The Big One Ch. 03

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Female Ejaculation

It’s hard to believe that I am only two weeks away from getting married. After Dominic and I broke up I dated a couple more guys until I found John. John was a great guy, and by far the best lover since Dominic. Although not nearly as big as Dominic, John still made me cum hard on his cock.

John and I had dated for over a year before he asked me to marry him. When we first started dating Dominic would call me out of the blue and we would meet. Usually we would get together for lunch and then go back to his apartment and have sex. At first it was no big deal because John and I were not very serious. I also didn’t have sex with both of them in the same day. John traveled for work and was usually gone Monday through Friday. I would meet Dominic on Tuesday or Wednesday. Not that makes it right. I know it’s not right, and most people would call me a slut or whore.

After several months of this relationship things between John and I got more serious, and I stopped seeing Dominic. I fell in love with John, and he finally asked me to marry him. John and I had a good sex life. I started our relationship asking him to pull out of me, and then I started taking birth control. John and I decided we were not going to wait to start a family, so two months before the wedding day I stopped birth control and we stopped sex. I wanted our wedding night to be as special as it could, and since I certainly wasn’t a virgin making John wait two months seemed like the next best thing. I religiously did kegel exercises to tighten my vagina as much as possible.

Out of nowhere I received text from Dominic congratulating me on my upcoming marriage. He said he would like to get together before I got married. I knew what he wanted, but I couldn’t resist flirting with him. I tried to ignore him, but he would message me in the morning saying stuff like “I dreamed of you last night.” After several hours curiosity got the best of me and I would respond “hopefully it was a good dream”. He would then respond with some kind of message about how great fucking me was. He asked if he could fuck me one more time before I got married, and said I “could be his dirty little secret.”

I finally agreed to have lunch with him. We went to a nice little restaurant had some good food and a few drinks. I knew what I was setting myself up for, but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him no. I followed him back to his apartment. Always the gentleman he opened my door, and walked me to his door. We went inside, and he offered me another drink. I was nervous, and shaking. I knew I was wrong, I knew I shouldn’t be there, I knew what was about to happen, and I knew I wanted it. We drank our drinks, and as my glass thumped on the wooden table Dominic said.

“I knew I could fuck you again.”

He pushed me back against the couch, and started kissing me. My hand instinctively went straight for his huge cock. He was slipping his tongue in my mouth; his left hand massaged my titts, and his right holding the back of my head letting me know he was in charge. My pussy was so hot and wet wanting this man to fuck me. I got his pant İstanbul Escort unbuttoned, and there it was. His massive dick, hard as steel, thick, long and heavy. I started stroking this huge hunk of manhood with one hand, and massaging his huge heavy hanging balls. All I could think about was getting that big dick in my mouth.

Dominic grabbed my face making my mouth open. He spit in my mouth, and then shoved hid massive cock in my mouth. I sucked his big dick stroking the long thick shaft. He seemed bigger than ever. He put both hands on my head, and started fucking my mouth. He pushed into my throat, I was gagging, and my throat was really starting to hurt as his monster stretched deeper and deeper. I couldn’t breathe as he started thrusting in my throat. He slowly pulled out of my mouth, and a large amount of saliva ran out. A long thick rope of saliva connected my mouth to the enormous erection. I stared at this beautiful, fat, throbbing cock hypnotized by its size. I needed it in my pussy. My spit shined on the big head as it bobbed in front of me. Quickly he pulled my mouth back onto his cock. Already lubricated by my spit he slipped deep in my throat. I could feel the lump in my throat with my hand as his cock sunk into my mouth. He started trying to take my pants off, so I helped. My pussy was dripping for him. He played with my wet pussy rubbing my clit, and running his finger in my tight entrance.

Dominic pulled me off the couch, and sat down. I thought he wanted me to ride his cock but instead he said.

“Sit on my face, and keep sucking my dick.”

As soon as my pussy was close enough his tongue lunged out and licked my swollen clit. The shock went all through my body, and he followed with many more strokes of his tongue on my pussy. His tongue slid up in my vagina, circled my pussy lips, and flicked my swollen clit. I started cumming in his mouth. I sucked, and sucked that man’s huge cock. Then I felt his tongue on my ass hole. Around and around it went. His finger slid back inside my cunt. I had never been rimmed before, and it felt amazing. His tongue soon went back to work on my clit while his finger circled my anus. It was feeling so good my head was spinning like I was on a drug. Quickly without warning his finger punched into my anus. I was very surprised, and despite never having anything in my ass it didn’t hurt. He plunged his finger in and out of my ass as another slipped into my pussy. His tongue worked hard on my clit, and for the first time in my life I squirted all over Dominic.

“That’s my little slut, squirt for me.”

Quickly he tossed me on my back and was between my thighs. The large head rubbed my pussy before resting on my entrance. I felt the pressure increase as Dominic was trying to force his enormous manhood into my tight wet pussy. I hadn’t been fucked in over a month, and I had done so many kegel exercises my pussy was really tight. It really started hurting and I let out a painful moan when my pussy tried to stretch over the fat head of his big cock.

“Your soon to be husband must have a little dick. Your pussy Bayan Escort is almost like a virgin. It’s time to stretch you out again.”

“Mmmmm, stretch my pussy with your big dick babe. If he could fuck like you his fiancé wouldn’t be about to get fucked by your huge cock.”

The pain was so intense as his massive cock invaded my womanhood. I screamed in pain, and tried to get away when my pussy finally stretched and the first few inches slid in. I was watching my trim midsection expand as the enormous head penetrated my body. I could see a notable bulge in my lower abdomen from the big dick.

“Oh, FUCK!! That hurts take it out.”

“Fuck no I’m going to break this pussy back in.”

More dick went in me the pain was incredible. Dominic didn’t stop pushing until his giant cock was completely buried in my pussy. The head was pushing hard against my cervix, and my pussy walls were filled full of cock. I could feel his huge balls resting against my ass crack. I had taken Dominic back inside of me. My abdomen had a bulge that outlined Dominic’s big cock.

“I knew I would get all the way in your pussy. How does it feel to have a real cock in you again?”

“It feels amazing. I never want you to stop fucking me.”

My pussy started to collapse as he withdrew his massive fuck organ from me. I watched as the bulge disappeared. Slowly a lump reappeared as the big fuck rod pushed back into me. The pain was subsiding as he continued to thrust in me. I put my hand on my stomach to feel the cock expand my body. I felt so good. Not just in my pussy, but my entire body felt good. I love fucking this man. He bent down and kissed me deeply and passionately. He continued thrust his big shaft into me, and his hands searched my body. I had never fallen out of love with him. This continued for several minutes. He started to increase his pace. The sound of his body colliding into mine filled the room. I felt his plum size balls slap my ass. I felt the familiar sickness in my stomach as he rammed my cervix. My titts were going wild with every hard thrust, so I grabbed them and held them together. His cock fell out of my once tight pussy that is now gapped open. I felt so empty.

“Turn around let me see that nice ass.”

I bent over to prepare for some more big dick. To my surprise I felt the fat head of his rock hard cock settle on my virgin anus, and start to push. I cried out as my ass began to stretch over his big cock. I tried to relax and let him in. Finally the head pushed through my tight entrance. I screamed, and pulled off his dick. I lay on the couch, my ass hole was throbbing, and my body was shaking. Dominic pulled me back up by the hips, and started pushing his cock back in my ass. It still hurt but not as bad, and he quickly had the head in. Soon the rest of his big penis was deep inside my ass, and I was no longer an anal virgin. Dominic continued to slowly and gently thrust into my ass. It really started feeling good.

“Is this the first dick in your ass?”


“Good. I don’t want your husband to have any first with you. I want Eskort to completely ruin you. “

“I love how you fuck me.”

“Your ass feels really good. Are you going to keep fucking me after you’re married?”


“You love my big dick don’t you?”


“You’re my little slut.”

“Yes I am.”

Dominic continued using my ass for several minutes. Finally he pulled his huge cock from my ass, and I felt sore immediately.

“Fuck babe your ass is stretched out. My big cock left your tight ass gaping, but I’m not finished with your pussy.”

With that my pussy quickly stretched over his massive organ as he shoved the entire penis deep in me. Dominic started to fuck me with long hard strokes. His heavy balls swung up and slapped my pubic bone. His hands gripped my hip bones as he pounded his giant cock into my body. I was moaning loud, and I’m sure his neighbors heard me.

“Oh fuck! Fuck my pussy with that big dick!!”

His cock started expanding in my pussy. I could feel all the veins become harder and thicker with blood. I knew he was about to cum.

“I’m not on birth control you need to pull out.”

Dominic suddenly slammed deeper into, and held my hips to him. I knew he was going to cum in me. My mind raced through so many thoughts of panic. The first thick rope of sperm shot hard and deep in me. My mind started to go blank, and my body began to shake. A second huge glob of Dominic’s seed flooded into my womb, and my pussy began to convulse as if it were trying to milk his cock. The third exploded with force into me, and I began the most incredible orgasm I had ever experienced in my life. This man behind me was breeding me. He was truly intent on ruining me for my husband, and not only was I willingly letting him I was loving it. Dominic was still pumping his sperm into me, and by far the most cum anyone has ever put in me.

When Dominic was done he just stayed in me. He was massaging my back, and legs. We didn’t say anything to each other for some time. That was truly the greatest fuck I had ever had. Finally Dominic stayed inside me but rolled me to my side, and curled up behind me. I finally broke the silence.

“Wow, that’s was the greatest sex I’ve ever had.”

“What can I say you’re one lucky girl to get fucked by me.”

“I sure am.”

“You should stay the night, and we can fuck some more.”

“I should really go home.”

We lay there awhile longer, and I said I had better go. Dominic started kissing me, and his hands grabbed my breast. His cock grew inside of me again, and I knew he was going to fuck me again. We continued to have sex again to include another round of anal sex. Dominic kept me on my side, and this time it was a much shorter session. He did flood my pussy with his sperm again. I got up to go to the bathroom, and realized how sore I was. I could hardly walk. I decided to stay the night, and didn’t go home until late the next day. John was out of town, and didn’t know I wasn’t home. Dominic took advantage, and used my pussy often. He made sure he continued to fertilize my eggs.

I went home well fucked, and full of another man’s sperm. Dominic and I got together a few more times. Now here I sit with a pregnancy test in hand. I’m pregnant right before my wedding day, and the man I’m marrying is obviously not the father.

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