The Babysitter Ch. 1

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It was a cool night in October, my wife and I had just gotten home from seeing the late movie. We walked into the house and our baby-sitter was asleep on the couch. She is wearing a loose fit crop top and stretch pants. I noticed that one of her perky little tits are almost poking out of her top as she lay there. My wife tells me to wake her up and take her home, she is going to go to bed as she has to get up early tomorrow.

She heads up the stairs for bed, as I walk into the living room to wake the baby-sitter. I stood there for a few minutes letting my mind wander as I looked at her sexy, sweet body. I got a raging hard on as I thought about what her tender pussy tasted like. I bent over her and raised her top a little more so I could see her perky tit. Her nipples were hard and standing to attention. I couldn’t help myself, as I reached up and touched her nipple.

She let out a small moan, I knew she was liking it. I then leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked lightly on it and nibbled it between my teeth. She woke up at that time, smiled, and said “That feels good.”

I suggested that we leave the house and go somewhere before I take her home. So, she got up off the couch and stretched, as she did her top went all the way up and both her beautiful tits peeked at me. She noticed how hard my cock was and gave it a squeeze saying how much she would love to have it in her mouth.

As we were driving to a secluded spot, which we went to often, she reached over and took my cock out of my pants. She went down on me and stuck it in her mouth. She started sucking on just the head moving her tongue around the tip. Then she took the whole thing down her throat, I could feel her throat muscles as she sucked. I let out a moan of approval. She worked her way back up slowly flicking her tongue everywhere, when she got to the head of it, she gave it a light kiss and went back down again real slow. She milked my cock as I drove.

We got to the spot were I could park the car and take off our clothes. As she took off her top she grabbed one of her tits and pinched her nipple hard. She let out a moan. She took off her pants and I watched with anticipation as I wanted to get my tongue on that sweet, wet, pussy of hers. She was naked laying in the back of mini-van. I got my clothes off and crawled back with her. My mouth met pendik escort with hers and our tongues started exploring each others. I was so horny I thought I would explode right there.

I gently kissed her neck working my way down to her rock hard nipples. I took a nipple into my mouth and bit softly and rolled it with my teeth. As my hand was playing with her other tit. I worked my way down to her smooth stomach kissing and licking my way to the treasure that awaits for me. I touched the top of her small pubic patch, that she keeps trimmed, and her hips pushed up towards my face, begging for me to lick her soft pink pussy. I parted her legs and I could smell her sweet aroma and my tongue started watering. I brushed my hand along the inside of her thigh lightly with my fingers, down to her knee and then back up slowly & lightly causing goose bumps to appear.

As my tongue touched her soft folds, she moaned again rocking her hips. Her pussy was so hot and wet, I was going to lap up every ounce of her love juice. I started moving my tongue up her soft pussy lips circling the clit as I move back down for another taste. I stick my tongue deep into her hot cunt wanting all of her sweet nectar. I move back up to her swollen clit, I can feel it throbbing, at the same time, I put a finger inside her dripping pussy. Fucking her with my finger, then 2 fingers.

I wrapped my lips around her swollen nub and sucked it while flicking my tongue over it. My tongue then moves back down to her lips tasting that sweet juice. I reach up with my pussy drenched fingers and start rubbing her clit. She is starting to quiver, I know she is getting close to cumming. I move back up to her clit and suck harder as my fingers dive back into her hot cunt, fucking her faster. She starts trembling and moaning loud saying “OH YES I, AM, CUMMING” Her hips start bucking and I hold on, not letting go as she fucks my face. After she has calmed, I stick my tongue inside her pussy so I can drink all her cum. I savor every drop and lick her pussy clean.

I kiss my way back up her firm stomach and nibble on her neck, finding her earlobe I whisper “damn, your pussy taste good.” I kiss her so she can taste how sweet she is and her tongue is going crazy in my mouth trying to get as much of her sweetness as she can. She laps at my face and chin to make sure she has maltepe escort cleaned me off completely.

She looks up at me and smiles, saying “you were wonderful, now lay back.”

As I lie back my eyes slowly closed and I feel her soft hands touch my hard cock. She is stroking very slow and gentle. She leans down and kisses the head and then licks it. She parts her lips and my cock disappears into her hot, wet mouth. I gasp for breath as she slides it down her throat. The feeling is so remarkable, I feel as if this is heaven I am ready to go.

She reaches down and puts my balls in her hands and gives them a gentle squeeze as she is sucking. She brings her mouth back to the tip and then her tongue is going down the underneath of my shaft to my balls. She takes one ball into her mouth and sucks. Her hand is now pumping my cock.

She licks so soft on her way back up, then engulfing my cock like her last meal. She starts sucking and licking and I arch my back at the sensations she is causing. She has a wonderful mouth! Her fingernails go going down my inner thigh, not hard, but just the right amount of pressure to send chills down my spine. Then she drags her nails back up my other thigh to my throbbing cock. Wraps her hand around the shaft and strokes it while she watches my Pre-cum ooze out.

She takes the tip of her tongue and touches it and draws her head back slowly to make a thin white string from my cock to her mouth. With one quick motion my cock goes into her mouth all the way to my balls. It takes my breathe away and I moan. She starts sucking me faster and harder, playing with my balls at the same time. Then as fast as she started … she stopped and looked up at me. I thought I was going to explode right then. She knew I was close to shooting my load and she wasn’t ready for me to do that yet. She smiled at me and said “I want to taste you, but not yet.”

I lay there with my cock pounding from the blood build up thinking I need to cum soon. She crawls up and kisses me passionately, with her tongue exploring my mouth. As she climbs on top of me she places her tit in my face for me to suckle.
She lowers herself onto my hard cock and places the head at the opening, not letting me penetrate her just yet. GOD, SHE TEASING ME SO BAD!

I can feel the heat from her steamy cunt and it makes my cock kartal escort twitch with delight, knowing I am going to be inside that tight hole of hers soon. Then she lets just the head poke in and feel her insides. Fucking just the head with her sweet young pussy, I couldn’t take much more. I rammed my cock into her with one hard thrust and it went to the hilt making her moan loudly.

I started fucking her like a mad man pounding that tight little hole of hers. Her tits were bouncing with the rhythm as I fucked her. Her juices were making my cock shine and very slippery. She started grinding her hips and I knew she was nearing another orgasm. Her head tossed backwards and she let out a scream of passion. OHHHHH YESSSSS BABY FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!

Her orgasm was intense and she collapsed onto my chest. I slowed down and eased out of her laying there caressing her back. She went down and started licking off all the cum she had left on me. Moaning the whole time I could tell she liked the taste of her sweet nectar. She was sucking and licking my cock so fast and furious my breathing got shallow and I said “here it comes baby” she took my cock half way and started massaging my nuts trying to pump my love juice out for her to taste.

A few seconds later I shot a load of hot jism into her awaiting mouth and hit the back of her throat. She was swallowing as fast as I was cumming but it was still to much for her to take. Some ran down her chin and dripped onto her stiff nipple. After I shot my load, she licked my cock clean not wanting to waste a drop. She reached down with her finger and scooped up the cum off her tit and fed it to her hungry mouth.

Licking her lips she said “I love the taste of your cum, it is so sweet” she sucked her fingers clean making sure she got it all.

Kissing her way up stopping at my nipples, she gave each one a quick lick then came up and kissed me.

I said “I had better get you home so your Mom doesn’t worry too much” She pouted and looked at me with lust in her eyes. Her eyes were telling me she wanted more.

I took both my hands and cradled her face, looking into her eyes and said “we will need a baby-sitter again next weekend”

We got dressed and I drove her home while she lay her head in my lap lightly stroking my dick through my jeans. We got a couple blocks from her house and I stopped. Gave her a long, deep, passionate kiss. Drove into her driveway and said “see you next weekend.” She smiled and said “I can hardly wait.” She got out of the mini-van and I watched that cute ass walk up the steps and disappear into the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32