so wonderful, so good … I’m in heaven!”

“Baby! Baby! I love you so much! … Wanted you all the time! … Aggggh! Yeah! …
Cunt’s so hot … Oh, squeeze my prick! Yeahhhhh! … like that!”

Carol licked her suddenly dry lips and shivered deliciously as she listened to her
children, her lovers, Peter and Marsha, confess their desire and passion for each other.
Her entire body flushed and a rosy glow, a loving warmth, flowed to her loins. With
trembling hands, she slowly opened the door. They were facing away from her, asses
moving in rhythm; Peter’s thick shaft, slimy with fuckjuice, surrounded my Marsha’s l
ustrous cunt-hair. She could see speckles of dewy pussycream glistening in the lovely
blonde thatch.

Marsha’s wanton hips drove upward, slamming against Peter’s crotch as he drove his huge
fuck-meat down into the boiling depths of her heated body.

Wide-eyed with love and wonder, she watched her son’s powerful prick plunge in and out
of her daughter’s squishy cunt. Marsha’s legs were wrapped tight around his muscular
back, and her hand dug deeply into his asscheeks. Their shining bodies gleamed from
passion and perspiration. The sight and sounds of their passion sent a wave of parental
love through her, followed, almost immediately, by a feeling of erotic arousal, so
strong that her legs began to tremble. Watching her lovely, blonde daughter’s body
writhe and shake was like viewing a film of herself; a younger version of her own secret
passions, only this was real. She could put out her hand and touch them. She could smell
the sex; the sheer animal vitality of their lust. Her breathing was ragged and warm
moisture ran down her inner thigh – hot cunt-juice! Voyeuristic pleasure was making
her cunt leak like an old roof.

Steadying herself against the door, she gaped as Peter drew his cock out of Marsha’s
grasping cunt, almost to the very tip, then, with a deep groan, plunged it back in,
mercilessly. Her pussy contracted and her stomach tighten as her mind felt the fat shaft
rasp along the tender walls of her own wet cunt.

Marsha screamed. “Aggggggggghhhhhhh! Cummin’ … cummin’ … oh, God, Peter … I’m
cummmmmin’ … fuck me! Harder! Yessssssss! … Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!”

Carol stiffened as she watched Marsha go out of control, her body erupting in a killer
orgasm, the culmination of years of fantasy and frustration. She shook and trembled,
wildly; churning and bucking, her cunt frantically trying to hold her brother’s exploding
cock captive and make the moment last forever.

Marsha’s violent contortions were too wild for Peter, and he was bucked off just as his
throbbing prick started to spray his pent-up love juices. Globs of thick, white cum
splattered all over her stomach and tits; splashing her face and hair. His pulsating cock
seem to shoot on forever and cum ran in rivulets down the crevasses of her body. Peter’s
body sagged, then collapsed beside his sister’s trembling and gasping form.

The towel dropped away as Carol ran to her daughter and gathered the still-shaking body
in her arms. Marsha was slick with Peter’s cum. “It’s okay, baby. It’s okay! I’m here.
Easy, sweet-heart. Rest. I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there! Just rest.
Oh, baby, I’m so happy for you. So happy!”

Automatically, Marsha wrapped her arms around her mother. They were cheek to cheek,
breast to breast, mound to mound. Peter’s cum made their bodies slide against each other,
transmitting the heat of their flesh. Rubbing up against Marsha’s chest, Carol’s nipples
became hard and erect. The feel of flesh beneath her hands was wonderfully exotic. Hardly
aware of it, they began to rub against each other, lewdly. Their lips found each other
and tongues entwined. Loving hands caressed sensitive tit-flesh, and nimble fingers
rolled nipples around like marbles.

His body sore and legs rubbery, Peter pushed himself up and stared in disbelief, his
panting finally lessening. His cock, still half-hard, glistened with dripping cum and
pussy- juice. Marsha’s wild bouncing had pushed him to the other side of the bed, near
their heads. He watched their passionate embrace with wonder, then put his cock directly
above their faces – it just seemed the thing to do – and let a stray drop of cum-juice
fall on Marsha’s nose. It ran down to her lips, and he watched in amazement as their
twisting tongues fought to lick it.

“Suck my dick,” he said hoarsely, “both of you.”

Carol, galvanized by the taste of Peter’s heavy cum- cream, struck first, taking all of
his semi-soft prick in her mouth. She clamped her lips tightly around the deflating
cockshaft and began to suck greedily, her wild tongue swishing from side to side. Marsha,
watching her mother’s wet mouth slide up and down the veined shaft, reluctantly, contented
herself with licking her brother’s hairy balls, matting the thick hair against his skin
with her saliva. Neither, let go of the other’s warm tits; their hands roaming at will.

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