The Beach Villa

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We decided to call it a day as the sun edged closer to the horizon. The sky – and the sea that seemed to stretch endlessly toward it – both began turning a radiant orange.

We had been so lucky to score this private retreat for the weekend. Just a simple, open-air villa on the beach. We had spent the day walking, lazing in the sun, nibbling on fruit and sipping frozen drinks.

There was no one else around for miles and miles. We had the entire beach to ourselves for as far as the eye could see. I had even talked you into going topless for the afternoon. After considering it for a moment, you’d looked up and down the beach to be sure we were really alone, and then you’d whipped off your top with an oh-what-the-hell flair. We had played in the sand and the surf for the rest of the day, giggling, splashing, flirting, teasing.

As we gathered our things to go, you tied the sarong you’d worn this morning back around your waist. Much to my delight, you made no move to put your top back on. Still, I joked, “Not getting modest, are you?” But what I was really saying was how fantastic you looked at that moment, how very tropic and sexy.

A breeze had begun to blow in off the water, a warm, soft wind that made the fabric dance around your legs. It created such a gorgeous vision – you, your sun-kissed smile, your hair blown aside, topless and proud and confident, the swirling fabric, the orange glow of the sea and the sky. I was entranced.

The breeze picked up as we sauntered back to the villa, but it was still warm. “Oh, that feels so good”, you said. “Yes, it does,” I agreed, and though the swirling air wasn’t cold, it was having a noticeable effect on your topless condition. “It’s still a bit nipply, though,” I ventured jokingly. You quickly covered yourself with your hands, gave my side a playful jab with your elbow, and protested, “Hey!”

But then just as quickly, you seemed to remember the abandon we could enjoy in our privacy and the freedom you could enjoy with me. You stepped away, turned and faced me, and looked right into my eyes with a daring expression.

“Well, now, let’s see,” you teased. Then you changed the position of your hands, slowly and deliberately, moving them from a position of coy modesty to one much more overtly seductive. Still watching my eyes, your thumbs and forefingers found just the right spots to pinch and to roll.

My eyes just couldn’t stay locked with yours. They wandered down, enjoying the show you were so boldly putting on for me. Seeing the obvious pleasure in my expression, you said, “It seems you’re right. It IS a bit nipply!”

Then you smiled and bit your lower lip, your eyes lit up with a mischievous notion, and you ran off toward the door. “Whatever can we do about that?” you called back over your shoulder.

The Ordu Escort doors to the villa aren’t closed. They are wide open – as were all the windows. In fact, there are more windows than there are walls surrounding us. That same warm breeze pours through the place, bringing the sweet scent of the ocean in with it.

We reach for each other as we bound inside, embracing, our lips finding one another’s. Your lips taste of salt, kiwi, pineapple. It is delicious, tasting your lips. Our mouths open, our tongues embracing just as our bodies are. My hands glide across your shoulders. “You need lotion,” I say as a guide you to the huge bed awaiting us. “Lie down there”.

You stretch yourself across the cool linen sheets, face down. I start with your neck, your shoulders, pouring generous amounts of lotion on to my hands, warming it, and then letting those hands wander over your skin. I work my way down your back, more lotion, and your skin just drinks it in.

You sigh in relaxation, feeling the effects of the day’s sun, the rum, and the waves all coming together beneath the touch of my hands. The sarong comes off and I move down to your feet. Still more lotion, not at all sparingly, massaging it into your toes, soles, heels, ankles. I move up, soothing the skin and kneading the muscles of your calves, your thighs.

The bikini bottoms are all that remain. I tug at their sides. You hum in approval as if you’re savoring the aroma before the first bite, and lift your hips. I begin to slide the suit down, hands gliding across the sides of your legs as I go. And then they’re gone.

Beneath you, your naked body savors the cool, crisp feel of the sheets. Above you, my hands, more lotion on them now, caress the curves of your hips, the rise and fall of the curves behind you. You feel yourself stirring now, anticipating my touch.

A single finger glides down the center of your back, down, down. It moves slowly to the small of your back and wanders there for a moment, exploring your sensitivities.

Then down it goes again, dividing the crevice it finds there. Down further still, further still, until you feel a brush of fingertips that move like they’re caressing the petals of a rose. Your heart begins to race, you begin to moisten, and swell.

Still massaging your lower back, your hips, and more, an occasional finger wanders off on its own to tease you. You moan, and begin to move your hips in expectation of the movements of my hands.

“Do you trust me?” I ask. “Hmmm-mmm,” you dreamily respond. So I sit you up for a moment. Our bed has several large, thick pillows on it. I pile them up in a mound in the middle of the bed. “Sit there,” I say. You sit atop the pillow pile, a bit awkward and unbalanced, but then I take your shoulders and guide Ordu Escort Bayan you, hold you as I lay you back.

Your shoulders feel the touch of the sheets now. A pillow or two support your back, and several pillows hold your hips up off the bed. You’re reclining now, backwards as it were, and you feel the blood begin to go to your head. I move beside you, sitting, and pour a line of lotion straight down the center of your chest.

You gasp at the cold sensation of the lotion on your skin. A little giggle from both of us, and so I pour a little more. First on one gorgeous and awakened nipple – and again you gasp. Then on the other, and this time you savor that sensation, letting it arouse you.

My hands are on you again, massaging every contour of your shoulders, your breasts. Thumbs and fingers randomly tease you and pinch you.

Our lips meet, and we share a deep, long kiss as I urge you on with my hands, my fingers. Then I move downward, sliding hands down your belly, your hips, your thighs. You realize that I’m now poised between your legs, looking down at your face. You feel my breath across the warm and wet nest between your legs, raised as it is above the bed. Waiting for me. Wanting me.

I trace idle fingers through the soft curly hair there. Tickling you. Teasing you. A flick of my tongue crosses your lips, followed by a more deliberate taste of you. I gently nudge you open with my tongue and press my mouth against you. You feel my tongue disappear inside you – once, twice, again and again. Then moving it upward, brushing you with my tongue until it passes over your most sensitive spots. Circling that now, your body tenses with the feelings coursing through you.

A flick of my tongue, and then another as you moan in ecstasy. My mouth is on you again, drawing you inside, licking you, sucking you. You’re nearing that crest now, your breathing rapid, your hands alternating between tearing at the sheets and grasping my head to pull me into you.

But just as you are about to reach that plateau, I lift my mouth from you. I’m on my knees now, and as you are, perfectly positioned by that same pile of pillows, your hips are at just the right height to take me inside you as I kneel.

You look up at me, and it’s obvious what effect you have had on me. I slide myself into you – not too quickly, not too slowly. Just enough so that you can feel the full length of me as I enter you. Then out again I go, and again you feel it all the way out. I put a hand on your hip, and my thumb finds just the right spot … Then as I enter you again, that thumb begins an unending circle, around and around and around.

My movements are faster now. From within deep inside you, you can feel the effect you’ve had on me. You can tell how impossibly Escort Ordu solid I’ve become, how I fill you so completely. You grasp me, clench me, squeeze me as if you’re trying to hold me within you.

But your nectar is flowing freely, and as much as you might try, you can’t stop my motions as I slide deeply into you, then out of you, then back in again and again. Still, with your legs wrapped around me, you pull my hips into yours as tightly as you possibly can as if you’d never again let me move away from the position I’m in.

You realize that you’re nearly hyperventilating. Your chest heaves with each breath, and when you’re not tearing at my body with your hands, you’re ripping the sheets from the bed to try and gain a hold on something. And at almost precisely the same moment, you realize that my thumb is still making its unending circles around one of your most sensitive points, around and around and around. You arch your back as a wave of sensation courses through you, and you find yourself stifling a scream of pleasure in its wake.

Now that edge, that crest that you felt was so close before, seems to have gone higher. Each time you feel yourself about to go reach that point, you will yourself to hold out a little more. You reach levels of pleasure that you didn’t realize you could achieve, and yet a part of you knows that with me, with me inside you, you can give in to an ecstasy that you’ve never expected or even dared to experience.

The pressure builds and builds inside you. It spreads all through you until you’re like a bubble that has grown impossibly big but just won’t burst.

Finally, you feel me draw all the way out of you, then a pause, and then I’ve driven myself back inside you again, deeper it seems than ever before. And all at once we freeze, and we lock ourselves together with every bit of strength we can muster. You finally top that plateau and let go, bathing yourself in a climax that feels like some sudden and massive waterfall. Time stops, your whole body shudders, and you cry out as the spasms roll over you and through you.

It seems like forever, but you finally find your breath again, rapid though it is. You open your eyes, slowly. You realize that there are muscles here, there, and everywhere in your body that are still tightly clenched. My shoulders are still in the tight grip of your hands, my hips are still crushed against yours in the clutch of your legs, and my still rigid member remains clenched deep within you. You begin to relax yourself, little by little, until finally you feel almost like you’re floating and yet shimmering all at the same time.

Once your breathing begins to subside and the waves of pleasure have finally calmed, I lay down beside you, cradling you in my arms. Our skin is warm and wet with the sweat of our tantalizing exertions.

The breeze still goes, though it feels a bit cooler now. It’s perfect. And gazing outside, we see the last rays of light disappear beyond the horizon, replaced with the glow of a billion stars stretching out into forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32