The Babysitter’s Extraordinary Service

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This story is set in a land far, far away where unsafe sex has no consequences; a land where HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other STDs don’t exist. PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! It is fiction…it is FANTASY!

This story is a work of FICTION! None of the characters or events herein is based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or if reading stories of a sexual nature upsets you, do not read any further! By reading further, you certify that you have accessed/requested access to this material willfully, and that you are an adult of legal majority in your jurisdiction.

This is a work of FICTION by an author using the pen name Suzy Suburbanite. It is a work of FICTION!

Thanks to all who wrote regarding my previous stories! Cheers!

Enjoy, Suzy


Chapter I

The day was warm, bright, and sunny, with the cooling, temperate breezes often found in these latitudes. I was taking the afternoon off from work to get some mid-spring planting done in my garden. I was thinking how nice it will be to be able to get lost in my gardening without my husband or kids around to distract me.

As I pulled into the garage I suddenly realized that I had to pee, I raced into the house and up to my bathroom, I struggled out of my pantyhose and relieved myself with a sigh. I began to pull up my hose, and then decided to just get undressed as I would need jeans and a t-shirt if I was headed to the garden.

As I stood after removing my shoes and hose, I glanced out the bathroom window and noticed Rachael–the girl that baby-sits for my next door neighbor, Barbara–step out onto the pool deck and start stretching her arms and legs. She looked like she was getting ready to go swimming.

I was a bit ticked-off watching this young woman shirk her paid duties and prepare to catch a swim while ignoring Barb’s baby. I was just about to open the window and yell at the little redheaded waif, when Barb stepped out of her house and approached the girl from behind. My mind wasn’t registering what my eyes were seeing. Barbara wore a pair of white bikini bottoms, but no top. Her sagging, mature boobs and poochy tummy were jiggling wildly as she strode towards the girl.

‘She should really be wearing a one-piece,’ I thought as I watched her step up behind Rachael, and place her hands on the girl’s hips.

I watched as my neighbor and dear friend wrapped her arms around Rachael’s mid-section and started to kiss and nuzzle her neck and ears.

‘Oh…my…dear…lord,’ My brain suddenly kicked into gear as I realized that Barb wasn’t wearing a white bikini, but was in fact wearing sexy, sheer panties. She was pressing her bare breasts into the young woman’s back and was passionately kissing the nape of the girl’s delicate, freckled neck.

I became instantly wet with desire as I watched the girl tilt her head back as she and Barbara shared a lusty French-kiss. Barb’s hands traveled up the girl’s body and pushed the bikini top out of the way as she rubbed and cupped Rachael’s budding young boobs. The two kissed for a few more moments before Barb turned the girl to face her and drew Rachael into her arms in a passion-filled kiss of experienced lovers.

My right hand slid into my panties and I began stroking myself as I watched my friend make-love to her babysitter, out in the bright sunshine of this glorious warm spring day.

Barb led Rachael by the hand over to the chaise, where Barbara peeled-off her panties, laid back on the lounge, and lewdly spread her legs. Rachael grabbed a seat cushion from an adjacent chair and placed it on the concrete pool deck directly between Barbara’s legs.

I watched as young Rachael knelt and kissed the inside of Barb’s thighs and Barbara, for her part, slowly leaned her head back and closed her eyes as her babysitter kissed ever closer towards Barb’s mature womanhood. Barbara massaged and grasped her own breasts as Rachael reached the target of her desire, and for the next ten minutes I watched my dear friend get eaten-out by the darling, young, redheaded girl.

Barb bit down on her hand to keep from crying-out, her frosted shoulder length hair was whipped from side-to-side, her hips bucked spastically, her body was flush with color as she climaxed into Rachael’s sweet, sucking mouth. Rachael held her hands lightly on Barbara’s mature tummy as she kissed her lover’s thighs. The girl then blazed a trail of wet, lingering kisses across Barb’s stomach, onto her breasts and nipples, and ended her journey wrapped in my friend’s arms; kissing a beautiful post-orgasmic kiss.

I was almost out of breath at this point, having just watched my next door neighbor being devoured by an eighteen year old girl. My body was simultaneously aroused and revolted by the eroticism and perversity of the sex act I just kartal escort witnessed. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined such a lovely, tender, unselfish coupling between two people.

Barbara and Rachael reversed positions, and now it was Barb who was the giver of intense pleasure. The slow, gentle movements were much the same as before, but Rachael seemed to reach her climax much more quickly under Barbara’s experienced ministrations. The darling, freckled redhead had her arms raised over her head; her hands clasping tightly to the fabric of the cushion, as she bit her lip and her entire body visibly trembled through her climax.

I climaxed with Rachael, my syrupy garden flooding my panties, my mind wishing it was me nuzzling my nose into that dear teenager. I slumped down onto the toilet, my eyes shut tight as I relived in my mind the scene I just witnessed: a beautiful scene of tender love between two passionate women, women obviously in-love. My forty-five year-old neighbor, and an innocent, delicate young woman just made lesbian love before my eyes…

My hand was still inside my sodden panties as my breathing slowed. I closed my eyes again, as I brought my fingers towards my nose and I smelled my arousal, then for the first time in my 36 years I tasted the slick liquid clinging to my hand. Visions of Barb and Rachael floated in my head as I greedily sucked the thick, gooey secretions from my damp fingers.

‘Oh yessssssss,’ my mind was awash with my new-found desire to taste a woman.

I began to alternately rub myself and sniff and suck my fingers. I kept my eyes closed; imagining Rachael’s face looking-up at me from between my wide-spread legs. This was not the kind of gardening I expected this afternoon, but my flower was in full bloom and new seeds of desire were planted. I reached another peak of sexual satisfaction as I dreamed of the lovely, delicate Rachael plowing my most treasured furrow with her warm tongue.

Chapter II

At 6:00 the doorbell rang…it was Barb, swinging by so she and I could go on our evening dog walk. I was nervous with my long-time friend as we chatted along and let our dogs do their business. Barbara was her regular, gregarious self, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened that day.

“I came home early today to get some gardening done,” I was still trying to determine if I should keep my mouth shut.

“Oh?” Barb sounded a little nervous now, “and did you get any done?”

“Actually, not the kind I was expecting,” I made-up my mind, I had to know the answers to my questions.

“Barb, do you know that I can see down onto your pool deck from our bathroom window,” there. That was that.

“Shit! I…I…whoops,” She said stuttered briefly and then regained her cool demeanor, “I guess my little secret is out. You’re not going to tell anybody, are you Wendy?”

“No. But how…why…when?” I asked in a dumbfounded voice.

“Remember the block party last August?” she began her tale; “Bobby was drunk and didn’t want to leave the party, so I went home and he stayed at the Benton’s until three in the morning.”

“Yeah, I remember. You guys fought for almost two weeks after that,” I could vividly recall the shouts of anger between the couple.

“Well,” Barb paused for a long moment trying to figure how best to tell me about the beginning of her sexy tryst.

“Well,” Barb started, “I went home around seven thirty that evening, and when I entered the house I called-out to Rachael, but there was no answer. So, I grabbed a glass of iced tea and headed towards the family room on the other side of the garage. And sure enough…that’s where she was.”

“Little Ben was sound asleep in the crib,” she continued, “and young Rachael was furiously playing with herself on the sofa. She was watching a racier cable channel on the telley and just moaning away. She didn’t hear me come in, so I went back into the garage, planning to make noise and call out her name so she could put herself back together, and save some dignity.”

“Back in the garage, I suddenly realized exactly what I saw Rachael doing. She was sniffing the fingers of one hand, rubbing herself with the other and…watching a lesbian porno movie.”

“Oh my,” I gave a slight gasp as I didn’t realize those types of movies were shown on TV.

“Oh my is right,” Barbara was coming to the climax of her story, “I set down the iced tea, stripped naked, walked back into the room, said to Rachael, “Don’t move”, knelt in front of her, and starting licking her pretty little muffin. Wendy, it was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. She was so sweet as she climaxed within a few minutes after I started to kiss her down there. I then sat on the sofa, spread my legs, and said; “Your turn,” and she returned my lusty advances without any hesitation. She finished me off in no time flat.”

By this point the dogs weren’t getting any exercise kurtköy escort as I stood transfixed to Barbara’s tale of seducing a eighteen year-old girl.

“Dear lord Barb,” I was gasping.

“That first time she called out my name again and again, “Oh Mrs. Gleason…Oh Mrs. Gleason…Oh Mrs. Gleason…” and I just gobbled her up,” Barb said as she added some flavor to her story.

“The funny thing is, when she was done, I went to the garage and pulled on my clothes, and the paid her, her babysitting fee as if nothing else happened. It was really very funny as I shushed her out the door–her face still wet with my cunny–and I asked her to come back Monday morning at eight.”

“Barbara, I…I just don’t know what to say,” I stammered a bit.

“How long did you watch Wendy?” Barb could tell that this illicit coupling excited me.

“The whole thing,” I responded timidly, “I watched both of you do it.”

“Did it excite you?”

“Yes, very much,” I sighed.

“Did you climax?”


“How many times?” my friend demanded.

“Three,” I could feel myself blushing as I acknowledged my own self-abuse.

Barb paused a moment and smiled a wicked little smile, “Did you taste yourself while you were doing it?”

“Barbara!” I exclaimed, “How could you ask me that?”


“Yes,” I shamefully confessed my new desire to my friend.

Barb told me all about hiring the young redhead as a “nanny” for the remainder of the previous summer, and of how she is tutoring the girl in an independent English studies program on “Women’s Issues” during the school year.

“More like lesbian pornography,” Barbara laughed, “I don’t know where Rache finds half the books, but damn, some are really intense and sexy.”

“And hey, she’s getting an A in that class,” Barb chuckled softly, “Her teacher has even asked her to meet on the weekend for “extra credit” but Rachael told her she already has a girlfriend. Can you believe it Wendy? I’m the girlfriend of that darling young woman.”

I still couldn’t believe it; my friend and neighbor, having an affair with a girl significantly younger than three of her four children. It was so wrong, but my vision of their passionate afternoon by the pool told me it was also so beautiful and completely erotic.

“Why don’t you come over next Friday?” was Barb trying to seduce me?

“Um…um…um,” I was flabbergasted.

“C’mon, it’ll be fun,” she was giggling, “Besides, it sort-of turns me on knowing that you will be watching me eat-out Rachael’s cunny.”

‘Barbara,’ I thought, ‘ever the smooth talker…Not likely.’

But there was no denying the rush of lusty desire I felt run through my core as I thought of watching the two tender lovers’ in their passionate moments.

‘Would I be able to hear their passionate sighs and groans? Would I hear the wet, slick, animalist sounds of their sex? Would I smell their lusty, briny bouquet?’ the wondrous possibilities swam effortlessly through my previously inhibited mind.

“What time,” I all but oozed to my friend.

I had to do this. I had to know what magic lay beyond the missionary position and heterosexual intercourse. I had only heard of being “eaten” as my husband thought the act disgusting and unnatural. Truthfully, I wanted to be able to revel in uninhibited sexual pleasure the way my dear friend described it. I wanted the passion and release promised by my friend. I was sick-and-tired of having to satisfy my own needs. I was ready to try something new!

“One…I’ll take care of everything else.”

Chapter III

Friday at 1:00 PM, I stood at Barb’s front door trying to get-up some courage to knock. My knees were a bit wobbly, and my heart was pounding in my chest. But I did it, I knocked.

“Hi Wendy,” Barbara greeted me warmly with a peck on my cheek, “please c’mon in.”

Barbara looked happy, wrapped in a light summer robe; her smokey blue-grey eyes smiled warmth and adventure to me as she led me by the hand to her master bedroom.

“I was just getting Benny down for his nap,” She was her regular “Mom” self, as she directed me to sit on the edge of her bed while she made sure her baby son was asleep.

I still hadn’t said a word as I trembled nervously about what may transpire here today.

“Rachael isn’t here yet, so why don’t we grab some tea and chat awhile,” Barb suggested as she guided me to stand before her.

Barbara’s eyes were positively smoldering as she hugged me tight and whispered her true desire, “Or I’ll just fuck you right now Wendy.”

Barb pressed her lips gently to mine, her kisses soft and sweet as her hands drifted across my back and my bottom. I swooned, my knees trembled, my eyes fluttered, and my mouth opened eagerly as my dear friend executed her plan of seduction. Barb began undressing me as we stood kissing at the foot of her bed. She deftly removed my blouse maltepe escort and shorts, then reached to the front clasp of my bra and released my small boobs from the confining garment.

“You’re so beautiful Wendy, I’ve wanted to fuck you for months,” she breathed hotly into my ear.

Barb’s vulgar language inflamed me. My husband never swore or cursed either during sex or in his daily life. But the way Barbara spoke to me now captured my imagination, and visions of raw, animalistic acts of physical pleasure danced in my head.

“Oh Barbara,” I sighed again and again as she reigned kisses on my neck and face, “Oh Barbara, yes…yes…oh Barbara…yessssssss.”

I had never in my life used the “F” word. But in this place, at this time, it seemed completely proper for my seducer to use this crude language. Barb pressed her large, matronly breasts onto mine. I felt her warm, stiff peaks softy rubbing against my sensitive nubs; eliciting more moans of lust and yearning from my inexperienced body.

My flower was now a sodden, humid place, a mark of my need for my friend’s unique love. My lacy pink panties were flooded with my saucy lust as Barb continued her slow, tantalizing exploration of my shuddering body.

“In an hour you won’t want a man to ever touch you again Wendy,” Barb promised, “We’re going to turn you inside-out.”

Suddenly I felt another pair of hands encircle my waist from behind and hug me close. I knew it was Rachael.

The young woman nuzzled my right ear as Barb nuzzled the left. Their hands were practiced and knowing as they traveled my needy body; bringing me to heights of sexual arousal I didn’t know existed.

“I want to fuck you to Mrs. Jameson,” dear young Rachael breathed lustily in my ear, “I want your hot married cunt.”

“Ahhhhh…Ahhhhhh,” I sighed my need for these two vulgar, sexy women to take me, to fulfill their promise of “fucking” my deprived body, “Oh please…please.”

Rachael knelt behind me and removed my sandals before ever so slowly peeling my damp, gooey panties down my legs. Barb whispered to me to let go, to let all my inhibitions leave my essence, that everything our trio would do that heavenly afternoon was “all good”.

“Let it go Wendy…let yourself go and enjoy the pleasure,” my dear friend murmured in her seductive voice.

Rachael was kissing my bottom, and as Barbara reached her hand towards my flower, Rachael’s tongue dipped into my most secret and private place, a place that no one should ever touch.

“Oh my…oh Rachael…oh my,” I gasped as the girl’s wet mouth and tongue brought pleasure to my starved body in ways that were so, so morally wrong, but so, so physically pleasurable.

“Let yourself go…” Barbara’s words soothed me as I opened-up to this forbidden act.

My friend, and now lover, rubbed my flower as Rachael did her magic to my backside. Barb whispered to me that I am a lovely, desirable woman, of how she wants to satisfy my needs everyday. That we will make one another happy, lusty, and playful again…even after Rachael leaves for college.

My mind wasn’t listening so much as reveling in her warm breath in my ear, which caused shivers throughout my body. Barbara and Rachael brought me closer and closer to climax. My breathing was ragged, short and gasping.

Then it happened. The most beautiful, tender, warm, wave of orgasm coursed through every vein and fiber of my body. Wave upon wave of delicious release overtook me as I slumped onto Barb.

‘Oh…so this is sex,’ I marveled at this heaven on earth.

My gentle, tender lovers’ held me close as my body quaked through my release, they whispered hot nothings of I don’t know what while my body spasmed. My flower blossomed for the first time at the hands of another.

Chapter IV

That spring and summer of my sexual awakening, Barbara and Rachael introduced me to the most beautiful forms of physical love I could ever imagine, and more than a few things I could never imagine. Until the week before Rachael was to go off to school, we had never penetrated the other during sex.

Our lovely encounters were always slick and wet and gentle and tender, but Rachael wanted Barbara to “make her a woman” and take her maidenhead. Barb and I conspired to make a silly, but romantic ceremony of the event, (including a certificate for our made-up society of the “Broken Hymen Sisterhood” which made us wicked girls laugh for hours after the deed was done.) as we both used our fingers to open Rachael’s flower. She said that she would always remember us for “busting her cherry” as she so crudely put it. But that was our Rachael…she liked to talk dirty and be crude and shocking.

Young Rachael went off to school at Smith College (Were else does a budding, young, horny lesbian go to school?). and Barb and me carried-on together. Forever happy and content in finding our forbidden, satisfying love so close to home.

On Thanksgiving Day, Barbara made her confession to me…

“I knew you were home that day,” she grinned at me.

I smiled back at her…knowing what “Day” she spoke of, “Thank you darling,” I whispered back to my sweet lover.

And who says suburbia is a cultural wasteland.

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