The Assault on Baghdad

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I’ll never forget what it was like living in Baghdad. Back in the early days of the U.S. invasion, the whole country was in chaos. For those of us living in the shantytowns and slums, it was a time of great danger… and great opportunity. Sure, we had to worry about mobs, looting and stray artillery, but with so many citizens fleeing the city, even fleeing the country, there were lots of places to crash, steal some crap to sell, maybe even find a bite to eat. Entire stores and apartment complexes lay completely deserted, and for a thief like me, it was a gold mine!

Well one night, I was picking through what I thought was an abandoned apartment complex when I heard a noise behind me. Quickly turning around, I saw a man in a black balaclava face mask and flak jacket walk into the room. He must not have been expecting me, because he suddenly pulled out his gun and pointed it at me, then proceeded to shout something at me in a language I couldn’t understand. To this day I don’t know if he was American, British, German… whatever.

I put my hands up immediately. To be quite honest, I thought that I was going to die! As soon as he saw that I wasn’t armed, he lowered his gun and went out towards the door, yelling for something. It was a fatal mistake, because I quickly pulled an old pistol out of my jacket. I’d found it on the first day of the invasion, and even though I’d never fired a gun in my life up until that point, I figured it was a good idea to have some protection. Just in case. Turns out that I was right.

I managed to hit the guy twice in the back and he went down hard. Unfortunately there was an incredible amount of recoil. It was nothing like what I expected. Unfortunately, I also knew that his friends, whoever they were, would be coming soon. Not knowing what else to do, I went over to the guy and took away the menacing looking assault rifle that he was brandishing. The guy was still alive and fought me a little, but it didn’t take much effort to pry the gun from his hands.

I’m glad that I did that, because immediately two other men clad in all black raced up to the door. When they saw their friend had fallen, they let their emotions cloud their judgment and rushed over towards him. They didn’t even notice me until I fired the rifle at them. They were literally shred to pieces as the bullets flew into them.

I still feel kind of bad about what happened back there, but it was me or them. I’d heard stories about terrorists and mercenaries going about indiscriminately killing civilians, so as far as I’m concerned, I was simply bayan escort seks hikayeleri acting in self-defense.

Knowing full well that there may be more of those guys, I decided to make a rush for it and get the hell out of there as soon as I could! As I was running through the halls towards the nearest exist, I ran into a woman covered from head to toe in a midnight black burqa.

“Khalid,” she exclaimed.

I was taken aback by that. Not many people knew my name anymore. Most of them had died in the early days of the invasion, and the few who knew me weren’t likely to be living in a swanky joint like this!

“Who are you,” I asked her, “Do I even know you?”

She took off the burqa, revealing her face to me.

“Masha’Allah,” I exclaimed, “Nabeela! Is it really you?”

“Yes,” she said, blushing a little.

I couldn’t believe it! She’d grown up in the same slum as I had. When we were teenagers, Nabeela and I even used to have a something of a thing going on between us. But the last I’d heard, she’d married some rich guy from the Gulf and left the country. Now I was astonished to find her standing here in front of me in a Baghdad apartment while fighting was going on around us.

“What… what happened,” I asked her.

“We moved back to Iraq before the war,” she said looking down at the floor, “And then, when the war came, we couldn’t get out of the country. Those men, the mercenaries you just killed… they shot my husband, and they were… they were going to rape me!”

Nabeela looked me in the eyes.

“Khalid,” she exclaimed as she ran over and hugged me, “You saved my life!”

Years of our time together came flooding back to me as we embraced. It felt good, knowing that I wasn’t a murderer… I was a hero! I hugged Nabeela back. Almost as if by instinct, I wrapped my arms around her body, feeling up her sexy curves. Soon Nabeela returned the favor and leaned in forward for a kiss. Our lips found each other and we embraced. I don’t know if it was the joy at seeing each other after so long, or the fear we both must have felt for our lives, but it was absolutely exhilarating.

“Nabeela,” I said as we made out with one another, “It’s been so long.”

“Yes,” she said as she squeezed me, “Too long.”

She backed away, and began to slip out of her loose black ‘abaya, revealing her naked body to me. She had put on a little weight since the last time I’d seen her, but she carried it well. She was a voluptuous beauty, her huge breasts still firm and without a sign of sagging. And her butt… Wow! It was big and round, just the way I like it!

I followed suit, and quickly slipped out of my clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Needless to say, I was already rock hard, having been excited by the mere sight of her ass. I quickly went up to her and continued to make out with her, groping her ripe, full breasts as we kissed. Slowly, my hand snaked down between her legs and began to feel up her juicy cunt. Nabeela was moaning in pleasure as I slowly worked her sexy body towards orgasm.

As I pressed my naked body up against her, her back was scraping against the wall. I broke off our lips and slowly began to kiss her neck, working my way down to her absolutely gigantic breasts. I playfully bit her nipples, which caused her to squeal a little in pleasure, but I kept on going, slowly moving my face all across her body. I licked her cunt, savoring the taste of her womanly juices.

“Just like I remember,” I said as I pressed my face back against her’s.

“Do you want to do it,” Nabeela said as she turned around, “Do you want to fuck me up the ass? Like in the old days?”

Yeah, back when we were still just a couple of Iraqi teenagers living in the slums, we used to do anal sex. It wasn’t exactly uncommon. That way, the woman would still technically be a virgin when she finally got married. Unfortunately, I’ve since found out that many European women don’t practice anal sex at all. Mores the pity I say. They can’t even compare to some of the women I’ve slept with back when I was still living in Iraq.

I was rock hard, and Nabeela was more than eager. It seemed that anal sex would be inevitable that night. Nabeela pressed herself up against the wall, sticking her ass out so that I got a perfect view. I pressed the tip of my cock up against the entrance to her anus. Nabeela was crying out in pleasure as I began my assault, slowly pushing into her butt until I was up to the hilt. Her hands were literally clawing into the wall. Inspired, I took hold of her butt cheeks and began to pump in and out of her full ass.

“Oh yes,” she screamed out, “Feels… soooo… fucking… good!”

Of course, she was screaming in Arabic, but you still get the picture.

Soon I was thrusting in and out of her absolutely delicious butt. Nabeela must have been getting pounded into the wall as I fucked her, but she took it like a real trooper. After all, she’d grown up on the streets of Baghdad. If that doesn’t make you tough as nails, I don’t know what would!

It was hot outside. It always is in Baghdad. But even so, we were both working up a sweat. I could feel her hot, sticky backside as I fucked her from behind. I continued pumping in and out of her, thrusting my dick up her well-used anus as far as it would go. Soon, I felt a tension beginning to build up in my loins. I knew that I would be cumming soon… I roughly pulled on Nabeela’s hair, causing her to gasp a little as I continued to fuck her up the ass.

I spurted a few shots up into her bowels, and then we both stood there, absolutely still as we each tried to catch our breath. As my cock started to go flaccid, I let it slip out of her ass. Some of my seed leaked out, dripping onto the floor with a sickening plop.

“Just like the old days,” she said.

“Yeah,” I chuckled, “Except fewer people trying to kill us.”

“Good point,” she said, “Maybe we should get out of here before any more mercenaries find us. I take it you know a safe place or two?”

“Yeah,” I said as I slipped back into my clothes, “I was thinking that maybe we should go somewhere safe! Like, as in, out of the country.”

“Can you even make it across the border,” she said as she struggled to get back into her billowing, all-concealing garment.

“Well,” I replied, “I used to know a couple guys in the PKK. Smuggled some stuff back and forth for them in Mosul. I think I might just be able to get us into Turkey…”

“Sounds good,” she said as she walked back over towards the dead mercenaries.

They had only been laying there a few minutes, but their bodies were already starting to attract flies. I wanted to be sick to my stomach when I saw them, but somehow I managed to hold back my natural instincts. Nabeela kicked them, making sure that they were dead. Just for good measure, she lifted up her burqa and spat on them, showing the ultimate disrespect to their rotting corpse. Then, she reached over and picked up one of their guns.

“Just in case we need it,” she said.

A woman after my own heart!

“Well let’s get going,” I said, “We’ve got a long way to travel before nightfall, and I want to be as far from here as possible when their friends find out what we did.”

As we carefully made our wayout of the building, I slapped Nabeela on that big, round ass of her’s. It felt good. Almost good enough to make me forget about the war, if only for a minute or two. But we had a long road ahead of us, and many, many nights of anal sex before we managed to escape the country and find sanctuary. Then again, that’s a whole other story. But man, I’ll tell you this much. Even covered in a burqa, Nabeela had the nicest, shapeliest ass I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m glad I got to tap it!

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