The Best Man Ch. 01

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Sam was uncomfortable in his tuxedo, and not quite sure what he was supposed to be doing. He’d been roped in to act as best man for his sister’s best friend’s fiancée, since Tony, the fiancée, had been in America for his work on and off for most of several years, and had lost touch with most of his mates in England. Because Jane, Sam’s sister, had been friends with Annabelle – that was the bride – since school, Sam was a sort of friend of the family, so his sister made him agree to step in.

Personally, Sam thought Tony was a jerk, but Jane made him agree to be nice, and had sorted out a nice enough speech for him to make at the reception. The hell Sam was going to put any work into this asshole’s wedding. But, as an optimistic guy, Sam was hoping to fuck at least one of the bridesmaids. All of them were pretty hot, with figure-hugging green dresses making them even tastier looking. Silky cloth clung to tight asses and pushed up some gorgeous cleavage. Plus, Susie, a cute Japanese girl, had been giving Sam looks for the past half hour, from under those big lashes. She had big brown eyes in a soft-featured face, and a slim figure, breasts not large but perky as hell under the green silk – right under the silk, poking nipples showing Susie had decided against any bra.

The bridal party was at the hotel, getting ready for the ceremony, which wasn’t for a few hours – Sam decided that this was the sort of thing women took a lot of time preparing for. He thought he was supposed to be making sure Tony was ready and on time for the ceremony, but Tony had told him to go and make sure of the bride, and that he didn’t need help dressing himself. When Sam got to the bride’s hotel, he just felt out of place, and waited.

Susie glanced at him again – and licked the soft lips of her rosebud mouth. Sam decided he wanted the ceremony to be over soon, because it was a sure thing that Susie was up for it, and that he was going to give her a better night than Tony was going to give Annabelle. Mind you, he wouldn’t mind giving Annabelle a good night either… Sadly, he’d probably never get the chance, unless the marriage collapsed and he got to have an affair with her. Nah, focus on Susie. Susie. Susie? Where was Susie? Bugger, not even at the wedding yet and already lost his best chance at getting laid.

“Erm – Hey. Sam, right?” Susie was directly behind Sam, looking up at him with one hand on his shoulder, and she had a soft voice to match her face. She also had a gorgeously posh accent – Annabelle had posh friends, since her family was pretty wealthy (Sam’s lot hadn’t done badly either, though Sam himself had rather been in the doghouse for the past few years) – and Sam couldn’t help but think ‘I love it when a posh bird talks dirty…’

He quickly turned to face her, smiling and trying not to look nervous. Or horny. Definitely not massively horny. “Yeah, Sam, best man… apparently.” His smile wavered as she made no reaction. “Shit, is there something I should be doing?”

Susie laughed lightly; “No, don’t worry, you’re not screwing up the wedding just yet. I just wondered if you could…” She paused for a moment, apparently thinking. “If you could come check on the luggage with me,” she finished. “All Anna’s regular stuff should be in the car by now, for after the wedding, when her and Tony go to the new hotel. And I just need to check it’s all loaded up, thought a big strong man could help me if it wasn’t.” She flashed a smile at him, batted her eyelashes, then, for a moment, drooped her lashes and licked her lips again. Sam’s cock bulged, and he struggled to act casual. Big strong man though… he liked that.

“Sure,” he smiled, “where…?” Susie smiled again, and pointed through one of the side doors that Sam had thought led to the kitchen. She followed him quickly as he started off, leaning forward to open the door for him, so as he stepped through he rubbed against her slim, silky body. She leaned closer, apparently unconcerned, and then stepped through after him.

“Follow me!” she instructed, and began to walk quickly through a seeming maze of concrete service corridors, leading to different kitchens and store rooms. Soon enough, Sam was entirely lost. The rooms all looked the same, he’d never been here before, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off the way Susie’s ass wiggled from side to side when she hurried. After a few minutes Susie stopped by a small closet door, turned to Sam and grinned as broadly as she could with those cute rosebud lips.

“I admit it. I’m lost.” She started laughing, and Sam couldn’t help smile back. Footsteps sounded round the corner at the end of the corridor, and in a moment Susie has pushed Sam through the closet door, and was crammed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up against him in the small space. She pushed up even closer to Sam, and peered at the door anxiously.

“How come we’re hiding?” Sam was just a little confused, but he saw the opportunity.

“Well someone was coming!” answered Susie. “Didn’t you hear?”

Sam smiled. “We could’ve asked the way out.”

“And looked like idiots?” It was Susie’s turn to smile. “Anyway, I don’t mind hiding in here if you don’t.”

Sam smiled a little, and snaked a hand around Susie’s back, suddenly grabbing her tight ass through the silk and silencing her gasp with his mouth. He pulled her against him, so he could feel the poking nipples through her dress and his shirt, then let her moan as he caressed her firm ass cheeks. He pushed his tongue between her teeth now, feeling her tongue curling happily into his own mouth, then slipped one hand onto the hot flesh of her thighs, sliding it up into the tight gap of the close-fitting dress.

Susie shut her eyes, tipped her head back against the closet wall and moaned as Sam rubbed his hand against her panties, feeling the hot moisture beginning to soak through the thin fabric. While he began to kiss down her neck, he pushed one knee between her legs, forcing them wider open. The green silk rode up the top of her thighs, Sam pulling it away from her bottom, until it was just below her waist, exposing her matching green knickers. Susie leaned her shoulders back against the cold wall, arching her back and resting most of her weight on Sam’s knee, clenched between her own.

Sam stopped rubbing at her panties and watched as both her arms reached back under her shoulders, and wriggled for a little while. Squeezing one buttock, Sam asked:

“What’re you doing?” Susie just batted the long lashes across her big eyes, and with only a curl of her extended tongue, invited Sam back into her mouth. He responded immediately, gently pulling her tongue with his teeth before pushing his own tongue in to taste her warm mouth. Then her arms came back out in front, her right hand swinging around Sam’s neck and pushing his head downwards, while her left hand placed itself over Sam’s right – over her moist panties.

She began rubbing at his much-larger hand, starting him rubbing at her pussy again, while he delicately traced his tongue down her pulsing throat. She was silently gasping for air, and her pulse was racing – Sam could feel her heart beating as his tongue pulled down across her collar-bone. He realised he was the same, and that his erection was pushing hard against her left leg, which gently stroked up and down as she shifted. His mouth kept tracing downwards until he began to taste silk, reaching the neckline – but her hand kept up the pressure, and his mouth moved against the dress, feeling it shift and fall away. She had undone the fastenings at the back, he realised; now the dress only wrapped around her midriff, her breasts exposed to the cool air of the closet. Her nipples were dark brown with a hint of purple, pointing, with a small areola. She bit her lip to silence a gasp as his mouth covered one, caressing it with his tongue, and gently biting, tugging, teasing.

He slipped his right hand upwards across her damp panties; she moaned a little, and tried to push his hand back to gently pleasuring her. But as he reached the waist of her soft knickers, he pulled them slowly away, and rolled them partway down her quivering thighs. The moist fabric over her cunt clung as he pulled it; then she bit another gasp as cold air blew across her hot, wet sex. She was completely shaved, and her lips glistened from anticipation. He moved his mouth over to the other nipple, teasing and tonguing as he had the first. Then, he gently placed his hand over her pussy, feeling the heat in his palm and the moisture on his fingers. Her hand was back over his, and began to guide him, pushing at his fingers like piano-keys into her pussy. He slid two fingers deeply in, back out, and began to rub them against her swollen clitoris; the other hand gripped at her firm ass cheeks, and pushed her up his leg, grinding the sensitive skin around her cunt against himself while he pushed his fingers back into her tight hole. She was tight, and Sam had difficulty slipping a third finger into her; she moaned loudly as he did so, not trying to silence herself anymore. He switched repeatedly between her delicious and perky tits, tasting the areolas as well as the nipples as she arched her back further to push them into his mouth and against his tongue. A series of long drawn-out moans told him she was almost cumming, while her hand rubbed frantically against his to masturbate güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri herself faster. And oh-so-gently, the left hand slid into the crack between her two firm, hot buttocks – and two fingers pushed into her other rosebud, into her warm ass.

She came with a shriek that echoed around the concrete closet, and practically melted in his arms, her wetness flowing across his fingers as he gently slowed the pressure on her pussy. Her arms clung around him, keeping his mouth against her nipple while she orgasmed. Finally she loosened, and took some weight on her own legs, pushing Sam gently away from her as she leaned back on the wall.

Sam looked her over; she was a delicious disgrace, gone from a neat and politely sexy bridesmaid to a well-fucked slut. Her dress still clung only to her waist, with her saliva-coated nipples and her wet cunt exposed to the air – her panties hung around the middle of her thighs, ignored. Only her high-heeled shoes remained in place. Sam realised her orgasm was dripping off his fingers; he raised his hand, and began to lick the warm juices off. They were surprisingly sweet.

Susie stepped over, pressing close to him again, and took his wrist between her hands. Her small rosebud of a mouth closed over the base of his little finger, and then pulled away, her tongue clearing ever inch of it as she went. She did the same with the next finger. Sam watched, filled with incredible lust as Susie moaned with pleasure at the taste of her own juices on his hand. Putting his left hand back on her quivering ass, he pulled her back against him, and pushed his tongue around his fingers into her mouth, tasting her juices mingling over her lips. She moaned, then drew back when his fingers began to knead her buttocks again. She took her hands off his right wrist, using one to pull his left hand off her, and placing the other on the hard bulge in his tuxedo pants. It was his turn to moan as she began to rub at it. He pulled his eyes open again, and found her looking closely as his left hand.

“Fuck me, but I needed that,” she began; he loved the way her accent, still posh, cursed. “I love your hands! Big enough to…” Her tongue wrapped around the two fingers that he had violated her back passage with, and Sam groaned lustily to see it. “And FUCK but I taste good! Not wanting to brag, but my pussy is delicious! Even my ass – just so you know, you’ll be the first in there later. You just made up my mind to try anal, so well done.” Sam could only grin. “Of course, I’m not going to be selfish…” she finished, finally licking the last she could of herself from his hands.

She instantly dropped to her knees and licked the cloth-covered bulge in his trousers, making him moan again. He looked down, and saw her, tits out, pussy wet, panties around her knees now, and her mouth rubbing against him, and he ran his wet fingers into her soft hair, pushing her head against his bulge. Quickly, she reached her hands up to him, pushing his cummerbund aside, pulling buttons down, undoing the zipper, and wrenching the trousers down to his knees. His boxers followed straight away, and his freed cock sprang out and slapped against her chin. Sam was blessed with a longish cock, almost eight inches and quite thick, and the head was already smeared in pre-cum. Having her rub against him had nearly been too much. She looked at the gleaming rod with a certain pleased wonderment before wrapping one small hand tightly around the base, pointing it directly at her mouth.

“That should hold off your orgasm for a while,” she explained, “the squeezing. You only cum when I let you, because I’m going to enjoy this, and take my time.” Her tongue reached forward, and flicked across his helmet, bringing a trail of pre-cum with it. She moaned happily, saying “You taste pretty good too. Not as nice as me, but definitely worth it.” Then she engulfed half his cock. He felt himself hit the back of her mouth, and moaned loudly at the incredible warm, wet, close sensation of her. She sucked and drew back, using her tongue to drink the fluid off him, leaving only the shine of her saliva. Sam pushed on her head, forcing her back over as much of himself as she would take, and she happily took the guidance. Her free hand began to caress his balls, rubbing a trickle of pre-cum across them, and cradling them in her soft little palm.

Susie began to build up speed, and was soon bobbing her head quickly back and forth on the first four inches of Sam’s pulsing cock while he watched and moaned. His sticky, sum and spit coated hands were making a mess of her careful hair; suddenly she pulled her mouth off his cock entirely, gasping for air. Trickles of cum and saliva, güvenilir bahis şirketleri strung between her mouth and his helmet, began to spill across her lips and chin, and down her neck – her hand moved from his balls to his shaft to encourage him, rubbing quickly up and down his length, spilling dribbles of fluid onto her waiting tongue, where she flicked them around her mouth and chin. Finally, she seemed to have enough air, and put her mouth back over half his cock.

Sam let her bob back once, then slammed her forward against him. He felt his helmet pushing against the back of her mouth for a moment; then he slid wetly into her throat. She gagged for a few moments, staring up at him from under her long lashes, spread wide from startled eyes, and her spasming throat teasingly caressing his head. Then she smiled around his cock, and began caressing his balls again while her tongue wrapped around his shaft. He wondered how that tight little rose-like mouth managed to stretch around his thick shaft, but she began bobbing again, fucking him in and out of her throat enthusiastically. Watching this bare-breasted slut, knickers round her ankles, cute mouth around a cock that looked too big to fit in between her little lips, fucking her own mouth with him was too much to stand for long, and he began to groan that he was orgasming. She understood, and pulled him out of her throat, leaving only his head in her mouth, while both her little hands wrapped around his shaft, relieving the pressure on the base, and frantically masturbating him; his helmet, she teased with quickly moving lips and tongue.

As the orgasm hit him, he tried to thrust into her throat one last time, and the first wave hit the back of her mouth. She pulled her mouth off him entirely as the second spurt came, her hands still rubbing up and down his twitching shaft; a thick rope of cum splattered across one cheek, her little nose, her eye, forehead, and into her hair, hitting Sam’s hand as it went. By the third, Susie had control of his cock, and it hit her tongue exactly, filling her mouth as her tongue tried to cram it in. Sam was amazed by how much he was shooting out. The fourth splashed partly into her full mouth, while some spilled down her chin, falling onto her pert breasts; Susie tried to catch some with her tongue, and ended up spilling her entire mouthful, creamy white cum flowing down her neck and across her delicious nipples. The final shot splashed straight into her hair, and began to trickle across her face.

Sam moaned happily as his incredible orgasm finished. Susie began to lick her mouth clean, swallowing all she could of his cum. When Sam pulled his hands out of her hair – now a messy tangle mixed with spit and both their orgasms, Susie took a wrist in each hand, and began licking them clean, rolling her tongue around each finger to savour the fluid from each. Soon she finished, and began scooping the mess off her tits with one finger, sucking it clean each time.

“Fucking hell,” that cut-glass voice intoned, “you’re pretty delicious too, I admit. And there must be a gallon of it.” Sam grinned. She flicked the glob out of her eye, and swallowed it neatly. Sam sat and watched her silently clean herself, and soon only a thin gleam was left on her skin, and the few heavy globules in her messy hair; Sam had never seen something as tempting as Susie, practically-naked, drinking his cum off her own body. As soon as she was finished with herself – leaving the cum in her hair – she leaned over to Sam. “Shall I clean you too sir?” she smiled. Sam could only nod as her tongue licked every inch of him clean of cum, pulling thin strands from the dark nest of his pubic hair. She crammed a budding erection back into his trousers.

“That’ll have to wait for now, you’d better be back with the main party,” she said, and picked up the small handbag which Sam hadn’t noticed her drop earlier. She pulled out a card, a comb, and some perfumed wipes, and began to wipe her skin of the glistening layer of cum that skill coated her face.

“Oh, erm…” stumbled Sam. “But we’re lost… and do you know you’ve still got my… my fucking cum (Sam loved talking like this to the posh little tart kneeling in front of him) in your hair?”

“To get back to the lobby take the first right,” answered Susie; “of course I knew that all along, but I wanted you alone. And I need your fucking cum (Sam liked hearing her say it too) to restyle my hair-do. Ever seen Something About Mary?” Sam stared as she began to comb the cum into her hair. She paused, and pushed him towards the door.

“Well… erm, thanks, Susie, for…”

“For a fucking wonderful blowjob,” finished Susie, relishing her success. “But don’t thank me now.” She tucked the card from her handbag into his back-pocket. “There’s my card, in case you can’t pick me up after the wedding. You can thank me properly” – she grinned – “later, when you’re eight inches deep in my arse.” And only saying “bye!” she blew him a last kiss and shoved him into the corridor.

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