The Art of Seduction

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Jerome paced as he contemplated the problems at hand. He wasn’t a natural at seduction, but he supposed with a name like his that was only to be expected. He cursed his parents once again for saddling him what could only be described as a MASSIVE turn off.

He had always had a complex about his name, harbouring a strong sense of resentment towards his mother for giving it to him. He had even been dumped on numerous occasions due to his over-sensitiveness about it and he often became overwrought during sex if his partner screamed it. Which they were prone to do if it got to that stage as despite his name, Jerome was an apt lover. It was just getting to the loving he had a problem with. Once he was there it was plain sailing to orgasmville. Sometimes he would even manage several return trips!!

The events that were to occur that evening were the result of months of planning, many careful conversations, steamy looks across the office and even a few hasty embraces during the sparsely populated office parties. He was finally going to get the girl. He was going from best friend to best fuck.

The plan was simple: Samantha was to arrive at 8:30. He had cooked her dinner and was going to charm her throughout the meal, subtly suggesting afterwards that they retreat to his bedroom – to keep warm of course, as the heating was ‘broken’ (ie he had taken a hammer to the boiler earlier, but if this worked out then he wouldn’t be planning on fixing it any time soon!).

Once they were tucked up under the covers he would edge closer to her, one hand gently holding the back of her neck and tilting her luscious lips towards his as the other slid up her thigh, lightly stroking it. He shivered with pleasure at the mere thought of it, but then abruptly broke off from his reverie. He had to cook an aphrodisiac filled meal first, and hadn’t the tiniest Maltepe Escort idea of how to begin it. Luckily his trusty cookbook was there to help him along and so he managed to turn out a delicious starter of asparagus spears, followed by oysters in a white sauce with a dessert of chocolate fondue with strawberries. He thought it best to finish with something a little messier – after all they could always take it up to the bedroom with them!!

Once the cooking was done, Jerome changed into a smart shirt and a pair of rather tight-fitting jeans with a slimming pin-striped suit jacket for good measure. He just had time to spray on his aftershave as the doorbell rang.

Sam stood on the doorstep, shivering with cold, her breasts growing hard in her dress – hopefully Jerome wouldn’t notice. She was wearing a bra anyway so she was sure it wasn’t obvious. She had gone for a strapless number, shorter than she was used to but she had been desperate for Jerome to have her since the moment she laid eyes on him – it had just taken him so long to get around to asking her over!! If he didn’t fuck tonight she thought she may actually have to resort to force.

With no further ado Jerome opened the door to reveal a young woman, in her early twenties, rather short but very shapely. He noted that her dress hugged her curves, hiding nothing, and has he took her coat his hand brushed a very erect nipple. He smiled to himself thinking perhaps this seduction would be easier than he had thought, perhaps he had nothing to worry about.

The two got through dinner smiling and chatting. Conversation was minimal as they were both pondering what would follow. As the moment to ascend grew closer Sam and Jerome seemed to become a little shy of each other. Something they had waited so long for was about to happen and doubts began to creep İstanbul Escort into their minds. They wanted perfection but did the other? What was the other thinking? Were they as desperate for this moment?

Finally after the oysters, Jerome said to Sam “we could take this course upstairs? It’s getting a little cold in here, and unfortunately the heating’s broken”. Sam was only too happy to go up and Jerome took her hand, leading the way and carrying the fondue up the stairs with them.

They barely reached the bed before Sam was reaching for Jerome and a little moan of longing escaped her lips they met his. She grabbed a handful of his hair, holding it gradually tighter as the kiss deepened. Jerome encircled her waist with his big hands and held her to his chest.

Hands began to roam and Jerome began to grunt animalistic-ally as Sam’s teasing fingers made his skin tingle. He retaliated by slowly rubbing the tip of her nipple with his calloused thumb repeatedly until she moaned with pleasure. They broke away from the kiss and looked into one another’s eyes, both excited by the prospect of what they were about to do.

Jerome reached out and began to remove Sam’s dress to reveal a set of matching french knickers and a balcony bra which barely contained her bigger-than-average breasts. They bulged over the top of the material and the sight was too much for Jerome. He pushed Sam down onto the bed and began to ravish her, touching and caressing until eventually she rolled him over.

“It’s your turn now J”. The view from below was much, much better he thought as she began to strip him. He was now looking up at her, as she straddled him. Soon the time for thinking was over as Sam reached for the fondue and began to feed him a chocolate covered strawberry. Then she took another and dripped chocolate from his mouth Anadolu Yakası Escort right the way down to his penis. She then proceeded to clean him, taking time to suck then nibble each and every drop of chocolate coaxing Jerome ever closer to orgasm but not quite letting him get there.

As she drew closer to his penis Jerome decided that action must be taken and began to stroke Sam’s clitoris. He grabbed her buttocks and stimulated her vaginal area, but not quite finger fucking her as he didn’t want to send her over the edge before he was ready to accompany her.

Sam arrived at the last drop of chocolate, which was on Jerome’s penis. Instead of using the same nibble-and-suckle technique she had been using thus far Sam decided to give J a shock and took his entire 7-inch throbbing member into her mouth. He almost came, and cried out with the effort of containing himself.

Carefully extricating himself from the exquisite embrace, Jerome lay Sam down underneath him. He was sure that he would have enjoyed her administrations but before anything else he wanted to have her cunt. There would be plenty of time for the rest later.

Caressing Sam as he readied himself, Jerome began to enter her dripping hole. She was ready for him and he was ready for her yet still she cried out as his girth was almost too much for her to take. Gently Jerome settled inside of her and then began to move with her, in her. They got faster and faster gradually and their voices rose together until finally Jerome and Sam screamed their orgasms simultaneously. Both breathless they lay their, panting, unable to move.

It was a long time before either of them stirred, and when Jerome awoke he was filled with an immense feeling of satisfaction. He realised that he was still inside Sam but had no intention of moving as he was comfortable there, and when she awoke he was sure she wouldn’t mind another quick bout of sex before they began another epic journey into the land of the unknown. Contented Jerome realised that when Sam had yelled his name during the sports of the evening, he had yelled hers back and carried on. She was the one.

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