The Barcalounger 3

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Amy ran up to the door and tried to open the locked door. “No one home?” she asked. “Nope” I returned. “Empty till Monday.”
I heard the phone ringing and quickly slipped the key in the lock and opened the door and stepped inside and answered the phone. Scott was on the other end. “Tim just called me and his truck is broke down and he needs some help. Your sis must have done a hell of a job on that truck. He is totally pissed.” “Well, he probably deserved it.” My sis told me that Tim had called her by a different name while he was fucking her night before last and it made her so angry she stole his pickup after he went to sleep and hot footed it all over town before ditching it near the police impound yard out of sheer being a fucking bitch, her words not mine. Tim had gotten a call from a friend and that is when he and Scott went to pick up his truck before they impounded it. “How long do you think you will be, I ugh, how long before your parents get home?” “They will be late.” Scott said. I hesitated then asked full out, “Do you want me to just keep Amy here at my house till you guys call? It might be a lot less to worry about than us driving back to your house and waiting on you guys.” Scott said, “Hey dude, if you can put up with Amy at your house easier than here, go for it. She sure can be an ass sometimes.”
Amy was smiling and she knew what I was planning. She immediately asked, “How long do we have?” “I’m not sure but what time do your parents get home.” “Around ten or ten-thirty tonight, usually.” “Well it is five twenty, so I would say we have four or five hours to spend.” Within seconds Amy was pulling at my belt and I was pulling my shirt over my head. I felt her warm and supple lips push over the head of my cock and her tongue running up and down the shaft as she bobbed her head up and down. I picked her up and immediately spun her around with her legs up in the air and buried my face in her little bald pussy. I found her clit and she went ballistic the moment my wet mouth met her juicing cunt. As I stood there with Amy’s legs wrapped around my neck and my tongue violating her pussy and ass, I stood in front of the full length mirror my mother used to get dress by in the washroom and all I could see was the white skinned little nymph having her way with my cock and my face buried in the most erotic pose I had ever seen.
I moved to the living room and repositioned Amy as I lay her on the couch. She took my tool in her hand and stroked it and continued sucking it as I fondled her small budding tits and then moved down to manipulate her clit. Amy slid down onto the floor as I got closer to climax while she moaned in pleasure. As her warm mouth continued its wonderful movements up and down my cum would wait no longer as I exploded into the small little mouth of Amy. Amy tried hard to hold it all in but it was more than she could handle. My cum spilled around her lips as she saved it with her finger and then licked it off. “Ummm” she said. “My turn” as she laid back and spread her legs I went back down on her bald pubic area and began licking her clit. I licked down her slit and up again then Bakırköy Escort down, over and over and then as I slid my tongue down her slit I went further and circled her bung hole and layered it with her sweet juices from her young pussy. I thought she was going to pull my hair out as she grabbed a handful as I ate her out and licked her little ass. Then as I continued to lick I wet my index finger in her tight little puss and then inserted it into her ass. Amy screamed and came so hard her juices wet the couch and I knew this was just the beginning for the rest of the night.
“God that was good,” she sighed. “It was” I agreed kissing her on the mouth and getting and giving a taste of each other’s love juices. We locked in the embrace for what seemed minutes and the feel of kissing that little mouth was overwhelming to me. There was just something about the smallness of her lips and mouth that turned me on again. As I again rose to the occasion, Amy feeling my manliness between us growing slipped my cock to her small but open cunt and was so wet I felt the head of my cock slide in with no problem. “You’re bigger than dad” she stated. “He is longer and thinner I think.” I really didn’t want to hear about the difference between my size and her father’s. I began slowly entering into her and felt her relax to accept my thick cock and slowly began to pull back and forth feeling every inch of my manhood beginning to slowly enter her and completely filling her up. Amy reached down and began fondling my balls and inserted her middle finger inside her pussy with my cock and wet it and then pushed against my bung hole and slipped it in and out a couple of times and asked me if it felt good, I nodded yes knowing that I was getting close to cumming again. I began pumping harder and she pulled her hand out from between us and put her hands on my chest as I rose up for the final seven or eight drives into her small hot little hole. “Wait,” Amy started, and it was almost too late to stop but I did. She wet her fingers and moistened her ass and said “Fuck my ass.” “Have you ever had it done?” “No but I have seen the porno’s that Scott watches and they do it. Guys like it don’t they?” “Well, I like it but only if you really want to.” “Yeah, lets try it.”
I slipped my cock to her horny ass and began pushing slowly and popped the head in and felt her tense up under me and cursed under her breath. “You okay?” I asked. She nodded again and so I went on. As I began pumping her slowly full of my engorged cock she began pushing down to accept it. We got into a rhythm and I was getting closer and closer to cumming and began pumping her harder and harder and finally exploded my load into her awaiting butt fuck hole. I was spent. Exhausted. I was totally wasted and drained of my manliness. I reached down and kissed her little mouth again and again totally turned on by the smallness of her mouth. I held her and squeezed her to the point of wanting to pull her deep inside of me. I was completely hers and she wanted me and I wanted her.
After about a half hour I suggested we shower and clean up. She wanted to shower Escort Bayan together so I agreed and we started toward the bathroom. “This is my room,” I told her. “Good, I want to fuck you in your bed.” She smiled that sweet little innocent smile at me and I could not help but smile back. “I want to fuck you in my bed.”
As we showered I asked her about how often her Father was doing her. “Just twice” she said. “I hate him for it, my girlfriends all think I should tell somebody so I guess I am telling you.” “Yeah, but I could get into just as much trouble as your Father.” “I know, but I’m not telling anyone, are you?” “Absofuckinlutely not!” “Good,” she said. “Dave, I like you a lot. I have always had a crush on you and besides that mom has always said she would hope I would meet someone like you when I get older.” “Wow” I thought, “her mom sure doesn’t know me very well.” “I think you are very pretty for a young girl. And sexy beyond your years. I just want to keep you from now on.” I really meant what I said. She was going to be a beautiful woman and was already a very sexy little girl. “Do you really think so Dave?” she asked. “Yes, I really think so.”
We finally dried off and got out of the shower. It was about 7 p.m. and with three more hours before Scott got back or his parents I took Amy out to eat. As we pulled into the Olive Garden Amy asked me “Is this like a real date?” “Sort of. You know you have to cool it in public or we’ll get caught.” “Okay,” Amy stated. We went in and she didn’t know what to order so I asked her what all she liked. We visited and I learned a lot, through whispers, about how her dad had been coming into Amy’s room and jacking off on her while he thought she was asleep. “I didn’t think anything about it, like it was a bad thing or not until he made me feel like a little whore. I enjoyed the sex the first time but then he wanted to get rough.”

“What else have you done with anyone?” Amy smiled and said she had a girl fiend feel her up once on a school trip. It was fun knowing what was going on under the blankets. She had bigger tits than I do and hair on her pussy but I don’t think she had ever had an orgasm before but Amy said she had brought her to her first and when she screamed I acted like I was waking her up from a bad dream. “It was totally cool with her and everyone around wanted to hear the dream. That girl had one great imagination.”
“I also let a boy feel of my tits for a dollar once” she stated. “So I guess I am a little bit of a whore.” We finished our meal off with dessert and I copped a quick feel of Amy’s tit as we got up to leave and about an 11 year old boy saw me and smiled. Gave me a thought, but I pushed it back into my hummmm box for later.
Amy and I went back to her house and there sat and talked about things I had done with other girls. I was about 11 when I started becoming sexually active. It turned her on as she began playing with her pussy when I told her I too had been with the same sex when I was young.
I was sleeping over at a friend’s house and we were in his back yard in the travel trailer they owned. istanbul Escort Air conditioning, water hooked up bathroom working, everything was great. We watched one of his dad’s porno’s and ate popcorn and he asked me if I wanted to jack off with him. Sure I said so we turned out all the lights except one and made sure no one was in the back yard or awake in the house. I don’t remember who was out of their clothes first but before I knew it we were sitting there watching naked people fucking and sucking and we were stoking ourselves and enjoying it. I had never had an orgasm until that night. I was a bout three weeks from my 12 birthday and my 4.5 inch cock was getting thicker and hair was popping out all over my pubic area. As I stroked I felt that crazy feeling in my stomach and knew something was different. “Can I touch yours?” my friend asked. “Yeah, I think so.” He reached over and started moving his hand up and down my cock in perfect rhythm with his own stroking. I finally got up the nerve and reached over and began helping him stroke his cock. Soon we were standing and jacking each other off. He was 14 and had been doing this a while I suspected and he started whispering he was going to cum. I had never seen it happen before and I was amazed at just how much juice he sprayed out of the end of his cock. It almost soaked the jism rag he had placed on the couch for the occasion. He then did something I wasn’t ready for as he went to his knees and slid my cock into his mouth. After about thirty seconds I exploded my first load into his hungry dick loving mouth. It was great. After a bit of rest he was ready to go again and asked me if I wanted to suck him and I wasn’t ready at all. Then he asked, “Would you like to fuck my ass?” “I don’t know. You mean like on the video?” “Yeah, just like that.” “Do you have any lube shit?” I asked. “Yeah…mom and dad keep it in here all the time.” We got the K-Y out and lubed up my hard dick and his ass and I fucked my first male ass.
As I made that statement, Amy exploded into another climax and came all over couch again. “You are bound and determined to make me clean this couch aren’t you?” Amy laughed through her groaning ending gush. Amy came over and I slid my cock out and she began giving me a blowjob that didn’t take me long to explode and send my load back deep into her throat.
About thirty minutes later Scott called and asked if everything was alright. He said he was probably going to be a while still and asked if I was still planning on staying the night. I told him I was and wanted him to know it was no problem. Just after I got off the phone with Scott his parents called and talked to Amy. “Yes, it will be okay with me, but you better talk to Dave” she stated. “Hello, “ I said as I answered the phone. It was Amy’s mother. “Dave, dear, we were thinking about going out till really late tonight. We didn’t know Scott had left Amy with you. Are you really planning on staying the night?” “Yes I am if that is okay.” “You don’t mind being there with just Amy then?”she asked. “Oh, not really, I mean she isn’t a lot of company but I’ll be okay.” Amy hit me with a pillow as I said that and laughed under her breath.
“We may have the whole night alone Amy.” “Yeah I think you might be right.” “What will we do?” I asked.

“We’ll think of something.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32