The Artist Pt. 04

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Philippe wondered what Natalia would have in store for him today. It was the last day of the contract, the painting having been done for their last two sessions, but still she came and they shared pleasure. How would they approach each other this day?

Soon with the vanilla and lavender already announcing her nearness he heard a creak as the door opened. As he looked up to say Hi to her he was surprised to see instead an older brunette woman enter. To say she was beautiful would be stating the obvious, she was stunning. The way her hair cascaded down her shoulders perfectly framed her well maintained face. “What was she 35-40” he mused? Her body he could tell below her yellow sundress was real. What he meant was there was droop to her breasts and sway to her hips. She looked up at him and smiled and he felt his body tingle. Where was Natalia?

“You must be Philippe, my name in Penelope,” she said striding toward him and extending her hand. “Natalie is just outside the door, she wanted me to meet you with zero distraction from her. I can see by your face that you are pleasantly surprised? I hope that by the time I leave you are very surprised,” saying this last bit with flirty eyes as only a woman of experience melting the hearts of men can do.

“Ni-n-ni-nice to meet you Penelope,” he panted out trying to get control of his own voice. “Are you here to watch the painting session today?”

“Something like that,” was her coy reply. “I have heard so much about the fun you have had with this project and wanted to see for myself,” she said as she slid a single finger along the edge of the dais where Natalia always sat.

He watched as she slowly brought that finger below her nose and breathed it in deeply. His mouth fell slowly open as she brought that finger lower and inserted it between her plump lips and sucked it in.

“I know that taste, yummy,” she said again giving him the eyes. She brought her finger down her chin and then neck drawing his attention with it to rest on the top button of her dress. Undoing the button she looked up and asked, “Do you want to see more?”

What man in his right mind would say anything but “Yes please,” he thought. But could only nod his approval, he could feel his knees beginning to shake uncontrollably below him.

“Natalia, you may come in now, I need your help.” Rather than asking this sounded more like a demand from Penelope.

Philippe turned and ankara moldovyalı escortlar watched as Natalia walked into the room totally nude. Rather than a look of embarrassment on her face, he actually saw a look of subjugation. “Who was Penelope,” he wondered?

Looking back at him Penelope said, “You have been distracting her from her work at home, the Baroness has sent me to rectify that today. You are to stand and watch what this girl is for. If you do not you will be fired and not paid anything, is this clear?” Her look turning hard for a moment only to be replaced once again by that beguiling smile, then she repeated, “Do you understand?”

Again all he could do was nod, a swirl of emotions and feelings invading his brain and body all at once. He watched as Natalia drew up in front of the woman and beginning with the second button from the top slowly undid them one at a time. As the fourth one was undone and the dress began to slide apart the powerful woman’s breasts began to show, by button six he could see the edge of her brown nipples, button seven allowing one of them to push into the open air. As it sprang forth it hardened quickly gluing his eyes in place. The heavy droop of her breasts told him all that he needed to know, they were real even at this size. Her nipples were the size of the tip of his pinky, far longer than he thought normal. He pulled his attention away to catch up on the progress of the buttons and saw they were now open to just below the belly button. As the progress continued he began holding his breath unconsciously. The curly tops of brown hair came into view a moment later and he thought, “Is this woman unshaved?”

His questions were answered a moment later as Natalia now on her knees before the woman, pulled back slightly having finished her assigned task. He could now see with nothing to block his vision she did indeed have a full bush. Through the mass of hair he couldn’t even see her slit. Pushing Natalia back even further with a hand to her head, Penelope now turned to him and with a flourish slid her dress off her shoulders and let it flutter to the floor behind her, leaving her standing before him in only her wedge sandals. Stepping back she settled on the top of the dais and spread her knees sliding her sandals along the step below her. As her knees got wider he began to make out the pink opening that peeked into view through that mass sincan ukraynalı escortlar of hair.

“Natalia, here!” She snarled with a snap of her fingers. She was pointing to her left foot.

He watched frozen in place as Natalia crawled forward and began licking at the woman’s ankles, slowly working her way up her calf to her knee. She then began kissing softly up the inner thigh drawing closer to that pink slit. Penelope settled back and began twisting her nipples roughly, anticipating what came next. A devious smile of delight began growing on her face as Natalia reached the pink and began kissing it softly, moaning, as she had been taught. Her tongue began flicking at it and she slid in a single finger, moving it slowly in and out. That was followed a moment later by a second and then a third.

Penelope laid further back and pushed her hips forward lifting her ass off the dais but pushing her dripping bush firmly into Natalia’s face and mouth. Her hips began bucking and he was amazed to see Natalia’s head bob in rhythm with these, never losing contact. Letting go of her own nipple, Penelope grabbed the back of Natalia’s head and shoved her hard against her, grinding on her face. Crying out in ecstasy she came all over the young girls face and slowly lowered her body back to the dais.

After a few moments to collect herself, she said breathlessly, “Good girl, you have shown him your purpose. Now how did he seduce you?”

Natalia responded, “Rather than tell you, let me show you.” Turning to Philippe she held out her hand and asked for the makeup bag. After unzipping it she pulled out the rouge and brush and began swirling the color onto the large erect nipples of the dominatrix.

This was too much for him to handle and he quietly unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his stiffening cock. Slowly he stroked it’s length watching Natalia apply the rouge to the brunette. Penelope’s eyes had closed and you could see her will disappearing as her nipples were teased again and again. His pace quickened as he watched a drop of her cum drip from her still open slit.

Natalia looked back at him for a moment and shook her head, telling him to stop and wait with her eyes, she had something else in mind. With reluctance he released his dick and watched the teasing before him. Penelope’s breath was coming in ragged now and her own hand fell to her sex and began rubbing it. But elvankent minyon tipli escortlar he was surprised to see Natalia slap that hand away and say, “Not yet”

The teasing continued and the brush fell lower on the woman’s torso, Natalia deftly turned it around and shoved the handle into the waiting wet pussy, but she didn’t leave it there, withdrawing it she slid it lower to the waiting bud of the woman’s ass. With a bit of pressure it slid in and she began sliding it in and out while kissing the now clearly seen clit.

Backing up she urged Penelope to stand and place the palms of her hands on the dais. Once in this position Natalia could stroke the brush in the woman and play with her clit from just behind her. The woman began filling the room with her moans. Natalia waved him over with her head and whispered, “Slide in front of her after you drop those pants and release that beautiful cock of yours.”

Following her orders swiftly he laid back and slid down between the opening in the woman’s arms, his knees brushing her pendulous tits. This brought her eyes open with a flutter and although surprised to be looking at his erection that close, she reacted immediately sinking her soft mouth onto him. He nearly came straight away but told himself to make her work for it.

As she bobbed on his cock he looked back at Natalia and saw she had bent to retrieve an object from a box near his desk. He began breathing quite heavily watching her saunter back strapping on the phallus. She was going to fuck Penelope while he got a blow job, this would be good. He felt his sperm surge though and almost lost it as he watched Natalia take the bottle of lube and began rubbing the strap on it’s full length. Stepping up behind Penelope she spread the woman’s butt cheeks apart exposing her asshole and thrust the tip in.

Penelope jumped forward in surprise and almost choked herself on his cock, but as Natalia’s fingers returned to her dripping mound she settled back into place. For him it was too much, watching Natalia dominate the woman who had dominated her only minutes earlier, he could wait no longer and so with a mighty grunt he gushed his warm sperm into the waiting mouth.

As she swallowed him and knew she had satisfied him she came with a spasm, her mouth opening as she cried out and his now limp dick falling free. He made eye contact with Natalia as her own desire overcame her and she with a pant and several moans offered her own liquid to the flow in a squirting stream.

Pulling out the phallus she pulled back her hand and began spanking the woman, telling her that never again would she be dominated by her. All he could do was watch as that favorite smile of his began to grow on her face as she disciplined Penelope.

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