The Awakening of Rosie Ch. 03

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Adam wasn’t sure if he was actually the luckiest guy in the world right at that moment, but he certainly felt as though he might be. After the previous night’s events late in the office he was walking on air. Rosie had even text him later that evening to inform him that she thought the whole thing was ‘awesome’.

The following day was Friday once again, and the first time Rosie walked past his desk she gave him the most suggestive of smiles. He felt himself becoming aroused right there at his desk. A minute later his phone buzzed. It was Rosie. ‘A pink thong, since you’re dying to know.’

Adam’s grin grew wider as he quickly typed back. ‘That’s me not standing up for five minutes!!’ He sat there for most of the morning remembering the previous evening and speculating on the finer details of Rosie’s pink thong, feeding his ego with the fact that she was very probably wet inside it.

He got very little work done that day. He was desperate to tell someone about Rosie but he knew it would blow his chances with her. He very nearly gave the game away when Sam asked him what he was looking so happy about. He played it down, saying that there was a girl involved but Sam didn’t know her. Of course, he wanted details, so Adam made up a story about a girl he’d met online called Gemma, that he went on a date with her last night and it went pretty well. That seemed to satisfy Sam. Job done.

Adam was soon faced with something of a conundrum however. The weekend was imminent. There had been no mention of drinks with the work gang that evening and Adam was desperate for a repeat performance of last Friday. He considered asking Rosie what her plans for the weekend were, but became tentative at the prospect. Although he’d had two incredible encounters with her, they had revolved purely around sex. He wasn’t sure about what would essentially amount to asking her on a date. He felt like he got along with her well enough, but spending time with her in a dating context was suddenly extremely daunting. But, she was keen, wasn’t she? They had been exchanging emails on and off all day. Things seemed unnervingly good.

He typed the email out almost a dozen times, before eventually deciding short and sweet would be the way forward. ‘What are you up to this weekend?’ he typed out and quickly hit send. To his relief, the reply sprung up on his screen within a minute. ‘Going for a meal with my sister tonight then catching up with a few friends tomorrow.’

Typical Rosie. No hint whatsoever that she might like to spend some time with him. It would seem a bit strange asking to spend Sunday with her, but he admitted that he wouldn’t mind being invited to join Rosie and her friends on Saturday. There was no way he was going to invite himself though. There was only one option left to him. He hastily replied.

‘Cool. Well, sounds like you’re busy this weekend. Would be good if we could do something together sometime. What do you reckon?’

He hit send. There. It was out there. This time, the reply was longer in coming. He glanced over in Rosie’s direction a couple of times. Maybe he’d got the wrong end of the stick. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time with Rosie! The butterflies rose of their own accord, churning up his insides. Half an hour passed and he figured something was seriously wrong. That was all but confirmed when Rosie scooted out of the door without even glancing in his direction. He wanted to be able to play her at her own game, but he knew it simply wasn’t in him.

Adam left the office that evening and decided to drown his sorrows, in his own manner. He put a film on and lay on the couch with a beer within easy reach. A second beer followed, and a third and a fourth. It was almost 10pm when his phone buzzed. Rosie. Of course, who else would it be, he drily thought to himself. He squinted at the phone to read the message. ‘Sorry, had to run earlier. Will talk to you soon.’

Adam wanted to scream. That could mean anything! He knew better than to reply. He wanted to type something angry and something loving back to her in equal amounts. He’d had little enough beer to be aware that replying was a bad idea, but he pushed his phone to the other side of the room just in case.

Saturday arrived and passed without incident. Adam had decided to keep himself busy by playing and then watching football. He’d thought of Rosie a lot, of course, but he’d at least managed to take his mind off her at least temporarily. The evening was soon upon him and he decided to accept an invitation to go for a few drinks with some friends. They picked up on him being uncharacteristically quiet and he laughed it off, blaming the bad result at football.

He couldn’t stop thinking about Rosie. She was out with her friends, somewhere. Probably looking a million dollars and attracting the attention of god knows how many men, all of them better looking than he, no doubt. His mind kept wandering to the prospect of someone else doing what he’d done to her. He sporadically told himself that he was being irrational, for Ataşehir Escort all the good it did. By the time he took himself home, he was thoroughly depressed with the whole thing, wishing that he didn’t care about her so much.

The following day, he received another message from the object of his affections. ‘U ignoring me? Soooo hungover!!’

Once again, relief flooded through Adam. She hadn’t cast him aside yet! He replied immediately. ‘Maybe I should ignore you! You were horrible to me last time you were hungover!’

And so the back and forth began, as she replied. ‘Yeah well I made it up to you since!’

‘Pretty sure I was the one doing all the work.’

‘Well I tried to stop you!’

‘Not for long ;-)’

The playful texts continued, until he finally plucked up the courage. He hadn’t wanted to really spend Sunday with her. It was always a nothing sort of day, but she seemed keen, and he was desperate to see her, so he eventually asked. ‘Are you free today? Want to do something?’

Typically, the reply took a while to come. Adam was sure he was never going to get used to that! Reply she did though, and soon enough he was on a bus into the city to meet Rosie for a coffee. He was early, and started to feel awkward, checking his watch as her lateness escalated to ten minutes.

It was worth the wait. She turned up in a yellow summer dress with blue flowers on it, and heeled sandals. It was quickly apparent that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He almost melted when her eyes met his and she smiled at him. She sat at the table next to him and giggled. ‘Hey! I’m up here!’

Adam gave her a rueful grin. He’d been staring at her legs, like pretty much everyone else in the coffee shop. ‘Well, I have to say, you don’t look hungover,’ he told her, and she had the good grace to look abashed.

She smirked at him. ‘I knew you’d like this dress. Do you ever not act like a pervert?’ It was all good natured, he knew. He wondered if he was close to making this delicious creature his girlfriend. A thought quickly pushed away. He knew she was complicated.

Instead, he put on a cocky smile. ‘I think you like me being a pervert. Besides, you’re no angel.’

That got a smile that was naughty and nice in equal portions. She didn’t reply though, as the waitress had arrived at their table to take their order. That was the signal for some small talk to begin. They swapped stories of their weekends. Adam left out the parts where he was acting like a desperate fool, whilst Rosie told him all about her adventures. Thankfully, she told him enough to make it perfectly clear that there were no guys involved. Adam was once again up in the clouds on what was quickly becoming a roller coaster ride.

‘… and now I’m here with you,’ she finished up, giving him a cute smile over her coffee cup.

Adam wasn’t sure how to respond to that. He wanted to know what her motivation was for meeting him. ‘Yeah. Bit weird, meeting up outside of a work thing, isn’t it?’

She gave him an incredulous laugh. ‘Well, that’s just lovely!’

He couldn’t help but laugh back. ‘No, no! I mean. You know what I mean. Good weird.’

‘Yes I know what you mean. It could be worse I suppose.’

There was a bit of a pause, and Adam decided to bite the bullet. ‘Soooo. I guess it was always going to be me that asked the question, but what exactly is it that we’re doing here?’

Rosie gazed into her coffee cup for an awful long time. Then she met his eyes. ‘I’m not sure. This is fun. A lot of fun. What ever ‘this’ is. I just want to concentrate on having fun. I like you. Both as a friend, and in… the other way. I don’t really want to think about anything more serious than that for now. Sorry, I know that doesn’t help much.’

Adam nodded as she finished. ‘Well, thanks for your honesty. I’ll do you the courtesy of the same. This might be a shock, but… I fancy the bloody arse off you!’ That, at least, got a giggle. ‘On a serious note though, I know what you mean. This is all a bit strange for me too, and the last thing I want to do is scare you off. So, let’s agree that this is just some fun, for now, and see what happens.’

She seemed to lighten up at that. ‘Thanks. I don’t want to mess you around. I know what I’m like!’

No you don’t, thought Adam. ‘Don’t worry about it. I won’t mess you around either. Of course.’ She giggled again. She was well aware that she was the more precious commodity here. He would have to do his best to hang on, and desperation clearly wasn’t a good look in her eyes. It was a case of so far so good though. He smiled, to himself really, at the realisation that he was officially ‘fucking’ Rosie. Even that prospect was unthinkable merely ten days ago.

‘One last thing,’ she added. ‘Can we keep this between us? I can’t be doing with the inquest.’ Adam nodded and agreed, though the insecure side of him wondered if she was a little embarrassed of him. He knew that it would raise eyebrows if it was announced they were together in any sort of context. Fair enough, Kadıköy Escort a small price to pay.

He rubbed the top of her hand with his. ‘Ok, enough of the heavy stuff! We’re all good on that front!’

She smiled, shaking her head. ‘I still can’t believe what I’ve gotten into here. I’m not complaining. I… well, I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s so exciting! Everywhere I go now, I just think of various connotations. It’s actually quite surreal.’

Adam knew he was wearing a huge grin, and she slapped his leg playfully. ‘Welcome to my world,’ he told her. ‘I like that this has happened to you. And that I’m the one who brought it out of you. Tell me one that you’ve been thinking about this weekend.’

They had almost involuntarily leaned closer to one another, and they were talking barely above a whisper. ‘I feel like the pressure is on now, after my revelation last weekend! I assure you they’re not all like that!’

Adam grinned. ‘I’d be amazed if they were!’ Then, he added in a low whisper as his eyes burned into hers. ‘Open your legs as you tell me.’

She looked around the shop, realising that only Adam would be able to see. She smiled at him and slowly opened her thighs just enough to reveal that she wasn’t wearing knickers. Adam’s mouth fell open as the very top of her perfect slit came into view. She laughed at his reaction, and he shifted a little to show her the effect she’d had on his cock, which was straining at his shorts. She nodded approvingly.

She started to blush as she prepared to divulge her secret. God, she looked so perfect when she blushed. Adam didn’t know whether to concentrate on her face or her crotch as she glanced around and began in a low whisper. ‘Ok, don’t laugh at me, but… on the way over I walked past these two policemen. Stop laughing!’ She slapped his knee playfully again before continuing. ‘Anyway! I saw their handcuffs, and I thought about how hot it would be to be tied up and blindfolded, and teased. For like, hours.’

Adam closed his eyes as she finished, imaging the scene. He heard her little laugh, knowing that she’d had the desired effect on his cock in his shorts. He opened his eyes, smirking at her. ‘By me, I assume, and not the policemen!’

She gave him the naughtiest, teasing smile. ‘Ooooh, I hadn’t thought about that.’ Then, seeing that Adam’s face had dropped, she quickly laid a hand on his knee. ‘Yes, by you, silly! Relax!’

He tried to follow her advice, taking a deep breath. ‘Well, I can assure you the whole thing can be arranged.’

‘When?!’ she snapped back almost immediately. Wow.

Adam smiled. ‘Someone’s feeling a little frisky, aren’t they?’

She nodded hurriedly in response, the words gushing from her perfect mouth. ‘I’ve been desperately trying not to touch myself all weekend, letting it all build up, you know? I’m going to burst if I don’t get some action very soon!’

He put his hand on her knee, and she jumped with excitement. Oh, this was going to be good. ‘Go back to your place. I’ll be along shortly. I just need to make a stop along the way.’ She looked at him, confused for a second, then it dawned on her. She kissed him on the cheek, told him to hurry, then scooted off back to her place.

Ten minutes later, Adam was in a local sex shop gazing in wonder at some of the things on display. He had no idea what half of them did, but after an awkward conversation with the annoyingly attractive store attendant, he had a bag full of things to tease Rosie with. A bag that he had to carry is a strategic position all the way back to her place, given his cock simply would not go down. Rosie answered the door, looked down and saw the bag. A huge grin spread across her face and she practically dragged him to the bedroom. She actually pushed him against the wall and pounced at him. It took everything he had, but he put a hand up in time and pushed her away. ‘Now now. You’ll get a kiss when I say so.’ She gave him a frustrated moan, but she quickly realised what the game was and she flopped down on the bed.

He reached into the bag. ‘First things first I think.’ He pulled out a specially designed black blindfold, that had flaps attached to it so no light would get in. She’d be totally blind. He looked at her and smiled. She was practically wriggling on the bed in excitement by now. He wrapped the blindfold around her head and adjusted it. ‘Can you see anything?’ A shake of the head in answer. Good. He pulled her up to her feet and slipped the dress from her shoulders. Sitting her down, he pulled her sandals from her feet. Her chest heaved now that she was naked as her breath quickened.

Adam then guided her into position on the bed. He rolled her onto her front, wordlessly attaching one end of a padded handcuff around her right wrist, then the other end to the headboard of her bed. He repeated this with the left, and she whispered ‘I thought you’d want me on my back.’ Adam just laughed in reply.

He heard her gasp as he attached a similar cuff around her ankle. He went Bostancı Escort on with a satisfied smile. Her bed didn’t have posts at this end, so he had to adjust the strapping, which took longer than he thought it would as he fumbled with it, but he eventually managed to stretch it over the end of the bed and attach it to the leg of the bed. The second ankle attachment was quicker now that he knew the trick.

Pacing around the bed, admiring his work, and Rosie’s lithe figure, he knelt by the bed. She had a rough idea of where he was, but that was all. ‘There you go. Tied up, just the way you wanted. And now, I can do whatever the fuck I like to you.’ She nodded in frenzied agreement and he stood, watching her swallow as she heard the sounds of him undressing. Naked now himself, he knelt on the bed next to her, and wiped the pre-cum oozing from his dick across her top lip. She hungrily licked it all off, moaning. He then walked around the bed a few times, just looking at her. She really was a fine creature. He could scarcely believe this. She had actually asked him to do this to her!

He reached down into his discarded shorts and pulled out his phone. ‘Perhaps… a picture as a souvenir before we start,’ he ventured, somewhat hopefully. Rosie’s mouth opened in protest and she shook at her bonds a little. ‘No!’ she gasped, all the usual things about sending it to his friends obviously running through her mind. He sat on the bed next to her, stroking her hair. He leaned down and kissed her ear, then whispered into it. ‘Trust me. I won’t put your face in it, and I won’t share it. Unless you want me to of course.’ She gave a slight nod and he moved down between her legs, taking several pictures of her glistening pussy.

‘What do you mean, unless I want you to?’ she asked in a timid voice. He’d never thought to see her quite so vulnerable.

Adam laughed. ‘It was a joke, about putting it on the internet or something.’

He watched in growing shock as she bit her lip, considering it. ‘You mean anonymously? On a sex site, that kind of thing?’

Adam shrugged in response, vaguely wondering why he bothered, as no-one could see him! ‘Well yeah. I guess.’

‘Well… if my face isn’t in it, and it really is anonymous. It could be fun.’

His mouth dropped open. What a week this was. He kept finding new ways in which he thought he’d hit the jackpot, only for it to be smashed out of the water the following day, or even the following hour! He nodded and sat on the bed, talking her through the process. Eventually, he got it to work. ‘There, your pussy is officially on the internet, under the heading of ‘Tell me what you’d like to do to this, boys and girls’.’

She gasped, laughing a bit. ‘And girls?! You bloody perv!’

He just leaned in and kissed her, recoiling as she bit down on his lip. ‘I’ll let you read the responses later if you’re good.’ As he looked at her there, in close quarters, he maligned the overwhelming desire he had to tell her that he loved her. To distract himself, he stood and reached into the bag, unwrapping a prosthetic ball with rubber dimples spread across the surface. He lay down between her splayed legs, moving his face ever closer to her pussy. God he wanted to shove his tongue right up into it! It took all his will power not to. He could smell her.

She jumped once again as he touched her, skin on skin. It was unavoidable making contact with her inner thighs as he pushed the ball up into her pussy slowly. He watched closely as her lips spread around it before seeming to suck it inwards. Now, there was simply a plastic cord visible dangling from her pussy. He pushed away the image of a tampon, instead focussing in on the satisfied groan that emanated from Rosie. She was trembling slightly as she hissed ‘What IS that?!’

Now it was time to see if this worked. He made a show of making sure his footsteps were audible. If that wasn’t enough, the door creaking open did it. Rosie’s head whipped in his direction. ‘Where are you go… oh fuck!’ Adam smiled. It worked all right! He watched her mouth open, watched her try to squeeze her legs together as the pleasure became too much for her. He pressed the button on the remote control again and she went limp on the bed, sucking in air, forcing out the words ‘You fucker!’ Adam laughed and exited the bedroom.

Over the next thirty minutes, Adam sat on Rosie’s sofa, with a little remote control in his hand, sporadically flicking it on and off. He was always careful to gauge the reaction coming from the room. He didn’t want to make her cum. He thought he’d gone too far when he heard her yell ‘Get in here and fuck me NOW you little cunt!’ As a punishment, he didn’t press the button again for fifteen minutes, until a resigned groan of ‘Press it again. Please,’ came from the bedroom. Poor girl.

Going back in to the bedroom, he slowly pulled the ball out from her pussy, watching in wonder as sticky tendrils of her juices trailed behind. He brought the ball up to her face, pushing it gently against her mouth. She quickly realised what it was, giving a wry laugh. ‘Oh you’d just love that wouldn’t you?’ Adam didn’t reply, and her mouth opened. She made a show of sucking the ball clean as noisily as she could, leaving Adam to speculate wildly about what she might do to his cock.

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