The Blue Life Ch. 12: Lace Boudoir

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Big Tits

This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18+. The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are appreciated. This chapter of the story grew to be very long. It became three times as long as other chapters. So, I broke it down into three chapters, that I will post close together. There’s a lot of sexual tension in the next three chapters of the story, but not much actual climatic fucking until the third part (Chapter 14). There is also less, direct Incestuous Action in Chapters 12 & 13. But it remains a prominent theme.


I had taken hours and slowly worked Sally Whitehall into a zone of deep submission and total sexual surrender, all as foreplay toward fucking her ass for the first time..

Sally is my mother’s Best Friend. She’s in her late thirties, about 5’3″ tall, pleasantly plump and very generously endowed with huge breasts and a large, round backside. She has light blue eyes and dishwater blonde hair, cut in a Dorothy Hamill style that doesn’t really suit her. Earlier in the day, Mom had tried to pull a fast one on me, by getting me a position where I was totally helpless and naked, and sandbagging me with her horny friend by surprise. I don’t know what Mom and Mrs. Whitehall were expecting. Mom had been confiding in her friend for months about our relationship. First, it had been when Mom and I were corresponding anonymously via the Internet. I was slowly seducing my Mom and growing accustomed to the thrill of Dominating her. Mom was trying to get a handle on her feelings and figuring out who her online Master might be. She came to confess her virtual extramarital affair to her friend, Sally. And Sally was the one who had encouraged Mom to explore and expand her sexual horizons. It was Sally who eventually suggested first that Mom’s online lover and her son might be the same person. So, when Mom and I became lovers, Sally was kept in the loop. I didn’t know this. But, Sally was living vicariously through my Mom. She loved hearing about how and where we would fuck. Or the different ways I would discipline Blue (that’s my Mother’s submissive nickname) or challenge her submission. Sally especially liked hearing Mom talk about my body, Mom’s descriptions of my cock, abs or ass. Sally got a vicarious thrill out of the dirty, incestuous nature of our relationship too. And that only compounded when my father was added to the mix.

Mom knew that Sally was living through her. I think Mom knows that Sally would masturbate, imagining the things that her friend, Marjorie, was telling her. A repeated theme in their conversations became, “Oh Marjorie, if only I could see Bobby’s cock just once,” or, “Marjorie, I would love to have just a taste of what you’ve got.” It’s not like I’m some major stud. But, I’m a handsome guy. Tall: about 6’2″. I’m muscular, but not ripped. And my cock is a nice, thick six and a half inches. I’m not Porn Star big. But, I’ve gotten no complaints.

So, this morning, I offered Mom my submission. It’s a complicated story. But somehow, the servant became the Mistress, and I became my mother’s sub. It was exciting at first. Something new and very different for me. And there were reasons for handing Mom all the sexual power in our house at the time. Well, Mom switched roles, and she ran with that. Eventually, she got me in a position where she was forcing me to stay naked as punishment and humiliation. And Mom had set me up to “run into her friend,” as I sat naked and alone in the backseat of my Dad’s Cadillac, while my Mom and Dad shopped inside at a local strip mall. I don’t think Mom and her friend really had a plan as to what might happen next . Mrs. Whitehall says that she was hoping just to see my cock, or maybe to help me jack off or give me a quick blowjob. She claims she wasn’t thinking straight, that her horniness got the best of her. I think my mother was trying to safely humiliate me, have me get “caught” naked and jacking-off in a parking lot. But have the person who caught me be her Best Friend, someone she could trust to be discreet about the whole thing.

What happened was more than what Mom or Mrs. Whitehall had imagined. I realized that Mom had set me up. And I was angry about that. But, also, I recognized Sally’s almost desperate horniness. She has been divorced for five or six years now. She’s heavyset, and has been raising a teenage daughter by herself. She hasn’t dated or had a lover in years. It’s just been her sex toys and some erotic novels for sexual release. I could sense Mrs. Whitehall’s eagerness, not just for sex, but for submission too. I don’t know what overcame us both, because I demanded her complete submission before we had even kissed, before she had even seen or swallowed my cock. I just knew Mrs. Whitehall was ready. Maybe it was all the stories my mother had told her about being dominated by me that had gotten her primed. Maybe Sally was secretly hoping I would Dominate her too.

Anyway, I took çankaya escort Sally Whitehall as a submissive. Actually, my whole family took her, even my father. My Dad is generally so sexually submissive, I would call him meek. I don’t know why Dad was so aggressive with Mrs. Whitehall, maybe it’s because just a few hours before, Dad had thrown off the burden of being sexually abused by his brother, my Uncle Nick. That abuse had been happening for decades, and it’s seriously messed my Dad up in the head. But, at one point both Mom and Mrs. Whitehall were topless in the backseat of Dad’s car. Dad was driving. And I was on the floor eating Pretty Sally’s pussy and fingering her cunt and ass to her first orgasm of the day. Mom was licking Sally’s massive 40F cup breasts, and Mom had commanded that Sally could not orgasm until we got home and in the garage. Well, by the time we got home, Sally was desperate to cum. And my father was worked up to such a degree that he demanded to fuck Sally, right there in the garage. And Dad began to Dominate and direct the scene, something I had never seen him do!

Dad commanded me to suck Sally’s gigantic jugs. Seriously, they are the biggest breasts I’ve ever seen naked in real life. They sag some. But they have huge nipples, and salad plate sized areola. Sally’s breasts also become extremely sensitive just after she orgasms. So sucking her tits or biting her nipples can send her through the roof on a multi-orgasmic run. Dad had also instructed Sally to eat my mother’s pussy, to make Mom come. That had been a mutual fantasy of both my mother and her best friend for years, but one that they had never shared with each other. They were both too scared to make that first move. Frankly, before Mom began her affair with me, Mom would have been too conservative and sexually repressed to even think about having a lesbian affair with her friend, Sally Whitehall.

So, my family ended up having an orgy with my mother’s best friend in the back of my father’s Cadillac. It was surreal. Later, Sally realized that I was the only one who had not cum. She either felt extremely guilty about that, or she was eager to live out another fantasy. Because she asked me to discipline her by spanking her and then fucking her ass! Now, Mrs. Whitehall has never had anal sex before. But she was eager to seal her submission with her “Daddy” (me) by having our first fuck be taking my thick six and a half inch cock up her backdoor!

I took this as a challenge. I’m not very experienced with anal sex. But if my first time fucking my new submissive slut was going to be in her ass, I was going to make sure it was spectacular. I had an idea. This was something that I had been thinking about trying out with Blue, but I figured it would be good to give it a test run with Mrs. Whitehall. So I grabbed an Athletics bag, took my basketball out of it, and loaded it up with sex supplies: lube, restraints, the paddle, a selection of vibes, butt plugs and even anal beads. I also took packed a blindfold, a ball-gag, headphones and my music player. I loaded that into the trunk of my compact car. Then, I grabbed a wedge-shaped sex pillow from my Mom’s closet. It’s a hard foam pillow with a washable cover. It has “D”-rings at the corners for restraints. It can be used a number of ways. I like it, because I’ve bound my mother to it for extended periods, and it’s soft enough that she hasn’t gotten sore.

I got dressed in casual slacks, thong underwear, a dark purple dress shirt, socks and black shoes. I made sure I had my wallet phone and keys. Then I went downstairs. Mrs. Whitehall was supposed to be in the kitchen having tea with Mom and Dad. Dad was having tea. Mom was on her knees kissing Pretty Sally’s pussy. Sally looked up at me and blushed. She said, “Is this all right, Sir? Your mother wanted to taste me.”

Mother looked up from her kneeling position. “Your pussy looks amazing, Sally. I love the way your inner lips puff up and extend. And, mmm, I think I could spend days exploring your the big clit! But, I don’t like the way that warming lube from the condom feels on my tongue. We need to give you a rinse before we continue, Sweetie.”

“We need to get going too, Sally,” I said, “Freshen up in the bathroom and get dressed.”

Mom pouted. Sally stood up and gathered her clothes. She picked up her panties and handed them to my father. She said, “Master Red, thank you for giving me such an amazing fuck. I don’t think my pussy has ever gotten a better workout. Marjorie is very lucky. And I hope to, well, you know, do more exploring with you soon. I would like you to have my panties, Sir, as a keepsake, a memento of our first time together.”

My Dad took the panties. He smiled. He also couldn’t help but bring them to his face to take in Mrs. Whitehall’s scent. He said, “Thank you, Sally. You’re a beautiful slut. I really had fun too.”

Sally took her clothes and went to change in the bathroom. “Red,” I used my father’s submissive nickname, “I’d like you to get the package escort çankaya from the pet store out of your trunk. And bring it in your room.”

Dad shrugged. “Yes, Sir. I can do that.” He got up from the table and went out to the garage.

I helped Mom stand up from the floor. She looked me up and down. “You look nice,” she said.

“Thanks, Blue. I’m going to go out on a little date with Mrs. Whitehall.”

“Really? So, you like her?”

“Not romantically, Mom. But certainly sexually, and as a friend. But, she wants me to fuck her ass. She wants to feel like a Dirty Whore. Wait, she wants to feel like MY Dirty Whore. And I think her Master should give her that.”

“Oh, goodie. Can I help?”

“Next time, Blue. We are going to go over to Sally’s house, just so I can make sure she feels safe and comfortable. I’m probably going to stay the night there. I thought you and Dad might like some alone time too.”

“Did you remember your toothbrush?” Mom is always very practical.

“Dang. I forgot. But we’ll get one while we are shopping. We are going to get Sally some new bras and panties. What she was wearing are not sexy enough.”

“You could take her to The Lace Boudoir, that’s the high-end place where I had my fitting. I get a lot of Lingerie there. But, you’ll have to make an appointment for a fitting. They might not have an opening today.”

“OK. I’ll check. Blue, Sally likes to call me, Daddy.”

Mom made a face. “I heard.”

“I just want you to know, that you are my special Baby Girl. No one will ever come between us. Not Sally, not Dad, not even whoever I might come to marry. Understand?”

“Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for thinking of my feelings. That means a lot to me.” And Mom kissed me. She was still completely naked, and I couldn’t help but feel the stirrings of arousal.

I cupped my hands under Mom’s butt and lifted her up on her toes. Our kiss deepened. “I love you, Blue. Have fun with Dad. And I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Be good to Sally, Bobby. Oh, and don’t forget the condoms.”

“Gotcha.” I grabbed a Variety Pack Box of twelve condoms.

I turned around, and Sally was standing in the doorway, wearing her navy skirt, white blouse, and black pumps. I gave her a light peck on the cheek and said, “Ready to go?”

“Yes, Master.” She took my arm and called to my mother, “Thank you for letting me borrow your son, Margie. I promise I will get him back soon.”

“Enjoy getting your butt fucked, you nasty girl!”

“Do you think I’ll like it?”, Sally asked.

“If Bobby is as good with you as he was with me. You will be asking him to move in with you tomorrow.”

“That good?” Sally laughed.


“OK,” I said, “That’s enough, Blue. My ego can only take so much stroking, and then it starts to chafe.”

“That’s what lube is for, Bobby. Use plenty of lube.”

“Gotcha, Mom!” And we left the house.

Mrs. Whitehall and I got into my compact car. “Where are we going?”, she asked.

“The Lace Boudoir, it’s a lingerie store in Old Town. That is, if we can get you an appointment for a fitting. Do you have a smartphone? Can you pull up the number?”

We got an appointment for 4:30. Sally wanted to buy underwear for her appointment. I told her that sluts like her only got to wear panties if that pleases their Master. I mentioned how Mom had gone for several months without panties, except during the days of her period. I also told Sally about Dad’s fetish for dirty panties.

“Do you think he’ll masturbate with the panties I just gave him?”, Sally asked.

“I don’t know. My guess is my Dad will save them in some special spot. Like a trophy.”

“Well I can’t give Red my panties every time we have sex!” She laughed. “Can we stop off at a store to get me some new panties before my appointment, Sir?”

I thought for a second. “No. It would be pointless to buy painties before an appointment at a store to get new panties!”

“But, that will mean the salesperson will see my pussy, Sir!”

“I’m sure yours won’t be the first.”

“But what will I say?”

“Tell them that your boyfriend really didn’t think your lingerie was sexy enough, and that’s why we have come shopping.”

“Are you my boyfriend now, Bobby McMillan?”

“If you call me your Master in Public, Mrs. Whitehall, be prepared to be treated like my slut in Public. That is one reason why Blue and Red have nicknames, so that I can command them in Public while being discreet.”

“But, Sir, what if I get excited during my fitting?”

“I expect you will get excited during your fitting, Little Girl. This is all foreplay for you getting your pretty ass fucked by your Daddy. Understand?”

“Oh my! When you put it that way, I’m going to be a wet mess for this fitting.”

“I will give you a chance to freshen up in a bathroom or something before your fitting, Little Girl. But, no masturbating. Your orgasms belong to me now. You can’t cum without my çankaya escort bayan permission.”

“That’s going to be a problem, Sir.”

“What is, Sally?”

“Not masturbating. I’m sort of addicted. It’s how I fall asleep nearly every night. It’s often how I deal with stress at work too.”

I reached into my pocket and took out my phone. I unlocked it and handed it to Sally. “Give your cell phone a call with this. That way you’ll have my number and I’ll have yours. Then, when you feel the need to masturbate, you can text me for permission.”

“Really? What would I say?”

“You can be as descriptive or discreet as you want. If I see a text come in from your number, I will know not to open it where I’m not alone. But if you just text, ‘MAY I, PLEASE?” I will know what you are talking about.

“And you’ll text back, Yes, right?”

“Sometimes. Sometimes my answer will be, No. Or it might be, wait for me. Or I might give you detailed instructions on how I want you to get off.”

“What if you can’t text me back, like your in class or something, Master? What if I don’t hear from you?”

“If you don’t hear from me, you can ask me again after two hours. If you text me six times with no response, you can go ahead and get yourself off. But if you get a negative response, if I say, No, don’t try to argue with me, especially not by text. That would be irritating. Do you like getting spanked, Little Girl?”

“It scares me, Daddy. But it also makes me so wet.”

I smiled. “That’s good to know,” I said.

“What should I call you in public, Sir? I can’t say, ‘Master,’ in a restaurant?”

“If you call me, Bobby, I’ll know we are just talking casually. If you address me more formally, as Robert or Mr. McMillan, I will know you are looking for instruction or guidance. So, asking me, What do you think of this outfit, Bobby? That is just asking me for my opinion. But, What do you think of this bra, Robert? That has another level of meaning.”

“Are you going to make me do embarrassing things?”

“I will be looking to challenge you, Little GIrl, not shame you. I’m not going to set you up for failure.”

“You made Marjorie parade around the car in just her boots and a thong, Sir.”

“Was that exciting?”

“It was for me. And it was for you mother. I could tell. But, I can’t imagine that being me. Your mother is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met in person, Sir.”

“I think she’s become even more beautiful over the last nine months. You’ve noticed the change too. Right?”

“Oh my! Yes, Sir. She’s more confident. She’s happier. She dresses better. Just the little bit of makeup she’s wearing now make her features pop. She’s fitter. I know, you are responsible for most of that.”

“No. That was all Blue’s doing. I may be the inspiration or the catalyst. But she’s put in the hours at the gym. She’s the one who has done most of the shopping. She’s the one who has learned how to do her hair and makeup so that it is perfect and it doesn’t take her more than 15 minutes.”

“She’s amazing, Bobby.”

“You’re also amazing, Sally.”

“I’m nothing compared to Margie. Nobody would look at me twice.”

“Don’t make me pull this car over and spank your ass on the highway, Little Girl.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. What did I do?”

“Don’t compliment my mother as a way of putting yourself down, Mrs. Whitehall. That’s insulting to both of you. Here is the only thing I did for Mom, and if you like, I will do this for you too, Sally. I act like a mirror, not just of what Mom is at the moment, but of what she can be. I try to reflect Mom’s potential. It’s shifted her attitude. Quick, Little Girl, say three nice things about yourself.”

Mrs. Whitehall looked a bit perplexed, like she didn’t know where to start or maybe how to start. “Uhm, I don’t know, Sir. I’ve got nice tits, nice eyes and pretty lips.”

“OK, that’s one,” I said, “You are very pretty and sexy. You’ve got two more to go.”

“But I named three things,” Sally smiled.

“I say you named just one, your looks. Guess who is the referee in this game.”

“Alright, alright, alright. Uhm. I’m very kind. And a very good friend.”

“Good, being kind is part of being a good friend. You’ve got one more to go.”

“And then do I get a prize?”, Sally asked.

“You’ll get a prize.”

“OK. I was brave enough to take a chance today, and tell you what I really want. Even though it made me feel dirty, it has been exciting. And now this Dirty Whore is going to get butt-fucked by her very handsome, studly Master, half her age! Is that my prize?”

I laughed. “Studly?”

“Yes, Sir. Very studly. You are the best lover I have ever been with.”

“But, we haven’t even fucked?”

“But I have fucked your father, and he was amazing. And I have it on very good authority that you are even better than him! Plus, oh my, Sir, your tongue! I need to stop talking. I’m going to leave a wet spot on your seat.”

We pulled into the Old Town shopping area of town. And I parked in the Ye Olde Towne Parking Garage.Why do they do that? The town is less than 150 years old. It was never a “Towne,” and if it was a Ye Olde Towne, there certainly wouldn’t be a Parking Garage! I drove up to the second level, and parked away from other cars.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32