The Awakening of Chris – Part 6

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I walked out of the room in a stupor. A small fantasy of mine had just come true. The odd thing was that I didn’t even know it was a fantasy. It was like it had jump out from behind a tree and said ‘BOO….by the way you’re super attracted to your Mom….have a nice day’.

I walked back through the coolness of the kitchen and out into the heat of the pool area. I walked back into my apartment and saw Caley and Paul sitting at the table eating breakfast.

Caley was in a towel. She looked beautiful.

Paul turned, “At last…..thought you had left for the day. Everything OK?”

I could see that Paul was a little worried about how things might have gone regarding his little hook up last night.

“Everything’s fine, just needed to wait for Mom to get out of the shower. Hope there is something here you can use.” I said to Caley

She stood up. The towel covered her chest and midway down her thighs. She still looked amazing. Her megawatt smile shone over everything.

“Thanks Chris….I’ll just get changed.”

Caley went up stairs. Paul looked over at me, “You chat to your Mom?”

“Yeah. She was a bit upset about Dad. Obviously spending the night with you didn’t help but I think I calmed her down.”

Paul smiled, “Well that’s all good then. I’m off for a swim.”

Paul headed back to his room while I went up stairs. I walked in on Caley getting into one of my Mom’s swimsuits.

“I thought I’d go for a swim….if that’s all right. I can go if you want me to.”

I walked over to her and grabbed her around the waist. I leaned down and undid the bra top of the bikini revealing her tits. I kissed her deeply as my hands massaged and pinched her.

Within a few minutes I marvelled at the sight of my cock disappearing into her mouth, a few minutes after that I came deep inside her arse.

10 minutes later both Caley and I walked out into the bright sunshine. Paul was half way through swimming some lengths. I was already in my swimmers and dove straight in. Caley was wearing the bikini. The panties were doing a good job of hiding her manhood. She had a special pair of pants (she called it a cock sock) that held things in place.

I didn’t care though. Her beautiful figure looked sensational in the bikini. She slowly lowered herself into the pool and swam over.

She whispered into my ear, “I can still feel you leaking out of me……you’re a naughty boy.”

We all swam a little pretending that we held out some great belief that we were being healthy. Within a few minutes though we were dunking each other, splashing and generally having childish fun.

Before we knew it we had been in the pool for over an hour. The hangovers were well and truly gone.

Paul hopped out of the pool and lay down on one of the sunloungers.

Caley swam up to me and put her arms around my neck.

“So this has been fun huh? You ready for me to go yet?”

I gave her a soft kiss on the lips, “I was hoping you’d stick around a bit.”

She pulled herself in a little closer, “I think I’d like that.”

With that she pushed away from me and disappeared under the water, surfacing about 3 or 4 metres away.

“It means you’ll have to meet my Mom.” I called out.

“Oh parents love me…..I’m the girl that every parent wants their boy to end up with.”

With that she swam to the other end of the pool.

I looked up at the blue sky. So clear. I felt the water lapping at my skin. I looked at my wrinkled fingers. A few days ago these fingers belonged to a different person.

It was like my previous self had been scooped up and whisked away and replaced with something new, shiny and altogether different.

Water off a ducks back.

The world seemed different now. I wanted to experience it. I didn’t just want to be part of it, I wanted to lead it. I wanted to be in charge of the things I did. I wanted to be open to everything. I wanted to be open to everyone.

“Caley!” I called out.

She turned, smiled and swam over to me.

“What’s up?”

I moved over to the seat on the shallow part of the pool and motioned to her to sit next to me.

She sat with a look of concern on her face.

“Caley…..I think I need to talk to you about….um….this.”

She took hold of my hand, “You OK?”

I smiled, “I’m fine. But I want to be pretty honest with you. Is that OK?”

She nodded her head.

“You’ve kind of surprised me Caley. I was expecting a hook up last night but instead I got you. I don’t want you to be a hook up. I’d like to see you again.”

I saw her face light up, “Oh me too. I’d really like to see you again.”

I grimaced, “It’s just that….I kinda have a lot of really weird stuff going on at the moment. Things that you wouldn’t like.”

“How do you know what I like?”

I smirked, “Well I know some of the things you like.”

She slapped me on the arm, “Oi….!”

“Caley I’m learning a lot about myself at the moment. This weekend has been a massive eye opener for me. I have done things that I never thought I’d do.”

“I’m your little experiment?”

“Well….yes….and no. I’d never been with a guy before until this weekend.”

I saw her face drop, “Please don’t call me a guy…….”

I held her hand, “No no no…..not you. Paul……it was Paul.”

She looked over at the sun bathing Paul, “Oh….I thought you guys were just friends?”

“We are….were….are….I don’t know. We shared something.”

“Did you fuck him?”

“No….well kind of….but not like you and I. It was just hand jobs….nothing to big. But I made me feel something – feel something different. Kind of like an awakening.”

“An awakening?”

“I know – it sounds corny. But that’s the best way to describe it. Since Friday night I have had to change the whole way I look at things. Particularly things of a sexual nature.”

I continued, “If I had met you last weekend we wouldn’t be sitting here now. I would have run screaming when I felt you in the club. But now….well… I’m sitting here thinking about how nice it would be if you could stay tonight as well.”

Caley went to speak but I stopped her, “There is one big problem though. It is something that I can’t even understand so I’m not sure why I am going to come clean with you about it.”

She looked at me expectantly.

“Caley – what do you want to happen with us? Is this just a hook up or something more?”

She sat back a little like the whole ‘Us’ question had never entered her mind. Perhaps it hadn’t?

She started to speak, “Well…..I’d like to see you again. I guess I was expecting just a one nighter but last night was….and this morning….well…..I’d like to have some more of that.”

I breathed in – here we go.

“Ok….I’d like that as well but I need to tell you what else is going on.”

She waited.

“You see this weekend has also shown me something else. It is something that I have struggled with subconsciously for a while it seems.”

I suddenly muted. I didn’t really know how to tell her this. How do you come out and tell a girl that you are keen on that you also have sexual desires about your Mom?

“Chris – you OK?”

“I’m just not sure how to do this…..but I want to be honest with you.”

She took my hand again, “Just tell me the truth.”

I breathed again, “OK – so after I left you in the shower I went across to get some clothes for you from my Mom’s room. My Mom has been going through a lot recently with my Dad basically being a douchebag….and an invisible douche bag at that.”

“I’ve always kinda wondered why she was with him. Even when he was younger he was a bit of a dryballs….never great looking. Whereas my Mom has always been a bit of a stunner.”

“So I went in to her room and she was in the shower and she was doing….erm….stuff. Stuff that I shouldn’t have been watching….but I did. I watched right until the end. But she caught me. But she wasn’t angry. She was just sad. And seeing her so sad made me love her. I only went to give her a hug….but we ended up doing other stuff. Not really serious stuff…..but stuff.”

Caley’s eyes were wide. Her mouth was hanging open. As I spoke she lifted her hand up so it was covering her mouth.

“The problem is Caley is that I liked it. And I have to say that if the chance comes up again I’m not going to say no to it. I’m disgusting…..I’m so sorry.”

I pulled my hand away from hers and slid off the pool seat. I floated over to the other side of the pool about 2 metres from where Caley sat with a shocked expression on her face.

She sat staring at the water. Just to give you an idea of how messed up I was I noticed that I spent most of my time looking sakarya escort at her breasts which were looking incredible in the bikini top……seriously….I’m a perv.

She slid into the water and came over to me. She didn’t stop until her lips were pressed directly on to mine. She kissed me deeply with passion and an intensity that pushed me back up against the pool wall.

When she finally let me up for air we were both panting.

“God you’ve made me hard Chris.”

With that she took my hand and guided it onto her pulsing bulge.

“So you’re OK with what I told you? You do know what I told you yeah?”

“I heard you. I guess neither of us are particularly conventional huh?”

I pushed her back a little.

“Caley – are you sure you know what is happening? You know that I just told you that I have sexual feelings towards my Mom?”

“I heard you. I process things really quickly…’s a strength.”

“Are you sure – cause any moment now my Mom is going to come out of those doors and you are going to see the whole family freakshow.”

She scoffed at me, “Freakshow! Chris, I’m a girl, with tits and a cock. I think I have the freakshow thing down pretty well.”

“Yeah – but you’re not lusting after your Mom.”

“No – but I have done some pretty crazy stuff over the last few years. Slept with distant family members. Had threesomes, foursomes, orgy’s. Public sex, anonymous sex… don’t have the monopoly on strange going ons.”

“Ok ok ok……but just so you know. Things are really sexually charged around here at the moment. I can’t say that things will be normal. If you get freaked out just head into my apartment.”

“Who wants lunch!”

My Mom emerged from the kitchen holding a large tray of lunch nibbles. She was wearing her pool robe which was essentially a chiffon gown. She had on some sandals and a barely there white bikini. She looked hot… really hot.

I turned to Caley, “Remember – if things get weird feel free to head into the apartment – I’ll head straight in after you.”

She gave me a kiss on the lips, “I’ll be fine you big worrier…seriously, parents love me.”

She winked as she lifted herself out of the pool and walked to where her towel was. She wrapped it around her and waited for me to introduce her.

I followed behind her quickly.

“Mom, this is Caley.”

My Mom smiled as Caley reached out her hand. My Mom ignored it and grabbed her in a big hug.

“Oh Caley, Chris told me about you this morning. You are most welcome. Do you want something to eat?”

And just like that the introductions were done. My Mom went into hostess mode. She made sure everyone had drinks, something to eat and a place to sit. She carried the conversations when it needed it. She let things run when it was flowing. Glasses were never empty, food was always offered.

The four of us were enjoying each other’s company.

Paul was regaling us with stories of his experiences in the office. He worked with a couple of nutters so his stories were hilarious to the point of disbelief. Hard to know what was funnier, the story of the guy getting his nutsack caught between the bowl and seat of the office toilet (the fire brigade was called) or the office romance that ended with explosive diarrhea in the boardroom (note to self, check your partner hasn’t got a fruit allergy when using edible panties).

Caley listened intently and laughed her beautiful laugh. She chatted to my Mom and even whispered conspiratorial a few times much to my Mom’s amusement. I had no idea about what she saying….but she winked at me to let me know everything was OK.

For some reason I was the butt of most of the jokes. If I wasn’t being embarrassed about the time I got locked out of the house naked when I was 15, it was numerous stories involving wetting myself on a ghost train ride, falling into a pool at some family members wedding, dying my hair blonde but ending up with some weird yellowy green colour and anything else that Mom and Paul could dredge up.

Lunch stretched on until the early evening. Mom went into the kitchen and came out with wine, beers and a pitcher of mojitos.

I quickly reminded Paul that he was flying early tomorrow morning…..he nodded and downed a full can and then punctuated it with a loud belch.

More laughter.

Around 6pm I was on the phone to our favorite Mexican place ordering up a plethora of delights. They don’t usually deliver on a Sunday but the owner was a friend of ours so promised us the food in 45 minutes.

While waiting for the food to arrive Caley and I excused ourselves and headed up to my room to get changed into some warmer clothes as the sun started its slow descent into the horizon.

After a bit of kissing and some handjobs we changed into some evening clothes. Caley went with the cotton sun dress. It fit tight around her bust so she discarded her bra…I was a bit disappointed that she pulled her panties on….I guess I got to have the pleasure of taking them off later.

I threw on a shirt and a pair of shorts. It was still warm so I decided to leave the boxers.

We headed back down stairs to the pool. As we walked through the door I saw that Paul was alone.

“Wheres my Mom?”

He turned, “She’s gone to get changed.” He stood up, “Think I’ll get something warmer on as well.”

He walked into the apartment and emerged a few minutes later wearing a linen shirt and a pair of board shorts.

I heard the doorbell ring and my Mom yelled that she was answering it.

The food arrived piping hot with numerous free extras. Fajitas, Tacos, chili fries, enchiladas, burritos and their world famous chimichangas.

My Mom had changed into a summer dress as well. And like Caley she was sans bra due to the fitting nature of the bodice. As with the way I felt when Caley pulled her panties on I was disappointed that my Mom was also wearing panties.

Perhaps something for Paul to remove later?

The conversation never died over dinner. We laughed…..alot. Once the food was polished off the topic of conversation moved to music.

MP3 players were hooked up. Cries of ‘If you liked that one you’ll love this’ echoed around the pool. Classic rock streamed from the hidden speakers. REO Speedwagon, Boston, Toto, Journey, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake…..then it change into modern day classics, Blink 182, Nirvana, The White Stripes….hell even Beyonce and Lady Gaga made an appearance.

The highlight of the night was Caley and my Mom dancing like maniacs to Walking on Sunshine.

As with most nights though things started to die down a bit. Alcohol intake slowed and eyes became a bit heavier.

I helped Mom clear up the table which was creaking with empty bottles, cans and food containers.

We managed to get most stuff into the kitchen bins.

“I really like her Chrissy. She’s lovely.” My Mom slurred.

I looked out at Caley laughing with Paul, “Yeah she’s really amazing actually. Funny how sometimes you only need to be with someone for a short while to know that they are a good person.”

“Well my Mom always used to say that good people attracts good people.”

“Grandma was a wise lady.” I laughed.

We continued to put things away and generally tidy up.

As I reached for a cupboard I touched her hand.

She turned to face me.

“I told her.” I said

My Mom leaned back against the bench, “Told her what?”

“I told her about what happened between you and me this morning….in your bedroom.”

She looked a little concerned, “Honey, you can’t tell people…….”

I cut her off, “She was OK with it. She said that she wasn’t conventional. It didn’t seem to freak her out?”

My Mom leaned back against the bench again, “Well maybe you should just go easy on her. Don’t want to scare her away.”

I leaned back against the opposite bench and drank in my Mom. I stared at her body hidden beneath the sundress. The tight fitting bodice flowed down into a loose fitting skirt which stopped around her mid thigh.

She saw my gaze. I could see her chest rising and falling as though she was struggling for breath.

She leaned back a little more and bought one of her hands up to her chest. She stared at me as her fingers lightly caressed the material covering her breasts.

With her other hand she slowly reached down and lifted the hem of her dress. She pulled it up revealing her smooth thighs and even higher until I saw her tight white panties.

I reached down and took hold of my semi erect cock. I stroked it through the material of my shorts.

My Mom gathered up more of the flowing dress and pulled it higher until I could see all of her belly, legs and panties.

I escort sakarya unbuttoned my shorts and pulled down the zipper. The shorts fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. I took hold of my cock and started to stroke it to its full length.

She was leaning back with her back to Paul and Caley. I looked over her shoulder and saw Caley still talking to Paul. I pushed myself off the bench and walked the few steps to the other bench and stood next to my Mom, her back still to the pool, me facing directly at it.

I took my free hand and placed it on my Mom’s stomach. She gasped at my touch.

I slowly moved my hand down. I felt the warmth of her skin give way to the artificial warmth of her cotton panties. A few inches lower and I felt her smooth inner thigh.

I wanted to saviour the experience, go slow but my Mom was impatient.

She grabbed my hand and moved it towards her crotch. Once it was hovering in front of it she gently pushed it so I made contact with her mound.

I felt the heat under my fingers touch. I moved down slightly lower and curled my two middle fingers so that I pressed up against the entire length of my Mom’s pussy.

She gasped, loudly, and threw he head back.

I watched as Caley and Paul’s heads snapped around to see what the sound was.

My finger’s pressed deeper into the material and I felt the first bit of damp slowly leaking through my Mom’s panties.

Caley and Paul continued to watch.

“Take my panties off honey, I want your fingers inside of me.” My mom breathed

I stepped back from the bench and stood directly in front of my Mom. I leaned in and kissed her deeply all the while keeping my eyes on Paul and Caley.

They continued to stare.

I stopped kissing and slowly dropped to my knees in front of her. I placed my fingers under the waistband and slowly peeled the panties down her thighs, over her knees and down to her feet.

When I looked back up I was inches from her pussy. I lifted her feet and removed her panties and threw them up onto the kitchen bench top.

The view was incredible. Although her skin showed signs of aging she was almost hairless. She waxed right up to her upper thigh and even the hairs that were there were sparse and blonde. Her pussy was well maintained. A light brown dusting of hair, shaped into a small triangle.

Her pussy was a joy. Her lips were small but well formed. I could see her already parting with the flow of her juices.

I placed my fingers on her mound and with my thumb pointing down began gently massaging around the clitorial hood.

Almost immediately she began moaning. Her legs began to lose their strength with her knees occasionally buckling.

Seeing her pussy well up with moisture I wanted to taste her.

I leaned forward and gently touched her lips with my tongue. She gasped again.

Throwing all restraint out the window I buried my face in her crotch. As I applied more pressure with my tongue I felt her pussy open. My tongue probed deeply into her cunt. I tasted her metallic tang as my thumb continued to work on her clit which was sensitive and swollen.

I could hear her yelps of pleasure, feel her hands in my hair. I moved with her as her hips ground and bucked against my flicking tongue.

Suddenly I felt her pulling me up towards her. I climbed off my knees and greeted her with another deep kiss.

I opened my eyes and saw Caley and Paul watching us from the pool chairs.

But it was different now.

Caley was facing my Mom and I, straddling Paul with her back towards him. Paul’s hands had pulled Caley’s dress down to expose her breasts. His large hands were carressing her beautiful tits.

She had her hands between her legs. I saw her panties on the floor by her feet. Between her legs I saw Paul’s cock, fully erect. Her hands rubbing up and down his shaft.

I looked back at my Mom. For the first time I saw my Mom’s face in the thrall of sexual excitement. I quickly thought of how many men had seen her this way. My Dad yes, Paul yes….but how many more?

I stepped back and took off my shirt. I then lifted her dress and pulled it over her head. I was treated to the vision of my Mom naked before me again. But this time I knew I’d shortly be fucking her.

I lifted her onto the kitchen bench and and stepped between her legs.

I bent down and engulfed one of her nipples into my mouth. Her salty sweat skin tasted wonderful. The hardness of her nipple under my tongue and between my teeth was simply incredible.

I could hear her moaning with pleasure.

“Fuck me Chrissy…..come on….fuck me.”

I straightened up and kissed her again. Her tongue thrust inside my mouth. I felt her pull me into her. I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy against the head of my cock.

She reached down and grabbed hold of my shaft. She placed me up against her hole and slowly guided me inside of her.

The sensation of entering a woman is pleasurable enough – but when that woman is your Mom and you have the added taboo to what you are doing. Well……the sensation is beyond anything I can describe.

Her cunt opened for and accepted me in. She was so wet that I managed to thrust right up inside her to the base of my cock.

She held me deep inside her. I could feel her legs wrapping around me, her strong pelvic muscles gripping me.

I looked over her shoulder again and saw that Paul was alone. At first I thought Caley had freaked and gone off. But Paul smiled at me and carried on stroking his cock.

I waited for Caley to re-emerge. I wanted her to see this. I wanted her to be in no doubt what she was getting in to.

The decision to wait for Caley helped me show some staying power. I kissed my Mom’s neck as I slowly moved in and out of her. The bench was a little to high for me to get really good purchase on my thrusts.

But my Mom seemed to be enjoying it, “That’s right baby….nice and slow….” she moaned

“You feel so good Mom……you’re so wet.”

I picked up my pace a little. I stood upright and took in the scene. My Mom, completely naked sitting on the bench with her legs open. My cock thrusting in and sliding out. Her breasts heaving with gasps of pleasure, sweat glistening on her body.

I looked up and saw that Caley was walking across the pool courtyard. She was no longer wearing her dress. In fact she was wearing nothing. She strode along. Her feminine figure only interrupted by the sight of her semi erect cock.

She locked eyes with me and smiled. I continued to pump into my Mom. Every time I thrust into her she let out a yelp of satisfaction.

Caley arrived back at Paul’s sun lounger. He turned and smiled when he saw her naked.

Still she stared at me.

I watched as as moved around the front of Paul and once again straddled him with her back to him, facing me.

Paul’s hard on poked out between her thighs. Paul reached around and took hold of Caley’s cock and slowly started to jerk her off.

After a few minutes Caley lifted herself up off Paul’s lap. She reached between her legs and took hold of Paul. She slowly lowered herself on to Paul’s cock. I saw her face twist with a bit of pain as she waited for her arsehole to stretch to take Paul’s size.

I saw that as seconds passed she lowered herself further and further on to his hard pole. I could imagine what Paul was feeling. The tightness, giving away to the acceptance. The fruity aroma of her lube. The exquisite pressure enveloping him.

Seeing it play out in front of only stoked my arousal.

I broke my gaze with Caley and looked into my Mom’s hooded eyes.

“Everything OK honey? Paul and Caley alright?”

I smiled, “I think they’re fine.”

“You can cum in me if you want….I mean when you’re ready. It’s safe to do that if you know what I mean.” she puffed

I kissed her again, “Thanks….good to know. Are you comfortable?”

“Not really – do you want to go somewhere better?”

“I have a perfect place.” I said coming out of her and offering my hand to help her up.

She stood up and turned to see Paul and Caley in mid fuck. Caley was grinding down on Paul who was lying on his back on the sun lounger. His mouth was open. I sure if we could have seen them his eyes would have been rolling back in his skull.

I led Mom by the hand and walked over to the sun lounger that sat opposite Paula and Caley.

I took the cushions off the lounger and lay them down in front of Caley.

I walked over to where Caley was riding Paul, bent down and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

Her tongue invaded my mouth, her hands went directly to my cock and started to pump me.

I stood back up and motioned for my Mom to come sakarya escort bayan over. As I stood, Caley took my cock in her mouth. My Mom arrived and I kissed her deeply.

I quietly asked, “Mom…..are you OK if Caley touches you?”

Through heaving breaths she gasped, “Of course I am.”

With that Caley reached out with her spare hand and clasped my Mom’s arse. She massaged it for a while until my Mom took Caley’s hand and guided it around to her pussy.

Caley didn’t need a second invitation. Still sucking my cock she inserted 2 fingers into my Mom’s gaping cunt.

The pool area reverberated with the sound of her moans.

“This is so hot.” came Paul’s voice. “Seriously, I’m going to cum.”

Paul’s acknowledgement seemed to stir everyone.

“Mom,” I said, “Can you lie down on your back on the sun lounger.”

Caley and Paul hopped up. My Mom lay down on her back. I moved the cushions so I could kneel down and fuck her like she was on the side of a bed.

“Mom, is it OK if you 69 with Caley?”

As I had resumed thrusting in and out of her again I don’t really think she would have had the power to say yes or no anyway.

Caley straddled my Mom so that she was in the 69 position. After a bit of adjusting my Mom was being fucked at both ends. I watched as Caley’s cock disappeared into my Mom’s mouth.

I could see her throat expand as she took Caley’s entire length.

“Oh my God Mrs Jackson, that’s incredible.” Caley shrieked.

Paul took his cue. He straddled the lounger and slow entered Caley’s arse again.

I looked down and almost in slow motion I watch my cock entering into my Mom. I watched as her labia stretched around my girth. I felt the head of my member glide across the inside of her cunt. I could feel her muscles tensing and relaxing. The feeling of her sex wrapping around me was so arousing. The close contact of our skin. The very fact that I was inside her added to the thrills I was feeling.

Soon weall had an amazing rythym. I was pounding into my Mom who was responding by expertly sucking Caley off. Caley was grunting with pleasuring as Paul rammed himself into her. Caley’s fingers were working on my Mom’s clit….it felt like a race to see who could make who cum first.

Caley was first to go, “I’m gonna cum Mrs Jackson…….I’m….going… cum….”

I watched as Caley moaned and spasm’d as her orgasm burst. I could see my Mom’s efforts in taking as much of Caley’s offering as she could.

Paul went a few seconds after. He smashed into Caley one last time and then erupted. I saw Caley’s eyes pop open with the extra mass being pumped inside of her hungry arse.

My Mom released Caley’s cock from her mouth and started a muffled scream as Caley’s fingers and my thrusts brought her to orgasm.

The feeling of her muscles flexing and contracting inside her cunt sent me over the edge.

Just as her orgasm stared to subside I spat my load inside her. My creamy jizz mixing with her own fluids. A wonderful feeling of release and passion swamping across my body.

We all collapsed. A mass of naked bodies, twitching, sweating, leaking and puffing.

No one spoke.

I lay there, still inside my Mom.

My sweaty skin sticking to hers. My head was resting on her breasts. I could feel the pronounced rise and fall of her panting.

I looked across at Caley who had rolled off to the side. She was lying on her back with her her knees up. She was staring up into the sky.

What was she thinking?

Paul was sitting on the lounger grinning.

I slowly lifted myself up off Mom’s prone body. My now semi-erect cock slipped out of her. I stumbled backwards and sat on the other sun lounger.

“Wish I could stay longer.” Paul croaked

We all laughed, although not with a great deal of energy.

My Mom hopped up first.

“I just want to say thank you. That was incredible.”

She walked over to Paul and kissed him. She moved to Caley and hugged her. She walked to me and kissed me softly on the cheek.
She then walked over to the pool and dove in. I think it was probably the first time I had ever seen her use the pool for swimming!

Caley sat up and crawled over to me. She pushed my legs open and sat in between them using my legs to hold her upright.

“I’m gonna get cum on your hair.” I whispered

She half turned to me, “I don’t care….just don’t let me fall over.”

I leaned forward and gently massaged her shoulders.

Paul stood and stretched. He walked over to the pool and jumped in.

“So was that weird enough for you?” I said to Caley

She giggled, “It’s not what I though my Sunday night was going to be. I need to call work and tell them I’m going to be late in tomorrow.”

“I can get you a taxi if you want to go home now?”

“If you don’t mind I’d like to stay if that’s OK?”

I kissed her on top of her head, “That’d be nice.”

“You fancy a shower?”

“Yes please.”

We both stood up, still naked and walked across the warm tiles and into the air con cooled apartment. We walked up the stairs and straight into the bathroom.

The shower was hot and the resulting sex was slow.

This weekend was coming to and end to soon.

In a matter of 10 or so hours Paul would be getting into a taxi and heading to the airport to fly back to his life. His Mom, girlfriend, job, sister all waited for him there.

As I lay in bed with Caley I pondered over the events that had transpired.

Firstly Paul.

He was my best mate and I loved him. I would do anything for him and I know he feels the same about me. But can you carry on being best mates when you engage in what we did. Would things be awkward?

I do know that lying here now I feel slightly disappointed that I didn’t get to see more of Paul. Even now, completely drained after a day and night of seemingly unending sexual experiences I still had a pang of lust at the thought of sex with him. I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth, I wanted to take him inside my arse and feel him cum inside me.

I honestly couldn’t imagine doing that with another guy other than Paul. Maybe one day I would meet a guy that ignited those feelings inside me….God knows I work in the right industry for it to happen. For now that’s on hold.

Secondly Caley.

Nothing personified how I had so drastically changed over this weekend like Caley. A beautiful woman who just so happened to be born a guy. In the shower we had talked before we fucked. I understood what she had to go through just to have a sexual experience. Douches, enemas, cleaning products and lubes. I made sure she knew how grateful I was.

She was worried about how I would react when she made the decision to let Paul fuck her when they were watching me and my Mom. She told me about the look on my face when I saw her and Paul together….she told me that she knew from my face that I would be fine with it.

I questioned her about the situation between me and my Mom. She didn’t pretend to understand what I was feeling as her bond with her Father was different. But she was OK with it.

I knew I had found someone that would walk down this path of discovery with me. We had chatted in bed about the things we could do, the experiences we could have. She fell asleep around 1 in the morning.

Lastly – my Mom.

It was a strange feeling to be lying next to Caley but thinking about the actions of just a few hours before.

It was impossible to try and put the feelings into a defined box. I had fucked my Mom. My Mom had wanted me to fuck her. I had a strong suspicion that we’d fuck again.

But it felt…..well….I guess it felt nice.

The most important person in my life was my Mom. I had the relationship with her long before this crazy weekend. She was my constant in a life that was all about my Dad’s early morning departures and late night arrivals. She was the one who made my weekends about me. She was the one who put me first.

And I loved her for it.

Even lying here so soon after the event I could see how so many would find it all so wrong. Of course it is wrong. Society has come to that conclusion through centuries of experience, religion, war, lust and common decency. Who am I to challenge that.

I would never claim that what happened was normal. I’d never claim that it was even right. But it felt right. My Mom was a sexual being. She was also an unhappy being. I had given her happiness and I felt good because of that. And I truly, deeply loved her.

I would never expect others outside of our tryst to support or understand what had happened. Hell – I would imagine that some would be shopping us into the authorities if they ever found out.

My last thoughts were wondering what would happen tomorrow – next weekend – next month.

I never got to find out what those thought were as the blanket of sleep fell upon me.

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