The Artist’s Muse

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I find inspiration through painting. The curve of a brush stroke can be intense, beautiful, arousing, sensual or embracing. I guess it all depends on the circumstance.

The circumstance with Janelle was all of those things and more.

I had never been with a woman before, although I’ve always been one to enjoy myself sexually. I had been with three men by the age of twenty-one, I wouldn’t call myself promiscuous, but I knew how to have a good time when I wanted one. I often used painting as an outlet for sexual expression. A painting can often capture an emotion far better than words. I have painted my lovers before, but something was missing, some sort of spark, it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I signed up one summer for a month long retreat for experienced art students. There were various classes offered, many taught by well-known names in the art world. I decided on a range of classes, watercolor landscapes, life drawing, and even a class in sculpture. A bit of everything to sort of get myself a bit more well rounded in a sense. Our rooms were single so I thankfully didn’t have to deal with the kind of obnoxious roommates I had back at college. I could focus…

On the first day, I felt sort of overwhelmed. Many of the people on the retreat were much older than me and clearly had a lot more experience. The classes were nothing like I had ever taken before and I felt embarrassed at times not having some fancy art show I could talk about. It was quite a relief when in my life drawing class I met Janelle. Janelle appeared to be no older than twenty-one or twenty-two. She obviously had the spark and drive of a natural artist, but she didn’t have the wall of pretentiousness that many of the other artists there had. I was instantly drawn to her, so I grabbed the easel next to her’s. Janelle was very attractive in a nontraditional sort of way. She was shorter than me, she was well built, but didn’t try and show off with any slutty outfit. Her style was her own, and her short red hair fit her perfectly.

“Is this your first time?” her eyes sparkled at me. I was taken aback by her remark. “At one of these retreats? Is this your first one?”

“Oh, yes. I mean, I go to an art school during the year, but the classes here looked so good, I wanted to squeeze in some more time.” I stammered. She clicked the end of a pencil onto her bottom lip gently, as if testing to see if that one was the one she would use today. She had pouty heart shaped lips that curled delicately into a kind of mischievous smile. They were nice. I caught myself immediately looking at them.

“I’m glad I’m not the only beylikdüzü escort other college student here.” She paused, “hey, would you like to get some lunch with me after class, I don’t really know anyone here and I’d rather not be a complete loner this month.”

“Yes, definitely!” my words sounded a little too excited. Why was I so intrigued by her? I’ve known attractive women, tons of attractive women. A fair number has even propositioned me during school. I’ve always gotten used to sort of being lusted after. I have the sort of typical beauty, very different than Janelle. I’ve always been a bit tall for my age, long blonde hair, green eyes, and the kind of girl guys want to take home to their parents. I’ve never felt the need to be with a woman, but something about Janelle made me at a loss for words.

We had lunch that day at a nearby café. It turns out Janelle went to a very prestigious art school out in California. Her artwork was astounding. She had passion and color in her drawings of the models from class that couldn’t be found in any of the other student’s work, no matter what training they had in the past. We talked endlessly about everything. Not just art, but about our families, past relationships, sex. Everything. And as we continued having lunch everyday over the next few weeks, my attraction towards her grew. I kept having to stop myself from placing my hand on her leg, or stepping slightly closer, or softly touching the side of her face. It seemed natural, like I should be doing that to begin with.

One night, I found myself frustrated looking through my sketches from the day. My figure drawing had no life to them. They were bodies without spirit. They lacked everything Janelle’s drawings had. That Janelle had. I dialed her number.

“Hello?” Her voice always amused me. It seemed so pleasant, like she had just heard a really good joke.

“Come over, I need inspiration.” I smiled as she assured me she’d be over in ten minutes with tea and a box of Oreos she had just picked up.

I stole another Oreo as I flipped through Janelle’s drawings and compared them to mine. “What is it? You have such life in your drawings! Where does that come from?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, I just always try and…you know…connect with the model. Understand them a little better, share some inner thought with them, you know?” Janelle had this beautiful richness to her voice whenever she discussed art. This was one of those times I just wanted to grab her. I knew I couldn’t last another week and a half of this. She suddenly looked a bit shy. beyoğlu escort I knew she was carefully choosing her words. “Well, I mean, if you wanted me to…I could model for you. Maybe it would make it easier, you know me, you may be able to add in the life to it.”

I held in my initial response of screaming “Yes!” but I knew I craved more than anything to have Janelle slowly peel off her knee length skirt and button up blouse. I wanted to take her in. I wanted to draw her, to have her.

“I’d like that.” I carefully pulled out a chair for her to sit on and I sat on my bed, about three feet away. “Maybe just some quick drawings, five minutes or so each?”

Janelles hands seemed to sweep over her body. First she unbuttoned her silk blouse. It floated away revealing a thin lace bra underneath. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from her beautiful round breasts. I contained myself as she removed her bra to reveal her flawless figure. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, quickly followed by her lacy panties. I think she could tell I was aroused when my breathing quickened slightly. I found a charcoal pencil on my desk and motioned for her to sit. I tried acting as professional as I could. I found myself getting lost in her, my eyes never leaving her. I couldn’t stop drawing; I found a kind of light and sensuality in my lines that I had never found before. Drawing after drawing after drawing. I realized at one point it had been at least two hours since she had begun to pose.

“Oh Janelle, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it had been so long,” I stood up and took a step towards her and she stood up as well. “I guess I was just, well, caught up in it.” I couldn’t stop myself, I lightly places my hand on her hip. She and I looked at each other for a while. I saw passion in her eyes, she too had been wanting this since the moment we met. Janelle brought herself closer to me, until the tips of her breasts lightly brushed on my shirt. She pressed her lips against mine. Her beautiful lips that I had noticed that first day we met, so full of passion. The kiss was strong but tended. I felt the light flick of her tongue separating my lips and caressing me. I felt my hands moving up and down the sides of her body. She pressed herself tighter to me as she began nibbling and licking my neck. I felt her press herself up towards me.

It was a daze as Janelle lifted my shirt off of me and unbuttoned my jeans. The next thing I knew, the two of us were stroking each other and kissing on my bed. I thanked god that the rooms were single. I laid on my back as Janelle bizimkent escort straddled me, rubbing her warm body up against me, grinding into me. I felt her grow wet with me. Janelle leaned down and took my nipple between her lips. Her soft sucking was unlike anything I had ever had from a lover before. My arousal intensified as she licked and caressed my breasts in a way I could have never imagined.

Janelle’s hands began rubbing on my thighs, slowly moving up to where I craved she would touch. She looked at me again with that sexy mischievous smile as she started to rub my clit. I moaned as she slid two fingers inside of me, moving, pulsating with the rocking of my hips. I seemed to writhe involuntarily, as the touch of a woman brought about a pleasure a man had never found in me. Her face became wild and aroused as she began moving her fingers in and out of me while she rubbed my clit with her thumb. She pumped harder and fasting as I climaxed, moaning wildly.

I breathed hard for a few seconds as Janelle let me relax after my first orgasm. She leaned close to my face and whispered coyly in my ear “have you ever gone down on a woman before?”

Janelle sat back on my bed, sitting up against the wall, her legs slightly parted. She tiled her head down and looked at me, luring me towards her. I stroked the inside of her legs, and pulled myself closer to lightly flick her nipples with my tongue. She reacted to this with a purring moan. I saw her face become flushed and she became wildly aroused.

I lowered myself down as I stared at her beautiful pussy. I groaned as I felt my tongue lick up to her clit. The sound of her groan told me to continue. I held her legs apart, strongly, I wanted her to enjoy this. I craved making her cum.

I began a light sucking on her clit, alternating with stronger lickings. I could feel her coming closer and close to the edge of an orgasm. Then I remembered. I quickly edged over and opened my nightstand drawer. “I never go anywhere without one of these.” I said as I pulled out my 7″ vibrator. She smiled coyly and moved her hips, telling me she wanted it.

I turned on my pulsating toy. I felt the strong purring of it as I places it down onto Janelle’s clit. She squirmed and moaned loader this time. I know I could have her now. I circled the long shaft on her clit until I knew she was only moments away from climax. At this point, I placed the vibrator at the entrance to her pussy and began working it inside her. Her groans deepened and I moved in and began licking and sucking her clit again. I moved in rhythm with the toy until her body rocked hard as she orgasmed.

It took several moments for Janelle to recover from her climax. She breathed heavily and moaned even after it was over. I curled up near her and kissed her neck. I looked over and took notice of my drawings. The spirit, the sensuality, everything I had been looking for. I knew I had found my muse.

–Elaina Fawlter

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