The Boat Pt. 02

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If you want 10″ cocks, women who orgasm in 10 seconds flat, simultaneous orgasms or gallons of cum then I’m sorry, but this is not the right story for you. I like to write about ordinary people with ordinary sexual appetites in slightly out of the ordinary situations. I try to keep the plot lines as near to reality as I can.

I try to keep the sex as true to my own experience as possible. I love to write about kissing, stoking, how sex feels and sex as an encounter which involves all the senses. I do like to ‘get dirty’ but only in the height of my character’s arousal. All my stories have my own experience in them, but they are not autobiographical.

I wasn’t going to write a sequel, but I have had a number of requests so here goes!

Constructive feedback welcome. I am from UK, so UK spelling applies. Thank you for reading my story.

Act 1 – The plan

Where we left off last time…………… “We [dad and me] never did anything remotely like that again. In fact, we never spoke about it again. Dad found a really nice girl friend. Bob and I spent many happy hours in their company. Occasionally Dad would catch my eye, especially when we went sailing on the boat. Both of us would smile and remember. A twinkle in both our eyes.”

The present time…….Well, they broke up (my dad and his girlfriend). I don’t remember how we fell into a routine but, for a year or so we resumed our illicit relationship and made love 4 or 5 times, with and without Bob present. I still have no regrets but, of late, the frequency had dwindled to nothing. It was my decision, and it was for the best. It just seemed less appropriate, and I felt it was high time he found another woman to share his life with. He wasn’t very motivated to do this as I think he still missed my mum but emptying his balls into me every few months was not going to help his motivation.

It was about that time that Bob came up with the hairbrained scheme of moving the boat to Italy. The whole thing seemed totally impractical to me, especially as he had invited my dad along. It was a small boat (no privacy) and there were only two bunks in the small cabin. Bob explained that we only actually needed one bunk as most of the time two of us should be on watch. If we stopped in port, then he would find me a hotel where I could get cleaned up and change from a deck hand back into a woman. In the end I agreed, but made it clear I was a deck hand and not the onboard night-time entertainment. Bob and dad would have to make do with their hands. He agreed and said he would make sure dad was aware of my precondition when he saw him for a beer to plan the final details.

I started to look forward to it. I came around to the idea that it was going to be fun, but that changed when (much to Bob’s delight) our 19-year-old son, Harry, invited himself along. Bob and dad thought it was a great idea, as you can imagine, I did not. The boat was just too small and I was puzzled why a 19-year-old teenager with a very active social life and a lovely girlfriend would want to spend weeks on a boat with his mum, dad and grandad. I decided not to go and leave them taking a boy’s trip. Dad and Harry were happy with this, Bob was not. Long story short, he persuaded me, and we set off.

Act — Cold, windy and wet

We left the UK, and it was cold, windy and wet for days on end. It was hard work and hard going. This all changed as we drew level with Bordeaux. The sun came out and the wind dropped to nothing. Sailing was a waste of time, so we chugged along on the boat’s little engine.

The change in weather gave us all time to relax, enjoy the passing scenery and do a bit of sunbathing. One morning, it was not my turn to take the helm, so I was relaxing on deck. I asked Bob to put some sunscreen on my back. As he was applying it, I looked up to see Harry (at the helm) staring intently at my back. Our eyes met and his eyes darted away in embarrassment. I settled back down to enjoy Bob’s gentle massage / sunscreen application, but I couldn’t get Harry’s look out of my head. Why was he embarrassed? Then it struck me. The boredom was allowing space in our thoughts for things other than handing the boat. I was enjoying the touch of a man; Bob was enjoying massaging my body and Harry was taking in the sights.

Later that day dad was on the helm and Harry was lying next to me on deck. I asked him if he wanted sunscreen on his back. He said yes. I applied the sunscreen and enjoyed the feel of a young taught muscular body. I was not overtly thinking of sex, this was my son after all, but it was pleasurable. The quietness and the fact he was not looking at me seemed an ideal opportunity to probe him for answers. “Aren’t you missing Emma?”

“Not really mum.”

“Oh, I thought you two were an item.”

“I thought so too.”

“Oh, what’s the problem?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Of course, that’s red rag to a bull for any mum. So, I bided my time. After I finished, I asked him to do my back. Didim Escort I undid my bikini strap and settled back down so his hands could roam my back uninterrupted. “Come on I’m your mum. We’ve got time, we’ve got lots of time. I may be able to help.” He didn’t want to talk but I eventually wore him down.

“We split up because she thinks I’m gay.”

I snorted and nearly laughed. I composed myself and said seriously, “I don’t care if you are gay, Harry, but what made her say that?” He didn’t want to say but I wore him down again.

“Because sometimes I can’t get it stiff for her.” This time I did laugh out loud. “It’s not funny mum.”

“I know it’s not, Harry, but I really don’t think that makes you gay.” This time he wanted a better answer from me. I tried to avoid giving my evidence, but he was actually quite concerned, so in the end I had to. “I don’t think you are gay because you were staring at me while dad was rubbing sunscreen into me.” I slightly turned my head, looked at his crotch and then quickly turned my head back. “and the size of that just confirms it.”

He spluttered. “mum!!!” I am so glad that I couldn’t help sniggering at this point. It broke the ice and he laughed too, maybe with some relief. “Well, if I’m not gay, I must be a pervert.”

I was going to give him my “it’s only natural” speech but I decided now was not the time. “Yes, you are a bloody pervert.”

Over the next two days sunscreen application became a regular occurrence and because of the watch pattern, it was normally Harry. I noticed his gaze every time I undid my bikini top, it seemed he didn’t want to miss catching a glimpse of my breast if he could. I wish he hadn’t made it so obvious. It was both embarrassing and tingling at the same time. I don’t think he saw anything except but maybe the sides of my breasts, bloody pervert!

We were still becalmed after three days. The boredom and semi nakedness of swimwear was having an effect; the sexual tension was rising. None of the boys seemed to be able to pass me without touching me in some way. At first, I was slightly irritated, but I resigned myself to it and eventually I began to enjoy the attention. I would take opportunities to shamelessly push past one of them and on a small boat there are plenty of opportunities. I was doing this for my own enjoyment, but I realised I must stop as it was unfair to tease them so much merely for my own enjoyment.

The lack of wind and manly hand action in the cabin made it smell strongly of man. Knowing at least one of them was masturbating, probably with me in their head, turned me on even more as did the occasion when I stepped on a little wet drip on the cabin floor. Unmistakably a splash that one of them had not cleaned up. It amused me as so far, they had been very discrete.

Act 3 – Horny

Later that evening, it was dark and I was on deck at the helm. Harry was dozing and so I only had my thoughts for company. I tried to get sex out of my head, but it wouldn’t leave me alone. The more I tried not to think of it the more I thought of it. So (horny as hell) when I finished my watch and went below, I woke Bob up. “Come on Bob, let’s do it.”

He stirred. “Don’t be daft your dad is asleep in the next bunk.”

“I don’t care I’m so horny.”

“Well I’ve got to go on deck. Harry will be expecting me. Do it with your dad.”

My demeanour completely changed. “Don’t be ridiculous.” I was a pissed off with his answer and frustrated, but I was tired so got into the warm bunk and tried to go to sleep. I woke after an hour or so after a very nice (near) wet dream which left me even more horny. My head was buzzing and confused. It had been months since dad, and I had some fun and it really wasn’t appropriate. Especially not here and not now. The more I thought about it the more I pictured our first night together, the hornier I became. I couldn’t get the picture out of my head. I knew it was totally wrong (with Harry on board) but fuck it. I slipped out of bed and pulled my nightshirt off over my head. I crossed the cabin to find dad sleeping soundly facing the wall. I carefully climbed into his bed and spooned up to him. He stirred slightly but was still asleep. I was a bit of a squeeze, and my bum was hanging out the sheet.

His bed was warm, and I snuggled up to him squishing my breasts into his back. I slowly reached around his hips and slid my hand into the opening of his boxers. This was so naughty, and I softly giggled to myself as my hand cupped his balls. He stirred slightly again as my hand slipped upwards to lightly grasp the base of his limp cock. It was soft and warm. I slid my hand lightly up to his foreskin and gently rubbed it. His cock was coming to life. I lightly grasped his cock around the foreskin covered head and slowly pulled his skin down revealing his helmet.

He stirred again and moved his hips into my hand, and I pulled his foreskin all the way down his cock. It had not yet reached its full hardness Didim Escort Bayan but it hard enough. I softly kissed his back and started to slowly wank him off. “Wake up daddy, it’s your wake-up call.” I continued to slowly wank him to full hardness. I was using long slow strokes to give maximum pleasure while slowly waking him up. I licked his back and kissed it again with my tongue pushed onto his skin.

He murmured, “hmmmm;” he was not yet fully awake, but his hips were making slight jerking movements in time with my masturbatory movements. I wanted to wet my hand or suck his cock, but he was close to waking up and most of all I wanted him to wake while being masturbated. I pulled his skin down a bit harder to reveal his helmet and he slightly grunted.

“Maddy wants to play.” I whispered as I kissed his back again. I felt his arm move. He pulled it up, over my arm and then down between my hips and his bum. His hand grazed my pubic hair and a felt a finger push my labia apart. It was a bit awkward for him from this angle but a welcome intrusion between my (by now) wet lips. “Morning daddy, are you awake?”

“mmmm I wish every wakeup call was like this one.”

“Do you like your naughty daughter massaging your cock?”

“What do you think?”

I savoured the harness of his member, the lubricated soft sheen of his skin, his whole length. A length that, if I had my way, would soon be reaming me out. “Oh yes, I think you like this, you dirty old man. I think you want to put this in your little daughter’s wet pussy, don’t you? You want to cum in little Maddy.”

“I do.” He withdrew his hand from my pussy and rolled to face me. Our smiling faces kissed, deeply with tongues as his other hand reached down to my waiting slit. This time he was not at an awkward angle, and he impaled me with two fingers. Our lips parted as I sighed and he said, “You feel wet Maddy, does my little girl want my cock.” He curled his fingers, so they rubbed the front of my pussy around my g-spot. I groaned again.

I broke the ‘little Maddy’ character and said “let’s just fuck dad, Harry will be coming off watch soon and I want you in me. I want you to take me doggy.” I kissed him again. We broke and with some shuffling about I arranged myself on his bunk facing the door. I heard him strip his boxers and manoeuvre himself behind me. He pushed my calves apart with his and I felt his cock land in my bum crack. He took hold of his cock and eased himself back. “I want to put it in.” I whispered.

I reached back between my legs and found his cock. The head was slippery with his precum, and I manoeuvred it towards the entrance to my love canal. I slid it up and down my wet lips, parting them as I did so. My legs felt like jelly as I used his cock to play with myself. I had not realised how horny I had become. I really wanted a cock in me. I had missed the sheer animal dirtiness of my dad’s cock. I had butterflies in my tummy, and I contemplated just strumming my clit to orgasm…. But no, I wanted cock. I wanted a dirty fucking. The ‘butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth’, normal everyday woman wanted her dad’s cock in her. I had tasted the forbidden fruit and I wanted more. It’s just so dirty, so wrong. I placed his cock into my entrance and then let go.

My dad always pauses before pushing into me. I love the torture of this anticipation. In that moment I want him to stay with his helmet splitting my labia and at the same time I want him to push into me. It was like he was waiting for permission to enter me. Finally, he steadily pushed all the way into me, taking hold of my hips as he gave me all of his length. “mmmmm, oh daddy that’s so nice. You cock is so big in Maddy’s little pussy. Fuck your little girl. I want you daddy.”

I have never done the ‘daddy’ thing before. I had made love with my dad a few times, but we were always two adults making love. I don’t know why I was talking like this, but I liked it and he seemed to like it as well.

“You are a very naughty girl. Your pussy tells me you want your daddy’s cock, she is so wet. You do want daddy’s cock, don’t you? You dirty little girl?”

“Yes daddy, please fuck your little Maddy.” We were still whispering and half giggling. It was so funny, sexy funny and of course, I felt so primevally dirty. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted his cum dribbling down my legs. I want my dad’s cum deep in me. This was so bloody filthy, but it was also so much fun. I was smiling ear to ear as he alternated between filling me and pulling out of me. Oh god I love to be fucked. I was so horny.

I was feeling the ridge of dad’s helmet, the full length of my canal, as it inexorably pushed its way into me. He was violating his daughter’s wet pussy with a cock that shouldn’t be there. He knew it and I knew it. Smooth in and out, as I rocked to his fucking rhythm. He has a lovely cock, it’s nice and hard. It’s wide enough so that I feel resistance as it pushes into me. “I love daddy’s cock. Fuck me daddy.”

He Escort Didim pushed hard into me and took hold of my ponytail. He slightly jerked it back, not too hard but hard enough to lift my head back. He slightly pulled on my hair every time he bottomed out in me. He was picking up the pace and was not far from explosion. I guessed he was not masturbating then, I giggled in my head, as I had the vision in my head of him wanking himself off.

He was starting to heavily breathe as he continued to fuck me while holding my hair. No one had ever pulled my hair while having sex before and I liked it. Note to self, get Bob to do this. He was nearing completion and pulling slightly harder. It felt slightly painful, but I liked it. It made me feel even more dirty. “Yes, fuck your dirty daughter. Fill her with your cum, your dirty old man.”

“Yes, you filthy girl. I going to fuck my cum deep into you. Right in you.”

I felt his spare hand tighten on my hip and his hand in my hair pull tighter. He pushed hard into me, and I knew he was on the last few thrusts. I wanted this so much. I love it when I can feel a man pulse in me. When he is pushing hard into me straining to impregnate me. It is so primeval, so real. When I am experiencing this, I feel nothing else in the world matters. I just want to feel jets of cum flushing through me. Nothing else matters.

The door opened and Harry stood in the doorway. At that very moment my dad pulled hard on my hair and started to pulse in me. I felt his warm cum wash my cervix. My eyes were locked with Harry’s. I didn’t want dad to stop. I didn’t care that my son was watching his grandad spew semen into his mother. Maybe my subconscious wanted Harry to see me being fucked. Whatever, I didn’t stop, I didn’t avert Harry’s gaze and I didn’t stop dad filling me with his cum. He was jerking into me. My expressionless face, still locked to Harry’s, now had a slightly pained expression as dad was forcing himself deep into me and pulling my hair.

My eyes were speaking to Harry. They were saying “look, he is cuming is in me, I can feel him pulse his cock in me. I am so filthy. Look at me, look how I am enjoying being taken my own dad, look at the sweat on my body, look at us fucking like animals. I want this and I’m not going to stop just because you are standing there. You will have to watch or go. I don’t care. I want this. I can feel this man’s semen flood me and I want this. I want you to see my swaying breasts, smell us, hear his grunts and the slap of his thighs on mine as he inseminates me.”

Dad let go of my hair and collapsed forward on my back. I nearly collapsed into the bunk with his weight, but I manged to stay on all fours. My gaze was still locked with Harry’s as dad’s soft cock fell out of my pussy.

“What the fuck, Harry. Don’t you knock?” My dad growled at Harry.

I wanted to talk with Harry without dad, so I said in a low soft voice “Dad, I think you should get cleaned up and take over the watch.” He never said a word and complied.

Once he had gone, I was faced with a very hostile 19-year-old. “I can’t believe it. I just don’t believe it. What were you doing?”

He was behaving like a child, and I wanted an adult discussion. “What do you think we were doing? Would you like me to draw you some pictures? I thought you knew what adults do.”

“That’s your dad!!”

“Yes, and he is a man, I am a woman. We have needs.”

“But that’s your dad, my grandad. I don’t believe it. It’s wrong mum, so wrong. Poor dad.” He dashed to the head (toilet) and I heard him pee.

When he came out, he pushed passed me and looked like he was going out on deck for a row with dad. I went on the offensive, “for fucks sake grow up Harry and sit down.” A bit sheepishly he did what he was told, he could tell from my tone there was no argument. We talked for some time. I told him everything.

“But mum, I don’t understand why dad lets you do this.”

“He doesn’t ‘let’ me do anything. He doesn’t own me, like I don’t own him. We both have the attitude that if no one gets hurt then we should experience as much of life as we can stand.”

We talked some more. “I still don’t understand how you can be sexually attracted to your own family.”


“Yes, really mum.”

“Oh, like you didn’t get a hard on rubbing sunscreen on my back and you were not looking to see if you could see my breasts, you don’t stare at my cleavage. Shall I go on?”

He smiled. “touché”

I smiled back. “I think it was a mistake on a small boat and I’m sorry you saw that, Harry. Its tough for you when there is nothing you can do to relieve the tension, apart from maybe leave little spots of stuff on the floor.”

He smiled again. “oops.”

“Yes oopps.”

The next time I was alone with Bob I explained the situation to him and I said it would be better for all of us if we tried much harder not to think of sex. I said the same thing to dad a few hours later.

Act 4 — someone is still horny

I was asleep and dreaming that Bob and I were mutually masturbating. It was giving me a warm fuzzy feeling as I drifted back into consciousness. As my dream faded, I could still hear the rhythmic slap of Bob masturbating. Bob? How could it be Bob?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32