The Black Boots

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I looked at myself in the mirror of the elevator as it sped up toward my floor. My dark hair was in a bob, light makeup, and the knee length black dress. Below were the dark stockings and my new black leather boots. Pointy with high heels. Men had been looking at me all day, even some quite young ones; the boots were a hit. I was looking good for a 43 year old. The dress was tight around the back, accentuating my nice legs and firm rear. I showed a little cleavage, and my firm small breasts still had some perk in them. The doors opened and I looked for my keys as I approached the door. What would he be doing? Playing games on his computer. Another day with my 18 year old son, and no conversation.

I had been divorced for 3 years now, and I lived for him since my ex-husband left. But it was a one sided love. Whatever he wanted, I did. I got all I could to get for him, but it had become so frustrating. New computer, trips, clothes, sports but all I got from him were nods, as if I was a burden for him. I had been thinking lately that I needed to find someone, a boyfriend, someone to live for, because he was living in his own world. The last straw was the photography classes and digital camera, the whole thing cost me over four thousand dollars, and when I asked him about it, nothing, no engagement, no conversation. I was lucky to get the I-pod set off his hears for 30 minutes at dinner.

I walked into the apartment, trying as always to be cheerful, but not expecting any warmth in return. I walked toward his room, tapped on the door. “Hi honey, I’m home, can I come in for a moment.” I had just gotten a bonus, and I thought to take him to dinner, I good steak and some wine, it would be good for me, and maybe for him.

“One second, okay, come in.” I opened the door; of course he was looking at the computer as always, not even a look toward me to recognize my existence.

“I got a bonus today, how about a nice steak at the place on the corner?” He slowly turned to acknowledge me, as if it was a great strain for him. Then something strange happened. His head moved back as if he had seen something that greatly interested him. After a short pause, he said something that shocked me.

“Mom, you look great, I love those boots, when did you get them?”

“Yesterday. You like them?” I lifted one leg and moved the boot to show him.

“I love them, let me get ready, I am so hungry.” Well, just when I thought all was lost with him, he shows me he is actually my son and has some warm feelings toward me. I was hoping this would happen one day, that the adolescent angst would wear off and he would become the loving son he had been before he became a teenager. We had a nice dinner, and I drank a bottle of wine, letting him drink liberally from my glass. When we got home I was in the mood for a night cap and a few cigarettes. I sat on the couch with my Scotch on the rocks, feeling happy after having had a fun dinner with Tim. It was so nice to talk with him, hear what he was doing and feel like he was interested in letting me know what was going on with his life. Then to my surprise, he came and sat down next to me. “Mom, would you like to listen to some music?”

“Please. Some Miles, if you don’t mind. Make yourself a drink if you want, but just one.” He complied dutifully then sat next to me, the first time in years I think we sat on the couch and just listened to music.

“God mom, you look great in those boots.” He reached down and touched the leather; I lifted my leg so he could explore them more. “So smooth, he rubbed his hand around my calves; it was so nice to have him close. He leaned his head on my shoulder, and continued bahis firmaları to rub the leather. We stayed like this, and I was so happy. His head slid down to my chest, and I rubbed is hair as his hand moved up my leg. He was now touching the stocking on my knee, he even rubbed my thigh. His head moved slowly down, his ear resting on the skin below my neck. I kissed him on the forehead; he kissed me on my neck, his hand moved up my thigh, rubbing my tired legs. He continued to kiss me, as I took the last drag of my cigarette and finished my drink. It had been a long day. I took a deep breath and his kissed lowered to the top of my dress, rubbing the base of my breast.

“You do like these boots; I should wear them more often.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek and got up. “Good night baby, see you tomorrow.” I slept so well, feeling like I had got my son back.

I must have known that the boots were part of it, because the next day I bought a short above the knee black skirt, and some new stockings, the kind that wrap around the top of the thigh, and a new g-string. I also purchased a new Wonder bra, to give a little more volume to my small breasts, and a light blue silk shirt. I got home, and before going to his room, I put it all on. I looked at myself, all I needed was a little make up, I was feeling very sexy. I tapped on his door, than opened it, not waiting for him to let me in. “So, what do you think, how about a drink in the living room?”

“Wow, you look so hot mom. Wait, let me get the camera.” It felt so good to have some attention, even if I was cheating a little with the boots. He came out with the expensive camera while I mixed a drink. He even set up some lights, while I laid back and felt like a top model. I finished two drinks before he was ready.

“Put your legs up on the coffee table, cross them.” He was taking a lot of shots. He had me stand up, lean over the couch. “Show me those boots.” He shouted. Then he had me lean over the couch. “Mom, unbutton one more button on your shirt.” I complied, it felt great. Then he had me sit on the couch, legs crossed, finally, he asked me to spread my legs, he got down on his knees, taking shots from below. “Open your mouth a bit, give me a sexy look.” He asked. It was so much fun, so exciting. When he was done he sat next to me with his drink. Rubbing my boots and thighs, telling me how much he wanted to be a photographer. His hand even moved under my tight skirt, squeezing a little my thigh. This time his head rested directly on my breast, he even gave me a peck on the breast, very close to the nipple, I felt a tingling there, but I didn’t think much of it. Innocent fun between a son and his mother. I went to bed so happy, feeling connected again with him.

That week he printed many of the pictures and pinned them up in his room. He really did love me. But one night I asked him for a kiss goodnight, dressed in a simple house dress and slippers, and he blew me a kiss. It hurt. But I wanted to feel him close like the other evenings. I had been drinking a bit, and I wanted to get his attention, so I put on the out fit from the photo shoot and went back to his room. I tapped on the door. “Hey mister, how about now, can I get a few kisses?”

“I will give you a hundred.”

“Ten will do.’ I waited for him on the couch, boots crossed, now on my third drink. He came out just wearing his sweat pants on.

“Okay, first kiss on your boots.” He got on his knees and kissed the point of the boot, it was so funny. Then he kissed the side of the boot. A third kiss on my knee. Then a kiss on my thigh, right below the skirt, I played with him, lifted the skirt up a bit, he gave kaçak iddaa me the fifth kiss on the top of my thigh.

“That is five, use them wisely.” He unbuttoned the bottom two buttons of the silk shirt. One on my belly button, he let his tongue slide in and out of it a few times. It felt so good to be loved. He kept unbuttoning, slowly, and that is when I became a little unnerved. Before I knew it, he had completely unbuttoned the shirt; I was frozen, as if watching all that was going on from the ceiling. He put his lips on my bra, right above the nipple, and flicked is tongue, then on the other. When he moved my neck, I was relieved. But then he moved back down, he moved my bra strap slowly off my shoulder, and before I knew it, he was licking my bear breast, I finally came too. I moved the bra back on, and began buttoning my shirt.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. I sat up, nervous.

“I think you have gone too far, what was innocent fun you turned into something not right, I’m sorry, it is my fault, I am the adult. But I didn’t think you would go so far, I’m sorry, but this is not right.” He looked more angry than embarrassed, which only made me think that he really just wanted some kind of sex with me. My own son. “Don’t worry about it, it is okay, you are young and your hormones got the best of you.” I didn’t want to upset him or give him some kind of trauma. I gave him a peck on the cheek. “It is okay, we just got carried away.” I smiled the best I could as I walked toward my bedroom. I thought, he only wanted me because he needs some kind of sexual release, for him it was not innocent fun, but perversion. I was distraught.

The weeks that followed had him fall into his old routine, hardly any conversation, gone from his walls were my pictures. I began dating, using an online dating service. But my heart wasn’t in it. As strange as it sounded, I missed the excitement of the week with Tim, and the boots. On one hand I thought he was some kind of weirdo for making sexual advances on his mother, but on the other hand, it was fun for both of us. Work became a strain, my friends were annoying me. I was in a rut. I wanted to feel good again. One day after work I was particularly angry, so I went to a bar on the way home to have a few drinks, maybe meet someone. But all I could do was argue with the men who came by to chat with me. I was so angry, lonely and frustrated. I didn’t know what I wanted. I had more than the regular dose of booze by the time I had got home. I didn’t even bother to go to is room or ask him if he had dinner, I was both angry with him and wanting him close to me at the same time. What made me do it, I don’t know. I put on the same outfit as the photo shoot, but this time without a bra, and with no panties. I felt like I wanted to prove something to him and to myself. I made myself up, put on perfume and walked toward his room. This time I just opened the door wide. He turned and stared. I didn’t say a word, I just signaled to him to come to me. I walked toward the couch, crossed my legs and waited for him. He was there instantly.

“Sit down, I want to hold you.” He obediently sat next to me. “Tim, I miss you, it was so nice having you close again, but now you’re gone, back to your own world, I want to feel you, like I did that week.” He rested his head on my shoulder. His hand touched my boot, and moved up to my knee. “But Tim, not like that, I am your mother; you shouldn’t want me that way. Is that the only way you want to be close to me?”

“No mom, it’s just, I find you so sexy.” I sighed and let him move his hand up to my thigh. He kept moving it up, now it was on my stomach, and I remembered I didn’t have on kaçak bahis a bra. I breathed deeply.

“Really Tim, try and control yourself.” But his hand kept moving up, higher, closer to my left breast.

“Please, can I just kiss you there, just once? Just tonight.” I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, leaving my breasts covered, but the shirt open in the middle.

“Just tonight, just once.” He leaned over gently and moved the shirt off my breast, my nipples were erect, I have to admit, I was excited. His tongue was so soft on my nipple, I was repulsed and wanting him at the same time. He began to rub his leg against my thigh, and I could feel his bulge. His hand was on my thigh, my legs were open. He pushed is cock against my leg, and I waited as his hand reached my pussy. He didn’t pause, he started to rub it, it was so moist. I had a sudden fear. I closed my legs, and moved his head off my chest.

“No, we can’t please.”

“Mom, just tonight, you are so wet, I know you want me.” As I sighed he returned his hand to my pussy, and his lips to my nipple, than up to my mouth, his tongue playing with mine. I could feel I was getting very wet. I began to sigh. His fingers now inside me, he began to play with my clit. He grabbed my hand, and moved it toward is bulge. I squeezed it and began rubbing it. He pulled down his sweat pants, before I knew it I my hand was wrapped around his cock. I was pumping him, my orgasm was close.

“Oh, God, Tim, ahhhh, I am going to come, ahhh, faster.” And I lost it, my thighs squeezing his hand. His mouth was on my nipple, I was pumping him hard, I could feel him buck, I so wanted to have him come in my mouth. I washed him and tucked him in to bed.

The next day I bought a new dress, short, with open shoulders. I soon as I got home, I put it on and went looking for him. I opened the door. “Hey you, make me a drink.”

His eyes were full of desire. He brought the drink to me on the couch.

“Do you want to fuck me?” He was silent. Just staring, wearing his sweat pants and a tee shirt. “If you want me, tell me you want me.”

“I want to fuck you, so badly, I dream of you all the time.”

“Okay, I’m yours.” He moved slowly toward me, I looked up at him. He put is hand on my boot, and moved his lips toward mine, he was so gentle at first. He kissed my lips, slowly letting his tongue into my mouth, I was with him, I felt it. He rubbed my thighs as we kissed, then he brought his kisses lower, to my neck, and breasts, my nipples were very hard, he unbuttoned my shirt, exploring each breast, and then he moved down, lifting up the skirt, kissing my thighs, moving slowly toward my pussy. He licked around it, then down. His tongue in my ass, then his finger in my ass, and the tongue toward my clit, finally with one finger in my ass, and the other in my pussy, and his tongue on my clit. How did he know? My legs spread wide, the boots on the coffee table, my breathing was deep, so deep, I felt it move up my body. “Ahhhhhhh, yes, ahhhhhhhhh.” I bucked, squeezing my thighs on his head; I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Fuck me, fuck me please.” His pants were off in a second, and his hard cock sprang in front of me. I grabbed it and moved it into my pussy. He moved slowly, at first, I was so warm and wet, we kissed as his rhythm increased, he sucked on his mothers nipples as he pounded me on the couch, he put the boots on his shoulders and looked down at me while he fucked me. “Harder, I am going to come. AHHHHHH!!” I came, he felt me go limp. I sat up, and put my hands around his cock and rubbed hard, I looked at him as I put it in my mouth, pumping him, I could taste the pre-cum. In seconds he was squirting in my mouth, I tried to swallow all of it; I got most of it down. I sat there and looked at him standing above me, with his come in my mouth, and I thought about the boots, it was all about the boots.

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