the boy that sells beach towels

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the boy who sells towels walks a week in a nearly empty beach. just me and a few other people to sunbathe.
few tourists and the boy did not sell anything. walk for hours without result.

This morning, the boy stopped to talk with me.

on the beach just us two.

said “I can sit next to you?”

I said “sit down”

We talked about the weather conditions are not favorable for the tourists and the guy asked if I live in the place.

I covered my nakedness with bikini panties and the guy did not seem surprised by my women’s clothing.

I said to live in the house that you see from the beach.

the boy laughingly said, “Your house is bigger than the village where I come from…”

Meanwhile, the light wind has stopped and a warm sun came to warm up in the morning.
the silences were longer than the exchange of words.

in the absence of wind, the sun gave a pleasant warmth to the skin. I took from my pack the sunscreen to protect my skin.

To put the sunscreen I moved my body and the small bikini panties slipped from the legs again and I was naked.

With difficulty I put the cream in the back and the guy offered his help to place the sunscreen where my hands do not arrive.

I had a moment’s hesitation.

Perhaps the boy understood my embarrassment and said, “before taking his seat next to you I had a bath in the sea and I washed my whole body”.

I felt like shit.

I said*
“I’m sorry I did not want to be offensive. not happen every day that a guy has to put the sunscreen…”

“I do not offer my help at all,” replied the young boy with a mischievous smile.

to avoid further embarrassing moments I have left the sunscreen and I picked up my panties.

are never uncomfortable in my nakedness. Strangely, being naked in front of that boy causes me emotional.

I feel a strong desire to be touched by the boy’s hands, not only from the hands.

When she returned from my sister I have not had sex with a man. Now I feel an irresistible desire….

while I tried to wear her panties the boy says “please you remain naked. It’s nice to see your body”.

I feel the boy’s hand to stop my hand
My whole body is filled with great emotion.

I leave my panties and naked I remain lying on the sand

I closed my eyes. For a time that seems endless, nothing happens.

Now a shiver runs through my body naked under the sun.

the boy’s hands caress my legs. come to the hips. push my body. my round buttocks are in the hands of the young boy.

I try not to open his eyes. I just want to dream.
I remain motionless to enjoy the gentle caresses…

I feel the boy’s body moving top of me.

my breathing increases, the excitement pervades my mind, I feel an indescribable joy.
Seeking to understand the movements of the boy.

Silence does not help me. I do not see nothing and hear noises. I do not feel panic. the boy’s legs are close to my body.

I am aware that lying face up between the boy’s legs.

My mouth is open for breathing quickened. I try to keep wet my lips with his tongue.

I sense the movement of the hands of the boy. The hands move from my hips, rise along the body.
I feel a finger stroking my lips.

Seeking the tip of the tongue touching the fingers of the boy. Now nothing touches my lips.

extract even more the language to search for the boy’s hand. nothing.

I move my hands but the boy stops me.

I remain bewildered for a moment.
maybe I have to open my eyes and see what happens.

something touches my lips.
with curiosity move the language to understand.

The answer comes immediately. my tongue touched the boy’s cock.

I open my eyes for a moment. just long enough to see a majestic tip of cock closer to my mouth.

I close my eyes again.

the knees of the boy blocking my hands.

I hear the cock sliding into my mouth.

I close my lips to wrap around that magnificent black shaft.

I have no time to feel the taste of that cock.

only some movement of the tongue on the tip of the cock and a huge amount of cum fills my mouth.

movements that accompany orgasm guy push his dick all inside my mouth.

I feel the cum slid on my lips. I have a mouth full of cock and cum.

the speed of orgasm boy is compensated by the large amount of dense sperm that satisfies my taste.

I feel his cock sliding out of my mouth. I try to suck every drop of cum.

My cheeks are caressed by the big cock still wet with spit and cum

I remain lying still with eyes closed.
I enjoy the passage of cock on my face.

with his hands now free I collect sperm from my neck and took him into her mouth still full.

move the tongue to release sperm and spit from my mouth to try it again the pleasure of sucking it all in.

I did the blowjob lasted two or three minutes. never found a cock to drain as much cum as fast.

I had never sucked a black dick. has the same flavor of a white cock.
no cock has ever spilled so much sperm.

When I opened my eyes the guy that sells beach towels was gone.

I still had his cum in her mouth.

I swallowed slowly, drop by drop.

I picked up my panties. I rolled my penis tucked between his legs and bikini.

return home happy

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For some days I can not work, I only think about the boy that sells beach towels.

I do not remember her face. during our first meeting I was almost always with his eyes closed.
It was a great surprise to hear the boy’s cock in my mouth. I did not think was going on.

I now return to the beach every day.
I have only one desire, to meet that boy again

I told my sister just a part of the encounter.
I did not say anything about the blowjob. I did not say anything about the large amount of cum in my mouth .

Marisa, my sister knows my bisexuality.
It is not jealous when I meet men.
With my sister I’d rather not talk about my encounters with men.
This time I could not resist.

I really like that boy

I looked for a place on the beach near the bushes.
there are not many tourists, however, I preferred to remain isolated. maybe the boy goes back and stops with me.

I wore a tiny purple thong, and only a small triangle in front of a wire between the buttocks. I also have a red bra.
I like to mix colors in bikini.

I look at the horizon constantly with the hope of seeing the guy who comes.

are many years that not  feel much emotion and desire waiting for an encounter.

The beach still remains empty, maybe the boy who sells towels has changed zones.
A big disappointment comes over me, disappointment over not knowing how to search for the boy.

I almost decided to return home and suddenly the boy came out from the bushes.
He was not alone.

My heart leaped.
I felt excitement, but also disappointment.
the boy was with another young man.
surely now the boy does not stop near me, I thought

I feigned disinterest in the presence of the boy. Inside I was hoping for a new sexual encounter

When I saw the boy put on the sand at the pile of towels I was happy. I understood that he stopping next to me.

the young friend of the boy has left his things and went towards the sea. Now we’re alone.

The boy broke the silence and said
  “Even today, you’re very pretty, I’m glad this new encounter. I come from Senegal as my friend. I came to the beach with the hope to make this encounter. You were expecting me? “

“Yes I too was expecting you,” I said , I also added “My real name is Matthew, if you want you can call me Laura”

“Laura is a beautiful name, beautiful as you” my name is Pape and my friend is called Rasul, is a very good boy and discreet. You do not have to worry about your feminine appearance. “

Pape while talking opens an envelope full of fruit and take some apples and pears. “Want an apple?” He asks.

” yes, thanks you are very kind Pape” 

Pape comes to handing the apple and sits in my towel, very close to me.
I look at her young face and   asking permission to give a kiss to his cheek as thanks for the apple.

I wish to touch Pape. without waiting for his response approached my lips to the cheek of Pape.
While I kiss her cheek with his hand stroking her legs
I do not saw coming Rasul,  friend of Pape, and I apologized to Pape.

Pape has also offered a fruit to his young friend
who said
“Pape I will not you  kiss for the apple as he made ??the nice girl”

Pape and Rasul spoke in their language, then Pape said, “Rasul wants to be naked to dry his pants. Asks for your opinion”

I said “I do not mind seeing a naked boy, I too often am naked on the beach”
Pape has also removed his shorts.  Pape naked returned and sit next to me. Soon after, he sat Rasul. Rasul also very close to me.

I was like in heaven, two angels beautiful nude were close to me. Two young bodies, smelling of the sea, was like a dream, a dream real.
I can not hide my excitement, I am motionless I fear to touch their bodies with my movements.
I altyazılı porno hope the boys take the initiative and do something to make me understand that I can caress their cocks.

 the boys continue to speak in their language.
I get up, take off my bra and put it in the backpack, I take sun cream and I put myself back on the towel, very close to Pape, then I get on my knees, between Pape and Rasul, first to lie down and put my ass close to the hands of two boys.

I lie and I move my body to one side, his face to Pape, the ass towards Rasul, I move my ass to touch the leg of Rasul, I put my face close to the belly of Pape.

I have no interest in putting the sunscreen, I move just to touch the two boys. Timidly approached my hand to the legs of Pape, with the tip the fingers feel his skin.

boys continued to talk between them. I could only see Pape, Rasul was behind me.
Pape has legs extended and your body leaning back on arms

my light touch his legs does not seem to make any impact to him.
I try to move my ass in the way of touching the body of Rasul.

When I think Pape and Rasul have no interest for me Pape says. “Rasul still does not speak Italian well, wants to tell you that you are very nice with your little thong, you’re very feminine”

I say to Pape to ask his friend if I can give a kiss of thanks.

the translation of Pape is not necessary.
Rasul takes my arm and turned me toward him.
The young face of Rasul is very close to mine, I am assailed by a great indecision.
I move my face for bring my lips to touch a cheek of Rasul, my slow movement is interrupted by Rasu fleshy lips that touch my lips.

Rasul I look directly into his eyes while increasing the pressure of his mouth with mine.
The tongue of Rasul opened my lips almost united, I react as if it were my first kiss, I feel the warmth pervaded my body abandoned in pleasure similar to orgasm.

The tongue of Rasul licking my lips, then goes back in my mouth and starts a swirling motion, sensual and exciting.

Pape’s hands pushing my body to his friend, I suddenly find myself on top of Rasul that continues the sensual kiss.
Rasul’s cock, hard and huge, pressing on my belly, seems to want to get into my flesh.
I move my hand between our bodies and I can finally tighten the great rod of Rasul

I am so excited that I neglect the movements of Pape.
I lift a little bit of my body and I continue to kiss Rasul, and I make it so that my hand can slide on big cock

Pape did not remain indifferent. I feel his body leaning on mine, from behind.
I’m stuck between Rasul and Pape.
Rasul’s cock in my hand and Pape’s cock between my legs, more and more close to my ass.

I stop masturbating Rasul, my steady hand squeezes his cock, I want to prolong the pleasure to have a big cock in my hands.
My excitement makes Pape free to do what he wants.
I feel the hands of Pape take my hips and make my body towards him. I oppose, resist. I do not want to stop kissing Rasul.

I’m madly involved and excited that I decided to leave my body in the hands of Pape.

Now I am ready for anything. My only wish was to be flooded by the sperm of boys. Being fucked in the ass. Sucking two big cocks.

Pape has forced me to stop kissing Rasul. The strong hands of Pape put me on my knees, I lifted my ass, feel the cock in the middle of my buttocks.

Rasul is lying down, his big black cock rising like an obelisk in the middle of the legs. I’m doggy style and Pape is behind me.
I realize that Pape has changed its behavior, is moving decisively and in his own language spoken with Rasul seems to give orders.

Pape after talking with Rasul turns to me and says “you’ve got to be my bitch and carry out my orders. Even Rasul is my bitch.”

I say “Pape does not need to order, I am happy to have sex with you and Rasul. You’re a nice guy and the young Rasul I really like.” as I speak I put my hand on the cock of Pape and start masturbating.

A violent slap hitting my face.

Pape angry shouts “I want your ass not your hand”

Rasul says words that do not understand and Pape hits him with a leather strap

Pape continues to hit Rasul. I hear the violent sound of leather on flesh Rasul. I rise up and try to stop Pape. Rasul on the ground writhing in pain. My speech infuriates Pape that also affects me with slaps and whippings

Rasoul is now defending me. With her ??naked body scarred by the whippings hugs me. He kisses my body where the whippings of Pape struck.

“Pape you’re a fool,” I say. How to replicate Pape hits my face slapped.
“Stop beating” I yell angrily.
Rasul me a big hug and crying saying “Pape always beats me. Compels me to have sex with his friends. He sold me for money.”

Inside of me rises a great anger.
Rasul hug, kiss her lips, caress her young body. Seeking to reassure the young Rasul.

I tell Rasul “my sweet little boy, if we stay united can we force friends and Pape not be our masters” 

Pape is now quiet. In his hand was always a belt of leather, but does not use it more on me, and Rasul.

I go near Pape and say “you can have it all by me, and Rasul, because you beat us?”
“I am very excited to beat. Rasul like to be beaten, him always asks” says Pape.

I try to be nice to Pape and say “‘My love is to be kind to us. We want to be your whore, but you must be kind to us”
I tell Rasul to come near me and as I kneel before the cock Pape tell Rasul to do the same thing.
Me and Rasul are at the foot of Pape and say “now your whore suck your dick”

Me and Rasul we alternate to suck the cock of Pape.

It looks back serenity between the of us.

Pape says after a little time to stop.
Pape Rasul ordered to lie down. Then he says to me “you are my whore you have to do a blowjob to Rasul and drink all the sperm. I want to fuck your ass.”

frightened by the behavior of previous Pape I say “ok I’m a blowjob to Rasul, your dick is too big I’m afraid you’re hurting me “

Rasul was again startled by the behavior of Pape and softly says, “Pape you please take me, I am used to your size, you do not hurt our friend”

The words of Rasul irritate Pape who yells “two whores are always crying, I decide what to do with you.
Today I want Laura’s ass, and if my dick is too big Laura must get used to. arrive between an hour of my friends I have already had their money, and Laura has to fuck everyone. I want to be the first in his ass “

The terror seizes me. Pape is a violent bastard. phoned two friends and sold them my ass. Pape said he has already received and spent 50 euros for my ass.
Startled I look at the empty beach. no one can help me.
My desire to fuck brought me in a sea of troubles

I curse the day I met Pape

Rasul is of no help to me. is dominated by Pape

I try to talk to Pape, I propose to give a sum of money to let me go, I promise not to tell anyone about the abuse suffered.
Nothing to do. Pape is a bastard who revels in his badness and violence.

“Italian bitch you suck the cock of my slave Rasul” says Pape, and prompts me with a kick between the legs of Rasul.
Approached my mouth and suck the cock of Rasul. I hope to calm Pape executing his order.
Rasul has a limp dick and I can not seem to excite him.
Pape looks at me and says I’m a whore incapable of sucking cocks and violently hitting my ass with the leather belt.

Pape shouts of Rasul to keep my mouth on his cock and an avalanche of whiplash affects my back, buttocks and legs.
I do not cry for the pain, I cry with anger I feel.

lick and suck the cock of Rasul, I move my hands quickly on the big cock, I want to finish the blowjob soon and remain quiet.
Rasul is also a bastard.
Holds my head on his cock and seems excited by the violence of Pape.

Pape alternates slapping and whipping on my ass, try to stick his cock inside me. I clench my anal muscles because they do not want to be fucked by him. 

My resistance angers Pape.
I feel Pape’s cock on my asshole. with all my strength to clench my buttocks. 

Pape can not violate my ass. his cock is in my buttocks, but outside the asshole

I hear voices coming from the beach. We are in the bushes. No one sees us.
I try to scream but Rasul pushes his cock in my throat.
I am so desperate that I hardly notice that Rasul has an orgasm.
Splashes of cum filled my mouth and throat. I do not want to swallow. Rasul held closed my nose and forces me to keep my mouth open.
Pape view my mouth full of cum and tells me to swallow it all. I say no with a gesture of the head.

“You have to swallow everything. You’re a whore and you do it” shouts angrily Pape.
I try to spit the cum but Pape closes my mouth with his hand.
I can not breathe. I can not resist.
I make a sign with his head yes.
“Swallows everything and I take off my hand,” says the bastard.

Swallow all the sperm of Rasul.
Pape squeezes my cheeks with brute force, controlling my mouth,  see that I swallowed it all and spit inside.

I’m exhausted. frightened. terrified.
Pape I implore to end the violence
I have a body full of sores. the marks of the whip are colored purple. Pape again beg to send me away

Pape says “whore can not get away. My friends have already paid for you. I promised your ass to them.
you are my first white whore. for me you have a great zenci porno value. I earn a lot with you. your tight ass to make my customers happy “

“You bastard if you do not go to jail I’ll kill you” I cry violently.
Pape throws me to the ground. rip my little thong and hit my cock with the whip, then broadens his legs above me and pee on my mouth and face.

the bushes that had to be my heaven for have sex have become my hell.
I hear voices calling Pape. my fear becomes terror. I hope it ends all soon.

Pape took my hand and leads me into the sea, “you have to wash whore, you smell of piss. My friends have arrived”

When we go back into hiding in the bushes we find two other guys

Pape says hello and then speaks in his language. I do not understand.
one of the newcomers look at my body, touching the wounds left by the whip.
the newcomer tries to put his fingers in my ass. I rebel against. This causes new wrath to Pape.

Pape and newcomers continue the discussion.

Pape and newcomers continue the discussion. 

I understand that Pape is altered, furious with me .

Pape hit my face with slaps, newcomers and laugh remove their clothes and remain naked.

One of the newcomers I said “You’re a whore too rebellious, Pape has done well to beat. You must be humble and be respectful of your master.
in Senegal can beat up gays. you did a blowjob to Pape and this is to be his slave voluntarily. Now you behave as a woman and take our cocks in mouth and ass otherwise we can beat you them again if you’re bad “

Pape has ordered me to wear new panties women, to put her bra and the miniskirt.

while I was dressing the four bastards laughed and masturbated.
As I finished dressing Pape has put me doggy style again and try to fuck my ass.
Before I had to wet the big cock with my spit.
The tiny panties and skirt did not cover my ass, Pape moved the wire thong and pushed his cock between my buttocks wet of spit.

The cock did get the tip inside my ass despite my resistance.

When I shouted for the pain everyone laughed.

The two newcomers were told that Pape must be careful not to damage my ass. they want my ass  still tight. 
One of the newcomers said to Pape must enjoy out of my ass. He did not want my ass full of cum .

Pape has pushed again the cock in my ass then it stopped.
Pape has called one of his friends and said “put your dick in the ass of my whore, I want to enjoy it in its mouth. the whore is very good with the mouth.

Before removing the cock from my ass Pape said to me
“You keep doing the good whore with my friends, do not scream or I’ll have to beat you again.”

The cock of Pape is really big, broad and long, but friends have big dicks. One of the newcomers has the biggest cock .

I feel my body dirty and full of pain in my throat I taste the sperm of Rasul, my ass raped by Pape is sore.

I implore everyone to let me go. Propose money to be let out without further violence.

Pape says “whore must not cry, we want to fuck and have fun, for my friends is the first time fucking mouth and ass of a white man.”

The newcomer who wants to fuck my ass the first to put his cock in my mouth,  want my spit for easy anal penetration.

I suck your cock still limp without passion, he slaps me, obliges me to be very passionate.
I have to suck and lick his balls then again even the cock until it is fearfully great and hard.

Working his cock with hands and tongue, suck the big black head, I think it would be nice if unaccompanied by violence.

Pape says he wants my mouth free for his cock and urges his friend to fuck my ass.

The cock of the newcomer is already in my buttocks. I stopped resisting, feel the tip against the asshole, I get pain again.

The tip of the cock penetrating my ass with some difficulty.

My scream  is muffled by the thick cock that Pape has put in my mouth

I move my body for extreme pain.

They all laugh and think that I enjoy and feel pleasure.

The thrust of the cock in my ass are accompanied by those of the cock in my mouth.

My laments of  pain are misunderstood by those present as a moans of pleasure.

The one who fucks my ass I said “my big cock makes the whore enjoy” 

I feel in my mouth cock Pape have the contractions of orgasm.
Pape tells me to keep my mouth open with his tongue out and masturbating his dick in front of my mouth.

Two striking violent blows on my face when Pape shouts “whore wanna see your tongue out of his mouth, you have to collect all my cum”

With my mouth open and tongue out aspect of the sperm Pape.
  From big black head come on my face, mouth and tongue abundant cumshots.

Pape moves his cock to wet my whole face.
I pick with my fingers all the sperm from my face and I put in my mouth.

against my will I have a large orgasm, I curse my ejaculation occurred while Pape has filled with copious cumshots in my mouth.

I had my orgasm as I relaxed even the anal muscles. The guy fucking my ass took advantage of my abandon and with vigorous thrusts introduced all his big black cock in my ass.
I feel the big black shaft sliding inside me.

I have a fear of my new orgasm.

Luckily for me the guy off his big black cock out of my ass because he says that he wants to abundant cumshots in my mouth.

To please Pape I still have my mouth full of his sperm.

Pape believes that my orgasm was for the enjoyment I had from his cumshots.
Pape orders me not to swallow and wait for his friend wet my face and fills my mouth with his cumshots.

I have before my face, the cock just out of my ass.
From my mouth down my spit and sperm Pape.
I fear slapped by Pape and finger pick everything out.

My mouth is wide open and the guy has an orgasm very abundant.

In few minutes i hawe two abundant cumshots wet my face and filled my mouth.

finished cumming the guy cleans his cock in my body tells me I’m a whore with a nice tight ass.

The guy says to Pape ‘with this whore soon as you become rich. Is a whore who really enjoys with our cocks “

All four are laughing again. I hope it’s all over.

Pape looks at me with a leather belt in his hand and says to me “My good whore now you see how you swallow slowly. Also collect your sperm from your legs and eat also that .  When you’ve swallowed  all you have to kiss Rasul. My friends want to see two whores who kiss “

Slowly swallow all the sperm. A little at a time as he wishes Pape. Each time I open my mouth and then swallow Pape controls. Swallow a little every time I said Pape.

When I finished swallowing all the sperm Pape says to me “now you have to kiss Rasul. You and Rasul also have a 69.”

Rasul approach me, her full lips kissing mine. suck my tongue with passion, impels me to go lie on the beach towel. Once lying Rasul takes my cock in her mouth, I do the same thing with his

I’m too tired and i do not want to irritate Pape

We alternate kissing and sixty-nine.
Rasul appreciates my kisses and fuck her is excited

the bastard has been hard cock and enjoys it for the second time in my mouth.
I do not say anything and immediately swallow the cum

I’m afraid to spit out the sperm and vindicate myself with a bite.

Rasul’s cock quickly becomes limp and I take off my mouth and I say to Pape, “I do not want a limp dick”

Pape’s friend with the biggest dick, the one that still has not fucked my ass tells me “you’re whore you just want a big hard cock in your mouth and in your ass. I’ve got what you’re looking for.”

“Please, boy I was joking. I beg you, do not hurt me. Your friends have already abused me,” I say.
I also add “if you want me to do a good blowjob. Enough of my ass, I suffer too much. I beg you”

Rasul is a real bastard says “the bitch Laura has first bite my dick after my cumshots. See if the bitch bites even your big cock”

The guy laughs and walks up to me and says “you must be submissive with me. I have no more patience and I want to fuck you. You do not create problems with the mouth and ass. To see how my friends have fucked it did increase my desire for your tight ass “

Then to be convincingly took the leather belt and after putting me doggy style violentemento has whipped my body and ass. immediately strips are purple aparse in my skin. everything between the incitement of his three friends bastards

The guy caresses my face, looks nice, hugs me and asks forgiveness for having beaten me .
The guy’s hand touched my mouth, your fingers touch my lips and make me open my mouth.
The other guy’s hand caressing my back and my butt.
I am standing motionless in his embrace and feel his huge cock touch my thighs. yet it is not hard.

The guy approaches her mouth to mine, her hands held my head and his lips meet mine. He tells me to open my mouth and put out my tongue.
The guy has my mouth open in front of her, shaking my cheeks then kisses me.

I’m surprised.

Kiss the guy is  sensual , his tongue seeking mine, his mouth is fragrant.

The guy says to me “Laura when you can suck my dick, I like even if you lick my balls.” Asks if I want to lie on the beach.

I kneel before him. before taking his cock I raise my head and I ask the guy “I must just do the blow job?”

The aldatma porno guy does not respond. With his hands pushing my head down on his cock.

The belly and the guy’s cock are shaved.
I take the big limp dick with my hands, I understand that is huge.

I think I’m nice to the guy. maybe if I make a good blow job and I take in my mouth cumshots the guy could be completely satisfied and he did not think my ass.

I stroke the cock and balls with my face, touch the tip with my tongue and lips. Masturbate big cock gently.
The big cockhead takes place in the heat of my mouth, all the cock takes on greater consistency.

lick the big black cock from head to balls, his large head filled my whole mouth.

I am excited by touching the big black cock.
I have a visible erection.
The guy sees me and says “Laura works well with many of his mouth. You love my cock?”
continuing to wank the big cock I say that I like.

The guy raises me up from his cock. I am once again standing in front of the guy and my small erect cock is ridiculously close to the big black cock.

The guy touches my ass, shoves her fingers inside.
I lament. The ass hurts.

The guy that I think I feel pleasure and said “Laura now put my cock in your ass. You’ll have a great pleasure”

The guy kiss me again. I squeeze his big cock between my thighs. Our mouths together transmit pleasurable sensations to me. hands of the guy I continue to touch my ass.

Pape and others are sitting on the beach and look at me and the guy. Rasul sucking their cocks.

The guy stops kissing me and says “my name is Ely. You must just be my whore. I promise not to sell you to others. You’ll be just my whore, my slave to fuck and beat.”

I do not want to create tensions between Pape and Ely. For them I am the whore of Pape.

I avoid answering.
I want to end this terrible situation.

I tell Ely “Now I make blowjob for you”

Ely tells me to put as much spit in her cock.

I am frightened by the thought of being fucked by big dick.
I was also afraid to refuse.

I take the big cock in my mouth with the hope that I can give to Ely a quick orgasm.

Passionately suck big cock, I show all my abilities to doing blowjob

Ely pushes me away from his cock.
With a push makes me doggy style.

Ely gets on his knees behind my ass, open my buttocks with his hands and plenty of spit in my ass.

I try not to be fucked again and say, “Ely I love your big cock, so I want to cum in my mouth. Please love I want to suck your cock”

Everyone laughs. Pape says “my whore became docile. The whippings and beatings have been useful.”

Ely laughs too.

I’m stupid. I did not want this

I am now resigned to having to endure the desire to Ely to fuck my ass.

Strangely, I feel excited and not just worried.

The big black dick Ely caressing my buttocks with slow movements. Time to time Ely stops his cock on my ass and try to push without violence.
Ely constantly moves his body in search of the best position to fuck me.

The movements of Ely and his hands on my body almost naked I enjoy.

Ely for the time it behaves very gently though more and more often the tip of his cock is still in my asshole and each time increases the force to enter.

Ely has realized that while I intend to cooperate meekly and pushes his cock in my ass gently caresses my buttocks and back.

When the spit slides off the cock Ely immediately shall make another spit in my ass.

In doggy style position I try to push your ass to the cock Ely, head of the big black cock starts to come in and I do not hold back moans of pain.

“Laura you behave very well with me, if you go to collaborate I do not hurt you,” says Ely.

I take a hand with the big black cock of Ely, for the size I can not close my fingers, I would stop cock on my asshole and while I push hard to be penetrated, I say, excited voice, “I love Ely I want all your big cock for me. love to fuck me hard “

This is the most beautiful moment of a terrible day.

I really like the cock of Ely and I say again, “Ely if you set me free from Pape I become your whore, your slave, I do everything for you, whatever you want”

Pape gets up and tries to put his cock in my mouth. I keep my mouth shut and Pape slaps my face and says “you’re my bitch, just me and I decide to those to sell”

Pape fails to give me more slaps.

Ely’s voice screaming “Laura has chosen me, you must not touch it more without my permission”

All are silent.

Ely continues to fuck me.

The slaps of Pape cause me anger.

Ely caresses me with sweetness.

With anger and desire I push my ass to get the cock of Ely.

Ely kissed me passionately. Pape ever done.
Ely has beaten me and I felt pleasure. No pleasure with Pape
Ely has won me with caresses and sweetness. Pape only violence.

As Ely possesses me I remember my great love with Peter.

The big tip of the big cock of Ely has painfully opened up my ass,
   around the cock is still out.

I try to relax my body energized and ask Ely to slowly push his cock in my ass.

I focus only on pleasure and forget the pain I feel great

Ely remains firm with his big cock in my ass. I have to move. Ely accompanies my movements and keeps his hands on my hips.

Ely tells me I have a fabulous ass and tight, which are his favorite whore, promises to spray so much sperm in my mouth, and continues to caress my ass and all over my naked body. All I causes an overwhelming excitement.

Ely says she wants my kisses. “Me, too” I say and I say “love if I move the cock out of my ass” Ely proposes to change position. I say it’s okay.
Ely sits in the sand, I widen my legs and I rely on my knees, Ely and I are face to face. my ass is sitting on the big black cock of Ely. Now we can kiss.

our words and movements excite the three Senegalese who watch and constantly masturbating their cock.

I love being fucked in front of them.

Ely kisses me and I carry his big cock in my ass.
With difficulty the head gets inside.  Now I want the whole cock inside me.

The new location helps me. For every push a small piece of cock enter my ass. I scream without shame for the pain and the pleasure I get.

Our tongues touched sensually. My mouth produces large amount of spit that comes out from my lips.

I collect the spit from my mouth to wet my ass and big cock of Ely.

Almost half cock entered my ass. Pain and pleasure are the same great intensity.
The sweet and sensual kisses Ely amplify my enjoyment.
I feel an orgasm coming.

I fear to wet Ely with my cum. I think Ely that I ejaculate, I say.

Ely tells me that I may wet his belly with my cum. after  clean with my tongue said .

The big long enormous black dick of Ely continues to enter into my ass while my body is crossed by the intense pleasure of orgasm.

I collect my cum with my hand and lubricate my ass.

I ask Ely to push all his big black cock in my ass.

I constantly get up and down with my ass and I hear all the great black shaft slid inside me.

Scream and cry for joy and for pain

I’m  crazy.

I have a new orgasm

Ely tells me that he is able to withstand very  orgasm and asks me if I want to have your ass all smashed.

Ely I implore to fuck me hard all the time you want, as long as possible

Ely continued to kiss my mouth and fuck my ass with great ability.
The three spectators Senegalese do not hide their admiration for the way Ely broke my ass

Ely moves my ass so that his big cock off all out. Then the system great tip in my asshole and slowly introduces the entire cock in my ass.
It’s the biggest cock I’ve seen and taken into the mouth and ass
I still can not believe that I could take it all in my ass. 

It’s very nice to have the big cock in my ass. I want to stay always like that but I must also think of Ely and then say “my love I wait your cum shots. you can cum anywhere. “

Ely says he is ready to create abundant cum shots and wants to see his cock cum in my face and my mouth.

I kiss the mouth of Ely, and say that I’m ready for his cum shots.

I lift my ass by his huge cock, Ely stands up and I put my mouth in front of his cock.

Excited the big cockhead with my tongue, lick and suck his big cockhead

An initial discharge of generous cum shots filled my whole mouth. generous cumshot swallow immediately.
More cum shots wet my face and fill my mouth again.

This detain cumshot in my mouth and lick my lips too full of hot cum.

Ely has squirted a torrent of dense and white cum. an impressive quantity.

I play a little more time with the cum in my mouth while I collect the cum in my face then with great happiness I see in Ely as I swallow all his cum.

Ely gives me again his wonderful cock still full of cum. I suck with the greed of big head cock to clean every drop of cum.

Ely hugs me and tells me that I have been fantastic.

Then to my surprise Ely kisses my mouth

These kisses after his cum shots in my mouth and swallow are my reward for all the violence.
I love a boy who has proved a bastard, Pape, and I found a boy who knew how to love me with sweetness, Ely.

I remain embraced with Ely tells me words full of passion and love.

Pape and his friends are gone

I remain with Ely naked on the beach after a swim in the sea.

Lying naked in the sand I ask Ely to still sex right away.

My man says ok now ! 

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