The Assassin Ch. 00

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All characters are over 18 if you don’t like hot sex or are not 18, please leave now…

Assassin (The Prelude)

I talk to you, maybe once or twice a month. We cross paths on ambulance calls more than anything. We are friends, but not best friends. I know I could call you for anything, anytime. You’re just a good guy like that.

I’ve known you more than 10 years. The first time I saw you, you had walked into the firehouse and I thought, he’s hot. Not only were you hot, but there was just something about you, I really wanted to get to know. Then you opened your mouth and I was devastated. You were such an ass hole . What a waste. I left that fire department about a year after that and went to another one on the south side of the county. I didn’t see you for a few years.

Present day, we have been talking a lot more. You work full time nights, so a lot of times if I am online at night you pop on. I had been thinking about getting my nipples re pierced . I asked you to take me to get them redone. I love my body modifications. It’s just the lead up to getting them that freaks me out a bit. I need someone to hold my hand. With six tattoo’s and multiple holes, you would think I would have the hang of this by now. My nipples aren’t very sensitive. I loved my nipples pierced. They become constantly tingly and warm. Getting them pierced opened up a whole new sexual world for me. I was always turned on.

Anyway, back to the story. It’s Friday evening. You came to the house, to pick me up. I’m ready. I have been ready for weeks.

The truck. You have no idea. You will be hearing a lot about the truck. I can’t even begin to describe this vehicle properly. Custom hot, custom sexy, with a custom bad boy. Inferno red and graphite gray, silver tribal with some of the best ghost flames I have ever seen. There’s too many mechanical modifications to mention. The interior, yummy. The front seat is buttery soft, red and black suede. The kind you want to strip down naked to lie on to enjoy. The back seat, leather. It’s rich, and just as soft as the suede. I have got to remember to wear a skirt next time I am in this beauty.

I look over watching you. You’re wearing sunglasses, as usual. Even dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, you always looks put together. Your left arm is casually resting on the door and right hand is thrown over the steering wheel. Get you out one on one and the inner bad boy comes out. I get absolutely lost when it comes to you and your truck. Oh, if you had any idea.

You admitted during one of our late night chats that you had yet to “break in the truck.”

I look over again. I wonder if you’re even paying attention to me. Would you notice if I started to slowly strip my clothes off? Would you notice if I laid naked across the seats? I would love to let the suede caress my body.

I have this uncontrollable urge to slide over, run my nails from the top of your shaved head, down to the base of your neck. I wonder, could I nuzzle and bite your earlobe? I work my way down and taste your neck. Meanwhile, my hand is gently and absently tracing a random pattern on the top of your thigh. Do you care? You are so stoic. I see the slightest flicker along your jaw line. I’m going to get reaction out of you if it kills me. I don’t care. I work your neck, I bite down where your neck and shoulder meet.

Good, that definitely got a physical response out of you. You’ve been hard, but I actually feel the energy surge beneath my fingers. There is the faintest trace of a smile playing across your lips.

I love a challenge, especially one that drives me crazy. I go back to the beginning and start nibbling the top of your ear. I graze down it with my teeth. I suck at your earlobe, using just the tiniest hint of teeth. I kiss, nibble and lick your Konak Escort neck. Even though you’re not responding the way I would like you to, I am enjoying myself. I let the hand on your thigh creep and flirt with your hard cock. My hand goes back to your thigh as if it were an accident. Nothing, nothing at all. I almost burst out laughing. There is absolutely no question that this can be played off as an accident anymore. My sex is hot and throbbing, and I don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t get any relief. My, soon to be pierced, nipples are tingling against the black lace of my bra. I am having trouble just thinking clearly, let alone planning my next move. It’s all I can do not to stop bothering with you and start tending to my own needs.

With a huge sigh of exasperation, I flop back onto my side of the seat. You haven’t moved. I can’t believe it. I stare out my window, not really seeing anything. I have to figure out something to say. I just royally screwed up our friendship. Since when did you become Mr. Morality? I don’t know where we are, I don’t really care to be honest. I just have to figure out some way to salvage my dignity. I don’t even realize that we have come to a stop. I can’t look at you right now. I’m trying to come up with a plausible, yet mildly ridiculous excuse about mixing my allergy medications.

My head is pulled back quickly. Your fingers are tangled in my long curly hair. I gasp because it startles me. I feel a surge of adrenaline hit me. Crap, how bad did I piss you off? The very light touch of your lips graze my neck. Ever so slowly, you trace my neck toward my ear. The energy is radiating through you and is it’s consuming me.

Your lips come to my ear and you whisper, “Breathe.”

I try to open my mouth, but can’t get anything out. You bite down on the same spot that I got you. Your bite is harder than mine. My finger nails are digging into your back. All I can do is hold on as you unwittingly cause me to have to have a full body orgasm. You hold me, while it passes.

Your lips are at my ear again. “You just started something you can’t finish.”

You are way to pleased with yourself. I don’t know whether to laugh or run. You have the advantage of upper body strength. I am at your will, especially considering the position we’re in. I am, completely yours.

I don’t think we’re going to make my piercing appointment.

“You wanted attention? Don’t worry, you have my complete attention,” You say.

The next thing I realize, I am laying across the seat, looking up at you. There is an intense energy coming from your amazing blue eyes. I can’t even blink, and you have divested me of my shirt. The black lace bra is not quite so easy.

“This thing is like Fort Knox” you grumble, frustrated but eventually you figure it out.

I laugh until you attack my neck again, and I can’t catch my breath. Leave your mark on me. I don’t care as long as you don’t stop. I love your body laying on mine. You kiss down the center of my chest, working over to my right nipple. You nuzzle, lick and suck it. You nibble with your teeth. My normally, not so sensitive nipples are singing. You seem to take forever on just the right one. When I can’t take anymore, you finally drift over to the other one. You tease and torture them. I’m almost glad when you decide to trail down my stomach.

I laugh and would have come off of the seat, if you hadn’t been laying on me. I can’t believe you tickled my belly button with your tongue. You go down my stomach further. I try to slide across the seat to give you a little room. You mistake the movement for me trying to scoot away. You grab my waist and slide me back to where I was. You give me a quick look, and it takes you but a moment to pull off Kuşadası Escort my pants and panties.

You throw my left leg over your shoulder, slide my right leg out, so you have complete access to me. I don’t think I could stop you if I wanted to. Trust me when I say, I wouldn’t have stopped you for anything. I feel my labia being nuzzled. Your thumbs gently rub my outer lips. I can’t believe this is driving me so insane. Having already cum once, my entire pussy is hot, swollen and throbbing ready for more. I’m making desperate little noises. I can’t believe how much pleasure you’re getting out of torturing me. Finally, you part my outer lips ever so slightly. The velvet of your tongue barely grazes the inside of me. It’s just a tease. The tip of your tongue whispers against my sex.

I moan in frustration. You are loving this too much. As you progress deeper, I am reaching my hips toward you like a wanton slut. I don’t care. I can’t take much more. Finally you move in to dip your tongue into my honey pot. Your tongue circles and dips. You thrust your tongue deep inside of me. I come off of the seat arching my back to meet you. Then, it’s gone and I feel so empty. I raise my head up to protest, but before I can you have begun an assault on my clitoris that leaves me gasping for air. You’re circling, stroking, teasing, assaulting my button. You ever so gently nip at it with your teeth. Everything has just become a swirl of colors. I’m trying to beg you to fuck me, to stop long enough to let me breath, anything. My body is a traitor, it’s reacting to you all by itself. I’m writhing, on the magnificent truck seat. I’m yours, take me.

I can finally gasp the word, “Please” over and over.

You give me just enough time to take half a breath. You bring a full attack and I absolutely just explode into one of the best orgasms of my life. The breath I was just able to manage, left me just as quickly. I scream you name over and over. I have no idea how long it takes for me to come off of that ecstasy. You’re in a sitting up when I am finally aware of where I am, and who I am with. I am embarrassed with you watching me. I attempt to reach for my shirt to cover myself, and you pull it out of my hands. You make me meet your eyes and I am at ease.

Wow, you are still completely dressed. That’s not going to work. I reach up and grab your shirt so I can sit up enough to get my hands under it and pull it over your head. I can’t get to your shorts from here. You catch your shirt and wrap it over your hand, lean forward and tuck it under my head. You kneel on the seat and the shorts and boxers come off just as quickly.

I can’t help but smile. You’re as big as you claimed. Really, really large. It definitely makes me a little nervous. You can feel my apprehension, but I know you would never hurt me. Unless I wanted it of course. You reach down with one hand to lace your fingers with mine. Your fingers are long, your hands softer than mine. I feel so calm. I feel the head of your magnificent cock slowly spread my sex. I am still so very hot, and I am dripping wet. I want you. All of you, in me. I want you to make me scream your name again. I want to beg and scream until I lose my voice. You’re taking your time trying not to hurt me, but all you’re doing is driving me insane with lust. I reach up for your other hand. If you go any slower, I will go insane before your entire length is in me. If I can’t have you now, I will die right here.

You definitely have the upper body strength. I, on the other hand have the leg strength. I love the look of surprise on your face as I use your hands to pull you into me enough for me to get my legs wrapped around you. I pull your long, hard cock deep into my wet ready pussy. I can feel your balls Foça Escort smack against my ass in that one quick motion. You pause just a moment. I need that second. I feel like a virgin again. It is so freaking incredible. I can feel every groove and vein. So very slowly, I am being wracked by incredible sensations, you begin to thrust. We move together like we were made to fit. It doesn’t take long to pick up the pace. You make deeper and deeper thrusts. My nails are digging into your back.

“Open your eyes.”

I’m startled by your voice, so commanding. I immediately open my eyes.

“You are only going to cum if I can see you cum.”

I have never had anyone pay attention to me like this. You thrust deep in me. Crap, how did you get the advantage again? I have cum at least 3 times. I want you to cum. I need you to cum. I am doing everything possible to get you off before me. I am at a serious disadvantage without the use of my hands. I feel the waves of an impeding orgasm coming. I have to ignore them, but I can’t. It’s coming. I have to do something,anything. I struggle with you so I can pull back enough to slow you down. You don’t let me move an inch. I think it’s a combination of struggling and you being so very determined that it sends me over the edge yet again. You don’t pause even slightly. You just let go of my hands, and let me reach for you.

I run my hands up and down your chest. I twist and pull your nipples, I run my nails down your chest. Another orgasm slams me. I sink my nails into your very tight ass cheeks and pull you into the very deepest part of me. I feel like I have been hit by a freight train.

The final thrust is too much for you. I feel you swell then pump gallons of hot sticky sex deep within me. This keeps my orgasm rolling on waves for what seems like forever. You collapse on top of me. I don’t know how long we lay there. A tangled web of limbs and sex.

When you can finally move and you pull out, I sit up so I can swallow your cock. I’m not wasting a single drop of good cum whether it’s yours or mine. By the time I clean every last drop our juices off of your cock, you are getting hard again. I can’t help but smile. It’s my turn. This time you are on your back. I suck on your balls, to give you a few minutes to regroup. You don’t need it. You already have cum bubbling out of your slit. I can’t get enough of you. I work the head of your cock. I lick, suck and twirl my tongue stud around your head. I could do this for hours. I take your length deep into my mouth and throat. You have your eyes closed, head back against the drivers window. I need both hands and my mouth to handle you. Looking up at you, I pause, why should you have it this easy? I hold and lick the head, like I would a lolly pop. One lick at a time. You open your eyes to watch me, trying to figure out what I’m doing. I lick the cum off the top of your head. Yummy. I drag my tongue down the underside to your balls. I love they way they feel in my mouth. They roll around on my tongue. I suck them until you groan.

The more frustrated you get, the slower I go. I can feel the blood pulsing through your thick member. You reach for my head and hair. Nope, I pull back. This is all mine.

I smile, because this time it’s your hand grabbing the seat. It’s you who are squirming and have no control. When I lean forward to suck your entire length down my throat, you are able to get a hold of my hair, damn it. I expect you to choke me on your massive length. I am pleasantly surprised, when your hand just hold onto my hair. You let me continue at my pace. I wrap both hands around the base of your rock hard, beautiful member. While I bob up and down on your cock, I swirl my tongue around the head. I increase the speed of my strokes. I take you deeper and deeper. Finally, I feel your pulse quicken, you swell even more and you explode in my mouth. You pump hot, sweet cum down my throat. I don’t miss a drop. I am in heaven. I need more. I am addicted to you, this can’t be the end…

Assassin Chapter 1 will be on the way shortly, hope you enjoy it.

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