The Awakening

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Big Tits

My dad had always wanted a son and he wound up with me. Mom couldn’t have any more children after me, so he had to settle on a daughter. Dad always pushed sports and “manly” things on me and there was a constant feeling of competition embedded in me and I always strove to out-compete all the boys as I grew up.

They named me Andrea, but dad called me Andy and it stuck, Mom tried to make me feminine, but finally succumbed to dad’s wishes and other than wearing panties, she had no other influence. Dad’s study was full of the sport’s trophies I had won and he and I were close. I never really thought of myself as being female, even as I began my periods and my breasts began to develop, although they remained fairly small.

My cousin Jim always tried to best me, but he just couldn’t quite do it. We became inseparable as we became best friends, we would go fishing together all summer long. In the summer of our senior year, we decided to head up to the lake for the weekend to camp and fish and our parents were all for it, as they never saw us as any more than two “boys” having some fun.

Jim loaded the camping gear and we set off, getting to the lake about sundown. I set up the tent, and Jim unloaded the truck and then we both sat the boat in the water and tied it to the small tree at the water’s edge. We lit a campfire and cooked some hamburger we had brought with us and had a nice dinner. We went to bed as the fire died and lay there talking about how much we had accomplished over the years.

He was jealous of my many sports trophies and I was jealous of his academic accomplishments and the fact that he could do sports and school equally as well, I was a little average when it came to the school work. We drifted off to sleep and woke to a beautiful sunshiny day and we made some breakfast and got ready for the fish, “Lookout fish, here we come,” Jim said as we climbed into the boat.

We rowed out and fished a couple of spots and didn’t have much luck and Jim headed to the cove, his lucky spot. We teased back and forth over who would catch the most fish and splashed water on each other. Jim caught an 8 pound bass and held it up to me, “Too bad Andy, looks like you got some fishing to do to beat that,” I looked at it, “It will look like a guppy when I catch mine,” and grinned at him.

He put it on the stringer and back into the water and recast his line. Soon, I got a bite and hooked it and began reeling it in. The fish broke the surface as it neared the boat and it was huge! I yelled at Jim to get the net and stood up to pull my fish in. He pushed me over and said, “Just grab him with your hands!” and laughed so loud.

I stared at him from the water, “You prick, I lost him. You did that on purpose!” “Can’t win them all Andy,” he shot back, “C’mon, I’ll help you back in,” and reached his hand out to me. I reached up and grabbed his hand and pulled him in too, and laughed as he broke the surface. He came up and we both laughed our asses off and then he climbed into the boat and he reached out to pull me in the boat.

“Come on back in Jim, it’s great!” I shot at him and as I neared the boat with my back to him, he reached under my arms and grabbed me around the chest and lifted me into the boat. As he lifted, his hands rested on my tits and my nipples were hard from the cold water and the T-shirt offered little resistance. When he had me back in the boat, she just sat there with his hands on my tits for a couple of seconds and then turned me loose and sat back. “I’m sorry Andy,” he said, “I shouldn’t have done that.”

I looked at him, “It’s ok Jim, don’t worry about it,” and he seemed to stare at my nipples sticking out as the T-shirt clung to my tits. I got my extra rod and baited it and cast it out and every time I looked, I could see he was staring at my nipples and when I caught him, he would quickly look away. The conversation was light as we fished, and he caught two more fish and I only caught one small one.

We headed back to the campsite after several hours and gaziantep escort bayan got fresh clothes and headed to the showers. It was an old campground and the showers had been built many years ago and the walls were not too thick. I stood there with the water running over me and I heard his shower running as well. I washed my hair and began soaping myself and as my hands ran over my tits, my nipples got hard again and I thought about Jim’s hands on them and how it had felt nice.

I never really thought about guys, I guess because I had always considered myself one. I closed my eyes as my hands rubbed my tits and I could see Jim’s face and all his staring at them in the boat and I had a strange sensation in my crotch as it began to tingle and it was really very pleasant. One of my hands drifted to my crotch and began to slowly rub across my opening, and I felt really warm all over and I let a finger dip just inside and it was like a fire consumed me as I fell back against the shower wall.

It was like every part of me was tingling and burning all at once, and as it passed, I noticed a warm fluid oozing from down there. I had never had an orgasm before and assumed that was what it was, I had taken sex ed, so I was no dummy, but I just never thought that much about it before. I heard some noises from Jim’s shower and noticed a small hole in the wall by the shower that was covered with a towel which had fallen in my moment of pleasure.

I inched up to it and I could see someone moving through the hole. I got closer and peeked through and there was Jim, showering! I watched as he stood with his back to me and I could see his hand moving and in a second he turned and saw his cock as he stroked it with his hand. I had seen pictures, but had never seen a real one. He stroked his cock faster and faster and I became infatuated with it as he jacked it, it was fairly long and had a nice curve to it and then I saw his testicles hanging there and he massaged them with his other hand as he jacked off.

I felt myself getting warm all over again as I watched him jack his cock and soon, he moaned a several streams of a white liquid shot from the head of it. He continued jacking until no more liquid came out and then leaned back against the shower wall and caught his breath. When he had recovered, he washed his cock off and I saw him turn the water off and reach for his towel.

I hung the towel back over the hole and cut the water off and dried off and got dressed. Jim, was fixing dinner when I got back to the campsite and I helped him and then we sat and ate in almost total silence. I kept catching Jim looking at me all through dinner and then he said again, “Andy, I’m sorry about earlier,” I smiled at him, “It’s ok Jim, didn’t feel too bad.” and I watched as his mouth dropped a little.

We did the dishes and took a walk along the lake shore and enjoyed the evening air, it was quite warm. We talked about how the high school was going to miss it’s two star players as we headed off to college in the fall and about how much fun we had growing up together.

He turned to look at me and I could sense he wanted to say something, but was afraid to and he stammered around and then said, “Race you back!” and took off. I ran as hard as I could to catch him and as we got near the campsite, I caught up to him, “Never saw the day you could beat me, Jim!” as I overtook him. As we reached the campsite, he tackled me and we rolled on the grass wrestling. We wrestled back and forth and as we did, my T-shirt rolled up and my naked tits were exposed.

He sat on top of me, pinning my shoulders down, “I win!” he said and then he saw my exposed tits and went silent. He stared for a long time and I just lay there with him straddling me and then he bent his head down and took my tit in his mouth and sucked on it. I could feel his cock growing against me as he swirled his tongue around my nipple. It felt good having his mouth on my tit and I closed my eyes and stopped struggling.

He gaziantep eve gelen escort went from one tit to the other, gently sucking on them. All of the sudden he stopped and my eyes flew open, “I’m sorry Andy, really I am,” he said as he looked into my eyes. He released his grip on my arms and started to get off me and I threw my arms around him and held him there and pulled his head back to my tits and he started sucking on them again. “I really like it Jim, ” I whispered as he sucked my chest. I could feel his cock getting ever harder as he continued to suck on my tits and I reached down between us and stroked it through his jeans.

“Don’t you think we should go to the tent, Jim? someone could see us,” I asked and he stopped, though I could tell he didn’t want to. He pulled me up and we headed for the tent as I pulled my T-shirt back over my tits. I was excited and would have let him go on, but there were a few campers nearby and didn’t want them to catch us, he was after all my cousin.

He kissed me after we got into the tent and I had never kissed a guy before and didn’t know how. I felt his tongue against my teeth and finally figured that I should open my mouth and his tongue slid in and explored my mouth and tongue as his arms encircled my back and he rubbed my shoulder blades. I could feel his erection again, pushing into me and reached down and stroked it again. We kissed and stood there like that for what seemed an eternity and then we broke apart and he looked into my eyes as I stroked his cock through his jeans.

He pulled at my T-shirt and took it over my head and let it drop and went back to my tits and caressed them and then took a nipple in his mouth. As he brought himself back up, I pulled his T-shirt over his head too and he pulled me to him. My hard nipples against the light growth of hair on his chest tingled as he kissed me again and his tongue slid into my mouth. He reached down and unbuckled and unzipped my jeans and they fell to my ankles and his hand stroked me over my sensitive pussy through my panties and he and I both moaned into each other’s mouths.

I moved and stepped out of my jeans and kicked them off to the side and then he pushed my panty crotch to the side and I felt his fingers and my mound and it sent waves through me, as he slowly pushed his finger inside me. He pushed very slowly, expecting to meet my hymen, but I had lost it during a football game when I got tackled hard, and he slowly got the length of his finger in me and started moving it in and out. I had never had feelings like this before and my tits pushed against his chest as he finger fucked me and a strange warmth came over me.

I fumbled for his jeans and unbuckled them after some work and unzipped them and they fell to the floor, I reached inside his shorts and felt his hard cock for the first time. It felt so smooth against my fingers and as I reached the head, there was a little bit of hot fluid there and I felt it’s texture. It was a little sticky, but felt good on my fingers and I went back to stroking his cock as I had watched him do in the shower. I wrapped my fingers around it and slid my hand up and down it’s length. It jumped and it scared me, but I didn’t stop as I slowly massaged it’s length.

He stopped his kiss and asked me to take my panties off and lay back on the sleeping bag and he withdrew his finger from me and I took my hand off of him and peeled my panties off and lay down. I watched him as he took his shorts off and stared at his beautiful cock, illuminated by the bright moon.

He got on his knees and crawled between my legs and put his mouth to my pussy and it felt like heaven as his tongue pierced me. My legs instinctively came up and rested on the bottoms of my feet and opened wide to invite more of his warm tongue. His tongue roamed through my hot pussy and I started to buck as his tongue hit my clitoris and another orgasm flashed through me. He brought me to two more orgasms as he gaziantep evi olan escort expertly dined on my pussy and I felt like a flood was erupting from my loins.

As I lay there, feeling like was on top of the world, he brought his mouth to mine and we kissed again and I tasted myself for the first time. Then he climbed up and straddled my chest and his beautiful prick was before me and I marveled at it’s size and the glistening pre cum on it’s head. “I’ve never seen a penis before Jim, much less sucked on one, but I want to,” I said and he inched it to my mouth and I licked the pre cum off it’s head. It was salty, but didn’t taste too bad and I licked over the head and slowly closed my lips around it and sucked like sucking through a straw. He moaned as I did and pushed more of it into my mouth and I sucked it in.

Soon, his knees were astride my head and he began to push and pull his cock in and out of my mouth as his hands went behind him and he stroked my tits. He pushed more and more of his cock into my mouth and I struggled to accept it until he hit the back of my mouth and gagged and he pulled back. As I started to suck again, he surmised that everything was ok and knew how far he could enter my mouth as he slowly rocked back and forth.

I felt his hands on my tits start to tighten and his cock grew in my mouth and then I felt the hot fluid squirt into my mouth and I swallowed it as fast as I could. He seemed to cum more than he had in the shower and I struggled to swallow it down as he slowly relaxed and sat back on my chest. I licked the head of his cock off and he pulled it out and I lay there watching it glisten in the moon light as I smiled up at him.

“Did I do alright, Jim?” I asked as he looked down at me.

“You were fucking fantastic Andy, especially since it was your first blow job,” and he slid down and kissed me again. As we kissed, I could feel his cock growing against my thigh, he smiled at me. “I’d like to fuck you Andy, but I don’t have any condoms,” and he looked so disappointed.

“I’m on the pill Jim,” and his eyes lit up, “Mom insisted, two years ago,” and I smiled.

He slid down and with a very pleased look, began to eat me once again as my legs spread wide and my mind clouded again. My mind reeled as once again my body was wracked with another intense orgasm and my legs clamped around Jim’s head. As my orgasm died, Jim crawled up and guided his cock to my entrance and slowly pushed it in. My pussy had never had anything but a finger to this point, and his cock felt so huge! As he slowly inserted it I struggled to accept it’s size and when he had it all in me, he stopped and held it there so I could adjust to it.

He kissed me and his tongue was bathing mine and i felt so relaxed and then he began to move it back and forward and it felt incredible! I could feel myself tightening against it’s shaft as he pushed and pulled it in and out, “Oh Andy, you’re so fucking tight!” he screamed and picked up his pace. He dropped his head to my tits and I ran my fingers through his hair as his wonderful cock filled me up, emptied me and filled me up again, over and over again.

I crossed my ankles on his back and he pumped harder and I felt his cock grow inside of me and he let out a yell and I felt his hot cum filling my insides and soon I came too, pushing my hips up to meet his thrusts as my mind seemed to explode. He collapsed on top of me and we lay there and I could feel his cock slipping out of me and then I could feel his cum running down over my ass. He kissed me and we embraced for what seemed like an eternity.

“We should take a shower,” he said and I thought about it and said, “Let’s go skinny dipping!” And a big smile came to his face and he peeked outside and most of the other campers had gone to bed, so he took my hand and we ran to the lake and jumped in. We came up and embraced each other and kissed and relished our recently found attraction. We had incredible sex again on the shore and then in the water and we slept naked, in each other’s arms all night long.

We headed home the next day and vowed to keep this between us, lest our parents find out. Jim and I had many more outings that summer and our parents were never the wiser. Jim even changed colleges so we could still see each other and I found the meaning of womanhood that weekend with my cousin Jim at the lake, I had awakened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32