The Banana House

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Across the river, on the shady side of town, in the back of a smoky tavern, behind a thick steel door, down a damp stone stairway, along a musty hallway, kept from view with an oak door, was the Banana House. It was neither a true home, not did it contain much fruit. Instead, it housed men of the night, men for rent to the privileged and elite.

The atmosphere at the brothel was quivering with excitement. Each and every available man had been booked that night by a special sect of military women. They were called Mermaids, and they were both seductresses and spies, and battle ready combatants. The Mermaids were the most highly trained military personnel in the nation, and twice a year they visited the Banana House to satiate their most primal urges.

Each woman had undergone an extensive application process, submitting their medical records, pych evals, and a detailed description of sexual do’s and don’ts. They were then paired with the partner who best matched their sexual preferences and a room was booked.

Gabriel stood in one such room, trying to pick the best song to set the mood for the night in front of him. He was an experienced professional, but this was his first time with a Mermaid, as he had only come to the Banana house a few months prior. The pressure was causing knots to form in his neck. These women were national heroes, and any inability to fulfill the Banana House reputation would end in Gabriel blacklisted in all the prominent brothels in the country. If he failed he would go back to advertising on Craigslist.

A soft knock on the door and Gabriel had to abandon his quest for a perfect song. He squared his shoulders and put on his best seduction face, then opened the door.

When he saw the Mermaid on the other side, his expression transformed into one of awe. He had been expecting her to be in uniform, all hard edges and military precision. He expected her to look like she would eat him alive. His expectations were wrong. She stood at less than five feet and a half in a slinky black dress that left little to the imagination. Every bit of her was dark and sensual, from her thick, shiny, black hair, to her prominent chocolate avcılar escort colored eyes, to the deeply tanned legs that ended in satin black pumps. Her bow-tie mouth grinned before she spoke.

“Mercy,” she chimed, brushing past him.

“You want mercy?” Gabriel quizzed, confused. “But I haven’t done anything yet.”

She laughed, deeply, with her head thrown back, and Gabriel’s eyes were drawn to the smooth skin of her neck. He would be kissing her there soon.

“No, silly. My name is Mercy.” Gabriel admonished himself internally. Mercy, short for Mercedes, which was listed in her profile. He should have known that.

“You got a name Blondie?” she asked. “Or am I just going to have to call you lover all night?”

“You can call me whatever you want,” he replied, closing the door and sealing them from the outside world. “But if you like, my name is Gabriel.”

“Gabriel, I like that,” Mercy mused, perching on the edge of the bed. “Like the angel.”

“Does that make you the devil?” He asked, moving closer to her. She smelled like Jasmine.

“I’m a devil,” she responded, uncrossing her legs and reaching for his tie. “I think you’re over-dressed for the occasion.” She tugged on the tie. “You should take your clothes off.”

Mercy leaned back on her elbows as the man in front of her followed her command. First removed was his tie, then the crisp white shirt that covered a lightly-haired chest. Gabriel could see her pupils dilate with desire and her lips part as she watched him undress for her. When he reached for his belt, however, she stopped him.

Mercy slid off the bed and on to her knees. When her hands brushed his abdomen, his skin flushed with heat. By the time she had undone the zipper and hooked her fingers in the waistband of his boxers, he was standing fully erect. Mercy blew air onto his cock, not yet touching it, only teasing. She kissed the point of his hips, first on the left side, then the right, her velvet lips branding his skin, the swirl of her tongue setting his nerves on fire. She kissed around his erection, clearly intending to frustrate him. It was only ataköy escort years of experience and a strong will that kept his hands from redirecting her administrations. This was her night; she was running the show. He would suffer her teasing all night if that’s what she wanted.

When she finally did touch his cock, is was softly, the tip of her tongue running along the underside from the base to the head. She kissed her way along the side, back to the base, then licked her lips deliciously. Her mouth covered the head of his cock and slowly descended, her tongue swirling around it, coating it. She sucked hard and continued to bob her head up and down his shaft. Gabriel couldn’t resist her and let his fingers run through her soft waves. She moaned her approval and he echoed her as he felt the vibrations along his member.

Mercy worked hard pleasuring him. If he let her, she would bring him to climax from her mouth alone. Perhaps if she had been a regular client, he would have let her. As a Mermaid, however, there was no way he was going to let her climax after him.

She wasn’t as light as she looked, packed with muscle, yet he still had no issues pulling her to her feet. Her arms slid over his bare shoulders and around his neck as he pulled her into a deep kiss, sucking on her lower lip and groping her ass. He hooked his hands under Mercy’s knees and drew her legs around her waist, then fell forward.

They landed lightly on the bed, the pressure of his body enough to trap her, but not enough to make her feel uncomfortable. Moving his kisses to her jaw, his hand found her breast and squeezed over the fabric. The resulting groan reverberated along her throat, now under the administrations of his tongue. He could feel her nipple through the fabric, and he pulled at the material until he could feel the soft, firm skin against his hand. Gabriel’s fingers closed around the bud and pinched it, eliciting a gasp from Mercy, her back arching and pressing her breast into his hand.

Trailing his tongue down her collarbone, Gabriel let his mouth replace his fingers. He sucked and nipped at the nipple bahçelievler escort while his hands found their way to the hem of Mercy’s dress and tugged it upwards to her waist. Slipping to his knees on the floor, he pulled her hips to the edge of the bed and slid her black briefs off her hips and down her legs, letting his fingers trail along her dark, silky skin. There in front of him, beneath neatly trimmed hair, her sex glistened with arousal. He hooked her knees over his shoulders and began to repay her, pleasure for pleasure.

With every lick, every kiss to the sensitive flesh of her opening, every flick of her clit, she quivered, her hands grasping at first the bed sheets, then the hair on his head. The more tightly she clasped his head, the more intently his tongue worked, slipping in and out, catching her clitoris in his lips and sucking, breathing cool air on the engorged flesh. Her moans and gasps were like music to him, the perfect song he could not find before. The sounds coming from Mercy were the whole reason he did what he did, to drive women to heights of pleasure the likes of which they would never be able to achieve on their own.

Gabriel could feel her getting closer to her climax, and shifted his tactics. He wanted to see her face when she finally came. He raised himself until he could enter her and quickly slipped on a condom. His cock slid in easily, her arousal and his saliva having left her well lubricated. She felt good on his cock and he could feel every contraction and spasm as he worked his way from a slow, rocking pace to bed-shaking thrusts. Her moans escalated to outright cries of ecstasy, and he only briefly wondered if they could be heard outside of the room.

Her eyes squeezed closed and her body shook. She arched into his chest and dug her nails into the skin on his shoulders. He was grateful for the pain, as it allowed him to ride out her orgasm without coming himself. When Mercy had collapsed on the bed and the spasms around his cock had faded Gabriel slowed his own motion. She lay there for some time, eyes closed and body unmoving. He wondered if she had fallen asleep, but as he pulled out of her she stirred.

“That was satisfactory,” she uttered, aware of her understatement. “But just to be safe, we should probably do it at least two more times.”

Gabriel chuckled as she sat up. She grabbed a hold of her dress and pulled it over her head, leaving her clothed only in the glow of post-coital bliss.

“This time,” she stated. “I want to be on top.”

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