The Balcony Ch. 02

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I arrive home tonight from my remarkable night with you and as I think about the events of the evening I wrap my arms around myself and I feel your touch on me still. You are so good to me and I do adore being with you.

My lips are still swollen from your good night kiss. I walk to my bedroom and I am so reluctant to remove my dress. The look in your eyes when you saw me in it made it worth all the money it cost. As it slides down my body I see a flutter of white. Reaching down I pick up the business card. A wave of heat washes over me and I look at the clock. I wonder??

I slip on a robe and reach for the phone. A

“Hello Jane” is what I hear on the third ring.

Soft and sexy, just as I remember it.

“Hi Julia. Did I wake you?”

She reassures me that it is fine. I settle back on my bed and my mental picture has her doing the same.

“I am so glad you called. Did you enjoy the rest of your evening?”

“Oh yes! We went to his condo on the ocean and I just now got home.”

“Good for you” she says “Did you ever get your underwear?”

I burst out in laughter. It brings your face back in focus and the shades of red you turned when Julia brought them to our table.

We talk like high school girl friends learning about each other. I wonder what she sees in me. When I ask, she assures me that she is very attracted to me and she understands I am not usually attracted to other women. She asks what you thought of her watching and I tell her that It was certainly exciting.

“David was excited to think we might meet. He seems to think it would be good for me.”

“Are we Jane? Going to meet again?” she asks.

I would like to, is my answer to her. She giggles when I say

“But you know David is expecting to watch us.”

“Well, that would be exciting.”

My heart stops at her words. I don’t really want to share you yet but how do I ask? My relief is swift when I hear

“Jane, I am being completely selfish here. Please don’t fret about me trying to attract David. I am going to be there for you baby, only you!”

We talk and learn of each other but soon my eyes begin to close. We have been on the phone for almost 2 hours. We make plans to meet for lunch the next day. She thanks me for the great evening and we say good night before I fall asleep. My dreams full of You and of her.

We meet at the restaurant and greet each other with a slight kiss. We settle in and order light. She only has 45 minutes for her lunch hour and while my time is a little freer for the summer months, I am pleased she wanted to spend the time with me. As our lunch arrives we both appreciate the ass of our young male waiter.

I sit at the table watching, as you run your finger around the edge of your water glass…the slow, wet circular motion makes my pulse begin to race…I study every bite you take…the way your lips wrap around your fork…your lips are moving but I cannot hear what you are saying…caught up in a trance that surprises even myself. Our eyes meet,

“I want you Jane!” she says and I surprise even myself when I assure her the feeling is mutual.

I wonder why I do though. I love the feel of a man hands on me and the feel of his cock in me. No woman has never yet made me feel as passionate as a man can. Julia is not surprised at my words. She also feels the same except that she has felt the intensity of a woman. And she tells me she knows I would feel it with her if I would like to try.

Time is short now and before we part I let her know that you will be taking me out again on Friday. I ask if she would like to join us. Her smile is electric. She will meet us at the club not far from your condo. The kiss she gives me is sweet and deep and I like the feel of her lips on mine.

“Til Friday” she says and we head our separate ways.

The week is slow but finally Friday arrives. The day is charged with electricity and my excitement level is so high. You call to confirm our dinner plans. And I assure you I wouldn’t miss it. You do not ask about Julia. I do not offer any information. I am so very excited about the prospects of the day. I choose my outfit carefully. I will be trying to wow two people tonight and I want the look to be perfect. The scent I use is subtle and all me. I sweep my hair up to expose my neck.

The dress I choose is sexy in its simplicity. Midnight blue, silk, and very short. The top barely covers my breasts and I just know that the way it hugs every curve of my body it will thrill the two of you. The deep blue thong I slide up my legs makes me feel so damn sexy. The silkiness of them against my shaved mound feels like fingers touching me.

I am ready when you ring the bell. The hungry, intense look you give me illegal bahis makes me shiver. Standing there and making no attempt to touch me has me searching your eyes. My alarms go off. Too much? Not enough? Not good? My hands begin to shake and I start to cover myself when you clear your throat. You clear it again and I hear your voice …deep, so deep

“You take my breath away Jane!”

The fog clears from my brain and I run to your arms. My arms around your head locking my lips against yours. All my insecurities disappear and your kiss is full of passion. I arch into you. Forgetting everything but the feel of your lips on mine, I grind my body into yours. I crave your touch. And I reach down and begin to rub you. You grab my hand to stop me.

“No Jane” you say. “Not here.”

Oh god! Your right! What am I doing? You hold me tight until that ache goes away. Caressing my hair and back until the shivers stop.

“OK now?” you ask and I nod. Taking my hand you lead me to the car.

We arrive at the club before I know it and the music is drifting outside. The valets eyes are on me as he opens the door. I smile at the sweet young thing as I put my hand in his to have him help me step from the car. All legs is what he sees and his eyes widen and appreciates the view.

You come up behind me and hand him the keys. Your arm circles my waist possessively and I absolutely adore that. To feel like I am yours. We walk in and head to a table. My eyes search for Julia I cannot find her and the disappointment is deep. You notice my smile has dimmed somewhat and ask if I am alright.

“Yes baby, I am just fine. Could I have a glass of wine please David?”

As you walk to the bar and I turn and look at the dancers. I do not hear you return until I hear your voice.

“Jane? Look who found me at the bar.”

I turn and see those beautiful blue eyes looking straight at me. The sadness lifts and is replaced with lightheartedness.

Julia leans forward and kisses me lightly. Her kiss is so sweet that I feel my body responding to it. You watch the interaction between us with a curiosity.

“David, I asked Julia to join us tonight. Do you mind?”

“Of course not my sweet.” is your reply.

Sitting back against you, we both admire her outfit. The white is a perfect foil for her tan. Her shoulder are exposed through the cut outs in the top and as she crosses her long legs the short skirt rides up and exposes luscious firm thighs. You wrap your arm around me holding me close and I feel your finger tracing the side contour of my breast as we talk. My body aching for you to reach the nipple. But that finger is just lightly teasing me and it is electrifying.

Julia’s drink arrives and we talk of everything we can think of but the real reason we are here. You take control of the conversation and suggests heading over to your place. I slip my hand in yours and squeeze. No words are needed between us.

The drive to your condo is short and Julia and I walk in together. Your wall to wall windows show the moon on the ocean and it is so beautiful. I open the doors and the waves and breeze sweep over me. As you move up behind me and kiss my neck, I tilt my head and enjoy the feel of your lips on me. I marvel that I could want two totally different people at the same time. You whisper in my ear that there is something different but exciting about me tonight.

“Do you mind terribly?” I ask .

“Not at all Jane, this is your night.”

You are so good to me, indulging me this way. Julia stands and watches the interaction between you and I and with a kiss you leave my side.

Julia steps in and her arms wrap around me. We stand together for a minute looking at the ocean. The sights and sounds of the waves building power to crash the sand charges us both. The passion of the ocean guides us and her hands slide down my body. The softness of the silk making them glide smoothly. We hear soft music come on and we know you are setting the mood for us. Your movements are subtle and non distracting.

Lips find my neck and the kisses have my body instantly responding. Bouncing and shivering. She is so surprised that I respond so violently to such a simple thing. The intensity shocks even me. Julia lead me to the bedroom and we are both shocked at the scene that un-fold before us. You have certainly been busy!

Candles are lit everywhere and the intoxicating smell of their scent hits our senses. They cast shadows on the walls. The coverlet is folded back and down. And you placed a tray in the center of the bed. It holds two glasses of wine and an assortment of body lotions and it also holds my toys that you love to use on my body. The rose and carnation touch my heart.

Knowing that I illegal bahis siteleri do not like roses you place my favorite flower on the tray. I take the carnation from the tray and drink in the scent of it. My eyes search for you and see you lounging on the loveseat you moved to the shadows. You toast me with your glass of wine and I mouth the words thank you and smile.

I feel Julia come close and her hands touching my bare skin.

“Jane? Lets get you out of this shall we?”

I feel my dress begin to lift off of me. The cool air chills my body as it is removed. At least I think it is the cool air. Maybe it is the thought of her hands and mouth on me. Either way she notices the shiver and holds me tight. Her hands softly caresses my back and ass and I arch up to meet those hands.

Our mouths meet. Our tongues begin to touch. So softly, they meet, they explore, they entice. Our breath mingles and her hand moves to my nipple. My chest heaves up into hand as I take a deep breath. Thrusting them full in her waiting hand. My nipples are hard and puckered. Easy for her to take in her fingers.

“OH God!” I whisper.

It feels so good. Suddenly I am left alone and when I open my eyes she is removing her top. Beautiful naked breasts slightly smaller than mine and very aroused come into view. My hand reaches out to touch them but she steps back. She slides the zipper down on her skirt and it falls down her long shapely legs so slowly.

Anticipation has me aching to touch her. She stands before me in her white g-strip looking so absolutely gorgeous. This is the moment where I can change my mind or stay and follow my feelings. My decision made I reach out and take her hand. Our bodies meet and bare skin touches bare skin. The feeling is electric. Our lips meet, soft and gentle and kiss full of passion.

I lick her bottom lip and that opens her lips slightly. Just enough for her breath to mix with mine. I turn and hand her a glass of wine and we each take a sip. I take another and place my lips to hers. The wine flows from my lips to hers and we drink together. She removes my glass from my hand and I lay back on the bed. I move to the center and watch as she slides out of the g string and slithers up to me.

Kissing my mouth, her hand again moved to my breast. Using her nail, circles the very hard nipple. Her hand trailing down to my stomach. My body is swaying with her hands. Her tongue touching mine, my fingers in her hair. She slides my thong down and off. Her fingers trail up my legs and finds my shaved pussy and she moves her hand over it.

Cupping it, I bring my hips up to her. She moved down my body and I feel her mouth biting me, licking me, sucking on me. My moans begin and her finger slides in the folds of my lips. She teases me with her fingers. Circling my clit, not touching it.

“Please” I whisper.

“Not yet” is her reply. She reaches over and takes the vibrator off the tray.

Turning it on low she begins to touch my body. My lips quiver at the sensations. My body shakes from the familiarity of it. She touches every part of my body and I bounce and shudder. I am so wet and ready. She slides it in my waiting pussy and it glides in easy. I arch up to meet it and the rhythm begins. In and out. Her fingers touching me. I begin to moan loudly and move wildly.

“Stop! Oh please stop” I whimper.

Her hand slows but does not stop. I am on the edge and I want so much for her to have that feeling also. I wiggle out of her grasp and reach out to her. Kissing her mouth and touching her tongue with mine my assault begins on her. She moves her body closer to me and my confidence grows. My fingers tips run down the length of her body and she begins to respond.

She is so sexy, gyrating and moving to her own music. I take the body lotion from the tray and I straddle her hips facing her. I hold the lotion up from her breast and let it slowly drip on to her. I can see the expectancy oh her face and as the first drops fall and hit her nipple I hear a sharp intake of air. It comes from Julia but also from the love seat.

Oh David! Are enjoying this too baby? Mad at yourself for your decision to just watch tonight? Oh how fun it would be to have you join us. I feel a sudden surge of energy at my thoughts and using the tips of my fingers I begin to rub the lotion in a circular motion around the hardness of the nipple. Around and around my fingers move and her hips keep pace. My ass moves with her pussy and we rub on each other.

I again lift the bottle and the maddening length of time it takes to drip to her nipple has her breath short and shallow. The drops hit and she arches her chest to meet it. I lower my body and our breasts slide together. My mouth on canlı bahis siteleri hers, our nipples rubbing together, our hips grinding.

We share the heat from the lotion on our bodies and the intensity of the moment is huge . Each touch now sends shock waves through us. Each of us building to our own orgasm. When our fingers touch each others clits we both explode in that instant of supreme ecstasy. We both new the orgasm would be fast and furious. Something is missing though. I have the satisfied feeling of an orgasm but yet…..

Julia senses this change in me. I feel my body being shifted and harder hands now are touching me.

Ohhh David! You come up behind me and wrap your arms around me and I lean back onto you. Julia smiles and kisses my lips.

“I know you need just a little more baby”

I hold her head in my hands to look in her eyes searching for disappointment, but I see none. The kiss I give her is sweet and loving. She leans over me to give you a kiss. The instant your lips touch the air is electrified. As you lay on your back Julia looks at me. I do not mind sharing you with this special woman and so with unspoken words between us and she chooses to straddle your hips. Your cock so hard and so ready for her body. Together you are both glorious! I watch as she rides your cock and your fingers pull and twist her nipples. I caress her neck as I hold her head and bring my mouth to kiss her.

I feel your hands on my hips, pulling and guiding me over your mouth. I straddle and lift my hips for your tongue. Your fingers open my pussy lips and it finds my clit. It is hard and so sensitive. I am facing Julia and you both are moving to a nice rhythm and the look on her face is exquisite and I am so happy that she is enjoying you. You are a fabulous lover so I know exactly what she is feeling. Your fingers seem to have a mission and slide into me. My pace now matches your pace.

I push Julia back a little so she is laying back on your legs and still able to ride you but her clit is now available to my mouth. I lean forward and up and as I touch her clit with my tongue she explodes in movements. Your groans and hips are moving with her and it makes it all worth while for me to watch and feel you both. Her clit is hard under my tongue and I am ruthless on it. She is so close and begins to call out for us both. Her body tenses and I watch in wonderment as her juices surround your cock. Your concentration is on Julia for a moment so your fingers have stopped their magic on me which is fine as my concentration is also on her.

I watch her face as the release comes for her and it a mesmerizing moment. She slides off you, kisses me and leans back against the headboard to watch us. You are still hard and I am thrilled. I feel your fingers leave my body and I turn to look at you. You push me forward and I land on my hands. Oh I love this position.

My body begins to tingle as I know what to expect. You kneel behind me and run your cock up and down the crack of my ass. I move with you and you know by experience that I am ready for you. Settling the head right at the entrance of my ass you begin to push forward as I push back. With a little pressure the head enters and you hold still, knowing I need to adjust my body to your size. It doesn’t take but a second as I am so primed for this. You finish your journey to satisfaction while mine is just beginning. In and out you slide. My breaths and thrusts match yours.

“Faster, oh god David, faster please.”

You thrust at me hard and fast and I am so into the sensations you are causing to my body that I do not see Julia as she slip under me. Her fingers slide into my wet pussy and begin their magic. In and out they slide rubbing your cock as you slam in and out of my ass.

When her mouth finds my clit I begin to buck hand on you. Her hand finds your balls and begins to squeeze them and your moans of pleasure reach my ears. The are full of cum and it is all for me. Your breath accelerates as you climax in my ass and her mouth hardens on me causing me to experience mine.

Everything goes black for a split second. When the fog clears and my brain engages I realize that I have fallen face forward on the bed. Your cock still buried in my ass and I feel hands on my body. Hard ones as well as soft. I delight in the feel of them all.

We all shift and you hold me up close to your body. I pull Julia into my arms and the three of us rest holding each other. I feel your lips on my neck just below my ear and you whisper

“Thank you babe… that was exceptional!”

I tighten your hold on me and your breathing goes deep. Julia turns and looks at me. Our eyes meet and I kiss her lips that are so close to mine. I say what is in my head and heart

“You have made me feel so very special tonight Julia and I will cherish what you gave me always.”

She smiles a wonderful smile and I know I have made a good friend. We hug close and fall asleep.

Written by Jane 07/02

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