The Beach Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Thanks once again to Pearl for her editing. Thanks to Sus for his support. This is a second chapter and continues the budding relationship between a younger woman and an older guy. It starts out a little slow but heats up.

When I awoke she was sleeping next to me her mouth slightly agape, her hair a tangled mess over her face, her naked body warm beneath the covers. The picture child of comfort, hidden beauty and for some reason I couldn’t quite figure out, of trust. I wondered how she could be so disheveled but still look so appealing, with that country beauty I find so alluring.

I slid slowly and quietly from under the arm draped over me, grabbed a pair of boxers and padded silently down the hall to the kitchen. I needed three things in the worst way, to get that foul taste, and the resulting breath, out of my mouth, to relieve my screaming bladder, and I needed coffee, not necessarily in that order. Life does not begin for me until after I’ve had at least one cup of coffee and of course I was slightly distracted the preceding night and hadn’t set the automatic pot.

As quietly as I could, I got the fixins’ out and started the pot, staring out of the floor-to-ceiling window, out over the bay, at the rising sun. She had worn me out to the point that I figured I wouldn’t have woken until well after noon, but here I was, sitting quietly. As my mind replayed the previous night, all the sensations, the emotions, the vulnerabilities and self doubts that I always seem to wake up with flaring before my eyes, I heard a soft sound in the hallway. Not quite a noise, more like a soft rustle and turned to find her standing there, leaning against the door frame. She had her arms folded over her chest with one leg bent a little so the ankle kind of tucks behind the other leg, I find that it highlights the calf, a weakness of mine. She had grabbed one of my shirts, a white one with little maroon pinstripes that you could barely see, and it barely but effectively reached the top of her thighs.

The look on her face showed self-doubt and concern, her little pixie nose slightly crinkled, her brow slightly furrowed.

“Are you ok?” she whispered quietly

“of course” I tried to respond with the happiness that I felt but only managed a croak.

“feeling guilty?”

“No! are you?” my voice finally starting to work at the exactly wrong time. I was horrified that it came out almost as a shout. Shit, this wasn’t going well.

Her head fell, following her gaze as her eyes seemed to focus on the individual tiles of the kitchen floor. “no…” almost a whisper. I felt as if I had kicked a puppy, smashed my car, and bumped my head on the corner of the cabinet door that I knew I should’ve closed when I opened it. That combination of anger, at myself, for knowing better but still fucking up by the numbers. It seems to me when the situation calls for me to be silent is when I talk the most. I needed to say something brilliant, witty and caring to rescue this situation.

“Want some coffee?”

I slid the chair back as I started to the coffee pot but as I neared her I just couldn’t help myself. I slid my arms up her back, slowly and tenderly laid my head on her shoulder and whispered in her ear, “you are the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all day” and as I hugged her tighter her hands slid up my back and she sighed into my neck, little butterfly kisses trailing down my neck to my shoulder.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.

“I’m pretty sure you don’t want to do that yet sweetheart” was my reply, thinking of my toothbrush lying in wait and the cotton flavor of my mouth. I pulled back and looked at her my smile dying on my lips. Her eyes were full of water, her bottom lip starting to quiver. “hey, hey” I whispered, “what’s wrong?” and I softly pushed her hair from her face so I could look her in the eye. She just shook her head in response.

“Come on babydoll, what’s wrong?” well of course I knew what was wrong, I’m a fucking idiot is what’s wrong. I softly kissed her cheek, her nose and when her head turned, yes I kissed her. On the lips and I realized yet another unfairness of life. Women wake up smelling wonderful, with fresh breath and complete alertness. Men? Well, we don’t stand a chance.

I’d love to tell you that she melted in my arms and we had wild sex right there on the floor but truth be told, the kiss was a little strained. I pulled back and walked to the counter pulling two cups out and pouring coffee for both of us. Walked to the fridge, pulled the cream out and opened the cupboard where the sugar is stored in an old peanut butter jar, to fight the moisture at the beach that makes everything clump. I put my normal, intense amount of sugar, and just a twitch of cream in my cup and turned to face her.

She was staring out the window at the sunrise. The sun had not fully cleared the horizon yet and the both the water and the clouds were tinged with the red/orange color of the new sun. The reeds on the opposite shore breaking up the normally white sands, the darker shades of the water, a streaking trail behind a mother duck and her chicks. I watched Pendik Escort the reflection of the sun in her eyes.

“yep, definitely the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today…” I whispered quietly in the almost silent room. A smile started slowly at the corners of her mouth and grew as the realization of what I was trying to tell her finally clicked up there somewhere. Almost instantly everything seemed ok again.

“I’m uhh… Going to go brush my teeth” I said in response to the almost sharp pain I was feeling in my yet to be voided bladder and walked out of the room.

When I came back to the breakfast room she was seated at the table her coffee sitting in front of her with a single wisp of steam rising to disappear in the glare of the strengthening sun, staring off into the distance. “Penny for your thoughts?” I asked.

“I was just thinking that I want to have fun with you so badly, I want you to enjoy our time together…” she said without looking at me once. “maybe I’m … Maybe I’m trying too hard…”

“well, last night was surely a hell of a lot of fun!” I said and I knew my eyes had to be twinkling.

“you enjoyed that did you?” she asked with that mysterious woman smile returning to her face, you know the one, where you think she’s laughing with you not at you but you’re really not totally sure type of smile.

“That was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had with or without clothes on” I said laughing, warming to any smile I could get from her. I realized I had totally lost control of this situation. I had originally thought I could stay in control. I was confident, I had a plan, couldn’t remember for the life of me what the fuck it was, but dammit, I did! I had a plan yesterday anyway. I walked up behind her and kissed the top of her head. “What do you want to do today?” I asked her, “wanna to go to the beach?” I asked lightly.

Her hands came up to grab mine at her shoulders, pulling on them gently, holding me, keeping me close to her. “Can we stay here awhile?” she asked looking at me with that childish expression all women can turn on and turn off, the look that there is absolutely no defense for.

“Sure! We can waterski, or just take a ride for a while, whatever you want. I have some odds and ends I have to get done this weekend but they’ll only take me an hour or two.” Thinking about the minor painting I had to get done, the window screens that needed to be cleaned. I always seem to have a list of shit I have to get done. Perhaps its my workaholic nature, my uncontrollable desire for order in my mostly out of control life. “You wanna help? Or just relax in the hot tub?”

“ooh! You have a hot tub too? I’d love to relax in the hot tub a while, will you join me?” she asked excitedly.

“I’ve gotta paint the front door jamb and the eave behind the hot tub room so once I’m done that I’ll join you… I’ll be 40 minutes, an hour tops, I promise. It’ll probably take the tub an half hour to warm up anyway, let me get it started for you.”

We walked to the hot tub room “wow!” she said as we walked in. “That is gorgeous” she said pointing out of the floor to ceiling windows looking out over the bay.

“I’ll be back in a little while sweets” I said as the tub made its starting noises and I walked out to start the painting.

Fuck I hate to paint! I hate the smell, I hate the fact that the paint is attracted to my hands and clothes like a 16 year old boy is to a playboy centerfold, I hate having to paint with the grain of the wood and how the fuck do you know how the grain goes when the wood’s covered with paint anyway. The front door done I started on the eave of the hot tub room. I looked through the semi steamy windows as I slathered the paint. No finesse in painting, just slap it on. I could see Cathy through the window, lying back, bubbles rushing around her. She seemed so content lying there head back, eyes closed. The only part of her bikini that was visible were the strings wrapped around the back of her neck. The string brought attention to her slim long neck and her fine featured shoulders, the rise of her breasts disappeared into the bubbling water.

I looked at the paint brush in my hands, thought ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ and climbed down off the ladder. I’ve always known that my priorities are slightly fucked up but I never knew that they were this fucked up! She looked up as I walked in the hot tub room, and slid into the tub. I leaned over and kissed her gently, much more comfortable and natural this time, as I sat next to her. The water was warm but not hot, comfortable enough that you could almost sit in the tub forever without getting either cold or too hot. I wondered how she found that temperature as it had always been an achievement to which I aspired but was never able to obtain.

“feel good?” I asked.

“yes, this feels great” she said in a voice I could barely hear over the rushing noise of the water. “There’s a spot over there that feels almost too good” she said with a twinkle in her eyes as she pointed to the other side.

“Really?” I asked. “Where?” and I moved over to where she Kurtköy Escort pointed. It was the section of hot tub that was molded almost like a lazy boy, where you could lay back and it had a pad for your head and a cup holder and everything. I could feel a jet of water strumming my legs. I opened my legs and felt the water go right between them sneaking up the leg of my swim trunks.

I started to laugh and said “I’ve never noticed that before! Enjoyed that did you?”

“I didn’t want to enjoy it without you” she said shyly blushing slightly. And she slid over to me. As her head neared mine I realized I had never wanted to kiss anyone that badly before. Our lips met softly and I felt hers open our tongues wrestling passionately. She slid down beside me and I wrapped an arm around her shoulder her head laying down on my shoulder. “This feels good too” she said and purred quietly. She was sitting on the bench next to the lazy boy mold and I tugged on her gently until she slid up between my legs to lie back against me. I wrapped my arms around her just beneath her breasts and held her close to me, her head laying back against my shoulder I gently kissed her cheek.

She shifted slightly and I thought about the jet of water, now effectively blocked by her. “Still feel good?” I asked her quietly.

“mmmm, yes it feels great” she whispered softly in return. My hand slipped up to cup her breast, and I felt her nipple pressing against my palm through the fabric of her suit. I felt her ass wiggling a little, it felt great against my rising cock. Soft and slightly yielding but firm.

“Oh god! Be careful when you do that!” I Laughed. “What’s the matter sweets?”

“I can’t quite get away from this one jet…”

“Which jet?”

“The one between my legs…” she said laughing.

“Does it feel good?” I asked her.

“yes! Almost too good.”

My hand slid down to her hip, then lower down to between her legs. I rubbed her through her bikini bottoms. I could feel her lips begin to swell as I rubbed gently over her clit. I could feel the pulsing water from the errant jet hitting the back of my fingers with surprising force. I slid my finger down to the leg band of her bikini and pulled it gently aside and heard her quick intake of air.

“Feels really good?” I asked her. “Do you think this could make you cum?”

“I don’t know, probably.”

“Wanna find out?” I asked hopefully watching her reflection in the window.

“hmmmm” she said and I couldn’t tell if that was a yes or a no. Why, at the time of maximum sexual potential do I get so fucking paranoid. I don’t know but I always have. I’m so afraid to really show what I want, that I never really show it.

My hands slipped to her bikini bottoms, the kind that is really skimpy and tied at the sides. I slipped each of the knots undone and pulled on the fabric. She rose off the bottom of the hot tub and I slid the fabric out from underneath her. I wrapped my legs around her knees and gently pulled her legs wider apart. My hands once again returned to the job of fondling her breasts.

“That feels so good… I’m so… open, mmmm… the jet moves… it… passes over… my clit every… ohh every few seconds… ohh.” Her nipples were reaching their maximum hardness and I felt her hand start to move up her leg.

“No baby doll, let the water do it…”

“I just… ohh, I just need a little… more… ahh just a little more … Please let me touch it… I’ll cum…”

“No sweety… wait.”

“Ohhh, please… please let me cum. Oh god… so close… so fucking close… I just need one quick flick… please…” I grabbed her hands and held them to her side my ankles over her knees pulling her legs apart she was a captive, completely open to the thrusting pulsing jet of water. I was kissing her neck, gently chewing on her skin… I was rock hard as her body squirmed against me. I couldn’t quite tell if she was trying to force contact or get away from the relentless jet. Her body tensed, every muscle taught, her hands pulling against my grip, her legs tight as steel.

“Ohh fuck… ohhh! I’m going to… I’m going to… Ohh, it feels so fucking good… I ooh! When it crosses my clit… Its just, its just a little too slow… Oh god please!” she begged but I held her tight and continued to let the water stream work on her. Her whole body began to quiver, almost like a vibration and the tense softness of her ass rubbed my cock as she quivered, almost triggering an orgasm of my own. She finally crested over the top of the pinnacle of pleasure, she grunted each time an intense wave flowed through her body, with a great twitch of her body pulling her chest up but with her head trailing behind, her chest thrust outwards, her breathing a roar in my ear as she shuddered with each release.

My hand reached down and gave her the direct clitoral contact the she had been pleading for.

“oh god! John! Ohh! Yes! There! oh there… oh please don’t… oh please don’t stop… Oh again! Oh coming again… my clit… ahh it tingles, it tingles so much… My nipples… tingle… and ohh fuu oh, oh f f fuck! ” and I reached up to tweak one between finger and thumb. My finger Maltepe Escort entered her and she almost instantly clenched down on my finger. Her vagina seemed to be caving in on itself the flesh pushing her cervix so low I could almost feel it in this position. I could feel the fleshy knot of skin at the top of her pussy, inflamed and begging for attention. I could feel the intense amount of lubrication flowing from her pussy as she shuddered through each spike of pleasure that racked her body.

Slowly she began to relax, she pulled her legs together and her hand went down to block the jet of water. Her breathing was still rapid and deep but all of the tension left her body.

“ohh my god!… oh my… that was wonderful… How’d you know?” she asked breathlessly

“I didn’t.”

“Oh my! That was wonderful. But now its your turn.”

“Oh I don’t think so… I don’t think it’ll work.” I said… I mean a jet of water throbbing on a clit is one thing but it won’t grab me and stroke me off. I was doubtful to say the least.

“Come on… you have to try it honey, please?”

So I did. I crawled out from underneath her and let her lie with her head back against the headrest. I lay back against her feeling her soft firm breasts against my back as I lay back. I could feel the jet of water and yeah… it tingled a little but there was no way it would make me cum would it?

“I don’t think this will work…” I said softly.

“You’re just not trying very hard” she responded. “Let it do to you what it did to me. Let it caress you, feel the pulses as it crosses over your cock.”

Her hand reached down to grasp my cock. ‘there you go! That’ll work!’ I thought. She stroked me slowly, but only rising up and down the shaft, never crossing the head, never crossing that ultra sensitive spot that guarantees my orgasm. “Ohh stroke me baby doll…”

“Let the water do it…” and then I felt it, as her hand gripped me tight, sliding up and down the base of my cock, throbbing in her hand, the jet began to pass over the head of my cock, seemed to pulse against the most sensitive spot.

“Oh my god! Ohh fuck that feels good… Don’t let go baby… ohh…” My cock was throbbing, pulsing, as hard as its ever been. My hips were moving slightly, chasing the jet, trying to assure that it was aimed right at the sensitive spot.

“let the water do it…” she repeated and let my cock go. The jet hit my cock just beneath the head, on the shaft and flowed along my cock over the head toward my chest. The ripples as the strong jet flowed over me created the most erotic and strange pleasure ever to course through my body. I felt this intense warm feeling throughout my body, I felt completely out of control, I was focused like I had never been before on the jet of water as it passed over my cock. Each time my cock moved in the water the pleasure increased.

“ohh its going to… its going to work… ohh baby I’m going to cum….”

My hips continued to chase the jet of water and my body tensed as my balls pulled tight to my body. I could feel Cathy behind me holding me and breathing in my ear as if she was running a race. I lost touch with everything other than my cock as it reared up and began to shoot, white streamers coursing into the water, to dissolve and disappear into the bubbling water. I could feel Cathy’s hard nipples against my back as she shuddered. My cock pulsed through another six or seven incredible, intense and ultimately pleasure filled shots each smaller than the last, until the final shots were nothing other than intense twitching and the sensation of shooting..

“OH MY GOD!” I said and started to laugh.

“That was the most erotic thing I think I’ve ever seen” said Cathy. “I actually came when you did and I didn’t even touch myself. Did it feel really good?” she asked.

“Un-fucking believable!” I replied still trying to catch my breath. “God! I wish I could make you feel that good.” I said.

“You can… You did.” she said with one of those woman smiles. The kind that you’re supposed to understand, the kind that if you don’t you’re in trouble, the kind I never seem to understand.

We slipped out of the tub and put on the oversized fluffy towel robes that I keep on hooks for the rare times that I actually used the hot tub. I still can’t understand how this woman could look so wonderful in anything that touched her body, as well as nothing at all. We decided to take a boat ride, and I struggled to keep my eyes on the water. Crab pots were always the challenge, I can’t tell you how many times I had replaced the props because I had eaten some crab pot that had to be placed in the middle of the only channel deep enough to allow the passage of anything more significant than an Indian canoe. Seems crabs like the deep water too.

I managed to get through the close channels and finally broke out into the deeper water that led to the inlet to the ocean. She was sitting shotgun in the seat next to me with the wind blowing her midlength hair unevenly behind her. She had a far away look on her face as we rode bouncing over the swells as we made it out into the longer wave pattern of the ocean. Her shirt was plastered against her as the wind from our passage caressed her body like a thousand little hands. Her nipples were plainly apparent and I came to the conclusion that a bra was not on her ‘ride a boat equipment list’. I liked that list.

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