The Blue Life Ch. 19: The Blur Life

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. All character are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. This story picks up where Chapter 18 left off. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are appreciated. Thanks again to John for his help in editing and proofreading.


We rode in my Dad’s burgundy Cadillac, all three of us in the front seat. Dad was driving. My girlfriend, Sondra, was sitting in the middle, and I was riding shotgun. Dad has a giant boat of a car. It’s vintage, something that Dad used to work on with a Hobby Garage group, until he found he didn’t have the time anymore.

Sondra was riding in the center, with her feet straddling the transmission hump. She held my hand and snuggled up against me. I had my arm around her. We had decided to leave my car behind at Sunny’s place. We just stopped to pick up my bag of sex toys and tools I had brought to Sally Whitehall’s house the night before, when I had taken that pretty, plump woman’s ass.

“Daddy?”, my father said, but he was talking to me. I’m his sexual Dominant, and Dad has told me he would rather call me, “Daddy,” like my other submissives do, instead of “Sir,” or “Master.” I think Red (and that’s Dad’s submissive name) finds calling me, Daddy, more intimate and romantic. But it still feels strange to me. My mother has regularly called me, “Daddy” for months. Mrs. Whitehall, her daughter Terri, and especially my new girlfriend Sondra (or I like to caller her, Sunny) also like to call me, “Dadd.” But it feels stranger having my own Dad calling me “Daddy.” Maybe I will get used to it. “Daddy,” Red said,” this has been a big weekend for us.”

“Yeah, Red,” I said, “it has. We found out about Jillian. And convinced you to be done with Nick.”

“I don’t know why I was so scared of that.” Dad shook his head.

“You were conditioned, Dad. You were brainwashed. It wasn’t right. I just had no idea how wrong it was. I’m sorry.”

“Well, I feel freer now that Nick is History. Although it looks like I’m now going to have to deal with him through my mother. Anyway, our family has seen a bigger shift this weekend than when you took Blue as your submissive or even when you took me, Sir.”

I hugged Sunny against my side. “This has been a life changing weekend, alright. And this is still such a crazy First Date with you, Sunny.”

“It’s a lot to take in, but it’s been wonderful, Robbie. It feels good to be owned again. And I’m loving being part of your stable, and getting a chance to train and be trained again. I hope your mother will accept me.”

“Bobby,” Dad said, “You had talked about changing your mother’s status, so she would no longer be your Primary Sub, that Mistress Sunny will have that role, and that your mother will be submissive to her.”

“Yeah, Red. That will be a big shift for Mom. Plus, I was going to punish her for going behind my back, having sex with Mrs. Whitehall, and taking her as a submissive. She’s only been having that affair for about six weeks. But her sexual pleasure belongs to me. It was an act of disrespect going behind my back.”

“Daddy, I know. I’m her husband, remember? I don’t mean this to sound disrespectful. But, we are going to be realigning power within our family. So, I’m going to detail a major change right now.” I could tell my father was very serious.

“Go ahead, Red.”

“You are going to be taking Mistress Sunny as your Primary Sub. And I think that’s natural, she is your Love. So, I’m going to take Marjorie back as my Primary. She is my Wife, and she’s your mother. I understand that there is a sexual bond, and a commitment of Dominance and submission between us all that I won’t try to disrupt too much. But Blue is my Wife, and so I’m going to be her Primary, Sir.”

Sondra asked, “What are you saying, Red?”

“Marjorie and I can’t count on Bobby to be our Primary forever. So we need to be that for each other. Sometimes Marjorie will be my Dominant, and my Mistress. But I’m going to Dominate her when we get home, as much as Daddy and Blue Dominated me yesterday.”

“How do you plan to do that, Red? She’s always been your Mistress.”

“Not always, Daddy,” my father said cryptically. “And I’m sure that eventually Blue will get to a point where I can trust her again, and she can be my Mistress again too.”

“Dad, you don’t trust Mom?”

“No, Son. I don’t. I’ve been married to your mother for more than twenty years. But, she cheated on me with you. Now, that brought me you as my Master. And that has awakened me and saved me in many ways. It probably saved our marriage. Neither Marjorie nor I were happy. Still, I must admit, there is part of me that is still angry about that too, Sir. Then, Marjorie went behind my back again and had sex with Sally Whitehall. Now, that has expanded our family and brought three (maybe four) new Vixens into our den.” My father’s hand dropped next to him and casually caressed along Sondra’s thigh. Sondra gaziantep escort flinched for a moment, but then spread her legs, encouraging my Dad to explore higher. I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealously. What the hell was going on? This whole situation is strange.

“Dad, I don’t get your point.”

“My point is, I’m going to Dominate Marjorie and take her as my Primary submissive. I’m going to be her Master. She will answer to me first and to you second, Bobby, even though we will both submit to you. I plan to bind her to my will, even if that means I have to beat her, humiliate her, or even sexually torture her. Then, she will either accept me as her husband, Dominant, and Primary Master, or I will be packing and moving out.”

“Red, you can’t do that. I won’t let you.”

Dad turned to me, smiling, but there was nothing gentle or happy in that smile. “I’m your father. And, even though you’re my Master, you can’t stop me, Bobby.”

Sondra sighed. “If there is nothing we can do to stop you, Foxxy Sir. How can we best support and assist you? I can tell that you are angry and hurt. And you should know, that you should never go into a submissive training or sadomasochism session while you are angry. You will never be able to work through your anger by inflicting pain on your partner. And you must exhibit control, Sir. Because things can get out of hand quickly if you are angry, or trying to get revenge. You really don’t want to injure Blue.” Sunny took Dad’s hand in hers and brought it up to her mouth, and kissed his fingers.

“You are as wise as you are beautiful, Miss Gutierrez,” Dad said. “Mistress Sunny, do you think we will have an opportunity to, uhm, you know, if it’s alright with you, Bobby, I mean…”

“Spit it out, Red,” I said.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I was just hoping to get a chance to make love with Mistress Sunny.”

Sunny laughed. “Red, I just sucked your cock about an hour ago. Wasn’t that making love?”

“And that was amazing Mistress. Thank you. I was just wondering if we might, uhm…,” Dad blushed and whispered, “have intercourse sometimes, maybe even tonight.” He was genuinely embarrassed and shy.

Sondra reached and stroked Dad’s cheek with her thumb, saying, “That is so sweet, Andrew. With the way you Dominated me this afternoon, you could have easily just assumed that I’m your fuck-toy now, and you will get to fuck me and use me whenever and wherever you want.”

“But that wasn’t me, Ma’am. That was Foxxy Redd. Foxxy is a character. The real me is much more submissive and would never presume.”

“Dad,” I said, “the real you is whoever you choose to be.”

“Except for Jillian,” Red corrected me. Jillian is an alternate personality of my father’s. It’s not an official diagnosis but, Mom and I are convinced Dad has Dissociative Identity Disorder, or multiple personalities.

“Jillian has her own choices to make too, Red.”

Sondra explained. “Andrew, you are a Switch, sometimes Dominant, and sometimes submissive, depending on the situation you are in, and the people you are with. I think most people can switch, but we also have a tendency to naturally prefer Dominance or submission. And with each situation and relationship you can choose how to act and react. Now, I enjoyed being commanded to suck Foxxy’s cock and being your submissive vixen slut. That was a lot of fun. But is that who you want me to be regularly?”

My Dad bit his upper lip and thought for a second. Then he said, “No, Mistress. There is too much joy and freedom in submission. When I’m worshiping Marjorie’s feet or breasts or pussy, or even when I’m sucking Bobby’s cock, there’s a wonderful peace in letting everything else go, and making them my whole world. Even when I’m getting paddled or humiliated, or maybe especially then, I feel like nothing else matters, not my job or my brother, Nicky or anything. And I don’t think I could Dominate Marjorie without knowing I also had the safety, security and joy of my submission to Bobby, you and Mistress Terri to fall back on and support me.”

“So why are you planning to Dominate your wife at all?”

“Because Marjorie needs to understand that she is married to me, and not our son. And that we are done hiding things from each other. I hid my relationship with Nick for more than twenty years. That nearly destroyed me and nearly destroyed our marriage. Bobby and Marjorie hid their incest from me for months. I had hidden Jillian. And now, Marjorie has hidden the fact that she and Sally had become lovers. That’s not going to happen anymore. Also, Marjorie has been Queen Bitch, and Bobby’s Primary for months now. She will have less trouble accepting you as her Mistress and Bobby’s new Primary if I shift her focus onto me.”

“Dad, you don’t have to do all that just for me and Sondra,” I said.

Dad glanced at me. “This isn’t for you or Mistress Sunny, Daddy. This is for me and my wife.” Dad reached into his jacket pocket and got out his cellphone. “I’m going to call Marjorie, and I’m going to put her on gaziantep bayan escort ilanları speakerphone, so you can hear. But I don’t want either of you to speak. Understand?”

Sondra nodded and said, “Yes, Sir.”

My Dad dialed our house and Mom picked up.

“Puppy, where are you? I haven’t heard from Bobby yet, and I’m getting anxious,” she said.

“I’m almost home, Marjorie. And I’ve seen Bobby. He is fine. He will be home soon too.”

Mom asked, “Did he have a good time with our submissive slut Sally? Is she coming over again with him?”

“Sally is on a date with a nice gentleman she recently met,” Dad informed her.

“That’s impossible. Sally is scared to death of dating.”

“People can change, Marjorie, especially with the encouragement of a Dominant. Listen, Vixen, I’m almost home. But I need you to be ready for me when I get there.”

My mother’s tone of voice changed. She said, “Yes, Foxxy? What do you need?”

“I need you naked, now, Bitch. Take off whatever you are wearing and throw it in the corner.”

“But I’m in the kitchen, Foxxy, Sir.”

“Now, slut! Don’t make me repeat myself.”

We could hear mom set down the phone. And then rustle with her clothing. She got back on the phone. “I’m down to bra and panties,” she said.

“Is that naked, whore?” Dad’s voice sounded irritated and stern.

“No, Sir.” She set down the phone again, and in a few seconds came back on and said, “Naked, Sir.”

“Good. Get the crop, the cat-o-nine-tails, the comfort-cuffs, and then get the chin-up bar from the basement.”

“Andrew, what is this about? Do you and Bobby have some sort of game planned out?”

“This isn’t a game, subbie. When I get home, I’m going chain you to the bar and crosshatch your ass with the crop and whip.” My father’s voice was unwavering.

Mom began to object. “Red, I am your Mistress–,” but Dad cut her off.

“Not anymore, you little whore. When I get home, you will be on your knees, calling me, Master, or you will not like the consequences, Vixen.”

“Andrew, what is this about?”

“Call me Foxxy, Sir, or Master.”

“I’m the Mistress, Red,” my mother argued.

“I’ve given that idea the Red Card, Vixen,” Dad said, “I am the Master now. And I’m about three minutes from the house. You need the crop, whip, cuffs and bar ready. Or just get out my suitcase, and I will find someplace else to stay tonight.”

“Is this about Jillian, Andrew?”

“No. I’ve turned onto Main Street. I’m two minutes away, Slut. Be ready!”

“Is this about Sally? What did she tell you, Andrew?”

“We will talk about Sally and all your other secrets after I’ve softened up your ass, you fucking Vixen slut.”

“Andrew, I can explain.”

“One minute, whore! Whip, crop, cuffs, and bar. And you had better be on your knees eager to suck my cock when I walk in the door. Say, ‘Yes, Master’.”

There was a long pause. Then Mom said, “Yes, Master.” And Dad hung up the phone.

Dad blinked. There were tears in his eyes.

“I’m very proud of you, Red,” I said, “that was very forceful and commanding.”

My father wiped at his eyes. “It all scares me, Daddy.”

Sondra touched his shoulder and asked, “What scares you, Foxxy?”

“I got hard, just imagining punishing my wife. Beating her. I don’t want to be like Nick. I don’t want to get off on causing other people pain.”

“Dad, you commanded Mom to be naked. Just imagining Mom naked can get me hard. And you are Dominating one of the sexiest women on the planet. That could excite any man.”

Dad pulled into the driveway and opened up the garage with the remote. “That’s another thing that worries me. I’m not very practiced at Dominating Marjorie. I’ve done it. But this time, I plan to discipline her severely. If she objects, if she even takes a commanding tone with me, I’m afraid I will buckle, and just be back to worshiping at her feet.”

“That’s simple, Red,” Sondra said, “Just don’t give her a chance to take a commanding tone with you. Go in there, forceful and commanding, and the first thing you do is insist on Blue taking a ball-gag or bit in her mouth.”

Dad pulled into the garage and I unbuckled my belt. “I’ve got our ball gag in my bag, Dad.” I leaned over the seat, and reached into my sports bag, which I had stuffed with bondage gear and sex toys. “Here, take this blindfold too. That way, she can’t even direct you with her eyes. And once she is blindfolded and gagged, her head will start taking her right into subspace.”

Dad looked confused. “Subspace, Bobby?”

“It’s that frame of mind of submission, where you have let everything go to your Master. Where your will is no longer your own. It’s almost like a hypnotic, trance-like state. You can guide a sub into subspace with a long session of bondage and gentle teasing and caresses, or you can press someone into subspace with pain, discipline and humiliation.”

Dad nodded. “OK. I know what gaziantep bayan escort you mean. I’ve been there. And that’s the frame of mind I’m going to put Marjorie into.” Dad looked at Sondra and me. “Mistress? Master? I would like you two to stay out here in the car for a bit. Probably for fifteen minutes. Maybe a half hour. An hour at the most. This is something that I feel I have to do on my own.”

“We can keep ourselves busy,” I said.

Sondra said, “Red, you plan to handcuff her to a bar, with her arms over her head. Have something she can kneel on, or brace her knees against as you whip her. I’ve seen subs have their legs go out from under them as they were being disciplined like that and dislocate their shoulders.”

Dad looked scared. “Oh, no. Thank you, Mistress Sunny. I will do that.”

“Dad, you will have Mom gagged and blindfolded. If she holds up one finger on both hands, that is the Yellow Card, and you will need to rethink what you are doing and tone it down. If she holds up two fingers on both hands, that’s the Red Card. And everything stops. Understand, Red?”

“I understand. But if Marjorie Red Cards this punishment, or denies me her submission, I will be packing a bag and spending the night somewhere else.”

Sondra grabbed my Dad’s arm and pulled him close. She kissed him on the lips, quickly but passionately. “Red, you are my subbie. I own you now.”

“Yes, Mistress Sunny.”

“Marjorie loves you. I know this. She has talked about you. She is very proud of you, Red.”

“I–I love her too. But, I won’t have her catting about, fucking anyone she pleases. She’s my wife!”

“I understand, Foxxy. But, Blue is going to be my submissive too. And I want what is best for my submissives. So I will be working at keeping you two together and making your marriage stronger. That said, if you feel you need to leave the house and separate from Marjorie and Bobby temporarily, you are always welcome at my place. Sophie and Terri will probably be staying at my place tonight. But Terri will love to get another chance at having you service her. She’s an eager Mistress. And who knows, maybe even Sophie would fuck you. That’s up to her.”

“Thank you, Sondra. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that,” Dad said. And he opened the car door. He looked at us both. “I’m going to unlock the trunk. If you two decide to fuck out here in the car, Bobby, get out a towel. I don’t want you messing up the upholstery.”

I chuckled. “Dad is very protective of his Cadillac. It’s his baby,” I whispered to Sondra.

“I heard that,” Dad said, as he got out of the car with the gag and blindfold in hand. He unlocked the trunk. “I will call you or text you, when you can come in. Hopefully it won’t be too long.”

“Dad, leave on the blindfold when we come in. And don’t tell Mom who my girlfriend is. I want Sondra to be a surprise. Good luck.”

Dad nodded. He walked to the door from the garage to the house. I could see him steel himself and take a deep breath. Then he opened the door and shouted, “Vixen! I’m home. You had better be naked and on your knees, Slut!” Then he went inside and the door shut.

Sondra turned and kissed me. Our eyes closed, and the kiss lasted a while, but we didn’t start taking off each other’s clothes. Sondra broke the kiss and said, “This is a big garage. It’s larger than my apartment.”

I said, “Dad used to have a workshop space over in the third stall of the garage, but all that got moved to a shed in the backyard when I got my car.”

“How long have you lived here?”

“Since before kindergarten. Since I was five. Except, I tried on-campus housing my Freshman year, a few years ago. But I had this crazy, klepto roommate. It was awful. And since I just go to West State here in town, I moved back home. I didn’t have to pay rent. And I could focus on my studies better.”

“Did living at home make dating harder?”

“A little. But I had a pretty steady girlfriend my sophomore year. She was a film and theater major, and got an internship in Hollywood one summer and decided to stay out there. We weren’t serious enough for me to follow her out there, or for us to try to maintain a long distance relationship. Last I heard, she was living with a writer and taking acting lessons.” I leaned back against the car door, put my leg up on the seat behind Sunny, and pulled her, so her back was resting against my chest. I couldn’t see her face, but my hands could run up and down her body, casually stroking her ribs and breasts. “Then, during my Junior year. I got involved with Blue.”

“Did she seduce you, or did you seduce her?”

“We sort of seduced each other. Mom had started exploring her fantasies of bondage, Dominance and submission in Internet Chat rooms. I found out about that while working on her computer one day. Mom’s not very computer savvy, and she didn’t know anything about clearing her browser history. I was curious as to what Mom was doing. I thought she might be cheating on Dad. So, I created an anonymous screen name, and followed her into one of her chat rooms. We started chatting and flirting and exploring our fantasies together.”

“Did she know it was you?”

“Not at first. It took several weeks before we established a bond, and she had committed herself to online submission and training. I think she started to suspect or hope that her online Master was me before I revealed that to her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32